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Chapter 3
Chapter 3


It took considerable effort to fix this situation, no matter what option I took . It's a hassle to merely move a finger, and I have to put in that much effort?


If that effort pays off and they don't ignore me, will everyone be on my side? So, I can live a sloth's life as I please? 


No, even if I did all that, it still wouldn’t be the end .


'I am the first of the princess of the Great Duke . They're going to sell me in a political marriage . ' I was determined that I was to be sold .


Oh, it seems Princess Rubia is already set-up for a political marriage .


'Well, I'm in trouble . '


I frowned at my forgotten fiancé .


Unexpectedly, Rubia's fiancée was an amazingly sound person . No, not only was he sound, but he was probably the best groom in the western part of the continent .  


'The 4th Prince of the Western Empire . A man who built up a force that threatened the crown prince with outstanding skill, even without the birth-right of succession . In fact, between the Crown Prince and the Fourth Prince, people have no idea who will inherit the crown . ’


When I thought of him, I let out a quivering sigh .


If I marry such a fearsome prince, my life will be ruined . I don't know anything else, but I have to break up this marriage somehow .


After chewing on the last piece of steak, I got up from my seat and gulped down the wine left in the glass . "Are you angry?"


The representative maid looked at me . I continued, looking down at her plump cheeks .


"Are you very sick?"


"Oh . . . no . "


"Are you sad? No, angry and distraught? Do you want revenge?"


The representative maid turned pale and bowed her head . "No . How dare I . . . " 


I reached out to the representative maid . "Take it . "


The representative maid had a curious look on her face . I handed her a a copper coin .


"Treat your wounds with this money . I'm not seriously hurt by your actions . I won’t be angry, so take it . "


The maid's eyes were stained with confusion . She looked as if she didn't know how to accept it . I put my hand on her shoulder .


"Let today's work be a good lesson instead . If you act well, there'll be little chance that you’ll face unnecessary hardships in the future . "


This was my sincere advice . If I were that maid, I wouldn't persecute and treat Princess Rubia this way . Not because I’m nice, but because you should always be afraid of what repercussions your actions will lead to .


At that moment, there was a sign of bustle outside the restaurant . Soon the door opened, and a knight in full armour came inside .


"I'm seeking Princess Rubia . "


Is this a case of chivalry? The knight, unlike the maids, bowed down in a polite manner .


"What's going on?"


The eyes of the knight who had heard my previous tone slightly widened .  


"Your Royal Highness has called for your presence . "


My father .


"The Royal Highness? Now?"


"Yes, he is waiting . "


I crossed my arms . It was obvious why my father called me when I wasn't looking for him .


'That's great . I had something to say to Gong anyway . ’


"I see . Guide me there right away . "


In the eastern part of the continent, there is a proverb that goes, "Drop the Rhino in the Danso . " There's also a saying in the West, ‘Cutting the Gordian knots . ’


I'll cut off the troublesome silver threads of this cut-throat family at once in this meeting with the King .


I have made up my mind .




The Grand Duke of Luxen was a small country under the Western Empire .


It was about the size of a province, a little bit too small to call it a country, but people still couldn’t ignore Luxen . It was because it controlled the logistics of the Dental River, the lifeline of the Western Empire .


The Dental River has been a key trading route for the West and Central provinces . So, trade can take place without the Russo-Sen Powers .


It didn't lose .


It was a small country that nobody could ignore, the Grand Duke of Luxen .


The ruler of the country, was currently trying to clear issues surrounding the Dental River from his high-positioned office .  


"I’ve brought the First Princess, Your Highness . "


At the knight’s words, the Great Duke turned his head casually .


When I saw the face of the Great Duke, I held back a low-pitched whistle .  


'The King isn't the King for nothing . '


It’s not like I particularly thought he would be an ugly man when I saw the luxurious conditions of the house .


However, his appearance resembles that of Sven Jazak, an archangel . It means that he is handsome . I could see that Rubia's beautiful appearance was influenced by the Great Duke as well as by her mother's family .


Most impressive of all, I felt a strong sense of pressure in his eyes .


There was no moderation, as expected of the monarch who ruled the Luxen Empire .


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'This piece of trash . Why would he let the stepmother run around?'


I put the question aside and gave my thanks . "Rubia de Grandia la Luxen, the eldest daughter of King Gong . " 


At that moment, light flashed through the eyes of the Great Duke .  


"You're not shaking today . "


The remark stunned me into silence .


With how scary her father was, Princess Rubia was often frightened when she met him .


"There's nothing wrong and so there's no reason to shiver . "


I spoke in a wry voice .


No wonder . Well, I didn't do anything wrong . Why are you so shocked? But my statement didn't sound natural to the Great Duke .  


"That's different . I feel like you’ve become a different person . What happened to you while you haven't seen me, Rubia?"


I just roughly answered . "It's growing season . "




"It's that time in my life to grow one foot tall when I wake up, so my personality seems to have changed suddenly . "


At the utter nonsense of mine, the archangel gave a puzzled look .


"Yes . Well, basically, we haven't seen each other in a long time," I frowned .  


The sound of the Great Duke's throat contained a hazy apology for Rubia . What? An apology for me?


But as if my feeling had been mistaken, the voice of the Great Duke cooled down again .


“Do you know why I called for you?”


“I'm guessing, it may be because of the argument with my stepmother . ”


"Yes, I'm glad you guessed correctly . I won't go into it, I just don't want to hear loud noises within the family . I hope this will not happen in the future . I'll talk to your mother about this, too . " 


So, what he was basically saying was ‘I care about myself and your stepmother, but I'm tired, so I’ll just tell you all to stay quiet . ’


I looked at the thick haze and fatigue in the eyes of the Great Duke .


What's up with this?


Rubia's birth mother was a commoner, and it is said that the Great Duke loved her so much that he accepted her as his true wife .


So why is he leaving behind the daughter of his beloved woman, and closing his ears to any problems?


I was curious, but I put that thought away quickly . My stepmother should not have been able to defeat Rubia’s place in his heart . For whatever reason, the apathy of the Great Duke was not justified .


"I can't follow your orders . "


“ . . . . !”

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"The forced covering of a wound with a cloth doesn’t mean that the wound will heal . The King’s words are like saying, ‘The wound is burning, but it's not there . ’” 


The Great Duke could not say anything . I wasn't wrong .


"I have a way to fix the wound . Would you like to hear it?"


"Tell me . "


I slowly opened my mouth .


Of course, my intention is to heal a sore wound .


However, I wasn't about to do it traditionally . That would take a lot of effort .


"There are two ways to deal with a festering wound: The first is to take medication and slowly wait for it to get better . It's the best way to avoid side effects, but it's a little late for that in this case . "


"Then what's the second way?"


"To cut off old wounds and get rid of them completely . It may hurt, but it's a sure-fire way of doing things . " 


The Great Duke had his eye on me . What exactly did he think I was talking about?


I don't think he knows where this is going .


So I explained .


"I'm leaving the Kingdom of Luxen . "


“ . . . !”


The cold atmosphere around the Great Duke grew .


I carried on in a calm tone of voice .


"I know . My presence is like a thorn in the side of this family . As long as I remain, we will continue to hurt each other . So…"


Actually, it's just too much of a hassle to deal with them .


"I'll leave for the benefit of everyone . Allow me . "


When I finished speaking, silence fell in the room as if everyone was dead . The butler and the escort who were listening to the conversation killed their breath .


The Grand Duke stared at me with his eyes wide open . His face was filled with indescribable complex emotions . "Do you think I'm gonna . . . hear that?"


"You'll have to listen . "


I said it .


The Great Duke’s eyes were perilous .  However, he kept his mouth shut and could not say a word .


I clicked my tongue quietly .


I don't know what he had in mind, but as a father, the Great Duke didn't deserve to say anything but a sincere apology to Rubia .


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But, of course the Great Duke will never apologize .


"Then I'll go back, knowing that you've given me permission . I’ll leave the castle today . "


When I finished speaking, I turned my back . Then I walked toward the door .


One step, two steps . . . .


I mumbled inwardly, moving slowly .


'Were you hoping I would cling onto this family?'


I shook my head inside . I wouldn't say anything . Again, the Great Duke did not open his mouth until I arrived at the door .


I felt relief and pity at the same time . The relief to finally be out of this cut-throat house .


This was about living a better life and the only pitiful one in this situation was Rubia, the original master of this body .


'You were such a poor girl . '


It was useless to say such a thing .


So, instead I raised my head with a more generous look . I'm going to live happily ever after, even with Rubia's past tragedy .


"Thank you very much . I'd like to say my last greeting . And so, greetings and farewell, Your Highness . "


The Duke felt a shiver at his daughter's last greeting . But at the end of the day, not a word of protest left his mouth .




After Princess Rubia left, there was a heavy silence in the chamber of the Great Duke’s office .


The Great Duke’s eyes were dark and expression was stiff .


"Does she think I won't catch her?" The Grand Duke spoke quite quietly .  "She'll be right back . "


The butler nodded at the words of the Grand Duke .


A penniless nobleman could not have lived away from the castle . Princess Rubia was likely to return in less than a day .


'But will it really be like that?'


The butler recalled the habits of the Luxen princess he had just seen .


It wasn't like before . It wasn't the usual Princess Rubia with quivering shoulders, a drooping head and frightened eyes .


Rather, what was felt was a proud and free woman, who seemed stronger than anyone else .


'And . . . it was beautiful . ’ The butler thought unconsciously and his heart stirred .


Though he did not dare to say so, her mother's actions and dignity were so similar that he could not take her eyes off her . Undaunted dignity that even seemed arrogant, however it only made her beautiful .


If the former princess was like a faded doll, the figure he saw today was like a glorious fairy .

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