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Chapter 2214: Strike Terror

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A truly frightening and miraculous thing happened to Ye Wuchen. After he had swallowed the entire river of swords, his body emanated an incredible amount of sword will. Beams of light shone into the vast universe, and his entire body glowed brilliantly as if he was in a dreamlike domain of swordsmanship.

He shut his eyes tightly, and wisps of sword will continued to flow through his body. The piercing sounds of a sword’s blade could be heard coming from within his body as if he was purifying and training it.

“He actually managed to swallow it successfully.” Everyone’s eyes were on Ye Wuchen. When they saw that his body had not been destroyed, they knew that he would probably succeed in swallowing the entire nebula, inheriting the sword will the nebula contained.

This nebula was very likely to have been left behind from Ziwei the Great’s period of cultivation. By swallowing it, Ye Wuchen could reap really tremendous rewards.

Woong! An unbelievable amount of sword will exploded, causing the clothes of many to move and flap from the sheer force of the explosion. The illusion of a divine sword appeared on Ye Futian’s body, and it looked like the divine sword that they had seen within the nebula.

This divine sword wasn’t an actual physical sword but an illusion, so it flickered from time to time. But it exuded a tremendous amount of sword will and seemed to be formed by a terrifying sword qi. It seeped bit by bit into Ye Wuchen’s body, resonating with the swordsmanship within him and merging with his body.

Boom… Just then, an extremely powerful sword cultivator appeared to walk in the emptiness. This sword cultivator was a powerful Level-seven Renhuang, and his eyes possessed tremendous sword might. He descended and landed above Ye Wuchen. An incredible amount of sword will flowed over his body. He pointed at Ye Wuchen. He launched an attack on Ye Wuchen without holding back at all.

Nine divine swords came down from the void. Blind Tie and the rest wanted to help, and Ye Futian frowned as well, but he didn’t go forward to help and even stopped Blind Tie, Fang Gai, and the rest from going forward. They watched as the terrifying divine swords came down in an instant, carrying an equally terrifying mightiness as they made their way towards Ye Wuchen to kill him. But a shocking amount of sword qi burst out from Ye Wuchen’s body. His own body did not release this, but it came from the incredible sword hidden within the giant sword that he had swallowed. This shattered the sword will that came towards him.

“That sword will is really powerful.” Everyone watching felt their hearts tremble and palpitate. Ye Wuchen’s level of cultivation was way too low, so there was no way he could have released such a shocking amount of sword might. But the sword will he had swallowed turned out to be powerful enough to defend him against that attack.

This made the expression of the sword cultivator from the void turn nasty as if he could only watch as Ye Wuchen swallow up all of that energy and inherit the sword might hidden within the nebula.

“He doesn’t have the right to control and swallow this sword cloud and inherit the energy within at all.” A voice suddenly spoke up. The one who spoke was a middle-aged man in a black robe who carried an extremely wide and large sword. His jet black hair flew wildly in the space, and his eyes were deep and equally black. He looked down at where Ye Wuchen was with folded arms.

Anyone in this place was extraordinary. They were perfect cultivators of the Great Path from top-tier factions of power. This man was no different. He did not come from the Divine Prefecture, but he was a powerful sword cultivator from the Dark World. He was practically invincible now and was a Level-eight cultivator in swordsmanship. He was only one level away from the peak of his abilities.

Over the past number of days, he had been trying to comprehend and trying to think of a way to obtain the power of this nebula. He had tried several different methods, but he never thought that the person who would eventually swallow the nebula would turn out to be a mid-level Renhuang sword cultivator.

Ye Wuchen was considered one of the weaker sword cultivators among the people gathered here. Most of the other cultivators were stronger than him.

“If you have the right to, then why didn’t you get any of it?” Ye Futian looked at the other party and asked him.

The sword cultivator in black glanced at Ye Futian. His jet black eyes contained a tinge of ruthlessness, and it made him seem very dangerous.

“So I’m going to kill him and try again to see if I can get it.” The sword cultivator in black unsheathed the sword he was carrying. It was a huge black sword that emanated a frightening aura of death around it. The moment he held the giant sword in his hand, a terrifying aura exploded from his body and put pressure on the rest of the people around him.

“Be careful,” said Fang Gai in a low voice. He could sense that this man was a very powerful threat.

Of course, Ye Futian had felt that too. He shifted slightly to stand in front of Ye Wuchen, while Fang Gai remained by his side to protect both of them. There were many powerful cultivators here, and Ye Wuchen was still in the midst of cultivating and absorbing that powerful nebula, so he needed someone to protect him throughout the process.

Blind Tie floated up, and the illusion of an ancient god appeared behind him. He reached a palm out, and a giant divine hammer appeared in his hand. He gripped it hard, and a Great Path Divine Light flowed out. It contained a shocking amount of power.

The man in a black robe raised his palm, and a frightening dark typhoon instantly appeared. The typhoon winds seemed as sharp as swords as it tore through the space and seemed terribly heavy.

With a shift of his body and the raising of his hand, a terrifying dark sword qi appeared in the space instantly. When his sword came down, the frightening typhoon covered the entire place, while deep and terrifying dark cracks appeared in the space. The cracks kept moving forward, taking over the vast space and heading straight for where Ye Futian was.

The crack in the middle, in particular, looked like a dark, venomous dragon as it carried sword light and tore through everything it touched.

At the same time, Blind Tie made a move too. A majestic divine light encompassed the vast void. He swung the divine hammer in his hand wildly and raised both arms. The clothing on his arms began to tear as his muscles began to swell, and he was full of an incomparably wild and explosive power.


An ear-deafening blast was heard as the raised divine hammer slammed against the space, instantly forming a terrifying screen of light that could fight against all attacks. Those black cracks of sword will were immediately blasted to the sides, causing several cracks in the screen of light but failing to shatter it. Meanwhile, the divine hammer collided directly with the giant sword in the middle, and it seemed like the entire pace was going to explode and shatter as a terrifying storm surrounded them. Anyone who wasn’t at least a high-level Renhuang quickly retreated. That terrifying storm could tear through space, causing scary beams of light to appear in the sky.

Eventually, Fang Gai unleashed a light screen in front of him to protect his side from suffering any residual impact.

Several powerful Renhuangs felt the urge to fight as well. Most of the people left were sword cultivators, and they unleashed a barely visible sword will, which filled the space with suffocating pressure, which made everyone feel very uncomfortable.

The divine light around Ye Wuchen’s body remained just as bright. As that intense sword continued to seep into his body, the sword light from his body became even more brilliant and glorious. His swordsmanship aura kept becoming stronger, and he looked like he might even break through to the next level.

When he saw all this happening, Ye Futian looked around at the others around him and said, “Everyone has come here to cultivate. If you’ve missed the chance here, there are opportunities in many other places, and you can all head elsewhere to continue your comprehension. Since someone has already taken this nebula, then I hope all of you can leave him alone.”

But his words didn’t seem to have affected the others very much. The sword will that the other cultivators unleashed only became stronger, and several parties were unleashing astonishing amounts of sword might from all directions. They were all raring for a fight as they put pressure on where Ye Futian was. It was as if they were all waiting for one person to start fighting before they would all join in. After all, Fang Gai was protecting them, so it wouldn’t be easy to get past him either.

When he saw that everyone around him wasn’t convinced, Ye Futian took a step forward. The Great Path Divine Light in his body began to surge, and his body seemed to be roaring. His eyes suddenly gleamed coldly, as if an icy moon had appeared within his pupils. His body suddenly became impossibly cold, and his frosty voice said, “If all of you insist on trying, then I’m afraid some of you might have come here for nothing.”

“Is that so?”

A sharp voice rang out. Ye Futian looked up above to see a Level-seven Renhuang from a top-tier faction of power in the Divine Prefecture wave his palm. Countless beams of gold light instantly burst from his body, and a horrifyingly sharp aura swept through the space as many reddish-gold divine swords appeared around his body. These reddish-gold divine swords were so many that they blotted out the sky, covering the entire space. All of them were pointed towards Ye Futian, and each sword was incredibly sharp as if they could cut through anything in the world.

“You want to try?” said Ye Futian as he looked at the other party.

“I’m going to try.” The moment the other party finished speaking, he stepped into the void. In that instant, the reddish gold divine light slashed right through the void, causing the brilliant gold sword light to hurtle downwards and cover the sky. At the same time, the innumerable number of divine swords came down. The sight was terrifying to behold.

Woong! Everyone watched as Ye Futian didn’t dodge the attack at all. Instead, he ran straight into that ultrpowerful array of reddish-gold divine swords as if he wasn’t afraid of anything at all.

The Renhuang who made the attack frowned. How was this man so audacious?

Could anyone survive these divine swords?

However, at the same time, Ye Futian’s entire body glowed spectacularly in the midst of the divine swords as an astonishing amount of Divine Light burst forth from within his body. He seemed to have transformed on the spot and transformed into a divine sword that could reach the heavens. He was now a starry divine sword, and the divine light of the stars surrounded his body. He carried an impossibly sharp aura and a power to tear through space.

Kaboom… Everywhere that the starry divine sword went, the reddish gold divine swords broke and shattered. The starry divine sword was under an intensely aggressive attack as well, but it continued to slash through the reddish-gold swords and head towards the other party.

The eyes of the attacker exploded with an alarming divine light. A Divine Wheel of the Great Path appeared in the sky as one giant reddish-gold divine sword tore through and clashed head on with the starry divine sword that was coming its way.

The two giant swords crashed into one another, creating a destructive storm that surged through the void, and threatened to break everything apart.

“My flesh has become the way so my physical body will not perish. But aren’t you afraid of dying if your Divine Wheel gets destroyed?” A voice resonated in the void, and a thunderous blast rang out. The starry divine sword went forward regardless, and several crack lines appeared. But at the same time, the giant reddish-gold sword began to show cracks as well.

This caused the other party to give a muffled groan as he immediately kept his sword away and retreated. A beam of sword light cut through the void, sending the other party flying out. The starry sword disappeared, and Ye Futian appeared in its stead. His gaze looked towards the other party, who had flown far out. “I’ll spare you this time. But if anyone tries to do anything again, I’ll make sure you die!”

With that, he looked at everyone around him. A level-six Renhuang had actually struck terror in everyone’s hearts!

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