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Chapter 229

The former real Madam Ning, the Xie woman had been sent to the family temple and wouldn't come out to manage the clan affairs . Now there was only one Madam Ning, and the other was this unmarried Mo Qianxue .

The two concubines really regretted it . If they had only come up with the idea before Hanlei to disregard their face and take the slapping, the clan would absolutely accuse Mo Qianxue of various unvirtuous behaviors and cancel the marriage before the wedding .

At this time, Lan Ruomeng stepped in and ordered her nanny, “Nanny, I’m afraid Miss . Mo’s maids and the madams aren’t familiar with the garden . Why don't you walk them out?”

This Hundred Flower Garden was built by the ancestors of the Lan family, too big to get the way out without a guide . Lan Ruomeng’s real intention was to help Mo Qianxue, but on a solid excuse .

Afterwards, Lan Ruomeng seemed to remember something and added, “Nanny, take with you my mother’s name card . After you walk out the two madams, escort them with Miss . Mo female guard back to the Ning Mansion and explain everything clearly to Old Madam Ning . ”

Then, she turned to the ladies and explained, “Since this took place in my garden, the Lan family is responsible to clarity the fact . ”

Everyone had to admit that Lan Ruomeng was a master hand in an inner courtyard . In this way, the two madams couldn't find any reason to blame her .

She managed to read Mo Qianxue’s intention simply judging from the glance she gave her, while Mo Qianxue herself, as a party involved in this incident, couldn't let her maids do her justice .

If the Lan family came forward, there wouldn't be something unexpected on the way sending them back, and Old Madam Ning wouldn't suspect what a Lan said .

Led by Chuyi and that nanny, the two madams took their group of maids and stormed out .

Watching Chuyi and these people leaving, Mo Qianxue gave a smile . Old Madam, be prepared!

Then, she looked back at Feng Yuchen and felt relieved .

It seemed Feng Yuchen had really moved on . The stabbing for him was worthwhile!

Not only did Xue’s wish was fulfilled, she also obtained a sincere brother for herself .

Twice in the Jinluan Hall, Feng Yuchen had spoken for her regardless of everything . Mo Qianxue wasn't too stupid to know and was very grateful .

Madam Jing and Mei were gone, and Yuwen Hanlei, having made a fool of herself, snorted at Mo Qianxue, caught up with them and left the garden .

Seeing there was nothing interesting to watch, the crowd also walked away .

Those young lords who had said disrespectful things to Mo Qianxue were probably told of her identity, tremulous, and didn't dare to leave before they came over and apologized with a bow .

What they paid was an apology, but what they saved were their lives!

As the people all left, the air became fresher . Mo Qianxue took a deep breath .

She didn't have the slightest mental burden to let these strange Nings make a fool of themselves .

She wouldn't offend others unless she was offened!

This was always her principle . She wouldn't act humbly just because she travelled to here from another world .

In the same way, she wouldn't leave behind her Xue’s feelings and blood feuds either .

She turned slightly and looked at Feng Yuchen, a warm current streaming in her heart .

Now, she would never let this big brother down!

Judging from what he had said, either he had really moved on or not, it seemed he had decided that he would have her back forever, and this was enough for her .

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Certainly, in return, as long as she was here, she would also have the back of the Feng family and never let it fall .

As she was thinking, Lan Ruomeng paced over in light steps .

She took a quick glance at Feng Yuchen, standing next to Mo Qianxue . Only then did Feng Yuchen remember Lan Ruomeng’s protection for his sister and looked back at her with a grateful look and nodding .

Lan Ruomeng nodded back, her face flushed a little, and when she spoke again, she suddenly stuttered, “Qian…Qianxue, later we’ll have some fun and make poems . Why don't you join us?”

Mo Qianxue wasn't a fool and couldn't fail to see this look of Lan Ruomeng like a young girl meeting her first love .

Mo Qianxue took another glance at Feng Yuchen, tall and good-looking, and then at Lan Ruomeng, graceful and cool, and her eyes spun in thinking!

Mo Qianxue blinked . Feng Yuchen had long reached the age of marrying a wife, while Lan Ruomeng was also at her puberty . In terms of family background, appearance, and learnings, they seemed a perfect match!

Mo Qianxue wouldn't never admit that she enjoyed being a match-maker . It was just she believed she had an eye for person and the good girl Lan Ruomeng and her brother happened to be a great match!

Didn't they say that the end of a relationship was meant to be the start of another one?

Feng Yuchen had feelings for Xue, but she was already gone . Mo Qianxue could occupy her body and live her life, but couldn't bring herself to love and take care of Feng Yuchen day and night for the sake of Xue . It’d be better he found a girl truly in love with him .

Seeing Mo Qianxue immersed in her thought and speechless, Lan Ruomeng called gently, “Qianxue?”

Mo Qianxue still didn't reply but only stared at Feng Yuchen and then at Lan Ruomeng, her eyes shifted between them over and over again .

Seeing that, Lan Ruomeng bowed her head, flushing .

What is Qianxue doing?

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Did she find it out? Lan Ruomeng had hidden for many years, with no one knowing it . As soon as Feng Yuchen arrived, she, on the surface, hosted the party, but in fact her eyes secretly kept following Feng Yuchen to wherever he went .

As the successor of the first family, he was the target of countless ladies in the capital and had never taken a special look at her .

This time, he only noticed her because she had helped his cousin out…

Thinking of this, his brief glance at her suddenly became better sweet .

How could she know that Mo Qianxue did this on purpose?

In her view, if she hadn’t made it very obvious, these reserved ancients wouldn't have missed their happiness . Her alternate staring at the two would lead any normal person in thinking that way .

As long as they understood, there was a chance for them…

Only after seeing Lan Ruomeng’s blushing face did Mo Qianxue nodded as if she just heard her, “Ah? Oh! Yes . Let’s go . ”

It was great as long as Lan Ruomeng had feelings for him . She would certainly suggest it to Feng Yuchen .

To be honest, she really liked Lan Ruomeng . The girl was sensible, upright, beautiful, clever and had good manners and sense of propriety… Anyway, she was perfect .

After responding to Lan Ruomeng, Mo Qianxue didn't forget Feng Yuchen, “Brother, why don't you come with us?”

Feng Yuchen glanced at Mo Qianxue and then at Lan Ruomeng in his sister’s exaggerated expression, and gave a helpless smile to himself .

His Xue was making a match for him .

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Alright, since there was no hope between him and her in this life, then he would just be her big brother and protect her forever . Since he wouldn't marry her, then what difference did it have to marry which girl?

He could marry a girl who had nothing, but she should like Xue and protect her with him .

She liked Lan Ruomeng, and Lan Ruomeng also liked her . Then he might just marry Miss . Lan!

The two girls got along well and would become closer . In this way, there would be more occasions for him to meet her . Wasn't it also good?

Thinking it through, Feng Yuchen nodded to them and took a reflective glance at Lan Ruomeng and then at Susu, saying politely, “Ladies first . ”

Lan Ruomeng’s eyes were full of surprise .

Mo Qianxue also inwardly gave Feng Yuchen a thumbs-up seeing he readily agreed .

It would be a kind thing to do, as well as a perfect answer to Xue, if she could help Lan Ruomeng find a good husband and find Feng Yuchen a perfect wife to spend the rest of his life with .

Mo Qianxue even thought with joy that after this party, she would send a pigeon message to her vinegar jar .

Ning Shaoqing would also be glad and let down his guard against Feng Yuchen, so that he wouldn't have to drink so much vinegar . That thing was nice to have some occasionally, but drinking too much of it would harm the heath and the relationship!

Thinking of Ning Shaoqing, she was reminded again of the little love poem she had received yesterday and had a sweet heart again!

It felt so good to be missed and loved .

Meanwhile, Mo Qianxue didn't forget Junzhu Susu and looked up at the tree .

Unexpectedly, there was no one on the trunk . Su Qi had long gone .

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