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"What does he need me for?" Chu Qiao asked Zhu Cheng.

"This is what Master ordered me to give to you." A long black cloth wrapped around a slender sword, only the handle was revealed. Chu Qiao knew that the sword was the same one she used to kill Zhalu's men.

"Master said that since your sword has now been returned back to you, he wants his own sword back."

"It is not with me now." Chu Qiao furrowed her brow and said, "You should have told me earlier so that I could have brought it with me."

"Oh?" Zhu Cheng froze and replied, "I told Lieutenant Colonel Song."

Chu Qiao sighed and thought to herself, Telling him is as good as not saying anything. She stretched out her hand to take the sword and said, "I will take the sword first and then I will get my men to send his sword over."

"Miss Chu," Zhu Cheng looked uncomfortable and replied, "Master said both of you do not want to have anything to do with each other, so things should be solved as soon as possible without any delay. How about this? I will wait for you here so you can go back and send someone to bring the sword here."

Do not want to have anything to do with each other? Chu Qiao raised her eyebrow as she took the sword and said, "Fine." Right after, she turned and left.

Sheng Jin Palace did not allow anyone to carry weapons. Even though there was no one watching, Chu Qiao still hid the sword inside her fur coat and walked slowly to Ying Ge court.

Two days later, she would begin her assignment in the Cavalry Camp. This was a very strange appointment and the timing was also very abrupt, which led Chu Qiao to be surprised. Even though it was only a low-ranked officer, it still caused some attention in government and the public. After all, she was still a woman, especially she was well-known as Yan Xun's right hand.

The Emperor of Xia began to use people from Yan Bei? What did that mean? Did he want to leave the past and bring Yan Xun back to Yan Bei in order to keep the peace?

But that was impossible. After so many years, the Emperor had always turned a blind eye to Sheng Jin palace's infighting towards Yan Xun. Even though he did not personally do anything, as an emperor, his indifferent attitude encouraged others with ulterior motives to exterminate Yan Xuan. If not for Yan Xun and Chu Qiao's cautiousness, they might have already died after rounds of arrow shooting.

The Emperor of Xia had once killed Yan Xun's own parents and brothers in front of Yan Xuan. Within a night, he managed to knock down a beast into the pits of hell. Then, it was absolutely impossible to let Yan Xun return to Yan Bei. It was not like the Emperor did not want to kill him, but it was because he failed to do so. 

The date of Yan Xun's return was approaching. How could he hand Yan Bei over to that resentful beast so easily?

So, what was the intention of the Emperor's appointment? There was almost no one who really knew Zhen Huang City. Chu Qiao was Yan Xun's strongest aide. Chu Qiao, who was not even 15 years old, had been protecting Yan Xun for the past seven years in many life or death situations. She was very agile and had amazing swordsmanship. Maybe the Emperor really liked her and planned to protect and nurse her? Or, was it to remove Yan Xun's protection in order to eliminate her as one of his competitors?

No one knew the real reason, hence many speculations circulated. Chu Qiao knew that things were never that simple and that she had not figured out the answer to the problem.

Around Chang Xuan Street was Xuan Men Road. There were high, red walls on both sides of the road, with bright yellow tiles that were covered with snow. Loud footsteps suddenly sounded. Chu Qiao frowned and thought, Was I wrong about today? Was there a court meeting today?

Those attending the court meeting were high-level officials from Sheng Jin palace. Chu Qiao needed to kneel and leave the room. She walked to the corner of the wall and knelt against it. Her head drooped down as her fur coat covered her facial features, only revealing her white and smooth neck.

Light footsteps approached her and stopped by her side. A deep voice sounded from above her head. "Raise your head." Chu Qiao frowned and slowly straightened her body. Out of all places, she had met her enemies here. Her luck today was really bad.

Her face was as smooth as jade under the reflection of the snow. Her eyes were as black as ink, and her figure was slender. Even though she was skinny, she was very independent and calm. She was still young and her body was not fully grown, but she had a very cold aura around her.

The man's eyes narrowed slowly as his right hand clenched unconsciously. The red sun shone on them, giving the snow a red glow. His middle, ring, and little finger were broken and had golden buckles to cover them up.

"Hit her." A deep voice suddenly echoed in the wind. The guards on both sides, who already started gearing up, immediately came around. A strong looking man stepped up and raised his large hands to slap her harshly.

Bang. His hand was about to hit her face when she suddenly cut in and grabbed him. Chu Qiao raised her head and said, with no expression on her face, "Master Wei, you ordered your servants to hurt me, shouldn't you give me a reason as to why you do this?"

"Reason?" Wei Jing's mouth turned into a smile as he replied, "My reason is that you, a mere slave, dare to disagree with my words."

"Master Wei, if your memory is good, then you should remember that your majesty took away my slave identity and granted me the position of an archery coach at The Dauntless Cavalry Camp. You and I are now on the same level and should work together to serve our empire of Xia. I knelt to show you my respect as courtesy for an aristocrat. Otherwise, given your current position, you do not deserve my kneeling. Afterall, you were just removed from the office and became a common civilian. Do you still dare to walk around Sheng Jin palace so arrogantly?"

Chu Qiao's expression was cold as she pushed the hand away and got up. She brushed her knee gently and said, "I still have things to do, I shall take my leave first."

"How dare you!" Wei Jing screamed and then said calmly, "I will kill you today. Let's see who dares to help you! Get her!" Just as he finished his sentence, four fighters charged forward and aimed at Chu Qiao's head!

Chu Qiao never knew Wei Jing was so bold. Besides carrying a weapon in Sheng Jin palace, he even dared to start a fight. However, since time waits for no one, she had no time to think. Without any fancy moves, only the sound of bones cracking could be heard. In no time, the guard who charged at her had many bone fractures and was screaming out in pain.

Chu Qiao dodged his long sword and kicked backwards, hitting a guard's chest as if she had eyes in the back of her head. The guard let out a cry as blood spurted out of his mouth, and he staggered backwards.

She extended both of her arms like lightning, one grabbing a guard's wrist, another holding onto a knife. She used ninjlike skills to stab him accurately and relentlessly. Before they even felt the pain, they fell to the ground. Everything happened in a flash. The four skilled guards were all defeated, injured and no longer able to continue fighting.

The winds blew hard as Chu Qiao stood in the middle of the four men lying on the ground. She looked calm, standing tall and covered in a long fur coat of. She gave off a very cold and energetic aura, as if she hadn't moved a single finger from the start. She coldly stared at Wei Jing, whose face was filled with resentment, and said mildly, "Move out of the way."

Wei Jing's face became pale as he thought about his hatred for her for cutting off his fingers, and he lost his cool. "Kill her!" he shouted with a low voice, sounding like a ghost in hell.

The cold wind blew through the doorway and across the hallway between the two high walls, resulting a huge mound of snow. More than ten guards marched forward and squatted in front of Wei Jing with one knee on the floor. With one arm in the back, all of them took out the arrow from their back and presented it to him!

Chu Qiao's brow furrowed as she carefully stepped back. Wei Jing dared to carry a crossbow into the palace, what did it mean? After the Qi and Zhao family got more power, did the Wei family also extend their power, or did he get a special exception and was allowed to carry weapons into the palace?

Before she could even finish processing her own thoughts, a bunch of arrows flew towards her. Due to close range archery, the arrows were as powerful as thunder and shot through the cold air towards Chu Qiao!

Chu Qiao dived on the ground and rolled in front of the guard, whose bones she had cracked earlier, and grabbed him by his collar. Only popping sounds could be heard as blood splattered everywhere. By the time he was going to start screaming, he was already being used as a shield. In no time he was covered with arrows and fell to the ground.

Chu Qiao used the chance to kick his body forcefully, sending his body flying into the row of archers, breaking their formation. Chu Qiao took the opportunity to fight them with lightning speed. She grabbed onto the head of a big guard, twisted her arm, and pulled out a bunch of his hair!

All those who were watching were stunned. Looking at how cruelly their partners were being killed caused them to be too scared to even attack. Chu Qiao's expressionless and cold face was like a dark monster's. Wherever she went, she would cause a mess. She was very accurate; every move would harm the enemy.

Until this moment, the people all understood that "one man guards the pass, but ten thousand cannot get through." However, it was only a thin and fragile looking girl standing in front of them.

The guards' shots started to become weaker as their faces turned pale. Chu Qiao's professional fighting skills and antagonistic persona caused these guards to become frightened.

In an instant, Chu Qiao had killed all of them. Wei Jing's eyes had a hint of panic as he hurriedly grabbed the sword at his waist. However, within the next second, Chu Qiao had already kicked away the remaining two guards in front of him and was about to grab him.

Chu Qiao's hands looked scarier than knives at that point. Carrying the burden to protect their master, two guards swiftly took their swords and started attacking Chu Qiao.

Her speed was incredible! Chu Qiao jumped up into the air, extended her leg, and mercilessly kicked a guard's neck.

Taking advantage of this situation, Wei Jing quickly retreated behind two guards. When Chu Qiao turned around, he would be much farther away. No matter how fast Chu Qiao was, her arm would not be long enough to reach him.

Fast-paced footsteps approached in the distance. It was no doubt that the fight had been heard by the people in the palace. Wei Jing, who was originally arrogant and determined to kill Chu Qiao, secretly filled with glee. Then, a shadow appeared as a black figure leapt into the air. Wei Jing felt something cold on his neck, as a black and white sword stopped at his throat!

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