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Chapter 953 - Knowing When to Stop

If Wang Jiexi was just simply rampaging about on his own, no one would bother him and risk drawing his attention. However, the problem was that he held the aggro of the boss. From the perspective of boss stealing, Wang Jiexi was a core problem that everyone had no choice but to face. Before dealing with him, they couldn’t take the boss. Otherwise, they would just be helping Herb Garden kill it.

Wang Jiexi wasn’t a target normal players could even dream of dealing with though. Even pro players, the ones just starting out, like the Misty Rain sisters, would only end up in an awkward situation if they tried. However, apart from these two, the pro players had popped up today were all big names in Glory, perfectly capable of causing Wang Jiexi a lot of trouble. The problem was, these pro players didn’t have the time to do so, because they were struggling with their own troubles.

Team Happy!

Ye Xiu and his group’s goals were simple and direct. They didn’t care about the wild boss at all, so they didn’t bother spending any effort on Wang Jiexi, who was flying all over the map. On the other hand, the other pro players were perfect targets for them. As they fought furiously with the pro players they had already engaged, they ran about harassing new targets as well.

The pro players were extremely vexed, but didn’t want to waste time on Happy either, so they all began to take an avoidance approach towards Happy. As for Ye Xiu’s group? They really didn’t like the avoidance approach the pro players were taking. We came to get battle experience, so if you keeping dodging about and running away, then we can’t use this to our advantage!

They couldn’t provoke most of the pro players to fight them, and the ones that they were entangled with, they couldn’t finish off. The pro players weren’t fighting on their own either. No matter if it was Yu Feng or Huang Shaotian or Zhang Jiale and Lin Jingyan, they all had guilds supporting them. None of them would sit by and watch their Gods get led around by the nose. A few people to provide ranged support or healing was already a great help.

However, Ye Xiu wasn’t worried about this, because their goal really was too simple. Victory didn’t matter. If these pro players were impossible to kill, then it would be great if they could fight them for three days and three nights!

The situation was chaotic, but it somehow managed to maintain this chaotic balance to the end.

Team Happy and the pro players they had managed to engage were locked in a stalemate. As for stealing the Boss, no one could really do anything to Wang Jiexi, so the guilds began to strike at Herb Garden’s normal players, so Wang Jiexi began to lead the Boss rampaging through the guilds and destroying their attack formations.

Was Shadow Tactician Shaan even a boss anymore?

No one thought it seemed like one anymore. It was evidently Wang Jiexi’s summons, following Wang Jiexi’s Witch, attacking and causing chaos among the guild players wherever it went.

The normal players had learned something new today, that the Magician was so incisive, even when stealing bosses. Seeing that their pro players didn’t seem to be able to do much, they also began to lose hope.
Shadow Tactician Shaan’s health was rapidly falling as he barged through the crowd. In addition to Herb Garden’s relentless attacks, the damage it took from the crossfire was probably upwards of ten percent of its health.

It was until Shaan’s health fell to ten percent and entered the enraged state that the situation began to unstabilize. In an enraged state, Shaan would summon Shadow Soldiers. Many masked assassins in black cloaks appeared together, killing anyone they came across.

Normal players wouldn’t be able to win against these assassins one on one. Pro players had the ability to, but they didn’t know if they should! What would they gain from killing these Shadow Assassins? Nothing. They would only be helping Herb Garden!

The situation had already come to this and they had no way of dealing with Wang Jiexi, so the guilds finally began to give up. After giving the order, Samsara, Misty Castle, Excellent Dynasty, and the other guilds had already recalled their troops. However, many people came over to watch Happy fight the other gods out of curiosity.

Seeing everyone clearing the field, Zhang Jiale and the others knew that the conclusion was set. They seethed at Ye Xiu in their hearts! If it wasn’t for Ye Xiu causing trouble, then Wang Jiexi definitely wouldn’t have had such an easy time, what with all them gods here.

"What the hell were you thinking, fucking around like this? Now look, have you managed to get the boss?" Zhang Jiale said with contempt, believing that Ye Xiu had completely miscalculated.

"Heheh," Ye Xiu laughed.

"What the hell are you laughing about!" Zhang Jiale was enraged, and Dazzling Spring directed his fire at Lord Grim.

Lord Grim hurriedly dodged. Speaking of, Ye Xiu was a little disappointed. He had hoped that Tang Rou, Steamed Bun, and the others could get the chance to gain some experience by fighting pro players, but these pro players just seemed to love coming at Lord Grim. To be honest, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was more like a bystander in this battle, mostly taking command. The few times he went up to fight, it was only when he was forced to.

"Let’s crush this guy together!!!" People n units away could even still see the speech bubbles coming from Huang Shaotian’s Blade Master. Sun Xiang, who was about to leave with his guild, immediately raised his spear, eager to come over, when he saw this.

"We probably shouldn’t waste any more time here, yeah?" Xiao Shqin’s Mechanic quickly came over to talk him down.

Ye Xiu looked around then and saw that the boss fight was over and the guild members were shuffling over to watch them. If they continued to fight, Blue Brook, Tyrannical Ambition, and Blossom Valley’s players could participate wholeheartedly. Like that, if Ye Xiu and co continued to fight without the help of a guild, they wouldn’t be able to do much training before being annihilated. If they called their guild over to fight, that would just become a massive guild war. Not only was such a thing probably not helpful to Happy’s training, but their guild would also take heavy casualties. Continuing this was meaningless.

"Ahem, what are we still fighting for, now that the boss is gone?" Seeing that there wasn’t any use in continuing, Ye Xiu immediately expressed his opinion.

This meaningless fighting wasn’t something that any rational guild leader would want, so they all came to try and talk down their Gods.

With the Gods complying, the other normal players were easy enough to persuade. The battle over on Happy’s side petered out just like that. Everyone looked towards the boss fight then, seeing that Herb Garden, with Wang Jiexi present, were easily taking down the boss, now that the other guilds weren’t making things hard. It didn’t take much before Shadow Tactician Shaan was finally announced by the system.

"Okay okay, let’s all leave," Ye Xiu called to his people.

"Are we not fighting anymore?" Tang Rou seemed disappointed for it to end. For the current her, there was no fun to the in game arena anymore, because it was far too easy. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had seen that there was more to the world of Glory, she would’ve probably completely lost interest already.

"Yes, let’s end things here for today! Everyone is probably exhausted, right?" Ye Xiu asked.

In this chaotic free-for-all, they had been no clear goal. All they did was fight, fight until they ended up rather befuddled. Hearing Ye Xiu’s words, everyone came back to the present and only then did they realize that this battle really had been exhausting!

They had been tense, unable to relax, a continuous stream of high-intensity mechanics. This was true exhaustion. Even Tang Rou, who had been unsatisfied just now, found that she really was burnt out after being reminded by Ye Xiu.

This was also one of the reasons Ye Xiu had called for them to stop.

The Glory Pro League had a match every week. This wasn’t just to lengthen the match season. Though in Esports, it seemed like you only needed to sit there and there was little movement involved, it still took a lot out of you. Especially for certain areas, like your hands, which had to complete an immense amount of actions. Losing feeling in them when walking out from the match wasn’t uncommon. Many players even had lasting symptoms. For example, Sun Zheping’s injury wasn’t really some sort of accident. His battlestyle had taken a toll on his hands, and his injury was the result of the accumulation of overwork.

The better your skill in Glory, the larger the toll on the player, but the pro teams took careful consideration of this. Through the use of science, they obtained ways of practice while caring for their hands and the career lifespans of pros were constantly on the rise.

For Happy, they had limited resources. Sometimes, everyone had to keep playing under exhaustion and stress. If they didn’t know when to stop when fighting these high intensity battles with pro players, it wouldn’t be a good thing for Happy’s players. Happy’s current situation was like those teams from the beginning of the Alliance. They didn’t have good foundations, so everything they gained had to be earned themselves, so the pro players had to expend a lot of effort.

It was because of this, as well, that the players from the beginnings of the Alliance found it hard to endure until this day. After Ye Xiu’s retirement, Han Wenqing had become the very last of the first generation of Glory pro players that was still fighting matches. Compared to Sun Zheping, who had a similar playstyle, but debuted in the second season and retired from injury in the fifth, you couldn’t deny that natural talent did exist.

Compared to the first generation, the Golden Generation was much more fortunate. When they joined, the Alliance had already seen great improvements and the majority of clubs’ structures were very wholesome already. Under these great competitive conditions, the career lifespans of these players were far better than the first generation. By this season, the Golden Generation had been in the Alliance for a full five seasons. Compared to the first generation who had all gradually been forced to retire and part ways within five seasons, the Golden Generation were all still in peak competitive condition. Their experience, mechanical skill, and awareness, all of it was still at its peak, making their current state optimal for their performances.

Although, when you thought about it, another reason for the first generation’s rapid retirement was because a lot of players were like Wei Chen; they weren’t young even before they had entered the Alliance. In two or three years, their performance would naturally drop. After this, the Alliance began to develop further and the debuting ages of the players would only get lower and lower.

For example, Lu Hanwen, the 14 year old All-Star, could keep his title for at least ten years, if no accidents happened. This was enough for the veterans that could only stay in the league for two or three years to cry a face full of tears.

Considering all of this, Team Happy, whose goal was the Pro League, couldn’t be too careless either.

"Everyone should do some hand exercises before going to bed," Ye Xiu ordered the others, who were all logging off and preparing to rest.

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