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He was not wrong in his thoughts. As a man, if one was not more capable than one's woman, how embarrassing would it be?

At this moment, Tang Wulin and Na'er had already returned to the inner court.

"Brother, you're probably wondering what my martial soul is?" Na'er said before she raised her arm. Silver light glimmered and the spear appeared in her grasp again.

The spear shook, and it seemed as powerful as a dragon. Silver light glimmered and cast a silver shadow.

"My martial soul is the Silver Dragon Spear," Na'er said softly.

'Silver Dragon Spear?' Tang Wulin was stupefied and felt something stir within him.

Na'er giggled before she retracted her martial soul and leaped as she boarded the Sea God Lake's boat as nimbly as an elf.

Tang Wulin hastily followed suit.

The moon tonight was very bright. The lake's surface reflected the light from the moon and stars. For a moment, the entire world seemed to be filled with the light from the starry sky.

On the surface of the lake, the little boat rocked. It seemed like they were breaking the reflection that looked like the Milky Way as they moved toward Sea God's Island.

"The stars in the sky are so pretty!" Na'er said with a gentle smile.

Tang Wulin smiled as well. His heart was especially at peace as he sat on the boat and looked at Na'er who sat at the bow. Na'er was a Soul Master, was that important? Na'er was strong, was that important? No, everything was unimportant. The important thing was that his sister was in front of him, safe and sound. The important thing was that he had finally found her.

Time passed quickly when one had fun. The small boat was rather slow but they reached Sea God's Island nonetheless.

Na'er leaped from the boat with Tang Wulin walking beside her. She hugged Tang Wulin's arm with a face suffused with a sweet and beautiful smile.

Tang Wulin caressed her head just like he did when they were little. He could see a deep attachment within Na'er's eyes.

Na'er pointed toward a hillslope before them as she said softly to Tang Wulin who walked her back, "I'm going off here."

Tang Wulin stopped. "Alright. You better go back."

Na'er said, "Brother, let's meet there again tomorrow."

Tang Wulin replied, "Alright, but I'm afraid I can't spend this much time tomorrow. I still have some cultivating to do."

"Alright. I'm happy just to be able to see you." Na'er waved at Tang Wulin. She walked back into the forest on the hillslope and disappeared silently.

Tang Wulin saw her off. Tang Wulin drew a deep breath before he exhaled slowly. It felt so good that he found Na'er.

In the next few days, Tang Wulin continued cultivating his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens. Due to the fact that he had completed the most complicated reversal of his blood essence, and his blood essence was energetic, he made great progress in advancing his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.

On the sixth day, Zhuo Shi imparted the second move of his Scarlet Dragon's Nine Moves to him, Dragon Shakes the Earth. If Tang Wulin could cultivate this, it would be the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth.

First, shock the heavens. Then, shake the earth.

With Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens as the foundation, Tang Wulin was rather quick in figuring out the second move. However, there was something that puzzled him. He tried to figure it out for a few days but he had no idea what his second bloodline soul ring was for. It seemed like it had no other effect apart from being able to emit a glow.

He had gone through so much trouble to break through the fourth seal and obtain the second soul ring just to find something useless. How could he not feel depressed?

Although Tang Wulin did not want to care about Na'er's abilities, it still triggered a madness within him to cultivate when he saw her displaying her four soul rings and extremely agile spear abilities. He had worked especially hard for the past few days. Aside from the small window of time he had to meet with Na'er every day, he immersed himself in cultivation. Whether it was heightening his speed or increasing his battle power through his soul power, he was growing quickly.

"Brother, why do I get the feeling that you're unhappy these days?" Na'er asked Tang Wulin who wore a faint smile despite being a little fidgety.

Tang Wulin replied, "It's my second golden soul ring. I still can't figure out what it can do for me." He did not hide the fact that he had a bloodline soul ring from Na'er. Aside from the seal, he told Na'er everything.

After all, without his parents around, Na'er was the person closest to him.

Na'er asked, "What does it look like? Let me have a look. Perhaps I can figure something out for you."

"Alright." Tang Wulin mustered his blood essence. Golden dragon scales appeared, and the two golden soul rings appeared as well.

"Watch carefully." The first soul ring glimmered, and his body was covered in densely packed golden scales. Then, the second soul ring flashed.

Tang Wulin felt helpless. This second soul skill of his was not only useless, but it could only be unleashed while he was using the Golden Dragon Body. Naturally, that meant that it would put a greater burden on him.

When the second soul ring flashed, the scales on Tang Wulin's body shone with it, dazzling like a mirror. After roughly two seconds, the effects wore off.

"That's it, the duration is short. If I want to use it again, I'll have to use up a lot of my blood essence power. This completely baffles me as to what it is. When I used it, there weren't any changes in my soul or blood essence power. There aren't even any powerful attack moves that came along with it."

Na'er pondered for a moment before she replied, "How about defense? Were your defensive abilities strengthened?"

Tang Wulin was astonished. Defense? He had never thought about that before. All his skills were mainly for offense, even Bluesilver Grass was used for control. Could it be that the Golden Dragon soul ring would give him a defensive soul skill?

"I don't particularly feel anything in terms of my defense. I didn't notice any changes in my defensive abilities as well," Tang Wulin muttered absent-mindedly.

Na'er replied, "Then let's test it out."

"Oh, okay," Tang Wulin responded with flagging interest. Even if it was a defensive ability, how powerful could it be? A defensive ability was not particularly helpful in increasing his battle prowess.

As he spoke, he utilized his blood essence again. He activated the second soul ring, and his scales lit up.

A silver light flashed in Na'er's hand, and Silver Dragon Spear appeared. She gripped the shaft and swept across, landing a blow on Tang Wulin's chest.

"Bam!" Na'er did not put too much force into her hit. However, in the instant when her Silver Dragon Spear made contact with Tang Wulin's chest, a peculiar change occurred.

The shining scales on Tang Wulin's body erupted in violent flashes all of a sudden, and Na'er felt a pull as the blood essence within her body surged outward without her consent. Shockingly, a portion of it was absorbed by Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin felt an even more peculiar sensation. He only felt a surge of energy from Na'er's attack flowing into his body before his blood essence boiled over instantly. An excited dragon's roar sounded from within his body. He leaped up subconsciously and shot his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens toward the sky.

The roar was loud and clear. The golden dragon's head appeared magnificently, and it looked as if it had substance. In an instant, Tang Wulin felt the power of Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens increasing three to four-fold under the unceasing glow of his shining body.


'What was happening?'He did not feel an ounce of pain from Na'er's attack earlier.

Na'er kept her eyes on Tang Wulin as she said deep in thought, "I think it's not just for defense."

Once his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heaven was complete. Tang Wulin shockingly realized that the power of his Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens did not only increase greatly, it also did not require as many resources from him. Even the speed at which it was released had increased.

Could it be that it was an auxiliary soul skill?

"Brother, can you release it again?" Na'er asked.

Tang Wulin replied, "I can."

Na'er said, "Then do it again."

Tang Wulin responded, "Alright!"

The second soul ring glowed again. This time, the Silver Dragon Spear in Na'er's grasp did not sweep across, but its tip thrust as fast as lightning. It aimed for Tang Wulin's right arm which was most densely covered by scales.

The gleam of the Silver Dragon Spear dimmed, and the tip stabbed Tang Wulin's right arm. The scales on Tang Wulin's body lit up a second time.

This time, he did not leap into the air. He spun and stomped the ground heavily with his right foot. Instantly, eight dragon-shaped airwaves dispersed in all directions. It was Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth.

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