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Chapter 964 - To Seize an Opportunity

Feng Xianjun deserved to be the Alliance’s chairman. He had seen all sorts of winds and waves. To Tao Xuan, Cui Li, and Chang Xian, this news was like thunder to them, but after Feng Xianjun heard it, his expression remained calm. His eyebrows only wrinkled a bit. Soon afterwards, he extended his hands to his attendants: "Medicine! Medicine!" (Author’s Note: The attendants sang "Yo yo, check it out (切克闹 qie ke nao)! Could I have a jianbing?" and then quickly rushed out to buy jianbing.. The chairman’s heart failed, and he passed away. I really wanted to write it like this... but I don’t think everyone would be able to accept it. Okay, forget about this apart)*

Ye Xiu’s concern for Feng Xianjun’s heart wasn’t without reason. The attendants by Feng Xianjun’s side took out some heart-relieving pill in a panic. Ye Xiu, on the other hand, already had a cup of water in his hand. The others looked at the painful expression on the chairman’s face and felt sympathy for him.

After swallowing the pill, Feng Xianjun rested for five minutes before fully recovering. He let out a long sigh .

"Do you need to go to the hospital?" Ye Xiu asked. Feng Xianjun glared at him and then sucked in a deep breath, asking: "What’s going on?"

Everyone fixed their attention on the chairman’s reaction. The room was completely silent. Tao Xuan felt sweat running down his palms. From his understanding, Feng Xianjun cared very much about the Alliance’s development, so Tao Xuan felt like they should be able to reach a consensus on this issue. But before the chairman gave his statement, he still felt very nervous. What if Feng Xianjun shook his head and said no? Retreating back a step after that would be too difficult. Right now, it wasn’t that the arrow was pulled back on the bowstring waiting to be released, but rather that the arrow was already flying and they were just waiting to see if it would hit.

"What does your brother do?" Feng Xianjun suddenly asked.

"He does many things... You’re not thinking what’s wrong is wrong and treating him as the original Ye Qiu, right? That loophole is too big." Ye Xiu said.

"There’s no need for that. I just wanted to confirm that you were the only one playing in the matches."

"Definitely." Ye Xiu nodded his head. Feng Xianjun’s concern was identical to Tao Xuan’s. Now that this issue came up, Tao Xuan let out a sigh of relief. He knew that the Alliance’s test had ben passed.  

"How do you plan on explaininig this issue?" Feng Xianjun looked around the room.  

"Pseudonym, name change, anything works." Tao Xuan relaxed. After all, this matter violated this Alliance’s rules, so the Alliance’s attitude towards this matter was extremely important. As long as the Alliance was willing to cover it up, any reason would work.

Feng Xianjun kept silent. He got up, walked around the room, and mumbled, "What was I here for originally?" Then, he left the room along with the two attendants.

In the end, Feng Xianjun didn’t give a precise statement. Tao Xuan’s heart rate immediately rose again. He understood that the Alliance’s stance on this issue was still blurry. Their final stance would depend on how they handled it. The Alliance wasn’t going to be their errand boy. They could only provide the appropriate support to whatever Excellent Era did. If this issue exploded into a huge mess and couldn’t be covered, the Alliance would certainly come out with a devotion to righteousness, giving a fair and impartial judgement.  

"Ye Qiu is your online name. Your real name is Ye Xiu." Tao Xuan suddenly said.

Ye Xiu understood the implications and nodded his head with a smile.

"We’re leaving." Tao Xuan called out to Cui Li. Cui Li glanced at Chang Xian with unease. He chased after Tao Xuan and whispered to him his worry.

Tao Xuan turned his head fiercely and glared at Chang Xian. Then, he glanced at Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu wasn’t stupid. If he was willing to let this reporter listen, then this reporter was most likely trustworthy. Thinking of this point, Tao Xuan didn’t say anything and turned around to leave. When he left, he suddenly thought of Feng Xianjun unexpectedly coming over to Happy himself. He probably hadn’t come to give the team a warm welcome. Team Happy was able to get the Alliance’s chairman to personally give a greeting. Tao Xuan suddenly became uneasy again. He wasn’t able to get a good sleep that night.

Room 722. After everyone left, apart from looking at one another, no one knew what to say.

This entire thing... was caused by Ye Xiu, but in the end, the one to wipe his butt wasn’t just Excellent Era, but the Alliance too. It felt like it had nothing to do with him? Thinking of this, everyone couldn’t help but show admiration for Ye Xiu.

The few from Happy felt very moved. When they looked at Chang Xian, they saw that he was still standing dumbstruck by the door!

"Little Chang! You’d better not treat this as interview material and leak it out!" Chen Guo said to Chang Xian in a normal voice. Usually, whenever Chang Xian visited Happy, if he saw anything fun, embarrassing, humiliating, he would say "I’m going to talk about this!" It soon became his catchphrase.

However, none of the things he reported ever appeared on the papers. He obviously knew about Happy’s current fame. Details about their daily lives couldn’t be considered news material. However, this time’s information was more than ferocious enough. Chang Xian was certain that if he wrote a piece on it, he would be able to make the headlines on the weekly paper.


For a small reporter like Chang Xian, if he could get his manuscript passed and onto a tofu-sized block on the paper, that was already enough to make him happy for many days. A chance to make the headlines was in front of his eyes. Chen Guo only told him gently not to report it…..

This wasn’t Chen Guo not understanding the severity of the situation, but rather her trust in Chang Xian. She didn’t put her guard against him as if he were an outsider.

Chang Xian had originally been conflicted on what to do. Chen Guo’s trust in him only added fuel to the fire. Exposing the truth should be the goal of a reporter, but if he revealed the truth, he would feel too evil. Chen Guo expressed her trust in him. If he turned his back and spilled it, Chang Xian would feel too guilty.

"Don’t worry. I won’t talk about it." Chang Xian finally made his decision. While this decision made him feel relieved, he couldn’t help but feel regret at letting go of such a huge opportunity. Feelings of regret and annoyance continued to poke at him. 

Really... neither going left nor going right feels good! Chang Xian wanted to find somewhere with no one around and yell loudly. That would feel great. Just when he was about to leave, Ye XIu suddenly laughed: "That type of report isn’t too meaningful. Even if you wrote about it, you might not get praised for it. In fact, your choice to follow us was very wise. There will be many more things worthy of being written in the future."

"I... I understand..." Chang Xian replied with surprise. He understood Ye Xiu’s meaning. Team Happy beating Team Excellent Era and entering the Alliance was obviously much more interesting. Chang Xian looked forward to it too, but it wasn’t too much. How could it be so easy for a newly formed team to beat Team Excellent Era?

But Ye Xiu expressed his confidence in what everyone thought was impossible. It was as if this conclusion was set in stone. Others might feel that he was overestimating himself and would laugh and jeer at him. However, Chang Xian felt like while this possibility was small, it wasn’t zero. In competition, there was never such a thing as a guaranteed win. Every powerhouse had been toppled by weak opponents before. Why couldn’t that happen to Team Happy and Team Excellent Era.

"Go to bed early!" Ye Xiu smiled. Chang Xian nodded his head and left.

Chen Guo didn’t plan on sleeping yet. She first recalled with delight how scared Excellent Era and the Alliance chairman had been frightened. Then, she began thinking about how Excellent Era and the Alliance would handle this issue. In the end, she was worried about what would happen if it wasn’t handled well. Wouldn’t that be a disaster?

"You’re thinking too much. You probably won’t get any information on it in a short amount of time. Whether it’s Excellent Era or the Alliance, they can’t just suddenly jump out and start talking about Ye Qiu Ye Xiu. Trying to force the issue would only make it worse. In order to cover it up, they have to wait for it to get revealed. Whether this reveal is natural or planned doesn’t matter. I reckon that they’ll plan it themselves. That way it’ll be more controlled. Especially after seeing Old Feng’s stance, I think Tao Xuan would rather be more proactive."

"Oh oh oh..." Chen Guo listened to Ye Xiu’s analysis and felt more confident. Only then did she pull Tang Rou away to go to sleep.

On the afternoon of the second day, the 20 participating Challenger League teams had all gathered together. The Alliance had arranged a reception for all of the players. There was a slight adjustment in the schedule. Instead of Monday, the offline matches would start on Tuesday. 

When the Esports Home paper on Monday came out, besides the highlight matches of the league, there was an eye-catching section of a topic unrelated to the league: Ye Qiu? Ye Xiu??

Chen Guo bought that day’s newspaper. She rushed over to Ye Xiu’s room and handed it over to Ye Xiu to look.

"Oh? They’ve started?" Ye Xiu was calm. He checked and saw that an Excellent Era player found in astonishment that the Team Happy player behind Lord Grim, Ye Xiu, was actually their former team captain, Ye Qiu. In view of the past…...

When looking at the past, there were many questions towards Ye Qiu and Ye Xiu. Fortunately, this reporter didn’t directly point out that Ye Qiu was a fake name. The reporter discussed about why Ye Xiu would change names? Then, the reporter collected material from the Alliance and Excellent Era. This dual identity of Ye Qiu and Ye Xiu was actually legal?

Why did he do that?

The article switched topics, pushing the issue into this direction.

Ye Xiu looked and didn’t doubt that this was Excellent Era’s writing because afterwards, the reporter analyzed whether Ye Qiu was worried that his new team would encounter a lot of pressure from his fans, so he changed his name to Ye Xiu and so on.

Excellent Era knew that Ye Xiu would jump out an explain the true reason, so they used this opportunity to splash a bit of black paint onto him. They successfully seized this opportunity. The fans were in an uproar not about the issue of Ye Qiu and Ye Xiu... but that Team Happy really had been created by Ye Qiu. Sure enough, he really planned on destroying Excellent Era and even put on a fake name. It was too despicable and shameless.

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