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Chapter 4 Part 2

The wolf screamed and fell to the ground, but the tragedy in the paddock continues. The rest of the wolves chase the backs of the other girls. Everywhere you looked there were torn bodies and broken broken limbs. You had to have sufficient ears to listen to all the heart wrenching screams and cries. Jing Yue trembling stood up. Her eyes wide open in shock, like being petrified. The clothes on her small body was tattered, hair scattered, face pale, and she was covered inblood.With the cold air encircling her she seemed so very small, small like weak grass.

Whoosh, a sharp arrows suddenly shot by her head. Jing Yue nimbly jumped back, escaping the fatal blow, but the small strength was weak and bow still hit her calf, blood started to flow down.

Prince Jing Xiao smiles and continued to nock is arrow, shooting once again.

Zhao Che brow twitch. He coldly snorted, as he shot an arrow to cut off Prince Jing’s.

The wolves started to gather around Jing Yue er, as the stench of blood raided their senses. She wanted to examine her injured calf but did not have enough time, she spun around and ran towards the direction of Zhao Che.

This person had saved her twice, so with that reason she chose to go rapidly go towards the most advantageous direction.

However, just as she stepped forward two steps, a sharp arrow suddenly shot, mercilessly before her feet. The child gawked for a moment, stopped, and then looked up, frowning. Puzzled, she red robed youth riding a black horse.

Zhao Che gave a look of contempt at Leng Heng before sweeping his eyes over her, then shooting at another child in a vest that was running. She was only five or six years old. She screamed then soon fell to the ground. Behind were the words Yan, incarnadined by blood. She was quickly torn apart by the wolves that already there as she fell.

Time went by very quickly but also very slowly. Suddenly, with Jing Yue’s mouth tightened,  she quickly turned away. Her speed was extremely fast. Her injured leg did not affect her body’s flexibility, as wolf chased her from behind. She fiercely rush forward, trying to find any opportunity to escape.

The corner of the paddock stood a pile of sticks and horse hay. The child picked up a stick, and began to heavily bang on the wolf’s waist numerous of times.

The wolf howled, staggering to the side, apparently seriously injured.

“Come! All of you come over here!” The child screamed, squatting down to pick up two stones. Smashing them together she quickly made a fire on the end of the stick. With the stick lit, she held the torch and ran over at full speed to disperse the wolves that were attacking the children, shouting, “Come over here!”

The young children were crying as they gathered around Jing Yue. All  of them were injured. They were injured by wolf bites, but even more were injured by arrows. There was already less than 20 children left.

The wolves feared the fire though. Seeing Jing with the children, they hesitated,  not daring to approach. They had been hungry for a long time, so they turned around and returned to the dead corpse in the field. Wantonly swallowing them all.

Zhuge Huai narrow his eyes slightly, whispering to himself “Useless animals.” He started shooting at the wolves.

Arrows rained down as the wolves were immediately attacked. After bursts of bloody howls, not one wolf was left alive.

The  surviving children were overjoyed. Regardless of the pain covering their bodies, all of them leapt in joy. They survived a disaster, so they cheered loudly.

However, before the cheers could leave their throats, another wave of arrows came down. Shooting their little bodies. The heavenly nobles had no mercy. They were ruthless, and kept seizing the children’s lives.

A sharp arrow came swifly,  piercing a child’s head from the right eye all the way to  the back of the head. Firmly stopping right before Jing Yue’s nose. White and shiny brain fluid splashed her face.  Her mouth was opened in shock and her hand still held that burning sticks, unable to move. The children cries echoed in her ears, all of it was like a nightmare.

The arrow raid started to slow down, as Prince Jing Xiao and Mu Yun smiled together. Notching their arrows, they aimed at the girl and violently shot at her.

This caused  Zhao Che to frown, urging his horse forward. Reaching for his arrows, he realized that there was only one remaining. He snaps off the arrow’s feather then takes aim with his bow. His beautiful technique penetrates the arrows aimed at the girl. He had not intention of sparing Prince Jing’s face.

Zhuge Huai laughed, exclaiming, “Good shooting method!”

The voices started to fall. All of the pitiful yells became still. In the paddock blood filled the air, and the snow was died red. The only child remaining in that scarlet field was Jing Yue. Her hair in disarray, straw sticking out everywhere, clothes stained with blood. Her face was even more pale, leaning on a wooden stick standing in her original place.She looked stunned and scared silly.

“Seventh brother is very powerful. I have no arrows, and today it seems to be the seventh brother’s victory.” said Zhao Jue.

Prince Jing Xiao nip his brows, looking Zhao Jue in the eye, looked at Mu Yun, then finally turned his head to look at Zhuge.

“I have no more arrows.” Zhuge said cheerfully with smile.

“Yan Shi child is not there yet and the time limit has not arrived. The winner is still unknown.”

Mu Yun suddenly said, all eyes turned to look at Yan Xun. Zhao Che coldly look at Yan Xun, but he wasn’t bitter, “Yan Shizi always gives us unexpected pleasantly surprises.”, Zhao Che said curtly.

The stick incense was only half gone, but all of the arrows have been shot. Only Yan Xun’s Arrow pot still had feather arrows.

Yan Xun sat on his horse, although only 13-year-old, he still sat with his back straight and tall. With his straight eyebrows slanting upwards, nose tall like Gao Ting, sharp eyes, wearing a deep purple dress, his outstanding and handsome appearance was all the more obvious. He looked indifferent, as he slowly made his way to the child still in the middle of the paddock. Drawing his arrow.

The wind whistled, tussling the child’s clothes and messing her hair. She was very young, but appeared even young. Maybe six or seven years old due to malnutrition. Thin, like a newly hatched coyote. Her arm , neck, and calf were all full of scars. A shoulder injury that was almost close to the heart vein. She stood in the middle of a messy field, arms, limbs, and bloody corpses were everywhere. The atmosphere, the cruel force like a desperate cry, tearing the child’s fragile eyeball.

In a flash a bloodthirsty arrow was aimed at the child’s throat. The youth sitting on horseback, had sharp eyes and eyebrows locked. Aiming at the blue veins, he slowly pull the full bow.

She had to avoid the unavoidable. Chaotic thoughts roared from her mind. So many questions and doubts all collapsed in the face of the sudden slaughter. She slowly raised her head. Loathing, with cold hatred and disgust, she coldly looked at the boy facing her. There was no fear, not even the slightest bit.

That day, was the fourth day of the first month. Year 466. The people of the  city had just celebrated their New Year. It was outside the city, in the imperial hunting ground, that they met for the first time.

Through time and space. Throughout history, these two sould should not have originally met. But through some strobe they were placed on the same platform.

Yan Xun brow relaxed as one finger loosened on his bow. He lightly released his arrow.

The  long arrows flew in the cold wind, whizzing through the air. Heading straight for the child standing in same place.

Shua. The arrow hit the child’s neck instantly, drawing out blood. The child shook and took two slightly staggered steps, but was still actually standing in the same spot.

“Haha! Congratulations Brother!” Zhao Jue loudly laughed.

Zhao Che contemptuous looked at Yan Xun and sneered, “Yan Shi is immersed in dance and poetry all day long. I fear that was how Zhao’s ancestors had forgotten how to use the arrow.

Yan Xun put down his longbow, turned around and said lightly: “How theancestor of Zhao uses arrows, the descendants of Zhao record it well. I, Yan Shi, truly does not dare to overstep authority and get involved in another‘s affairs.“

Zhuge Huai laughed, “Then, today‘s good luck was turned over to Seventh Highness, and I have to set a banquet at my hom. Let’s drink a cup of diluted wine together.”

Everyone promised from the start. Todays events was just an ordinary game, as usual.

The wind howled, flapping their big fur garments. On the spacious snowy field, the breeze continued fluctuate. Yan Xun turned back to see that the bloodstained child was still standing in the middle of the field far away. Deep eyes looking toward them…..for a long time, motionless. *********

TN: This part was easy and hard. There was a lot of repeats of the same scene. I tried my best to make it not annoying. I will probably re-edit this. Sorry for the delay. See you guys Monday.

P.S. I could use an editor too. I am pretty much a one man team at this point. Some of my members help, but I would like a dedicated exclusive helper. Email me if interested.

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