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Chapter 1925: 1925
Chapter 1925: Toward Core Island

Ye Futian arrived back at their original battlefield with Jun Qiuyan restrained . Many people were still waiting there . Upon their arrival, the expressions on many virtuosos changed slightly . They were very shocked .

Jun Qiuyan had been crippled, and his cultivation was completely destroyed .

In the crowd, several people knew the origin of their grudge, and there were even some who witnessed the beginning of their dispute at the Penglai Deity Lake .

It could be said that the conflict between the two of them was due to Jun Qiuyan’s arrogance .

However, at that time, everyone felt that it was nothing, as though Jun Qiuyan’s arrogance was the norm and should be accepted . After that, news of Bai Mu stepping in to stop the fight between them spread, and they all thought that in the Eastern Deity Island, Ye Futian would die for sure .

Many of the virtuosos did not pay close attention to something that was bound to happen and thus nearly forgot about the entire event . No one expected that on the Eastern Deity Island, it would be Ye Futian who completely dominated Jun Qiuyan .

At this point, Jun Qiuyan was like a dog who had lost its home . He looked extremely pathetic, his aura was fragile, and it looked like there was no life in him, and he could die at any moment; it was as though he were a zombie . Setting aside the question of whether he was humiliated, Jun Qiuyan’s life had practically ended prematurely .

To a practitioner of his status, tortured with his cultivation stripped, there was not much meaning in living . There was no more value to his life . Perhaps apart from his closest family, no one would care if he lived or died .

Jun Qiuyan was utterly finished .

Even though Shangguan Qiuye had vaguely guessed the outcome, upon seeing just how pathetic Jun Qiuyan had become, she could not help but feel a ripple in her heart . Jun Qiuyan was someone who was equal in status to her . Among the next generation in the Penglai Continent, he was also a powerful figure . Not only was he a disciple of a renowned family, but he also had exceptional talent, and everyone had heard of his name .

No one would have expected that his fate would be this tragic .

She then turned her gaze to the white-haired youth who was dragging Jun Qiuyan . Apart from admiring Ye Futian’s talent, Shangguan Qiuye was also a little wary of him . This guy was a little too callous . In fact, one could even say he was a little insane .

Just how many virtuosos did he kill today?

It seemed like the Jun Family of the Penglai Continent would forever be at odds with him and certainly have him killed .

As one of the top-tier factions in the Penglai Continent, there was no way the Jun Family would tolerate the massacre and humiliation of their members .

The moment Ye Futian left the Eastern Deity Island, there would likely be a devastating battle .

Standing a distance away, Yun Zhe’s face seemed to have a cold expression . He felt extremely uncomfortable with Jun Qiuyan’s fate . After glancing at Ye Futian and Shangguan Qiuye, he took his people and retreated from the area in a flash .

Ye Futian did not attempt to stop him . His grudge was mainly with Jun Qiuyan, and since he had already offended the Jun Family of the Penglai Continent, he did not want to make more enemies .

He took a step forward toward Shangguan Qiuye and looked at Xia Qingyuan and the rest standing behind Shangguan Qiuye . Ye Futian spoke to Shangguan Qiuye, “Thank you very much . ”

“No need for thanks . I didn’t do much,” Shangguan Qiuye replied . No one tried to attack her, so, of course, she did not do anything .

As she finished speaking, she telepathically told Ye Futian, “Having abused Jun Qiuyan like that, you’ll probably encounter much trouble when you leave the Eastern Deity Island . ”

“That’s why I’m keeping him alive for now,” Ye Futian replied .

Shangguan Qiuye took a glance at the crippled Jun Qiuyan, and spoke again, “A crippled Jun Qiuyan will have little value to the Jun Family . Apart from his parents, likely no one else in the Jun Family will be concerned about his life . It is more likely that they will care if you are dead…”

Ye Futian understood what she meant . The Jun Family would likely have him killed .

“I understand,” Ye Futian replied . He only left Jun Qiuyan alive to avoid Dongyuan Pavilion from being implicated . Of course, this was not a perfect plan, and so he needed to prepare in case the Jun Family was determined to kill him at all costs .

“Miss Shangguan can also be considered to have stood against the Jun Family and threatened their people . Likely, the Jun Family will not forget . Furthermore, the Yun Zhe, who left earlier, was staring at you in a predatory manner . Shall we join hands when we leave Eastern Deity Island?” Ye Futian conveyed his thoughts .

Shangguan Qiuye let out a puzzled expression . Previously she had intended to make use of Ye Futian, and he seemed to have not minded .

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Now that it had come to this, it seemed like the two of them were alike after all . Ye Futian similarly wanted to make use of her to deal with the Jun Family . The two of them were making the same calculations .

Even back then, Ye Futian was already considering what to do after leaving Eastern Deity Island .

Her gorgeous eyes turned to look intently at Ye Futian for a moment . This white-haired youth before her made her feel a tinge of fear . He had an unparalleled talent, and while his cultivation level was not high, his strength was extraordinary . Moreover, he was extremely callous and was quite scheming too .

It would be extremely troublesome if such a person became her enemy . Jun Qiuyan was a perfect example . Previously in the Penglai Deity Region, Jun Qiuyan probably did not expect Ye Futian to have such great strength . It was because he underestimated Ye Futian that his men were cruelly massacred, and his cultivation stripped, thereby becoming crippled .

“I didn’t actually lay a finger on Jun Qiuyan or any of the Jun Family members, so it doesn’t count, right?” Shangguan Qiuye replied . Her tone had a touch of displeasure . She did not want to be exploited by Ye Futian .

“Regardless of whether or not you really participated, your stance is already clear . Moreover, Miss Shangguan also said that you would help me deal with the level-eight practitioner . The Jun Family will certainly know about it . Even if you don’t act, do you think the Jun Family will let the Shangguan Family off?” Ye Futian continued, “Since there will be a battle sooner or later, why don’t you act first . Furthermore, I am not that weak either, so certainly I can help you in some way . ”

Shangguan Qiuye should be clear on the relationship between the two families . With Jun Qiuyan crippled, a new conflict was bound to be born between the two families .

Indeed, a war among the renowned families of the Penglai Continent was looming on the horizon already, and it was certainly inevitable . Even if the Shangguan Family wanted to avoid it, they could not .

Moreover, Ye Futian has already explained the situation clearly . If they allied with him, their strength would increase to a certain extent . Otherwise, the Jun Family could eradicate Ye Futian and his group and then come back to deal with the Shangguan Family . If she thought along these lines, her choice was quite simple and straightforward .

“I am not in a position to make this choice,” Shangguan Qiuye replied a little unhappily .

“No worries . Miss Shangguan can take your time to consider carefully,” Ye Futian replied . He then left with Jun Qiuyan .

The relic on the cliff face had already been destroyed, and this place has thus ceased to be a cultivation spot . There was no point in staying any longer .

He radiated his divine consciousness outwards, and it covered the vast region . He noticed that many people were directing their divine consciousness toward him . It seemed that what happened before had captured the attention of several people .

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However, Ye Futian was not bothered by it . The level-eight virtuoso from the Jun Family managed to escape, so, naturally, news of what happened here could not be kept under wraps . Many practitioners had witnessed him breed enmity with the Jun Family . What he should be considering, then, would be how he could further raise his strength on this Eastern Deity Island .

First, Jun Qiuyan was already his hostage . However, Jun Qiuyan was not as valuable as he was, and if the Jun Family virtuosos were a little more cold-blooded, they could completely neglect his life .

The next point of consideration was his alliance with the Shangguan Family . However, it was still a question whether the Shangguan Family was willing to side with him . Even if they became allies, how much effort were they willing to put in?

Thus, he could not place too much hope on the Shangguan Family .

This was the Eastern Deity Island; if he wanted to deal with the Penglai Continent’s top-tier faction, the Jun Family, then the best method was to borrow the strength of the factions on the Eastern Deity Island .

The only problem was that it might be a little difficult to do that . As of now, he had yet to truly step onto the Core Island of the Eastern Deity Island .

“Is the entrance to the Core Island in that direction?” Ye Futian sent his divine consciousness toward a certain direction . He noticed that the virtuosos in the Illusory Sky Domain were flocking towards a certain direction . In that area, many had extraordinary auras .

“Mmm,” Beigong Ao followed Ye Futian’s gaze . “There is a rather strange land over there . It is the path that anyone must take if he wishes to reach the Core Island of the Eastern Deity Island . It is only through traversing that route that one can arrive at the Core Island of the Eastern Deity Island . However, from what I know, only an exceedingly small number of practitioners can enter the Core Island historically, and it is the case for every generation . It is said that anyone who enters the Core Island will be gifted pills of the Great Path . These are not common elixirs but rather rare, precious ones . Furthermore, the Eastern Deity Island will actively try to have you join their ranks . Naturally, it is the same this time . ”

Ye Futian lightly nodded his head . The Eastern Deity Island’s setup to gift cultivation opportunities might appear to be a selfless act, but Ye Futian did not believe so . The Eastern Deity Island was not a scared land of cultivation, so there was no need for them to spend large amounts of manpower to invite practitioners from various continents to seek cultivation on the island, nor was there any need for them to gift cultivation opportunities like that .

Moreover, they even gave pills of the Great Path, which was obviously impossible .

Thus, there must naturally be a motive behind Eastern Deity Island’s actions .

According to what Beigong Ao said, the Eastern Deity Island would try to win over those who performed exceedingly well . Did this mean that the Eastern Deity Island was plotting something?

For countless years, the Eastern Deity Island had been isolating itself from the rest of the world, focused only on cultivation, avoiding all conflict in the rest of the world . They didn’t even interfere in any matters in the Penglai Continent . Was it really because they were weak?

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Ye Futian thought that the Eastern Deity Island was merely hiding its true strength . However, its true motive was still a mystery .

“Let’s go,” Ye Futian said aloud . There were quite a few Great Path opportunities on the Eastern Deity Island, but he had already obtained two of them . If he continued to spoil the other areas, he would become a public enemy . Anyway, any more would be icing on the cake and not much meaning to him .

Vajra Demon-slaying Rhythm and the Boundless Sword were two extraordinarily powerful assault techniques, and these were sufficient for him .

Thus, he headed in that direction towards the Core Island of the Eastern Deity Island .

Shangguan Qiuye’s eyes flashed when she noticed Ye Futian’s silhouette . It seemed like this guy intended to take on the challenge of entering the Core Island .

It wasn’t easy to enter the Core Island, but it was certainly possible for Ye Futian to enter the realm of the core of the Eastern Deity Island .

She suddenly had a thought: if Ye Futian succeeded, then the people of the Eastern Deity Island would probably not allow the Jun Family virtuosos to deal with Ye Futian .

If conflict also broke out between the Eastern Deity Island and the Jun Family, then it would certainly be a great opportunity!

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