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"There is one person over there, shouldn't you only bring another five here?"

Pointing to Andal who was pushed away by Riley, Abyss, with his head tilted to one side, asked.

"In this case, there would be seven people?"

Unlike what was expected, when Abyss found that Riley brought one more person, he scratched his hair and asked Riley.

"Is it necessary to limit to six people?"

"How can you say that it is unnecessary?"

Hearing Riley's words, Abyss squinted his eyes, thinking that he needed to give a more detailed explanation. Then he said.

"I mean with your ability, I don’t think there will be any problems if you bring more people. I just thought it would be better to bring one more person at that time, so I did it."

"…Oh, I see."

Abyss thought Riley's words were very funny, so he laughed. Then he cleared his throat and then asked in a whisper.

"Are you going to use the trump card?"

Will the seventh person be chosen as the potential card? When Abyss asked if Riley was going to arrange the seventh person this way, Riley nodded immediately.


After glancing at Riley who was nodding, Abyss asked while observing the six people who were looking over there..

"So, those six people…Stop kidding me."







And Andal.

"There are a total of seven people including the dragon’s child. Who would you choose to be the potential card?"

When Abyss asked him who he was going to choose among the fixed "7 parts", Riley turned his head and stared at the six people he brought, which seemed to indicate that he would not choose Andal.

"Guess who it is."

Riley asked a question in reply. Hearing his words, Abyss started to stimulate Riley with words again.

"Sure enough, you can’t win."

Riley looked at Abyss and sneered at him, then turned to Andal, who had just been pushed away.


"Ah? Oh! Are we leaving now?"

Riley muttered secretly. Compared to being anger and questioning why there was something concealed, Andal's attitude was really much better now.

"Before departure, let's visit your cave first."

"Ah? What's wrong with my cave?"

"Haven’t Abyss told you? We have to prepare what we need to bring before we leave."

Hearing Riley's words, Andal's eyes, which were gleaming just now, suddenly lost their light and cooled down.

"Do you want to steal my treasures?"

"No, what are you talking about?"

Replied Riley, who was reluctant to show weakness.

"Even if you are in the bar where you work, if you give me a glass of wine, wouldn't you also charge money? It's no different from that."


"Although you can go to a place by teleport, but people in that world don't use magic, and you have to buy a ticket if you want to travel."

"Buy…a ticket?"

"You can't go to that world without my help… So if you want to go, you should pay me money."

Riley said that some items in the cave could pay for the ticket, and Andal had to use mana to open the portal to his cave.

"Why I've got a feeling that you are cheating me…"

"Did I say I want everything in the cave?"

Andal opened the portal to his cave and signaled Riley that it was all ready. Riley turned his head to the six people who were waiting for him and said.

"You stay here and chat for a while."

Riley said that he would go to the cave for a while and come back soon. Then he passed Andal's portal and disappeared with Andal. The six people who stayed on the spot swallowed and began to look around.

"Wh..what should we do?"

“Since he asks us to chat, then…”

"Shall we make some tea?"

The six people had been shocked about the fact that the red-haired man who disappeared with Riley was Andal. They hadn't recovered yet and kept confusing expression.

"…Are you the six people that came with Riley?"

When the six people, including Nainiae, stood there in a daze, the teenager, Abyss, who looked at them with his hands behind his back, walked leisurely and glanced at the faces of the six people.

"The potential card…"

Although Abyss desired to continue the conversation, he wanted to know who was the person Riley has just referred to as the "potential card".

"Excuse me, who are you?"

Sera wanted to ask the boy who looked much younger than Iril.

"…Miss Sera, please step back."

Nainiae raised his right arm to stop her. Asking the other five stand behind him, Nainiae started to stare at Abyss.

"This person is dangerous."

Looking at Nainiae, who said the young man was a "dangerous person", the five people standing behind him became serious and all stared at Abyss.

"It seems you are right."

Being stared at by the six people, Abyss glanced around with a smile and continued.

"Although I am not the kind of dangerous person you need to worry about… but whether it is the sea or the mountain stream, warm-up activity is necessary before entering the water."

While stretching and relaxing, Abyss said that before doing something dangerous, warm-up was necessary in order to avoid serious injuries.

"You can regard this as a warm-up activity before departure."

"What is it…"

Nainiae frowned and muttered to herself.

"I'm not the same as Riley, and I would never say 'too troublesome, so that’s it.'"

Abyss slowly lifted his right foot.

"But, in consideration of the relationship with old friends…"

His right foot slammed on the ground, and the ground began to sway and creaked as if there was an earthquake.

"…I'll be gentle."

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