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There were only the two of them in the working student's dormitory at this moment. One was in the room while the other was in the courtyard.

Xie Xie bit his lips as he stood in the middle of the courtyard. He raised his fist abruptly after a long while. 'Big brother was right. In all matters, hard work results in opportunity while resignation would result in zero gains.'

He mustered his courage and went to Yuanen Yehui's dormitory door. He raised his hand and knocked on the dormitory's door.

"Yuanen, I've washed your clothes and hung them in the courtyard. Remember to collect your clothes later!" Xie Xie spoke in an attempt to sound her out.

There were no movements in the room.

Xie Xie was silent for a moment before he spoke again, "Yuanen, the captain went out to have his meal. Only the both of us are left in the dormitory area. There's something private I wish to speak to you about, is that alright?"

"Go away!" Yuanen Yehui's deep voice echoed from within the room.

Xie Xie raised his hand and pinched his own cheeks to measure the thickness of his skin.

"Oh, I see. Then, I'll just come out and say it. Actually, I was truly astonished the first time I saw your body. I truly didn't see anything clearly at that time, and you beat me up quite badly. However, I know that you're a good girl. You care about this a lot. That's why I'm cleaning and tidying up the place for you. I helped you clean the windows and I've swept the floor as well. This is because I don't know what else I can help you with, and I can only do what's within my power."

Yuanen Yehui already stood up in rage when she heard Xie Xie beginning to speak to her in the dormitory. However, she could not help but be stunned when she heard the following part of his speech.

"Afterward, I realized that I was starting to get used to doing the chores. My entire body feels uneasy if I don't help you clean and tidy up the place every day. I don't regret what happened in the past. I wouldn't have known that you were a good girl if I didn't accidentally peep at you. You're so beautiful. It would've been my biggest loss if I didn't have the opportunity to see you. It's worthwhile for me to suffer through the beating you gave me as well."

"Then, I gradually discovered that it's not that I'm getting used to helping you with the cleaning every day. Instead, it was just me getting used to being able to see you each day. I'll feel depressed on the days that I don't get to see you. It's the same this time around. My initial plan was to cultivate properly at home for a period of time before I return to give everyone a surprise. However, I realized that I couldn't even last a day at home. I especially missed coming back to the academy. I finally figured out earlier that the reason for that isn't because I cultivate better at the academy, but it's because you're here."

"I'm really sorry I peeped at you again earlier. However, I truly didn't do that intentionally. Also, it's true that I had only taken a glance. Although I had a clearer view this time compared to the previous time, I truly did only take a look for that split second."

Yuanen Yehui could not suppress herself anymore in the room. She roared in anger "Go away!"

Xie Xie coughed and continued speaking, "I saw something that I shouldn't have seen. However, I'm a very responsible man. That's why I made the decision to take responsibility. Marry me, Yuanen. Be my wife, is that... alright?"

The room went completely silent.

Xie Xie could feel his heart beating quickly. He gulped. "Yuanen... Look, we're rather compatible as long as you don't transform. I'm not that bad looking either. We're still young now, but we can get engaged first! I can return home and inform my family right now. In the future, when we're both older, we'll get married after we graduate. I'll certainly bear the responsibility, I'll treat you well."

The dormitory's door opened, and Yuanen Yehui walked out of the room.

Xie Xie saw a smile from her charming face. Although her eyes were slightly red and swollen, he could not help but feel that her smile was stunning.

"Yuanen." Xie Xie took a step forward.

"I'm helping you to leave." Yuanen Yehui's expression suddenly became serious. She grabbed the front of Xie Xie's shirt abruptly and dragged his body along as she stepped out of the room with just one step.

Xie Xie was shocked when he realized that Yuanen Yehui's body was rapidly enlarging as she stepped out of her room. She was transforming into the Titan Giant Ape.

Following that, her thick and powerful arms grabbed his shirt and swung him forward just like that.

"Whoosh!" Xie Xie's body was directly tossed out of the dormitory by Yuanen Yehui like a cannonball. Xie Xie flew directly toward the far end while as his agonizing screams reverberated through the air.

Yuanen Yehui's body returned to its normal state. Yuanen Yehui kept a straight face as she approached the clothesline. One by one, she pulled down her clothes that were washed by Xie Xie. She turned around and walked back into her dormitory, and closed the door loudly, with a bang being heard soon after.

Yuanen's throw landed him on a huge tree. It was the huge tree next to the Spirit Ice Plaza. Xie Xie finally managed to utilize the strong branches to stop himself from flying forward, and he dropped to the ground.

"This little boy is petrified." He panted heavily. He scratched his head as he thought to himself. 'Is it right for me to fancy Yuanen? She's way too aggressive. This is absolutely too aggressive!'

"Huh, that's the flying trapeze! Interesting, very interesting!" A voice that was filled with schadenfreude [1] echoed in the vicinity.

'Why's there someone in the academy at this time? I thought everyone left for the holidays?'

Xie Xie was puzzled as he turned his head to take a look. He found a middle-aged man with an average height, a medium stature, and ordinary facial features looking at him with a smile. The person had short hair, and his eyes were rather small. However, he appeared to be very sociable. He gave off the aura of an uncle-next-door as his mouth cracked into a smile. Xie Xie noticed that one of his front teeth was missing a half. He was holding a broom in his hand and was sweeping the floor.

"Uncle, who are you?" Xie Xie asked in puzzlement.

The middle-aged man was vexed as he answered, "Uncle? Am I that old? Young lad, I saw that your movements earlier were considerably agile. Are you an Agility System Soul Master?"

Xie Xie became excited. "Uncle, you're definitely a cleaner from the Shrek Academy. You're even aware of the Agility System."

The middle-aged man sniggered. "You're underestimating people, aren't you? Young lad, why don't we place a bet?"

Xie Xie asked, "What are we betting on?"

The middle-aged man replied, "I'll stand here without moving. We'll consider you to be the winner if you're capable of snatching my broom away from my hand. Otherwise, you'll be the loser. We'll use ten minutes as the limit."

Xie Xie shook his head without the slightest hesitation. "I'm not betting. What do you have to lose to me?"

The middle-aged man spoke, "I'll bet one hundred academy contribution points. We, the cleaners, have our own contribution points too!"

Xie Xie sniggered. "Uncle, you're just giving me the contribution points for free by betting with me. I can see that it isn't easy for you to sweep the floor as well. Let's forget about it."

The middle-aged man answered in disdain, "With you? I want to win some contribution points from you to get myself some breakfast. I didn't expect you to not even have the courage to do so."

Xie Xie had a teen spirit. Moreover, the bet involved his greatest skill. It was absolutely too easy for him to snatch a broom away from a man that was standing unmoved at the same spot.

"Very well. Let us bet!" As he was saying that, his body moved in a flash and before long, he had already arrived before the middle-aged man. He grabbed the broom in the middle-aged man's hand with just one attempt.

He had been friends with Tang Wulin for a long time. He had learned one or two cunning tricks from Tang Wulin.

"Oh, no!" The middle-aged man shouted in surprise. His grip loosened, and the broom fell. He seemed to be petrified. However, Xie Xie's hands caught nothing.

The broom dropped on the tip of the middle-aged man's toes. Xie Xie lifted his leg and stepped on the broom as he bent over in an attempt to take it.

The middle-aged man turned around, and the broom seemed to be stuck to the man's feet. It moved sideways out of nowhere, and once again, Xie Xie's action missed it.

"Huh!" Xie Xie could not help but feel a little surprised. He could discern from these two movements that the middle-aged man was absolutely not an ordinary person. However, his competitiveness was also triggered. His body moved in a flash, and his speed increased by a fold. He grabbed and moved forward swiftly as he released his martial soul.

The broom went into the middle-aged man's hand as he slightly moved the tip of his toes. Then, his mouth cracked into a smile directed at Xie Xie. "The clock's ticking."

Xie Xie did not utter a single word. He stepped with the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. His afterimage flashed with the sway of his body. It was difficult to immediately pinpoint his exact position.

However, the broom seemed to come alive in the middle-aged man's hand. It was spinning and flying through the air continuously. Xie Xie acknowledged the fact that his movement was already very fast, but the broom in the middle-aged man's hand somehow managed to elude capture with an unbelievable angle. The middle-aged man was standing in the same spot unmoved all along. The only part of his body that moved were the parts above his waist!

Translator's Note:

[1] Schadenfreude: Pleasure derived from someone else's misfortune.

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