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Chapter 2 Rain

20 minutes after midnight, Chu Qiao closed the bathroom door. She walked over to the sink to wash her hands.

The Prison was completely silent without any sound. At this time, the day’s fatigue was at its peak. Even for those highly trained special forces, alertness slightly decreased. Picking up a towel, Chu Qiao slowly dried her hands, while carefully checking her pulse; calculating the time.

Ten, nine, eight, … … Five, four … …

Zero. Chu Qiao calmly turned and walked towards the bed.

Suddenly a muffled bang resounded. Water suddenly burst everywhere from the ruptured water pipes. Subtle flames covered the pipeline. It did not touch Chu Qiao’s body, because she was not close enough to be hit by the spray.

Outside the prison guards were startled. They saw a water pipe explode. They didn’t know if the prisoner was dead or alive. Suddenly panicked, the two guards quickly pressed the switch password to open the cell. With a submachine gun in one hand and holding an intercom in the other, they rushed inside. However, a short blast damaged the signal transmission for five seconds. The only thing the main station could hear was rustling unclear signal.

Opportunity must not be lost because time won‘t come again. When the twoprison guards ran up to the bathroom to examine the explosion, Chu Qiao once closed eyes had suddenly opened with a glint. Her body instantaneously moved like civet cat, almost immediately arriving at the prison door. The two guards were shocked, however, before they could shout, all they heard was the bang of the prison door shutting tightly. 

Chu Qiao looked at the two furious men inside, as she quickly approached the control room. The video footage from one hour before was quickly extracted and cut. After removing the evidence, she dragged a chair to reach a pinhole camera located outside the prison, then she disconnected the signal, turned the camera to the open space and loaded the edited footage. After doing that, she plugged back the camera, connecting it to the control room’s intercom.

Just in time too. After 5 seconds, the blasted area started to self repair. The water leaks were quickly bonded. The prison cell was closed tight, and the two guards yells were as loud as mosquitoes. They were unable to penetrate the closed cage whether through sound or action.The monitors returned to normal, only the overall picture that was shown was of an image from an hour ago. A guilty woman sitting in bed quietly, while the guards patrolled back and forth outside. Everything was so peaceful and quite.

Chu Qiao looked sharply at her surroundings. To examine the security.

Back in the control room, she opened the guard’s storage reserves. Taking off her wet clothes, she put on the fourth prison guards clothes. After putting on a hat, she picked up a HK pistol fitted with a silencer and attached it to her waist. Afterwards, she turned and walked out.

The two prison guards were still daring to open the cell. It was not a move of recklessness, but determination.

The fourth prison near the capital, was geographically isolated and secretive. The prisoners there we-re felons to be heard in the National High-Level Military Court. Their importance was selfevident. Each cell had a tight defense to the point of being nitpicked. Each cell was stand-alone, equipped with high-end weapons, and a powerful monitory system mixed with personnel. Inside and outside each prison building were three of the country’s special servicemen guards, divided by two front doors. Just like the Chu Qiao’s quarters, as long as there was an open password, you can open it. But, outside the prison gates, it needs the last person’s fingerprints on the lock to be opened. 

The three people that were taking care of her, used a rotation system, but now two of them were inside her cell. Chu Qiao was holding onto her prepared fingerprint film, docking the scanner. Soon afterwards came a click, and she blatantly walked out of the front door in their standard uniform, under the glare of the two prison guards.

After going out, there was a long corridor. She was in the fourth floor underground prison, so to accomplish her goal there was still quite a long way to go. The surveillance video would only last for an hour, she had to hurry.

There were four detained prisoners waiting for the National High-Ranking court for martial ruling. Three of the major fugitives were in the fourth floor where the office of the prison officials were. The fourth prisoner was on the second floor, where he was receiving foreign guest. The purpose of Chu Qiao’s trip was there.

After about two minutes of leaving the prison area, she reached the external end of the corridor. There was an emergency unit of 40 men armed with heavy machine guns and were advanced fighters. The fourth prison had no air conditioning ducts or empty pipes. The only way out was the corridor. To escape one could only dig a hole in the concrete then run away. Wanting to escaped unharmed? A near-zero probability.

The soldier who guarded the entrance saw Chu Qiao’s new face, and immediately became anxious. The soldier raised his dark weapon, shouted,” Stop!, Who are you? Password!”

Chu Qiao looked straight ahead and walked over with her back straight, holding a stack of thick papers. As she walked over she spoke with a deep voice, “I am the Judge Advocate Colonel Liu Siwei, presents No. 12658 file command to enter thefourth prison building to find out an about the arms smuggling case. I have important files to be conveyed to Lieutenant Colonel Tan Zongming . Please get me connected to him.”

The soldier looked at her in surprise, then immediately frowned in doubt, saying, “Report to Senior Official. Lieutenant Colonel Tan Zongming is not on duty tonight,his line is the personal security line. Please show your credentials.“

“Military law states that one never needs to show papers at the fourth prison. Icome to assist and handle a case at the invitation of fourthprison warden LiYuchang. Three days ago, I was told in the in the prison’s Pavilion hall by Colonel Lu Fanghao personally, don‘t you know?“Chu Qiaofrowned, slanting her eyes to take a look at the soldier that was guarding up and down. 

“Which army are you in? Not being familiar with the military code. Tell me yourserial number and army code.“said Chu Qiao 

Hearing these words, the guarding soldiers were surprised. Who else in the armed forces with that rank was so bright? This person had a style with uncommon speech. They also had a connection with Lieutenant Colonel Tan Li Yuchang, suddenly a feeling of a trace of awe. The soldier replied, “Sir, my number is 0475 belonging to VIII 309 571 Brigade task group in the South, not under preparation of the regular army. We adjust standing over two days ago, so I do not know whether you are personally sent to prison by the Lu Fanghao Colonel or not. ”

Chu Qiao stretched her brow gently, then nodded, saying, “Are you from the south of the eighth armed forces? Is your Deputy Army CommanderLiu good? You were brought in by him, right? He went to Beijing on some business and told you to stay here for a while, right?”

The soldier immediately became awestruck, and his tone became different, “Sir Reporting, Commander Liu is well. Our Group is sent to the forth prison, we will not return to the South. ”

 “Oh,” Chu Qiao nodded, “I am also of the eighth army origin, who worked in the Eighth Army Intelligence Procuratorate. We are still talking comrades. When you see your commanders, tell them I said hello. Good, now I have important mattersin these documents. I need you to transmit them, in duplicates. Then inform ChiefZhang and secretarial office of Commander Hua, that as early as 6:00 am ColonelLiu Siwei will  visit.“

Having said that, she turned and walked toward the front.

The soldiers were stunned in place, holding a lot of top-marked files, their hands felt weak.

Zhang chief of staff …… Commander …….

Going back to the fourth floor Chu Qiao put back the wet clothes. She leaned against the wall, started to breath slowly, and then raised her hand to check her wrist. Ten minutes have passed, time was running out. She took a deep breath, stood upright. Time to move on.

Through the fingerprint decoder, the infrred scanners, the retina docking clock speed, through layers of search and surveillance, she finally came to the second floor for foreign guests. Looking at the military ornament hanging on the wall, Chu Qiao’s mouth gently pulled up.

Very good, every grievance has a head. She finally found the main debtor.

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