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Chapter 956 - Discussing the Details

Liu Hao decisively pointed out Ye Qiu. The other team captains didn’t have much of a reaction. They sipped on their tea, peeled their tangerines, or peeled their bananas…..

Ye Qiu was the main culprit. Liu Hao wasn’t wrong. It was just supposed to be fighting some bosses. How could that be any burden for pro players? Competing against one another? That didn’t need to be as intense as competing in a match. However, Ye Qiu’s existence changed everything. Happy went all out fighting these pro players. Even worse, they never stopped. What’s more, both sides were supported by their guild, so even if they wanted to die, it wouldn’t be easy. It was easy to imagine how exhausting such non-stop intensive fighting was. Then, they had to play in a high-level match, which didn’t allow for even the slightest bit of negligence. How could they not keep making mistakes?

Everyone understood this reasoning. However, none of the team captains uttered a word, mainly because they didn’t want to increase Ye Qiu’s might. They were also thinking of ways to deal with Happy causing trouble!

Only Liu Hao directly said it because of his personal grudge towards Ye Qiu. 

Feng Xianjun saw everyone’s reaction and knew what was going on. Today’s meeting was mainly towards these team captains. As for the managers, playing in matches and snatching bosses weren’t their responsibilities. What they said about the players’ conditions and what not didn’t count.

"Haha, Ye Qiu... no one is a stranger to this name!" Feng Xianjun said.

"Since everyone’s so familiar with him, I’ll put it bluntly. I understand everyone’s feelings towards Ye Qiu."

"Wenqing, you and Ye Qiu have been rivals for many years. He’s already retired. You still won’t let it go?" Feng Xianjun smiled in Han Wenqing’s direction.

"Jiexi, you almost built a new dynasty like Ye Qiu. Are you perhaps a bit unwilling to accept that your legacy cannot compare to Ye Qiu’s?" Feng Xianjun looked towards Tiny Herb’s Wang Jiexi.

"Wenzhou, Li Xuan, Yunxiu. You three are from the Golden Generation. How could you guys claim the world belongs to the young under Ye Qiu’s oppression? Haha, you guys aren’t too happy with him either, no?" Feng Xianjun looked towards these three team captains.

"As for you others, perhaps you’ve been oppressed by Ye Qiu too? Or perhaps when you come out with your proud accomplishments, someone always splashes a bucket of cold water on you and compares your accomplishments to Ye Qiu’s, so you’re also not accepting of him either."

"I know all that!" Feng Xianjun smiled.

These team captains were smarter than a majority of normal players. When they first heard Feng Xianjun call out their names, they were startled, but when he finished speaking, they suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Feng Xianjun was implying that when they came across Ye Qiu, they were unable to put down their past grievances and refused to let Ye Qiu go. But it was in fact the opposite! Everyone was focused on snatching bosses, but it was Ye Qiu and his team that refused to stop bothering them!

Chairman, you’ve reversed the main relationship. We’re the ones on the defensive!

The team captains looked at one another. Liu Hao once again rushed out excitedly: "Why don’t we ally together? If we see Ye Qiu, we first get rid of them before doing anything else?"

Feng Xianjun heard his suggestion and was truly angry! F*ck, didn’t I just say all of that to advise you guys not to split your attention when you see Ye Qiu? Good, good. You even want everyone to split their attention together and make trouble for me, is that it?  

Feng Xianjun glared at Liu Hao, but Liu Hao was so excited that he didn’t notice. He was even looking at everyone expectantly.

Seeing how the team captains appeared to be in deep thought, Feng Xianjun was truly afraid that they would ally together to go hunt Ye Qiu down. If that happened, was there still going to be a league? We might as well just organize the players to go to the game and watch you guys chase him down.

"Ahem!" Feng Xianjun cleared his throat and got everyone’s attention: "What I have to say is very simple. We’re under special circumstances right now. Everyone needs to put some effort into the game. We all understand that. It’s one of the selling points and features of the Glory Alliance. However, everyone needs to focus when they’re in the game! Don’t let your personal feelings interfere with proper business. It wouldn’t be good if it affected your matches in the league! This time of year is when everyone needs to perform at their best."

Feng Xianjun’s final words weren’t wrong. This season, all of the teams appeared very ambitious, allowing such an exciting season to form. If the teams wanted good placings, the matches would naturally be more fun to watch, and the Alliance’s growth would be more powerful too. This was why Feng Xianjun was worried of a minor problem growing out of control.

"The problem is that this isn’t the current situation..." This time, the team captains didn’t stay silent. The first to speak was Team Blue Rain’s Yu Wenzhou.

"Chairman, we all understand what you’re saying. We aren’t that unprofessional." Wang Jiexi said.

"Right now, it’s Ye Qiu who’s taking the initiative to make trouble for us." Han Wenqing said.

"As a result, we aren’t able to concentrate on the bosses. We have to split our attention to face them." Team Hundred Blossom’s Yu Feng said. It was easy to see that he had been deeply affected by it.

"Everyone would thank the heavens if he didn’t give us trouble. Who wants to provoke him!" Team Misty’s Chu Yunxiu said.

"Last time, our team’s Li Xun hadn’t even left the city yet and he was killed by Ye Qiu’s group." Team Void’s Li Xuan said unhappily. He did prove a rumor though: Happy had killed a character, who was suspected to be a pro player. It turns out that it really was a pro player.

"It doesn’t seem like he’s here to snatch bosses. It seems like he’s deliberately looking for trouble." Team Wind Howl’s Tang Hao said.

"He’s specifically targeting pro players." Team 301’s Yang Cong said.

"Yeah..." Team Samsara’s Zhou Zekai.

"Let’s ally together and get rid of him!" Liu Hao immediately suggested, but this time, he saw the chairman glare at him. Liu Hao thought he had been seen through by the chairman. He instantly shrunk back and didn’t dare let out a peep.

"What is this Ye Qiu doing!" Feng Xianjun seemed to be talking to himself, but everyone still heard him.

"Bothering us and diverting our attention is convenient for his group….." Wang Jiexi replied. Everyone nodded their heads, looking at it from a tactical perspective for snatching bosses. It had been a month, and the teams still hadn’t figured out that Ye Xiu was actually bringing his team to get experience from them! After all, from a tactical perspective for snatching bosses, Happy’s behavior was very logical, so no one was imaginative enough to think about it from another perspective. They all thought Ye Xiu’s actions were appropriate! It was just that his appropriate actions were harming them.

His Happy was still playing leisurely in the Challenger League. They had plenty of energy and time. On the other hand, the other pro teams still needed to maintain their peak conditions to face their upcoming matches! But every week, they needed to waste so much of their energy on snatching bosses. How could the quality of the matches not go down?

The one comfort was that it was everyone who fell, not just one team. As a result, even though the quality of the matches this month decreased, it didn’t really affect the placings in the Alliance. The pro players only cared about their placings. They didn’t care too much about the Alliance’s growth or whatever, so even though they were all grumbling about Ye Qiu, in reality, they weren’t nearly as worried as Feng Xianjun. It was everyone playing poorly, so who cares!

"Ban his account!"

"The Alliance doesn’t have that sort of authority, does it?"

"Remove their qualifications for the Challenger League! That way they can’t fight back!"

"Yeah yeah, that’s good. Remove them!"

As a matter of fact, the team captains were even in the mood to joke around! It truly made Feng Xianjun burn with anxiety. The Alliance obviously had the power to remove their qualifications for the Challenger League, but they couldn’t just randomly abuse it. They had to follow the rules, no? They didn’t have a proper reason to remove Happy’s qualifications! How could the team captains not understand that? As a result, they were just messing around. Those guys sounded all depressed, but in reality, no one was taking it seriously.

"Honestly, I feel like Liu Hao’s suggestion could be one solution." Yu Wenzhou suddenly said.  

Feng Xianjun was startled. Why are you also making trouble for me? Most players wouldn’t consider things from a manager’s perspective, but Feng Xianjun didn’t think Yu Wenzhou was that type of player. In his eyes, Yu Wenzhou was a talent that could join the Alliance’s management level after retiring as a pro player. Why did he make this kind of suggestion?

At this moment, Yu Wenzhou continued: "Everyone knows how many people are in Ye Qiu’s team, right?"  

"10." Wang Jiexi said.

"You count that one?" Han Wenqing said.

"Are you talking about Chasing Haze?" Wang Jiexi said. Everyone was clearly someone who fully understood the matter. They even knew the names of everyone in Team Happy.

"Chasing Haze is weak, but if you draw the line with her, then there are a few other ordinary ones among them." Wang Jiexi said.

"Little Cold Hands?"

"Concealed Light?"

The captains of the Alliance’s top teams could already name everyone in Team Happy. These were just the rather weak ones in Team Happy, yet they were still very familiar with them.

"It doesn’t matter if they’re strong or weak. In any case, my suggestion is that the next time we hunt for bosses, everyone be on the lookout for them. We’ll take the initiative to send out a few players to form a team and specifically contest against them. They want to fight with us, so we might as well fight with them. If we have people specifically to deal with them, then we won’t need to worry about wasting too much of our energy. The others can then focus on the boss. The faster we finish, the earlier we can leave. What do you think everyone.?"

Yu Wenzhou said to everyone, but his eyes were still focused on Feng Xianjun. Feng Xianjun let out a sigh of relief. He nodded his head with a smile.This Yu Wenzhou truly was a talent. This method was one move, two gains! With each one having a specific goal, they wouldn’t be splitting their attention. It was an excellent idea.

"Yes, I think Yu Wenzhou’s solution is good." Feng Xianjun approved and immediately supported it. He didn’t wait for everyone’s response and first declared his position.

If the chairman approved, then everyone had to give him face! What’s more, Yu Wenzhou’s solution was truly a good one. Soon afterwards, everyone discussed the details. Liu Hao was the most fervent and he actively came up with many plans.

"You punk, are you planning on destroying Happy? Who would have thought that even after leaving Excellent Era, you still care about them so much." Li Xuan suddenly said.

"Ah... what are you talking about!" Liu Hao panicked slightly. He really want to destroy Happy, but he definitely had no intentions of helping Excellent Era. It would be wonderful if Excellent Era could be destroyed too. He still needed to hide his personal feelings though: "Do you guys really think that this team can threaten Excellent Era?"

"Haha, who can say?" All of the team captains smiled.

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