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Chapter 963 - Let’s Make the Storm Even More Violent

Reporter Chang Xian felt the urge to rush out the door. It was true that he was a reporter and that he needed all sorts of news topics, but the information he just heard was too fierce, so fierce that he was having trouble standing up. The greatest God in the history of Glory, Ye Qiu, was actually a fake identity? Since the founding of the Glory Alliance, this was the biggest... biggest what?

Chang Xian wanted to use the word "scandal" to describe it, but from the bottom of his heart, he didn’t consider it as a scandal.

The person in front of him was using a fake identity, but he was still the one playing in the competitive matches. The opponents were defeated by him, and the victories were won by him. Ye Qiu monopolizing all sorts of honors and being a three-peat champion were genuine accomplishments. However, these accomplishments didn’t belong to "Ye Qiu", but the person in front of him.

His actions may have violated the Alliance’s rules, but they didn’t have an effect on anything from a competitive standpoint. He was borrowing an identity, but he was the one playing. In comparison, those players, who lied about their age, broke the fairness of the competition more heavily, no?

This was why Chang Xian felt conflicted. It was groundbreaking information. If it was revealed, he might even become famous in an instant. However, at the same time, he would cause a lot of harm to many people. Ye Xiu, Team Happy, Team Excellent Era, and their countless fans would need to bear the pain.

If it was a scandal like taking stimulants during a match, Chang Xian wouldn’t feel ashamed to reveal it. However, Chang Xian didn’t feel like this could be considered that type of scandal. It was just borrowing an identity. Everything else was real. Every match, every victory, and every championship win were genuine. The only exception was that the person called Ye Qiu wasn’t actually Ye Qiu. That didn’t affect the outcome of a match though, did it?

Ye Xiu said he didn’t have his ID card back then, so he used someone else’s. That was clearly out of helplessness. Afterwards, he never changed it after so many years because once you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off. Perhaps there were other reasons too, but Chang Xian didn’t know. He just felt like using another identity in this way shouldn’t be counted as fraud.

It was because of this thinking that Chang Xian didn’t know how to handle this information. He was very conflicted. Going left and going right made him feel bad. He regretted entering this room. He wished he could travel back in time. He would definitely avoid this room and walk away…..

Thinking about all of this was already too late. Chang Xian’s thoughts were in a whirl. How could Excellent Era’s Tao Xuan and Cui Li not be the same as him? This news was like thunder to them. But what the two even more annoyed was that after Ye Xiu leaked such a huge secret, he looked as nonchalant as ever. It was as if this matter had nothing to do with him. He looked like he was sitting there watching a show. 

"If this is taken seriously, you would have to undertake legal responsibility for identity theft." Cui Li couldn’t bear seeing that guy’s nonchalant look any longer. He suddenly spoke coldly. His threat was clear as day.

But Ye Xiu still had that annoying nonchalant look on his face: "Yeah. Do you guys plan on taking this seriously?"

Cui Li coughed blood. This guy was truly shameless. Take this seriously? What did that mean? Take Ye Xiu into court and accuse that he stole someone else’s identity to sign several contracts with them? How was that any different from exposing the truth? Shouldn’t Excellent Era be trying to cover this up and not get involved? What’s more, if an investigation was made, although Excellent Era would legally be in the right, they would certainly receive criticism from a moral perspective. Ye Xiu may have impersonated as someone else, but his contributions to Excellent Era were genuine. If Excellent Era made such an investigation, it would be a model example of gaining a favor and calling it a disfavor. This move would not be wise.

As for bringing in the person who got his identity stolen, that was even more of a fantasy. That guy was his twin brother. It’s not like they could count on the other side to stand out and tell his own brother to get punished by law for stealing his identity.

"I want to confirm something." Tao Xuan finally spoke, "Over all these years, you were the one completing the entire time, right? Your brother, the real Ye Qiu, never appeared in a match before, right?"

"It’s always been me. It’s not as much of a mystery as you’re making it out to be." Ye Xiu smiled.

"That’s good then. That gives us a lot of room to work around with...." Tao Xuan had been struck by thunder too, but he was stronger than his subordinate, Cui Li. He didn’t lash out because of Ye Xiu’s attitude. He had already calmed down and started thinking about how to deal with this matter.

"The Alliance wouldn’t want to accept this truth either. A three-peat champion, the greatest player of all time, the Alliance’s number one God, yet that player’s identity was actually fake. It would be a big blow to the Alliance’s reputation." Tao Xuan thought about things from a management perspective. The Alliance wouldn’t want this information to be known to the public.

"But he’s about to appear in a match. There has to be good explanation for that!" Cui Li said.

"As long as we communicate it with the Alliance internally, an explanation to the public would not be difficult." Tao Xuan said.

"Mm, that makes sense." Ye Xiu nodded his head.

"It’s best if we hurry and talk with the Alliance. How should we go about telling them this..." Tao Xuan started thinking, when he heard a knock on the door.

Everyone in the room suddenly felt like thieves that had been caught. The one closest to the door, Chang Xian, hadn’t regained his calm yet. He asked with a trembling voice: "Who is it!"

"It’s me. Feng Xianjun." 

"Feng Xianjun? Who’s that? It sounds kind of familiar?" The reporter interacted with lower level people, so it was hard to avoid reacting slowly to such a big name.

As for the two from Excellent Era, after being struck by thunder, they were dealt another blow. Cui Li had to support himself up with the wall. Tao Xuan no longer keep his calm like before. He had analyzed things well and was preparing to find someone in the Alliance to talk to, but who would have thought that the f*cking Alliance chairman would directly come over.

The ones from Happy could no longer keep up their spectator mentality. Chen Guo decisively suggested: "Should we hide? The restroom? Underneath the bed?"

The calmest one was still Ye Xiu. He had a smile on his face like he didn’t care: "Forget about it. What’s to come will come. Tao Xuan’s analysis of the pros and cons was very clear. I don’t think it’ll be difficult to making things clear."

"Okay.... Open the door..." Tao Xuan knew that they would need to face Feng Xianjun sooner or later. He was already at their door, and Tao Xuan wasn’t the type of person who ran away.

Chang Xian had finally realized that the person outside was the Alliance chairman. He was extremely shocked. It made him feel like "the storm was about to get even more violent" and began to calm down. He opened the door quite calmly.  

"Oh, there’s quite a lot of people here!" Feng Xianjun entered and saw Excellent Era’s Tao Xuan. He was quite surprised.

Tao Xuan smiled and went forward to greet Feng Xianjun. Feng Xianjun looked around the room and saw Ye Xiu. He laughed and pointed with his hands: "Ye Qiu, so you’re really here."

Chang Xian suddenly felt that an even more violent storm was about to come. At this moment, the two others with Feng Xianjun entered the room. At the stairway, Cao Guangcheng had just sprinted up seven flights of stairs and was gasping for air. He saw them go in and immediately sprinted forward again. He saw that the door was slowly closing and hastily shouted: "WAIT."

Chang Xian stretched out his neck to look. It was Cao Guangcheng. He was immediately filled with joy. He had no idea what to do with this piece of information, but everything would be fine with Brother Cao here. From when he entered the room to now, it was his first time feeling relaxed. Just when he was about to open the door to let Cao Guangcheng in, Cui Li immediately asked: "Who is it?"

"It’s our correspondent station’s Brother Cao." Chang Xian hastily answered.  

Correspondent station? Brother Cao? Cui Li realized who it was and immediately responded: "Cao Guangcheng? Shut the door!"


"Shut the door!"  

Chang Xian didn’t dare utter "No!" He promptly closed the door in panic. Cao Guancheng was almost there. He could see that Chang Xian had ignored his shout and locked the door. He was furious. That little brat! He was usually so well-behaved and kind. Who would have thought he was so cunning? You plan on monopolizing this piece of news?

Cao Guangcheng was in a rage, but he didn’t dare go out of control in front of the people in the room. When he reached the door, he calmed down and knocked politely.

"Reporter Cao, right? Please go back. It’s not a convenient time for an interview." Cui Li’s voice came through the door. Cao Guangcheng listened and his body turned ice-cold. He understood Excellent Era’s people. Cui Li was saying that he’d better not think of even trying to get in. Not a convenient time for an interview? That f*cking brat Chang Xian was in there!

Why? Why did things turn out this way?

You’d let Chang Xian watch on the sides, but you won’t let me in? What did method did that little brat Chang Xian do? Impossible! He was a young and green little kid. What method could he have to monopolize Excellent Era all for himself? Cao Guangcheng was furious, but he didn’t dare make trouble. He took out his phone and called Chang Xian, but Chang Xian’s phone was turned off.


Cao Guangcheng cursed. He couldn’t go in, but he wasn’t willing to leave. He went up against the door and tried to see if he could hear anything. However, the hotel picked by the Alliance wouldn’t have such poor walls. If the people inside talked normally, he had no chance of hearing them. Cao Guangcheng despaired. 

In the room, Feng Xiangjun felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange. Cui Li was angry again because when he heard Chang Xian talk to Cao Guangcheng, he finally realized who this person was. He was a reporter! 

Internal communication, internal communication, how could a reporter count as someone from the Alliance? At this moment, the people that they needed to guard against the most were reporters! But they actually talked about all of this in front of a reporter. He and Tao Xuan didn’t know Chang Xian was a reporter, but how could those from Happy not know? Ye Xiu, did your brain turn to mush? When he came in, how could you not know to shoo him away? Are you deliberately trying to make things harder for us? Cui Li really wanted to strangle Ye Xiu.

As for Feng Xianjun, he felt like the atmosphere was a bit strange, but he didn’t ask about it. He continued to the main subject: "It seems like your Happy has someone called Ye Xiu?"

"Hahahahaha..." Ye Xiu laughed. He kicked Wei Chen, who was sitting on the sofa: "Chairman, have a seat first."

"What is it?" Feng Xianjun once again felt the strange atmosphere in the room. He walked over and sat down.

"How’s your heart these days?" Ye Xiu asked.

"If your heart’s fine, then listen up." Ye Xiu said.  

"What do you want to say?"

"I’m Ye Xiu." Ye Xiu said.

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