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They were taught the most fundamental basics when they first began learning about operating a mecha. However trivial it sounded, it was a very important process. Even for someone with Tang Wulin's physical abilities, he would still need two lessons before he could get a feel for the mecha's balance.

Just as Teacher Duan had explained, one would first have to feel that one had already grown taller by ten meters. It was only then that one would be able to find one's sense of balance. Tang Wulin was the only student who did not fall over when he was in the practical class for the first time.

The act of operating a mecha was truly an act of physical labor. Even the contractions in one's muscles were capable of affecting the mecha's movements while one was trying to control the mecha. For that reason, any and all minute movements from the body had to be controlled with extreme precision in order to ensure the mecha followed the user's wishes.

For example, the armor plates on the surface of the mecha would rapidly contract when the muscles on one's arms were tensed. If there were any weapons installed, then such a movement was even capable of shooting a soul beam through a minor adjustment in the program.

The operation of a mecha was truly the mastery of a mecha master's in manipulating over every single part of his body. One could only improve their operation of the mecha through proper step-by-step training.

"Alright, our practical class for today is almost over. Finally, who is going to help us demonstrate a movement that is comparatively more complicated? You can do it according to your own wishes." Teacher Duan's voice came out through the communication equipment.

Tang Wulin controlled his mecha into skipping once on the spot. "Teacher Duan, I'd like to give it a go."

"Alright, come here."

Duan Shang controlled his mecha into walking backward and vacated the center of the trial arena.

He was still very pleased with the class monitor Tang Wulin. After teaching the mecha practical class for so many years, Tang Wulin was the first student who came to participate in the mecha practical class as a class monitor.

Generally, almost all the outer court's class monitors were capable of entering the inner court in the future. For this reason, a majority of them preferred to focus their energy on forging battle armor and self-cultivation.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin revealed an exceedingly high passion for mechas. Moreover, he was a gifted child and was naturally endowed with physical abilities that were exceptionally strong. This made the speed of his advancement the most satisfactory amongst the students that Duan Shang had ever taught in the past.

Tang Wulin had only participated in three mecha practical classes so far. However, he had basically mastered some of the skills to balance and operate a mecha. If he were to develop continuously on this path, he would be able to achieve the yellow mecha level in one academic year at the very least. In only a year! This was an extremely impressive result indeed.

Tang Wulin raised his leg in an attempt to control his mecha in an attempt to walk steadily into the middle of the arena.

Duan Shang could not help but secretly nod from looking at Tang Wulin's mecha advancing forward. "Very well, your balance is very well controlled."

Tang Wulin stood steadily in the middle and inhaled a deep breath to calm himself. He had to diffuse the Spirit Sea's spiritual power to allow his perception to envelop the entire mecha.

'Fuse as one. Fuse as one.' He continuously told himself in his heart.

He raised his arm, stretched his leg and resumed. He did not rush each and every fundamental movement but instead, he performed them in an extremely serious and steady manner. Each and every movement he made was exceedingly accurate.

These movements were not that difficult. However, the fact that Tang Wulin, as a beginner had demonstrated his capabilities of completing these fundamental movements with such accuracy revealed the significant progress he made with the few practical lessons he had been in.

After Tang Wulin was done with all the fundamental movement, the movement and speed of the white-colored mecha Tang Wulin was in suddenly took a cheerful turn. His left leg took half a stride to the left while his body spun around abruptly. Then, his right leg took a step backward and the mecha paced forward with an intriguing stride. This caused the mecha to lose its balance ever so slightly. It shook a little but soon, it was pulled back to safety through Tang Wulin's control. One after another, the mecha took stride after stride as Tang Wulin began to cruise with his mecha in the middle of the arena.

He was much swifter than when he was demonstrating the fundamental movements earlier. Although he was not moving exceptionally fast, the strides his mecha took one after another made its movements seem as natural as flowing water. There was nary a flaw in its movements.

'This is…'

Duan Shang's eyes were slightly squinted, and his gaze was filled with astonishment. Tang Wulin's movements were not considered to be that complicated, and it appeared very simple. However, it felt like the set of movements he was making with his mecha was especially suitable for evading opponents. The most salient characteristic of his movements was that it was unpredictable and irregular.

When one had irregular movements, one would not be so easily captured by the enemy.

It was truly impressive! This was considered to be a form of non-directional footwork. Although his movements were still a little choppy, it was already not an easy task for a beginner do such a thing. He was simply a genius, a mechoperating genius.

Tang Wulin became immersed in operating the mecha. The footwork that he was using now was a simplified version of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

It was impossible for him to fully utilize Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track based on his current proficiency in operating the mecha. On top of that, the mecha's was too large and its joints were inferior compared to the joints of a human. This made it impossible for him to bring out the true power of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. That being the case, he could still sense a kind of familiarity between himself and the mecha when he used this footwork.

His own mecha would be completed sometime in the future, and it seemed like he would still need more practice in operating the mecha. Naturally, the more he practiced, the more proficient he would be.

The mecha was one of the greatest products of modern technology, while battle armor was a result of the fusion between a soul master and modern technology. Both of these were different and each had its own path.

Tang Wulin has loved mechas ever since he was young. How could he not be excited from the knowledge that he would soon own a mecha that belonged to him?

Finally, the performance ended, and Duan Shang profusely complimented Tang Wulin for quite some time.

It was already dusk when he left the mecha trial arena. Tang Wulin was prepared to return to the dormitory for a shower before he continued cultivating his soul power at the special cultivation venue. However, he ran into an unexpected guest outside the working student's dormitory.

Although Guo Xiaoxu was short, he always wore a warm smile on his face. He was waiting for Tang Wulin in his dormitory.

"Nice to meet you." Tang Wulin was at a loss. He had no idea how he should address the person before him.

Guo Xiaoxu smiled sweetly. "Follow me. I've something to speak to you about." He walked outside after that.

Guo Xiaoxu was a high-level personnel from the Tang Sect. Tang Wulin had always had a sense of belonging to the Tang Sect because it was Tang Sect's Mysterious Heaven Method that helped speed up the advancement of his soul power such that he could finally get into Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin was aware that Xie Xie was cultivating under the guidance of Hallmaster Liang Xiaoyu from the Tang Sect. Could it be that the Tang Sect found him in an effort to cultivate him as well? The person before his eyes gave off a feeling that was unfathomably deep.

Guo Xiaoxu stopped walking when they stepped into the forest. "Nice to meet you Wulin. I'm representing the Tang Sect to speak to you." The smile on his face vanished and he now wore a serious face.

"Please, speak." Tang Wulin spoke in all seriousness.

Guo Xiaoxu replied, "Are you interested to join the Battle Soul Hall of the inner Tang Sect."

"Battle Soul Hall?" Tang Wulin did not have an especially good understanding of the Tang Sect's inner halls.

Guo Xiaoxu nodded, "The Battle Soul Hall is the heart of the Tang Sect's halls. It can be described as the place that cultivates top-tier talents for the future of the Tang Sect. The Battle Soul Hall also undertakes the most important, and formidable mission of the Tang Sect at the same time. By joining the Battle Soul Hall, it's likely that you'll face some especially troublesome enemies in the future. Similarly, you'll also be receiving the Tang Sect's full support in advancing yourself by joining the Battle Soul Hall."

"We discovered through our observations. You have a very strong foundation. Moreover, you are naturally gifted with excellent abilities, and you possess an extremely rare blood essence soul ring. We've decided to absorb you into the Battle Soul Hall through Wu Zhangkong's recommendation. It's now time for you to let me know your opinion on this."

The inner Tang Sect had three halls. These included the Battle Soul Hall, the Enforcement Hall, and the Worship Hall. Tang Wulin had learned of this earlier but still could not really understand the significance of these three inner halls.

It was rather simple. The Enforcement Hall was in charge of enforcing the inner Tang Sect's rules and rectify the mistakes of the members.

The Worship Hall only allowed certain powerhouses that had cultivated to a certain level before they were allowed to enter.

Only the Battle Soul Hall was slightly more difficult to understand.

"Superintendent Guo, can you please explain what the Battle Soul Hall is all about in detail?" Tang Wulin asked.

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