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Chapter 2576: When to Return?

Wang Xiao took out a jade slip and saw an elusive face appear in it. At the same time, a voice asked him, “Wang Xiao, what’s happening there?”

This voice was, not surprisingly, the voice of the City Lord of Tianyan.

Three years had passed since that battle. Of course, cultivators of the Divine Prefecture could not have continued to stay there. They were long gone.

Only Wang Xiao, with his stubborn obsession, had wanted to wait for a definitive ending, and that was to witness Ye Futian’s destruction. But three years later, he was still waiting.

“Nothing has changed,” Wang Xiao responded.

“Come back.” The City Lord of Tianyan said, “The Heaven Tempering Enumeration shut down the Ziwei Segmentum. Sooner or later, it will melt down that Segmentum. He may resist it for a time, but he can’t stop it forever. Right now, great changes are taking place in the Divine Prefecture. It’s been three years, and it’s time for you to let go and come back. No matter what happened three years ago, you should always remember that you are invincible under the Great Emperor!”

“Invincible?” Wang Xiao murmured. He had said that back then, but Ye Futian’s sarcastic voice could still be heard in his head. Was he truly invincible under the Gret Emperor?

At least, in the Ziwei Segmentum here, there was one person he couldn’t defeat. It was just that now he was trapped by the Heaven Tempering Enumeration and would eventually perish because of it.

After a moment of silence, Wang Xiao took a deep breath and said, “Fine.”

When his voice faded, he got up and put the jade slip away. He looked down at the place that was sealed off by the Heaven Tempering Enumeration and said, “Ye Futian, you are unparalleled in talent and endowed with a genius rarely seen in the world; I have to admit that I am not as good as you. However, you are born at the wrong time, and your life is doomed to a tragic end. You will eventually perish under this Heaven Tempering Enumeration and turn into nothing more than dust and smoke.

“Three years ago, you defeated me, but now in the land of the Divine Prefecture, I am still The Unraveled under the Great Emperor. Although I did use the imperial arms, the ability to summon imperial arms was, in itself, a part of my strength. Under the Great Emperor, I, Wang Xiao, am still an existence of The Unraveled. Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing me on my path of ascension as the Great Emperor.”

After that, there was a strong determination in his eyes as he turned, leaving this place behind.

No matter what happened three years ago, the fact remained. He recognized Ye Futian’s talent and admitted that he was not better than Ye Futian. However, he firmly believed that he, Wang Xiao, was unparalleled under the Great Emperor. This was a belief, and for a cultivator like him, this kind of belief was indispensable.

If he didn’t have this belief to hold on to, how would he embark on the road to become a Great Emperor himself? He was sure he would be able to achieve this goal.

Thus, Wang Xiao left. The boundless space was totally silent. The divine light from the Heaven Tempering Enumeration dazzled in the endless void, continued to seal the Ziwei Segmentum.

At this time, within the bounds of the Ziwei Segmentum, the war of attrition between the Heaven Tempering Enumeration and the billions of stars had never ceased. The Heaven Tempering Enumeration wanted to melt down the stars in the heavens but could not do it. A figure sat cross-legged in the center of these billions of stars, bathed in infinite starlight, like a child born of the starry sky. Even his figure looked a little surreal and elusive. It was as if it did not exist.

Next to that ethereal and elusive figure, a gorgeous woman was sitting quietly there, cultivating. She was like Jiutian Goddess, who had been accompanying him always, and never left his side.

At this time, some people came from the sky, and several powerful cultivators had arrived; it was Lord Chen and the others, with Gu Dongliu, Zhuge Mingyue, Xia Qingyuan in tow. They were here to see Ye Futian.

Unless they are cultivating in retreat, they would come here every year. But everything seemed to be the same as three years ago, and no change had taken place.

“It’s still the same,” Lord Taixuan whispered. There didn’t seem to be any significant changes.

“It’s beautiful here.” Next to them, Zhuge Mingyue looked at this starry sky world with a smile in his bright eyes. He looked in the direction where Ye Futian was and said, “Little junior brother, I know you can hear me. Your cultivation here must be progressing. Ziwei Imperial Palace has been doing well over the past three years and is on the right track. More and more talented figures have poured into the Ziwei Imperial Palace to become disciples of the palace. There are even many Renhuang with endless potential. The senior members of Ziwei Imperial Palace are also working hard to improve their cultivation. Lord Taixuan and the others are cultivating the power of Taichu and have made great progress. The three little guys are all striving towards the peak of Renhuang. Your third senior brother is almost there as well; Taoist Monk Mu’s alchemical skill is improving daily, and e’s now very handy in refining the Sub-divine elixirs.

“The Ziwei Segmentum, as well as Ziwei Imperial Palace, are getting stronger than ever. Now, we are just waiting for you to return, to break this imprisonment, and lead Ziwei Segmentum to a higher high.”

No one responded. But above the sky, the starlight sprinkled down. Zhuge Mingyue stretched out her hand as if she could see those starlight falling into the palm of her hand. When she saw this beautiful sight, Zhuge Mingyue smiled brilliantly and said, “Little junior brother, is that you responding? In this starry sky world, this is the form in which you existed, right?”

Next to Zhuge Mingyue, Gu Dongliu looked at the elusive figure of Ye Futian in front. He did not speak, but he also believed that his little junior brother, who had created numerous miracles many times over, would definitely return to them. He had never doubted that because he was the predestined one chosen by their Master.

They would be going to Donghuang Imperial Palace together to pick up their Master.

“Let’s go,” Lord Chen said. They still had a lot of things that needed to be done. They had to cultivate and improve themselves continuously.

Everyone nodded. Zhuge Mingyue looked over there and said, “Little junior brother has Jieyu here to keep him company, so I guess he will not be lonely.”

Lord Chen looked over there and said, “Palace Lord, Ziwei Imperial Palace, and even the entire Ziwei Segmentum, will be waiting for you. Now, we won’t disturb your cultivation.”

Having said that, he bowed slightly in the direction yonder before all the cultivators turned to leave.

They accepted that Ye Futian was cultivating here.

After everyone left, the place returned to its previous quietude again. Ye Futian was like an ancient starry tree, erected underneath billions of stars, yet blended harmoniously with it, the two as one. Hua Jieyu seemed to be sitting under this tree, bathed in the starlight and cultivating quietly.

This scene was as beautiful as a picture.

Time flew, and in a blink of an eye, ten years had passed since the great battle took place outside the Ziwei Segmentum.

Ten years was not a long time in the long history of the cultivation world, and it could even be said to be a pretty brief period of time. In the cultivation world, many cultivators were able to break through a realm in ten years, so it was considered a very short time.

But for Ziwei Segmentum, these ten years were a long and endless ten years. Over the past ten years, the Ziwei Segmentum had undergone a lot of changes.

Ziwei Imperial Palace had changed the most. The most obvious change was that all the cultivators in the Ziwei Imperial Palace were constantly getting stronger, and their cultivation was improving.

The look of the entire Ziwei Imperial Palace had been completely transformed. Except for the top-level figures, anyone under the realm of Tribulation Plane was no longer who they were once upon a time.

In that gloriously radiant starry sky, a few more figures arrived at this time. It was four young people, all of them endowed with extraordinary temperament, and each one of them gave out a sense of being very unusual.

“Master, Masteress.” The four of them came not far in front of Ye Futian and bowed slightly to Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu, who was beside him.

Ye Futian didn’t respond, and Hua Jieyu seemed to have also entered into a certain state of concentration, immersed in a world of her cultivation, so they did not hear the voices of the four.

“Hush!” Fang Cun, who was at the front, sensed something, made a gesture to silence the others, and shook his head. He whispered, “The Masteress has been with the Master here. She seems to have entered into a special state of cultivation as well.”

“Well, let’s not disturb the Masteress,” Little Ling nodded. The four of them were not youngsters anymore, and their cultivation had reached a very high level. After all, they were born with the Path, with the natural body of the Great Path, who were also enlightened by the teacher, so their cultivation had always been smooth sailing.

“Master, we are here to tell you some good news. Not long ago, I have entered the Ninth-Realm of Renhuang. Now, I am at the top of Renhuang Realm. If I go further, I will be experiencing the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path.” Fang Cun whispered to the figure in front of him and continued, “Little Ling and the other three are already in the Eighth-Realm of Renhuang. Although Duo Yu was late in starting his cultivation, his level was not lower than Little Ling or Tie Tou. I believe it won’t take more than a few years for all of them to be like me, reaching the top level of Renhuang.”

Obviously, they were here to give the good news to Ye Futian.

All four of them were born inside the village, so they were different from the people outside. 30 years ago, before they went with Ye Futian to the Western Heavenly World, they had already entered the realm of Renhuang. Now, more than thirty years had passed.

For so many years, they had never stopped working on themselves, whether it was at Spirit Mountain back then or in the Ziwei Segmentum right now. Therefore, they had made rapid progress.

“There is also another good news. Lord Taixuan and the others have been cultivating the power of Taichu, and they have seen its effect already. The Path of Taichu gave them the opportunity to transform again.” Fang Cun continued, “Previously, I had considered taking some elixirs to help me breakthrough the realm, but that old fellow Taoist Monk Mu wouldn’t do it; he only gave me some useless pills. He said he would save the good ones for when I am ready to experience the Tribulation Plane. Fortunately, my talent is outstanding and I broke through the realm by myself, so I haven’t dishonored my master.”

“Master, don’t listen to his nonsense. The elixirs given by elder Taoist Monk Mu are all good, and he has been watching over us. Other elders, such as Lord Chen, have also been taking care of us and instructing us in our cultivation, and that accounts for our rapid progress. When I enter the Ninth Realm of Renhuang, I will come again to give you the good news.”

As she was speaking, she looked at Tie Tou next to her and said, “It’s your turn; what do you want to say to the Master?”

Tie Tou scratched his head. Although he was not a young kid anymore, he appeared a little naïve as always. He looked in front and said, “Master, I will work hard to cultivate and follow you to the Divine Prefecture in the future to seek our revenge.”

After speaking, they looked at Duo Yu behind them and saw that he did not speak. Instead, he knelt and bowed in the direction of Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu. The three of them didn’t say anything more, as they understood Duo Yu’s quiet personality very well.

Looking forward again, Little Ling continued, “Master, when can you come back? Little Ling misses you so much!”

As she was speaking, her eyes became moist and full of tears.

It had been ten years, and the Master still hadn’t returned; were they really not worried at all?

Actually, they were all terrified. They were scared that the Master would never come back.

“Don’t be weak.” Fang Cun whispered, “Master, don’t worry, I will take care of the three of them and wait for your return.”

With that, he bowed down in front of them. Little Ling wiped her eyes and bowed down as well. She stared in front for a long time, reluctant to leave.

“Let’s not bother the Master and the Masteress in their cultivation.” Fang Cun said, pulling Little Ling up so the four of them could leave here together.

After they left, from Ye Futian’s body, those divine lights leading to the heavens were like leaves on branches, swaying as if they were in the wind, and sprinkled the starlight all around. When Fung Cun and the others were leaving, the starlight seemed to be following close behind!