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“I won’t get married to that abominable witch. The one I love is only Emerald!”

A strong voice resounds in the cathedral.

The Prince of this country – Rain Mistria is glaring at me while holding the maiden at his side. She’s a graceful girl with fluffy mint-green colored hair.

I give a slight smile despite having my face covered by a pure white veil.

To be betrayed by the groom just before the wedding ceremony…

Geez, it’s not even funny. Looks like even if the story doesn’t progress like the “original work”, this scene still doesn’t change.

I knew that there was no love. That goes for both of us.
This marriage itself was decided by our parents without consulting us. It was decided even before we were born.
Today is the first day we’ve met.
We’ve exchanged letters several times a year but it was just a pile of "template" sentences, leaving a pretty dull taste. Not to mention, this year replies stopped coming and I too wasn’t feeling like holding up my pen to write.

Because such thing happened, I did think that it wouldn’t be surprising if Prince Rain had somebody towards whom he felt affection. But when I turned 16, a messenger came and left a letter with the emblem of the royal family. It had the date of the wedding ceremony, preparation fee and the confirmation of the size of the dress.

Even if there is no love, Prince has the will to marry.
Then, I have to respond to that.
I’ve judged so.

But the result is like this.
Just too miserable.

Getting called from countryside to the kingdom, changing clothes, applying make-up without even greeting the Royal family first and gracefully entering the Cathedral. And as soon we meet face to face, getting the marriage rejected by the groom…

No matter how you look at it, this is a horrible situation. I think that I’m fully allowed to get mad, but what do you think?

The Cathedral returns to silence.
The gathered Nobles were stiffened up, as if struck by lightning. It’s not unreasonable.

They probably couldn’t even dream that Prince would do something so reckless at the  marriage ceremony.

“Wh…do you even understand what you are saying, Your Highness?”

—The one who came back to his senses first was the Prime Minister – the one in charge of the ceremony.

“The marriage between you and Sonisama is the proof of oath that the King and the Witch of Salvation, Alonia Carnelian-sama have exchanged!”

That was 20 years ago.
Group of witches led by the Green Witch Jebera, attacked the capital of Mistria.
Knights serving the country fell one by one, without even being able to do anything against Jebera’s magic.
And she, who took the head of the previous King and stole the throne, loudly declared:

“From now on Mistria is the kingdom of witches. Nobody will be allowed to harm us.”

Just when the capital was taken over by the witches and it was thought that the history of Mistria would end, a young witch betrayed her comrades and killed Jebera.
That person was the Witch of  Salvation Alonia Carnelian – my mother.
By the way, my mother was Jebera’s youngest disciple, but it seems like her talent was magic was one head above others. Other witches immediately submitted to her.

With the condition that mother would return the throne to Royal family, she requested a peace treaty to be signed between the kingdom of Mistria and the witches. And as a proof of legitimacy, marriage was decided between the children that were to be born eventually.
That’s me – Sonia Carnelian and Prince Rain.

I certainly heard that there were many voices of disapproval about welcoming witch as Prince’s legal wife. They must be opposing the idea of mixing witch’s blood in the blood of Royal family.

But mother is the savior of Mistria.
Not to mention Aronia's name has become the synonym for good witch and her popularity with the common people is also high to the point that after her death 2 years ago, all citizens of the kingdom mourned and even now, her grave is still overflowing with red flowers.

The marriage between the prince who is the leader of the next generation and the daughter of the deceased savior should’ve been blessed by the majority of the people.
More than anything, with me marrying into the royal family, many witches will become the allies of the Kingdom of Mistria. For now the relationship with the neighboring country seems to be good, but nobody knows what will happen in few years. People will probably feel more secure if I’m near the center of the kingdom.
While passing the streets, I caught a glimpse of many people gathered in the capital celebrating our marriage like a festival.

…… This place too, has become a festival in a sense.

“Prince, please reconsider! By welcoming Sonisama in, our future will be stable!”
“Who is that girl ?! How can a prince of the nation have an affair?!”
“This is a serious matter! If you’re going to withdraw your remark, please do it quickly!”

The Officials got terrible disturbed and started complaining to Prince Rain.
No, I think that it’s already impossible.
Showing this kind of shameful behavior before the important people of other countries…the situation most likely can’t be fixed no matter what is said.

Well, the reason this Prince rejected me is because he has a woman he loves. That’s why he’s being so bold.
He must be thinking that he has a legitimate reason.

As befitting of a person with a charisma of a royal, Prince Rain quickly made the noisy place get quiet in a moment just with his hand.
Nobody is able to tear off their gazes from his blue eyes.
Yup. I can’t help admitting that he’s the most beautiful man in the kingdom. The perfect appearance that everybody will fall in love with. It’s a bit regretful that he can’t become my husband.

Fufu, but that’s okay.
Because I’m aiming at something else.

After I shifted my gaze to look at my prey, I noticed that they were also looking at me.
Golden eyes smoldering with the fire of hatred.
With a hand on the sword at his waist, he’s as tense and concentrated as a thread tightened by a pin. If I make any strange movement he’ll probably close the distance in a flash and slash me.
…….Ah, how wonderful. After witnessing him in person, I’m starting to shiver from excitement.

Even if it’s from beneath the veil, staring so much isn’t very good. My plan will get discovered. For now let’s properly listen to the Prince’s words.

“As if I’d acknowledge an oath with the person that disgraces the kingdom! This marriage is a scheme devised by that damn Red Witch!”

The Prime Minister swallows his breath after hearing Prince’s words.

“Wh…what is the meaning of this? What in the world did Alonisama…”

“Alonia is the prime culprit who incited Jebera, her master, 20 years ago and made her attack this capital. Betraying her allies and killing her master was all part of her plan. Meaning that she became both the instigator of the attack and the one who put an end to it. We all have been deceived. This is a testimony from her multiple older sister disciples, so there can’t be a mistake.”

Apparently like this is called “Match-pump” in the other world.

“Wh-, why would she do such a thing?”

“It’s obvious. In order to become a savior and make her status in Mistria unshakable. Despite being a witch living in the shadow of the world, Alonia desired status and honor. To even kill her master for the sake of it, good grief, what a terrifying woman. She also wanted to get the Queen’s seat and rule the kingdom but that plot was uncovered by my father who managed to stop it…Isn’t that right, Your Majesty?”

The present King of Mistria, who was observing the situation from the back seat, did neither affirm nor deny. He’s watching his son with sharp eyes, mouth firmly closed.
….Such an awesome and wonderful person. To not show impatience or fear on his face in this kind of situation, he must have very hard guts.
I'm starting to feel more regretful about not becoming the King's daughter-in-law than not being able to marry the Prince.

However, Alonia didn't give up. By calling it the proof of the Peace Treaty, she engaged the two children that were yet to be born and tried to gain even more political power. Whether it was as a price for killing her Master or divine retribution, Alonia seems to have died of disease, but…Sonia Carnelian. Seeing that you appeared at this place without a care, you must’ve inherited your mothers will.”

When I slightly inclined my head, wrinkles appeared between the Prince’s eyebrows. When beauty gets angry, it’s definitely impressive.

“It doesn’t end with Alonia’s matter. The cruel mystery incidents happening within the Kingdom recently…the involvement of the witch is becoming more and more apparent. Between the the culprits that we’ve caught, there are those who claim that they did it on your orders. Just what on earth are you plotting?…”

You met Miss Emerald and fell in love with her while investigating those mystery accidents, right?
Isn’t that good? Congrats.
I was carefreely thinking of such things.

Besides Prince Rain, Miss Emerald was holding her breath while overlooking the situation.
Her eyes held conviction.

“Me and Rain-sama are absolutely right. The one before me is a bad witch” – She must’ve been thinking.

What a hateful child. Are you mistaking yourself for the heroine of the story?
Unfortunately for you, that might’ve been the case in “anime” in the other world, but in this world there isn’t a set protagonist.

“Answer me, the witch of greed! For what purpose have you appeared at this place?”

Finally I’ve been named.
Then, I must answer to the call. The audience seems to be expecting it too.

But I won’t act like the script dictates.
Today, I will fully change my destiny.

“…… Today I came only for the marriage under the agreement between King of Mistria and my mother Alonia. I have nothing to do with the crimes that Prince Rain seems to be accusing me of.”

I was satisfied for being able to produce the soothing voice I wanted.

I used mostly google translate for text so there most likely will be inaccuracies, beware.
Also I know jack shit about kana so if names are wrong, tell me and I’ll fix it asap

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