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Chapter 475 - The Angel of Hope

Xie Xie had never expected to walk in on Yuanen Yehui stretching in the nude. Although he had only caught a glimpse, no more than a split second, blood had rushed to his head and leaked out his nose. His blood had exposed him, and he any path of stealthy retreat was lost. 

Xie Xie shouted out complaints in his heart, but he understood what sort of character she was. It had taken much pain and effort just to reach a harmonious relationship with her. Yet he accidently peeped on her again! This time, he refused to admit fault! She was the one washing herself in public! Since she didn't go back to her room to wash, he could only assume she did so on purpose. 

He wondered whether things could be settled peacefully by talking, but his question was answered with a blast of air that flew past his head, narrowly missing. The air blast burst a short distance from his, unleashing explosive might. He managed to avoid to avoid taking the full brunt by utilizing Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step. He had grown skilled in the secret art after using it so much this past semester. 

With Xie Xie pulling out the wraith-like footwork, Yuanen Yehui was hopeless to catch him. "Stop and pay for your crimes!" she snarled. 

"I refuse! I'm too young to die!" Xie Xie shrieked as he accelerated. 

In truth, Xie Xie could run out of the working students dormitory grounds right now and call for help from a teacher still present on campus, but that would summon disciplinary action upon both of them. Xie Xie for peeping and Yuanen Yehui for assault. Furthermore, news of her getting peeped on would spread and bring shame. He refrained from the easy choice not for his sake, but hers! So all he could do was do his best to evade her attacks while remaining on the grounds of the working student dormitory. He grit his teeth and pushed on.

"You think you can run?" Yuanen Yehui hissed. She drummed her chest with both arms, her fourth soul ring lighting up. Devil Titan! 

She punched out with both fists, shooting two blasts of air at Xie Xie. The blasts zoomed toward Xie Xie, swift as lightning. Then they collided together a few meters short of him, unleashing an explosive tempest. The winds threw Xie Xie off his feet and into the air. 

She's so strong! Xie Xie eyes went wide as he scrambled to steady himself in the air. It had been quite a few days since he last sparred with her, but she had already grown so much! 

Yuanen Yehui bent down, then jumped, shooting toward him like a cannonball. She was upon him in a flash, her tyrannical might bearing down upon him. Xie Xie was an ant before her. 

During the chase, Xie Xie's heart had calmed. Even outclassed as he was, he still managed to react. His third soul ring lit up and he summoned a Light Dragon Clone. 

In a shimmer of light, Xie Xie split into two. The two Xie Xies pushed off against each other, narrowly avoiding Yuanen Yehui's attack. 

"Hm?" She had thought her attack was sure to hit, but Xie Xie had managed to dodge it. Ignoring the hiccup in her attack plan, she threw her fist out at each of the Xie Xies. A boom rumbled through the air, two air blasts on hot pursuit after the clones. 

The two clones landed on the rooftops of the nearby dormitory, then raced away with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, descending back to ground level. 

Xie Xie had spent countless hours practicing his control over his clones, and now his efforts were bearing fruit. 

Although Yuanen Yehui's Air Cannon attacks were powerful, they didn't affect a large area. She couldn't go on a rampage while on the grounds of the working students dormitory either. A couple minutes later, she still couldn't catch either of the Xie Xies. 

"Stop and fight me if you have the balls!" she shouted.

"I'd be stupid to not run!" he shouted back. Through all this fleeing, he had grown fed up with her as well. He couldn't believe how unreasonable she was. If any of the air blasts had hit him, his skin would have been torn off. He could only imagine what she would do to him if he got caught. 

"Fine! Go on and run!" Yuanen Yehui suddenly shrunk back to normal size, but a pair of pitch-black wings blossomed on her back to replace the muscular bulk. In exchange for the domineering four-ring power of her Titan Giant Ape, her three-ringed Fallen Angel martial soul granted her far more speed. She sud

She suddenly accelerated, a devilish sword manifesting in her hands. She flew a few circles in the air, sowing seeds of darkness all over the dormitory grounds. It was the descent of Curtain of Darkness! 

Darkness encroached upon the region, enveloping everything and with murky stillness. 

Ever since losing to Tang Wulin's team, Yuanen Yehui had thrown herself into cultivating. Both her martial souls were best of the best, so she just needed to improve in her use of them and her strength would skyrocket. 

This Curtain of Darkness took advantage of the martial soul's angelic characteristics to unleash its full might. A third of her soul power had disappeared in an instant, converted into this shroud of darkness. The dark fog was thick and corrosive, a large-scale crowd control attack. 

Yuanen Yehui was strong in both close and long range. Her only weakness was lack of speed, and she had troubles facing agility-types like Xie Xie. In order to cover up this weakness, she used Curtain of Darkness as a brief attack to restrain her opponent. Although the soul power consumption was large, she just needed it to last long enough for her to close the gap between them. Then she could switch back to her Titan Giant Ape to beat down her foe. Unfortunately for Xie Xie, he was to be her first experimental target for this combination attack she thought of. 

The two Xie Xies felt their bodies being constricted as if they were running through a quagmire. The light shining from their bodies dulled in the encroaching darkness, their speed lowering. In this murky fog, their steps faltered, unable to bring out the full potential of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step anymore. 

Then they say Yuanen Yehui flying toward them, her body swelling with power as she descended. Back in her Titan Giant Ape form, she smashed her fist down at them. 

Yuanen Yehui understood the mechanics behind Xie Xie's clones. As long as a single clone remained, the main body wouldn't be damaged. There was no reason for her to hold back yet, and she had attacked before the shroud of darkness faded away. 

Right before her fists connected, Xie Xie sensed the power behind them drop. She didn't use Air Cannon either. Is she going easy on me? Without no way to evade, he resigned himself to take the hit without fighting back. He closed his eyes tight, holding his arms protectively in front of him, a bitter smile on his face. 

A boom thundered through the dormitory courtyard. Xie Xie fell back a few steps, but he was astonished to discover no pain.

Slowly opening his eyes, he saw a gallant golden figure standing protectively in front of him. It was Tang Wulin. 

Golden scales covered Tang Wulin's chest, shoulders, and right arm. His back was broad and imposing, instilling a sense of security into Xie Xie. He held Yuanen Yehui's fist in his scaled hand. 

"Boss, save me!" Xie Xie shrieked.

Tang Wulin sighed. "You're so unlucky. How did you provoke her this time?" 

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