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The young master in the golden robe raised the curtains and sat on the big bed. Leaning back, he looked at the lady who was still kneeling on the ground. Calmly, he asked, "Still not coming over?"

The lady obliged with a hum, and made her way towards the man, head lowered and kneeling. She reached out her fair hands and put one of the man's legs on the supporting stand, removing his boots gently.

Suddenly, with a thud, the master kicked the lady's shoulder. Although he did not use much force, he managed to kick her hand away. The lady froze, trembling. She knelt on the ground, not daring to look up.

The master sat on the bed and looked at the lady, frowning. His expression was solemn and seemed to carry a tinge of anger, a tinge of disappointment, and an even more implicit hint of relief. There was no need to look anymore. The man raised his head slowly and stared at the roof.

He had worried too much. If it was her, how could she be captured so easily by others? Even if she was injured, she would have escaped. How would she be serving another person with such respect?

As for that female assassin earlier on, that last sound, and that agile exponent… At this instant, he was eighty percent sure of that person's identity!

Thinking of this, he felt frustrated. Had the rain caused him to become dumb? Even so, he did not order his able subordinates and the residence guards to apprehend the assassin. For a moment, he was not able to understand his real intentions. Was he afraid of inviting more trouble? Was it because he was still 20 percent uncertain? Or was it that he did not wish for her to be captured by others?

He did not think any further. He stood up and took big strides towards the pool behind the screen, undressing himself and throwing his robe on the ground. He wore a white robe on the inside, his hair scattered behind his back. His face was white, his lips were red, and he gave off a charming look, radiating a handsome aura.

It was just a woman after all!

He thought to himself, I only want to get back what belonged to me.

Under the flickering lights, the master removed his inner robe, revealing his athletic shoulders. He walked towards another room behind the screen and opened the door. The steam surged out from the other room, making the ambience even more intimate.

Chu Qiao's head was lowered, not daring to look the man in the eye. Yes, this woman in the red robe was Chu Qiao. The guards from the residence had just assembled outside the room. She was fully aware that she would not be able to break out of the room alive even if she had an AK607 submachine gun.

Driven to desperation, she could only resort to disguising herself as the woman originally inside the room by putting on her outfit. She had prevailed in her gamble, managing to deceive Tian Chengshou. Additionally, the well-skilled man in front of her evidently had no interest in her.

Chu Qiao smiled, feeling proud of herself. She hoped that the man, who had repeatedly ruined her plans, was not after lust. She hoped that she would be chased out of the room by the man after a lecture, so that she would be able to walk out openly.

"You, come over." Tragedy struck. As Chu Qiao was laughing to herself, a low voice echoed out from the other room. "Help me rub my back."

Chu Qiao's expression become complex. Frowning, she considered whether to sneak into the room and finish him off with one swift stab. However, what the man uttered after that calmed her nerves down.

"You can leave after that."

The lesser troubles, the better. Chu Qiao joyfully stood up and walked into the room with the humility and grace of a slave.

As she opened the door of the steam room, a gush of warm air welcomed her. White steam was everywhere, making it hard for her eyes to remain open, and to breathe. Chu Qiao frowned. As she prepared to enter the room, the man said in a low voice, "Remove your shoes."

Chu Qiao felt a feeling of warmth from under her feet. Her shoes had been drenched. She hurriedly retracted her legs and removed her shoes, entering the room barefooted.

The steam room was big—bigger than the bedroom outside. From outside, no one would have imagined such a big room was hidden behind the screen. In the center of the steam room, there was a hot spring comparable to a swimming pool. The three walls around the spring were flanked by four statues of beautiful women, carved out of white jade. They were half naked and in seductive poses. The hot water flowed out behind the twelve statues into the pool, following the flow of water towards all corners of the room, and finally out of the steam room through the drainage system.

Chu Qiao predicted that if the water was warmed manually, it was hard to maintain this process. Additionally, the water temperature was high. Given the current technological advancements of this time, the water would have cooled down even before entering the room. Where was all the steam coming from? Evidently, this residence was built above an underground hot spring. Whether it was a natural hot spring or a man-made one was unknown.

A few lights were placed at the four corners of the steam room, adding to the intimate mood. Carvings could be seen on the walls of the steam room. Upon taking a closer look, Chu Qiao realised that the carvings were that of seductive naked demonesses. Their private parts were tactfully covered up by their poses.

Chu Qiao's face turned red, probably due to the high temperatures in the room or for some other reason. She lowered her head, not daring to take another look. There was a platform high up on the upper side of the pool. Under the platform, a fire burned brightly, warming the platform itself. A mat made of bear skin lay on the platform. Some fruits, wine, and meat were placed beside the mat. Chu Qiao took one look and realized what the setup was for. With this fire, the mat would not be wet even though the room was humid. This way, it was convenient for the men to engage in their sexual escapades with the female slaves after they had showered.

"Are you dead?" a low voice drifted towards Chu Qiao.

Chu Qiao rolled her eyes coldly. Rub your back? I'll rub your skin off! Subsequently, she strode into the room. As she approached the pool, the steam became denser. Her visibility decreased to the point that she could no longer see her fingers in front of her.

Chu Qiao inched forward, feeling her way using her feet. There was mist everywhere, causing her to lose her sense of orientation. She was not sure if she had approached the side of the pool. With a splash, she lost her balance, slipped and fell into the pool. She could have stabilized herself given her skills, but considering that a well-skilled opponent was in the pool, she had no choice but to fall flat into the pool.

At this moment, a long hand reached out and grabbed Chu Qiao's waist. With some force and two pushes, he made Chu Qiao kneel by the side of the pool.

"I only told you to rub my back. Don't be so nosy." The low voice echoed out in the misty steam room. The voice carried a slight tone of apathy and disdain. Evidently, he was aware that Chu Qiao's actions had been disguised.

Chu Qiao took a deep breath, suppressing the feelings of anger inside her. She knelt by the side of the pool, looking around, but was unable to spot the towel used for rubbing the man's back. Sweat trickled down her forehead, causing her to frown.

With the sound of the water, Chu Qiao could feel that the man had turned back to look at her even though she could not see him. Under the mist, she could feel his sharp, impatient look.

She had spoken to him at the end of their battle. In order to conceal her identity, she changed her voice. With a gentle and sharp tone, she said, "Master, shall I give you a massage first instead?"

The man in front remained silent and turned back, indicating his approval.

Chu Qiao rolled up her sleeves and reached out her fair hands to give him a massage. As a distinguished agent, she was required to assume different identities in different environments perfectly. This was especially true for female agents, where they had to make sexual sacrifices sometimes, in order to finish their missions. As for her massage skills, she had been professionally trained back in modern times. They were still there even though she had not used them for many years. Swiftly, her professional massage techniques won the man's satisfaction. Chu Qiao knew that the man had calmed down as his muscles started to relax.

Although she could not see his face, she had to admit that the man's figure was good. Not just good, but unbelievably good. He was muscular, but not like that of a martial arts exponent. His lines were well-defined, neither too big nor too small. It showed that he was civilized yet masculine.

Chu Qiao scooped up the warm water by the side and rinsed the man's back. The water trickled down the man's back muscles and back into the pool. Her fingers nipped at the man's back with adequate force. She was able to identify the correct acupoints, showcasing her professionalism. The man slowly took a deep breath and arched his head back, almost intending to lean on Chu Qiao's thigh and fall asleep.

Chu Qiao frowned, feeling helpless. Deep inside, she knew that the man was well-skilled. Even if she fought to the end, it was not guaranteed that she could escape. Even if she was able to kill him, it would be hard to break out of the room with all the guards outside. Suppressing her anger yet again, she pressed on the man's shoulder and slowly massaged it. After a short while, she was drenched with sweat. She actually felt more tired as compared to engaging in a round of combat.

Plop! A drop of sweat dripped from her forehead onto the man's nose. The young master did not bat an eyelid, and said plainly, "Remove your clothes."

"Ah?" Chu Qiao was stunned, but snapped out of her trance quickly. Steadying her emotions, she replied hurriedly, "Master, what are you trying to do?"

"You must be dying to know what I'm going to do to you," the master said with a laugh, his voice carrying a slight tone of ridicule. "Too bad that I'm not interested in that now. I have not seen anyone remain dressed in a steam room. I'm just reminding you out of goodwill, lest you burn to death."

"Thank you for the kind gesture, Master. I'm not hot."

Although the man knew she was lying, thinking of what Tian Chengshou said, the man did not care. He remained silent. After all, she was still a virgin. Although she had a few tricks up her sleeve, she was not as thick-skinned.

Chu Qiao's expression was hostile. The mist was dense, hence she did not have to pretend anymore. The man was overbearing. Thinking about how the man had touched her back on the roof of the cloister, she smiled coldly. With a raise of her eyebrows, she thought of a plan. Her fingers traced the outline of his shoulder, making their way down. With the intention to tease him, she brushed her fingers lightly across the man's shoulder, neck, and his chest muscles, drawing circles.

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