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At this moment, a large net suddenly fell from the sky, trapping Wei Jing tightly within it. Four warriors dressed in black leapt onto the ground cleanly, swapping positions as they tightened the net. After which, they threw out a hook and jumped onto the wall, leaving flagrantly. 

When a long whistle was heard, the warriors in black were summoned back to their base. Although they had the upper hand, they retreated without hesitation. They dropped their weapons as two of the warriors held two wooden buckets, pouring out the liquid inside onto the floor. Without turning back, they threw a lighted match on the ground as they leapt towards the outskirts of the city, disappearing between the buildings. All that happened with a blink of an eye.

The whole operation took less than 15 minutes. Everything returned back to normal. Over at Sheng Jin Palace, deafening music continued to play as it was still immersed in song and dance. The Imperial Guard was greeted with a sea of flames and a bunch of Wei Troops wailing in pain. This was the aftermath of an efficient and ruthless attack.

"Master Wei has been abducted! Quick! Report this to the Grand Elders' Council! The rest of you, follow me, we'll chase the assailant!"

When the Imperial Guard started their relentless pursuit of the assailant towards the outskirts of the city, a troop of men in black rushed into the Royal Grounds without hesitation. Within the Song Bo Forest by a main street, more than ten guards in cyan surrounded a carriage silently. Several men rushed towards it and tossed Wei Jing, who was tightly entangled in a net, in front of it.

"You…" Just as Wei Jing wanted to speak, a dull thud was heard. One of the guards kicked him in his mouth, shattering his teeth. Wei Jing moaned and did not speak another word.

Two cyan dressed guards rushed forward and tied him up tightly, gagging his mouth and securing his limbs. After which, they tossed him into the bottom compartment of the carriage that was meant for firewood. The leader of the troop of black warriors leapt onto the carriage as he took off his black outerwear, showing his inner white robes. When he pulled off his mask, a handsome face and a sharp gaze was revealed.

The other warriors that were dressed in black had also changed into the cyan uniforms of the guards. "My Prince," one of them came forth with a brazier in his hands as he said respectfully, "this should warm you up."

Yan Xun nodded as he took the brazier from him, pulling down the curtains of the carriage. He picked up the black robes that he had worn and threw them into the carriage as he waved his hand towards the guards. With that, the entourage started to move slowly towards the Forbidden palace.

Thunderous hooves were suddenly heard behind them as a guard demanded, "Who's that? Why are you galloping in the palace at night, don't you want to live?"

The man was stunned. After he looked clearly, he hurriedly said, "Oh, it's Prince Yan. Second Master Wei was ambushed along Zi Wei Avenue, I have been ordered to rush to the palace to report this to His Majesty."

"Ambushed?" The curtains on the carriage were pulled aside as Yan Xun frowned. "Did you catch the assailant? Where is the Second Master of Wei? Is he hurt?"

"Prince Yan, the assailant is on the run. He fled in the direction of the city's outskirts, General Lu is currently chasing down the assailant. Second Master Wei has been abducted. No one knows whether he is dead or alive."

Yan Xun nodded and muttered, "Report this quick."


The horse galloped away as Yan Xun retreated back into his carriage and muttered, "Let's move on to Lv Hua Palace."

As soon as he got out of his carriage, he saw Wei Guang leading Wei family and a few other officials rushing out of Lv Hua Palace. They leapt onto their steeds and galloped quickly out of the palace.

Dressed in a white fur coat, Yan Xun looked incredibly handsome. He only entered the Palace when Wei family and his entourage were gone.

The Xia Emperor had already left the Palace, leaving a panicked Zhao Qi in charge of the entire situation. The palace maids that were dressed in bright robes were serving dishes for them as the imperial band played melodious and soothing music from the corner of the palace.

Prince Li Ce was dressed in deep purple robes with a dragon embroidered on it. He was chatting happily with those around him, toasting anyone that raised their cup to him, appearing incredibly sober. If it weren't for his bruised face, it would have been a spectacular scene. The atmosphere of the banquet was warm and the officials had drunk enough. They were elated and gave toasts to everyone.

Yan Xun went over to his table silently. He gently raised his head towards the bruised and battered face of Prince Li Ce as he grinned. Raising his cup, he shook his head and chuckled.

"What took you so long?" Zhao Chun'er was dressed in a pink shirt with butterflies embroidered onto it with a long dress that was purple-gold. She had pearls and jade accessories all over her, looking gorgeous.

Yan Xun raised his head as he looked at the lady walking towards him. He grinned and said lightly, "I had a short nap."

"I thought you wouldn't come!" Zhao Chun'er's gaze was like water as she glared at Prince Li Ce who was sitting in front of her. She pouted and said, "That guy just asked for my maiden name. How rude!"

Yan Xun smiled gently as he drank another cup of wine. He did not say a word.

Zhao Chun'er looked as if she was mesmerized by him, ignoring the fact that he was incredibly cold towards her. After a while, she suddenly realized her folly. She blushed and tugged at her own clothes. She asked, "Look, this is the new tribute from the New Territories. Is this pretty?"

Yan Xun was stunned as he was thinking about events at the Chi Shui Lake. That woman's gaze was bright as she called his name hurriedly. Flustered, she had said, You got to be careful on your way. Yan Xun's expression softened instantly as he let out a heartfelt sigh, "Very beautiful."

Zhao Chun'er was instantly delighted as she thought that he was referring to her. She sat happily at his side, pouring him wine and picking dishes for him.

Troops had been entering the hall from the sides as they gave Zhao Qi constant updates. His expression turned ugly. Officials within the hall were careful to notice this change. Only the drunk Li Ce kept tugging at his sleeves as he swung the cup in his hands, spilling wine all over him.

It was not until 2 a.m. did the banquet end. By then, Li Ce was already dead drunk, falling asleep on the table with food all over him. Zhao Qi did not return to the Forbidden palace. He walked to his horse and galloped straight out of the city. Yan Xun stood within the dark square as he watched Zhao Qi's figure vanish into the night. He started to grin to himself.

"Brother Xun," Zhao Chun'er tugged carefully at his sleeves as she whispered, "it's cold here, could you send me back to my palace?"

Respectfully, Yan Xun took a step back as he bowed and said, "Yan Xun is a little drunk. I wouldn't dare to disturb the Princess. I urge the Princess to walk back on your own." After which, he got into his carriage.

As the carriage got further away, Zhao Chun'er stood motionless at the same spot. The palace maids rushed forward and draped her in a large fur coat. The dark red fur coat fell onto the floor accidently. On the snowy ground, it looked exceptionally striking, like a pool of blood.

Zhao Chun'er bit her lips as tears rolled in her eyes, trying her best to not let them fall.

"My Princess?" Grandma Yu sighed as she held the Princess' hand, she continued, "Let's go."

Zhao Chun'er nodded obediently as she followed Grandma Yu to her carriage. A gust of cold wind blew past, causing a teardrop to flow down her cheeks onto the pale snowy ground.

Within the secret room in Ying Ge Court, AhJing ripped the blindfold off the man. Wei Jing's brow was tightly knit as he took awhile to get used to the lights. As he raised his head, he suddenly saw the face of a man with an indifferently smile.

"Yan Xun?" Wei Jing's eyes widened as he cried in disbelief. "How dare you!" Wei Jing raged and snapped.

"I have always been very daring. Second Master Wei should know that fact very well."

"Yan Xun, Wei family will never let you get away with this. You will die without a grave!"

Yan Xun laughed as though he was hearing a joke. He said slowly, "I do not know whether I will die without a grave, but I am certain that you will die without one.

"Do you remember?" Yan Xun tilted his body slightly as a sly smile spread across his face. With a soothing tone, he said, "I said this before, if you did not kill me that day, you would die under my blade eventually. You can cut off my finger and I will cut off your head."

"Ah!" A deafening scream was heard suddenly as a sharp blade fell. A dismembered hand fell onto the ground in a bloody mess. A few drops of blood splattered onto Yan Xun's wrist and he frowned slightly. Annoyed, he took out a white handkerchief and started to rub furiously as he said coldly to his men, "Drag him out and chop his head off."

Wei Jing struggled furiously as he raged, "Yan Bei dog, you scoundrel! My uncle will never let you get away with this!"

"Wei Guang?" Yan Xun let out a cold laugh, "He is too old and his brains are not of much use. Only Wei family treats him like a god. Within his rotten skull, he will still be suspecting who did this. Wei Jing, you are a fool!" Yan Xun turned his head silently as he gave him an icy gaze. With an annoyed tone, he muttered, "Initially, you still had time to live. It is too bad that you chose to incur my wrath. You should never have threatened me with someone I cared about. Did you really think you could have taken me down? How naïve are you! From the start, you have been nothing but a useless fool. You were useless. You are still useless. You will be useless. It's a pity that you won't have the opportunity to be useless anymore." Throwing his bloodstained handkerchief onto the floor, Yan Xun turned and strode out of the door. He ordered, "Drag him out!"

Enraged curses and panicked screams rang around the room as Yan Xun turned a deaf ear to all of them, standing tall and straight. He had already begun his revenge. All those had once humiliated or hurt him would pay for their deeds. From then on, he would never allow anyone to harm those that meant so much to him. He would never allow that to happen again!

The moon was as cold as frost and the winds of the night were icy. Tonight was another sleepless night. The next day, all of Zhen Huang City was alarmed. Wei family's eldest son, Wei Jing had been ambushed the night before. His guard of a hundred men had perished and Wei Jing had been abducted. When the Imperial Guard reached the scene, there was no sign of the assailant. They had found nothing even after a night's search. Many feared for the worst. Due to the fact that the Imperial Guard had vaguely heard the chants of Muhe Xike from the Muhe clan, a massive investigation was being conducted on the Muhe clan.

At this moment, within the main bedroom of the Wei household, Wei Guang passed a letter to his most trusted servant as he muttered, "This must get to Ye'er. The future of Wei family counts on this. His Majesty has already started to act against the Wei bloodline. If he does not come back, Wei family will become the next Muhe Clan."

Five steeds sped out of the city gates, galloping towards the North. When AhJing came to inform Yan Xun about it, he was enjoying his tea on the porch. He smiled coldly and muttered, "It would be better if it got more chaotic."

With these words, AhJing felt a chill down his spine. He had followed Yan Xun for three years but he started to realize that he did not tell what his Master was doing.

On the school's yard in the Calvary camp, waves of thunderous applause could be heard. A young woman with a carefree smile stood at the center of the yard, shooting seven arrows at once, hitting the bullseye on the targets that were 100 feet away.

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