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Chapter 18

‘The Introduction of Humanities from the Perspective of the History of the Human Race and the Insight of Philosophy . ’

I looked at the textbook that was included in the exam and frowned . Sleepiness arose in me just by looking at the title .

I swallowed my desire to throw the book away and started to read . My eyes widened as I read .

‘…What is this? It’s fun? Why is it fun?’

I flipped through the book .

It was filled with literary content on history, philosophy, and metaphysics .

Its content was something that could never be fun, but it was oddly enjoyable .

I soon realized the reason .

‘It’s been a while since I’ve read a book leisurely . ’

My previous life was dominated by veiled strife and schemes, blood, and death .

Yesterday’s ally would stab me in the back today, and such instances occurred not a mere once or twice . Innumerable times, the person who had been smiling so brightly would end up as a cold body by the time I woke up the next day .

How could I leisurely read in such a life!

It was unimaginable .

‘Though one of my wishes in my last life was to read in peace, I wasn’t able to read a single book other than official documents . ’

Was that why?

It was enjoyable and relaxing to sit in the library and read this book .

I moved to a sunlit corner with a pile of books .

Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, Pure Sciences, Military Arts, and more were the books included in the exam, but they all seemed fun . (Imagine reading your physics textbook for fun . )

‘It’s more fun than billing documents . ’

I also brought a sweet drink and mouth-watering pastries with me .

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As I fooled around while reading the books, I felt sleepiness sweep over me together with the warm sunlight, so I walked out of the library .

As I was about to enjoy the wind on my skin when a high-pitched voice called out to me .

“Oh my, your Highness, the princess . I was uncertain, but it really is your Highness . It has been a long while since I’ve met you . ”

When I turned my gaze, a girl with pink curls was wearing an exaggeratedly welcoming expression .

I looked at her awkwardly and asked .

“Who are you?”


“Who are you . ”

At my question, the pink-haired girl flushed in embarrassment . It was an expression that implied it was unimaginable for me to not recognize her .

However, no matter how many times I scanned over this body’s memories, I could not remember a pink-haired girl with a fake smile .

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“I am the daughter of Marquis Hansen, your Highness . ”

At the mention of Marquis Hansen, I looked at her again .

The Hansen Family, as one of the households that held up the West Empire, was spread about far away in the midwestern countryside .

It was a famed aristocratic family not far behind the strength of the Roxanne Grand Duchy, so those who passed by us looked at the girl with rounded eyes .

“I am truly surprised to see the famous Princess Rubia of the Roxanne Grand Duchy in such a place . ”

At her words, the corners of my mouth lifted .

‘Ha, look at this . ’

The famous .

This was clearly a reference to Rubia’s nickname .

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The Roxanne Grand Duchy’s Cowardly Princess

Rubia’s name was notorious not only within the duchy, but throughout the Empire’s entire high society .

The shame of the duchy birthed by a common-born mother . With that, her idiocy and shameful behavior .

It was the same as Rubia being humiliated and taunted by the Empire’s entire high society .

As soon as they knew I was Rubia, I could feel contemptuous gazes from here and there .

“To sit in on the Renault Academy’s entrance exam . Have you come to take the exam alone?”

The pink-haired girl made an expression as if truly surprised . And she continued in a voice that suggested her concern towards me .

“I am astonished by your Highness’s courage, but wouldn’t his Royal Highness, the Grand Duke, be enraged if he was to hear of this?”

She then continued with a more careful tone of voice .

“If one was to be accepted in Renault Academy, their household’s name would become that much famous, but if they failed, who else would be burdened by the failure?”

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