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Chapter 969 - Mysterious Fantasy’s Coach

The age problem. Chen Guo could understand this problem the easiest because she also had this problem. When she was just playing around for fun, age wouldn’t really affect anything. But once she started delving deep into the game, this problem instantly stood out.

"If you’ve discovered so many problems, shouldn’t you talk to them about it?" Chen Guo said.

"Of course I will. Aren’t I currently organizing everything right now?" Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo looked. It turned out that Ye Xiu was taking clips from today’s match. Then, he would talk about these problems with everyone. Now, she could finally feel at ease.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Chen Guo asked.

Ye Xiu felt his pockets. He nodded his head and looked at Chen Guo eagerly: "Yeah, help me buy a pack of cigarettes."

Black lines went down Chen Guo’s head. She turned around and left. She originally wanted to directly go back to her room, but before she closed the door, she saw Ye Xiu working in front of the computer. Her heart softened. In the end, she couldn’t steel her heart and ran to buy Ye Xiu a pack of cigarettes. When she returned, she gently placed into beside his hands and then quietly left.

When she returned to the room, Tang Rou still hadn’t gone to bed. She was also in front of her computer. Chen Guo walked closer to take a look. Tang Rou was browsing through Battle Mage related material such as videos.  

Chen Guo smiled. Ye Xiu was right. Their Team Happy members didn’t need consolation or encouragement. Everyone was actively working to face their problems.

"Don’t sleep too late. Go to bed early." Chen Guo was originally going to chat a bit with Tang Rou, but seeing how she was focused on studying Battle Mages, she softly said a few words and didn’t bother her anymore.

"How’d you guys sleep yesterday?" Ye Xiu smiled as he asked everyone.

Everyone looked at each other. For a moment, no one said anything.

"We’ve been strolling through the Challenger League with ease the entire time. We only considered Excellent Era as our final opponents and overlooked our other opponents. In the last match, we’ve paid the price for that because with this loss. Our current situation in Group B is grim. We must do our best and win points in our following two matches. We can’t be even the slightest bit careless." Ye Xiu said.

"Understood." Everyone nodded their heads. The atmosphere was unexpectedly solemn. It was truly a bit different from the usual atmosphere at Happy.

"Then let’s first first review our previous match!" Ye Xiu said.

It was just like what Ye Xiu said. Winning concealed their problems. Losses exposed their problems. When they dominated their first match, Ye Xiu didn’t really review the match much, but this time, the match review took up the entire morning.

The team was a whole. Every individual’s problem was the team’s problem. As teammates, everyone needed to understand each other’s characteristics. This included weaknesses and strengths. Only by completely understanding one another could they coordinate well with each other. As a result, Ye Xiu directly took out every individual’s problem and discussed it together with the team. An individual’s efforts and the team’s help would make solving the problem half the work with twice the results.

In the morning, the team analyzed the problems that happened during yesterday’s match. In the afternoon, they underwent the usual training. The next day, Ye Xiu had already put together information on their next opponent, and they began making preparations.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed. The fourth round would begin Friday night.

Group B. Team Happy versus Team Cloud Viewing Pavilion, Team Mysterious Fantasy versus Team Trader, Team Ten Steps One Kill versus no team.

Team Ten Steps One Kill only had 3 points and had already been eliminated early. Today, they didn’t even come to the stadium to watch. As for Team Cloud Viewing Pavilion, they had one last hope. This one last hope was originally no different from disappointment, but after seeing Team Trader capsize Team Happy, Team Cloud Viewing Pavilion’s spirits were high. They were ready to put their all into this fight.

How could Team Happy give their opponents any chance? Like breaking a dead branch from a tree, they crushed Team Cloud Viewing Pavilion. After just half an hour, Team Happy ended today’s match.

But in this round, Team Happy still lost a point.  

In this Team Cloud Viewing Pavilion, there was an Assassin called Brilliant Move . He was mediocre in every aspect, but he had extremely good mastery over Life-Risking Strike. In the match versus Team Mysterious Fantasy, he had also been the one who won them a point.

This Brilliant Move clearly wasn’t good in the group arena, so in their confrontation versus Team Happy, he appeared in the individual competition.

Ye Xiu had pointed out this person during their preparation stage. But in the individual competition, Tang Rou was still cheesed by him. Tang Rou was incredibly depressed with the result. Tang Rou liked to fight face to face. She didn’t like fighting dirty. She had trouble facing players like that. This match reflected another one of her problems.

As a result, after this match, Team Happy had 21 points. Team Cloud Viewing Pavilion was eliminated early as well.

On the other side, the match between Team Mysterious Fantasy and Team Trader was still underway. Because Team Happy lost quite a few points against Team Trader in the second round, their chances of making it out of groups went down. The outcome of this match was very important for Team Happy. After finishing up with their match, they directly headed over to watch that match. Chen Guo was a spectator, so she could pay attention to both sides. Her expression was not looking good.

The match between Team Mysterious Fantasy and Team Trader had already entered the team competition. In the individual competition and group arena, the results were unexpected: 2 to 3.

In the individual competition, Team Trader actually took 3 points from Team Mysterious Fantasy. If they beat Team Mysterious Fantasy in the team competition, they would have two upset victories under them, completely displaying their colors as a dark horse. With 8 points, they would be guaranteed to make it out of groups. In the final round with Team Happy versus Team Mysterious Fantasy, one of the teams would be eliminated.

But even if Team Mysterious Fantasy won against Team Trader in the team competition, would that make it any easier for Team Happy?

Ye Xiu glanced at the player seats. A person caught his eye. He had a little notebook in his hands, and he also looked over at Happy. When he saw Ye Xiu looking at him, he let out a smile.

"Hey! Great Gunner." Ye Xiu greeted.

"Haha, I wouldn’t dare call myself that." The other side laughed. He turned his head back and continued to watch the match.

This person wouldn’t go on stage, but in reality, he was the true core of Team Mysterious Fantasy.

Zhang Yiwei. He was a pro player, who joined the Alliance in season two. That year, he was an extremely famous Sharpshooter. However, nowadays, his glory had been masked by the younger generation. Nothing could be done about that. Zhang Yiwei’s successor was too dazzling.

Most of Zhang Yiwei’s career had been with Team Samsara. His character was Cloud Piercer, which was now the Great Gunner. It was the character currently being used by the number one player in the Alliance, Zhou Zekai. Ye Xiu called him Great Gunner, but Zhang Yiwei didn’t dare to call himself that. He wasn’t being modest. When he was still playing on Cloud Piercer, it hadn’t been called Great Gunner yet.

Having such a successor was a blessing to the team, but for the senior, it was a rather sorrowful matter. Zhou Zekai’s dominant performance with Cloud Piercer made him seem incompetent.

After Zhou Zekai succeeded Zhang Yiwei, he sadly left Team Samsara and drifted for two seasons. In the end, he announced his retirement in season six. He had a beautiful turn around though and became Team Mysterious Fantasy’s coach. It could be said that he flipped a new chapter in the history of Glory. Before him, pro teams didn’t have a coaching position. That year, the new Team Mysterious Fantasy successfully remained in the Alliance. Others immediately took after them. The next year, the new Team Bright Green also hired a coach to help the team.

Zhang Yiwei was responsible for at least half of Team Mysterious Fantasy’s achievements. As a result, Team Mysterious Fantasy’s true core member wasn’t on stage, but on the side as the coach. Even when the team was relegated last season, it looked like the owner of Team Mysterious Fantasy had confidence in Zhang Yiwei and had him stay on the team.

" It seems like Team Mysterious Fantasy’s situation is quite good?" Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu curiously. In the team competition, Team Mysterious Fantasy held a stable lead. It didn’t seem like the dark horse Team Trader wouldn’t be able to stay dark.

"As long as they aren’t careless, Team Mysterious Fantasy shouldn’t lose to Team Trader." Ye Xiu said. He glanced at Zhang Yiwei again.

"That’s good." Chen Guo smiled.

"Good? What’s good?" Ye Xiu asked.

"If Mysterious Fantasy wins, won’t that it make easier for us in the final round?" Chen Guo said.

"Look more carefully at the points please!" Ye Xiu said.

"What?" Chen Guo was startled. She started calculating the points according to the current situation.

If the outcome turned out as expected and Team Mysterious Fantasy beat Team Trader, the final score would be 7 to 3. With that, after the fourth round, Team Trader would be completely done with their four matches. They would be in first temporarily with 28 points. Team Mysterious Fantasy would be done with three out of four matches and would be second at 26 points. Team Happy would be done with three out of four matches and would be at third at 21 points. The other two teams didn’t matter.

In the final round, Team Trader would not have to play. Team Happy would be against Team Mysterious Fantasy. The other match didn’t matter. The final point total made Chen Guo pale.

Team Trader’s 28 points wouldn’t change. The point total for Team Happy and Team Mysterious Fantasy would change though because of the final round. Team Happy was behind Team Mysterious Fantasy by 5 points and behind Team Trader by 7 points. In the final round, how many points did Team Happy need to win?

"8 points..." Ye Xiu gave the answer.

Only with 8 points would Team Happy have 29 points and make it out of groups. If they had one fewer point, Team Mysterious Fantasy would take first with 29 points. Team Happy and Team Trader would both have 28 points, but according to the tournament rules, if two teams had the same number of points, the match between the two tied teams would be looked at. Team Happy had lost to Team Trader 3 to 7, so Team Happy would be eliminated.

In this match, Team Mysterious Fantasy’s advantage became more and more obvious. They still had all five players, but three players on Team Trader had already been killed. Zhang Wenyi let out a satisfied smile. He turned his head and looked at Team Happy again.

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