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Tang Wulin scratched his head. "I think that should do it. However, it seems like purely consuming the heaven and earth treasures to increase soul power seems like it might not be too beneficial for future cultivation."

Zhuo Shi's expression became serious. "Wulin, remember this. It's not right to be a man who's prone to flights of fancy, especially when it comes to cultivation. I don't know who your uncle-master is but don't take his words too seriously. Blacksmiths are the most difficult profession to refine amongst the four sub-professions. You must staunchly cultivate and strengthen yourself. Don't fall for other's claims easily. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Tang Wulin did not dare to speak anymore upon realizing that Zhuo Shi was displeased.

Meanwhile, a series of laughter suddenly rang from outside.

"Hah-hah-hah, you old man, Zhuo Shi. This old fellow is here." A man walked in from outside following the voice. Was that not Blazing Dragon Douluo Feng Wuyu whom everyone was just discussing?

Tang Wulin hastily stood up and saluted Feng Wuyu respectfully. "Teacher."

Feng Wuyu raised his hand and gave him a fierce slap. "Good job, you little brat! You didn't come to your teacher's place upon returning. On the contrary, you ran to someone's old nest. What can an inexperienced and ignorant man like him teach you?"


Zhuo Shi raised his hand and slapped down on the table. He said angrily, "Crazy old man, you must be looking for trouble! How am I inexperienced and ignorant? Don't speak carelessly in front of my grand disciple. Don't blame this old fellow for being inconsiderate for kicking you out."

Feng Wuyu scoffed in disdain. "There's no need for you to act outwardly tough and quarrel with me. Let me ask you, do you know who evaluated Tang Wulin?"

Zhuo Shi answered unpleasantly, "How would I know that? Could it be that his uncle-master is your senior brother disciple? Do you have a senior brother disciple who's a blacksmith?"

Feng Wuyu answered, "I don't. His uncle-master is a generation younger than us."

Zhuo Shi said, "So did I say anything wrong? A child at Tang Wulin's age is most easily influenced by praises. That might result in him becoming impulsive. Why do you disagree when I'm just knocking some sense into him? Quickly leave if you have nothing else to do. I've lost my appetite after seeing you."

Feng Wuyu was not irritated. He said with a smile, "I'll certainly leave. However, I'll only leave after I'm done slapping your face. This disciple of mine still has another forging teacher. His name is Mu Chen. You should know Mu Chen, right? He's the branch president of the Blacksmith's Association in Eastsea City previously. He's a rank eight Saint Craftsman. His senior brother disciple is the uncle-master that Tang Wulin spoke of. His name is something like Zhen Hua. Is that correct, Wulin?"

Tang Wulin stared at his teacher and then he looked at his grand teacher. He did not dare to even make a sound at all.

"So what if he's Zhen Hua…" It was only six simple words. However, when the last word was spoken, Zhuo Shi lost control of the calm facade he maintained.

Zhen Hua? Zhen Hua the Divine Blacksmith? He was currently the one and only Divine Craftsman in the continent. If his evaluation of a blacksmith was not accurate, then who else was capable of evaluating accurately?

Feng Wuyu patted his cheek. He had a strange smile on his face. "Oh no, it's really making a clapping sound! Old Zhuo, I bet your face hurts!"

"Scram!" Zhuo Shi roared in rage. His fist was aimed at Feng Wuyu as he struck forward.

Feng Wuyu burst out laughing. His huge sleeve wrapped around Zhuo Shi's fist with just a wave of his hand.

The two men mutually exchange moves and began fighting at the dinner table.

Tang Wulin had run away to the far end since earlier. It was safer for a little devil like him to hide far away when the immortals were fighting. Let alone himself, even Shen Yi and Wu Zhangkong had also retreated.

Shen Yi sounded slightly reluctant as she said, "Here it goes again. There'll always be a few days in a month when they are too bored, and they'll fight each other."

Wu Zhangkong waved his hand at Tang Wulin. "They won't be done so soon. Go out and take a walk first. Don't walk too far, and don't enter the restricted zone."

Tang Wulin glanced at Wu Zhangkong pitifully. "But, teacher, I'm not done eating yet."

Wu Zhangkong said unpleasantly, "I'll leave some food for you when you return at night. The Sea God's Island truly has no room for you with that appetite of yours."

They were very particular about their food ingredient on the Sea God's Island. Although the food here was incomparable to Zhen Hua's due to his tremendous assets, there was not that much of a difference to Tang Wulin. However, it could not sustain his appetite! They had a large quantity of food and was able to provide for everyone. It was not a big issue to add another person. However, the addition of a person like Tang Wulin spelled trouble. He could eat the portions of ten people all on his own.

Tang Wulin reluctantly left the log cabin. It was already dusk outside. The air on the Sea God's Island was especially fresh and moist. He inhaled deeply and felt as though the life energy was directly absorbed into his body. He did not feel as hungry any longer although he was only half full from the meal earlier.

Tang Wulin strolled leisurely around the Sea God's Island. He specifically walked toward an area that was dense with plants. He felt more comfortable as he walked in the area with more plants.

His uncle-master once told him that he would need to cultivate his soul power in a place with exuberant life energy, only then would he be able to yield twice the result with half the effort.

A place like the Sea God's Island absolutely did not lack such characteristic.

'This is a pretty good place, and it's a pretty good spot, too.' Without noticing, Tang Wulin had gradually walked into the depths of Sea God's Island.

The area on this small island that floated on the Sea God Lake was not considered to be too large. However, due to the dense plants that had been growing for many years, it was tough to see the situation in its inner part.

Tang Wulin also encountered a few places that he identified as restricted areas along the way. He hastily circled away and dared not act rashly.

This was the Sea God's Island after all!

He suddenly heard a peal of a silver, bell-like laughter that echoed from the place ahead as he was walking. The laughter sounded a little familiar to him.

He subconsciously took a few steps forward to approach the laughter. He took a look in the direction where the laughter was coming from.

His gaze penetrated a stretch of tree branches. Tang Wulin caught sight of two hanging vines and a firm board in between the vines on a cliff that was roughly twenty meters tall. To his surprise, it resembled a swing.

There was a young man who was sitting on the swing at this moment. The young man had a very handsome and spirited appearance with refined qualities. This was the first time Tang Wulin had seen this young man. The young man appeared to be around twenty-seven to twenty-eight years old. His gaze was gentle, and he looked like an ordinary person without the existence of a powerful aura.

However, he was not alone on the swing. There was still another person sitting on his lap.

That person was as pretty as a picture. There was a smile on her face as she sat on the young man's thigh with her arms wrapped around his neck. She leaned her head against his shoulder. The silver bell-like laughter was from her. There was nothing driving the swing yet it was swinging on its own. They were like a pair of loving immortal couple.

Tang Wulin swallowed a gulp of saliva. There was no envy in his eyes but only fear.

That was right, it was fear. He was not acquainted with the young man sitting on the swing. However, he was acquainted with the beautiful lady sitting on the young man's lap! He had just recently met her. Was she not Her Majesty Holy Spirit Douluo Yali whom even his uncle-master, the Divine Craftsman Zhen Hua, addressed as a senior in awe and veneration?

The Holy Spirit Douluo was sitting on the young man's lap. This, this, this…

Tang Wulin felt as his world was about to be destroyed. He continued staring in bewilderment.

It was at this exact moment, the swaying swing slowly stopped. Yali smiled gently in the young man's cradle. "A little boy is here. We've scared him. Let's go."

Yali's charming face was blushing slightly. She darted a look in the direction where Tang Wulin was at. A streak of white light brightened with a lift of her right hand. The white light and their figures simultaneously vanished into thin air in the next second.

If the swing was not still swaying gently, Tang Wulin would have thought that everything he had just witnessed was a hallucination.

How was that possible? The Holy Spirit Douluo was actually sitting in a young man's arms. This, this had truly destroyed all his views in this world!'

Tang Wulin swallowed a mouthful of saliva. 'I should quickly return. I hope I didn't see something I shouldn't have seen.'

He turned around and walked back to where he came from. He had only taken a few steps when a person approached from ahead.

The person was dressed in red attire with silver hair. She was absolutely exquisite and flawless. 'Isn't that the maiden I saw on the shore when I just arrived on the Sea God's Island today?'

It was already dusk at the moment. It was dark, and the maiden was truly too beautiful. The darkness of the night was utterly incapable of concealing her glow.

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