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Chapter 952 - A Confusing Chaotic Situation

"He broke through?" Blooming Blossom was ecstatic, but after checking the health on Yu Feng’s Berserker, for a second, his smile wouldn’t come out. Fortunately, the players from Blossom Valley reacted quickly. In an instant, the healers worked together and healed Yu Feng’s Berserker back to full health.

However, Yu Feng’s Berserker just stood there staring into space. It was as if he didn’t know that he had been rescued and thought he had died.

Yu Feng really did think he had died. The outcome had astonished him. He should have been able to dodge that attack. This guy…...

"You’ve become soft-hearted..." Yu Feng heard Another Summer of Sleep say.

These words weren’t directed at him.

"Haha." Dazzling Spring laughed, but didn’t say anything.

Another Summer of Sleep turned to look at Yu Feng.

"Little one, Blossoms and Blood looks as if it’s birthed from the Spitfire’s Hundred Blossom Style, but in reality, the Berserker is the one in control of this playstyle’s rhythm. If you want to see Blossoms and Blood reborn again, you’d better work hard!" Sun Zheping said.

Not waiting for Yu Feng to regain his composure, everyone in Happy entered the battle in an orderly fashion under Ye Xiu’s instructions. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim led the charge. His Myriad Manifestations Umbrella shook. It transformed into its spear form and shot forward. Zhang Jiale and Sun Zheping saw it from the corner of their eyes.

"What are you doing?" Zhang Jiale shouted.

"You good-for-nothing. Cheating us to give the stage to you. What a waste of time. Give us control of the battle now!" Ye Xiu said and moved his spear. Zhang Jiale thought he was about to be attacked, so he had Dazzling Spring roll off to the side. However, Lord Grim was just faking it. He also moved to the side. From behind him, a handful of sand came flying out. Steamed Bun Invasion had also joined the fray.

Zhang Jiale dodged quite quickly, but Yu Feng’s Berserker was still just standing there staring blankly. The handful of sand hit him directly. Yu Feng’s screen went black. He had become Blind. However, that had woken him up in an instant. He couldn’t see and he didn’t know what was happening, but he could still hear the sounds from the game.

"You want to break our Blossoms and Blood again?" Yu Feng heard Zhang Jiale shout.

"Haha, your information is too outdated. Old Sun, stand aside. It’d be embarrassing if I accidentally hit you." Ye Xiu replied.

Zhang Jiale was startled. He turned around and saw Another Summer of Sleep moving aside. It didn’t seem like he was planning on fighting alongside him. At this moment, Zhang Jiale finally noticed the guild tag above Another Summer of Sleep’s head: Heavenly Justice. 

Zhang Jiale instantly realized something.

Soon afterwards, Windward Formation summoned a Chaotic Rain. One Inch Ash drew an Ice Boundary. Concealed Light’s summons lined up and attacked. Dawn Rifle and Chasing Haze shot Stingers into the sky. The artillery shell exploded in the air and a dense forest of thorns rained down.

Zhang Jiale didn’t say anything more. Dazzling Spring nimbly maneuvered through these attacks. It was tragedy for Yu Feng’s Berserker though. While he was out of it, sand had hit him, inducing a Blind. No matter how experienced he was, there was no way he could suddenly defend against an attack from four sides without being able to see anything. However, ever since Yu Feng’s Berserker produced a Blossoms and Blood, he had already been recognized by Blossom Valley as their core God. The players from Blossoms Valley failed to remember that they were here to hunt the boss. Everyone rushed forward desperately to rescue their God. If they could do so, they would be delighted if they could also give Zhang Jiale’s Dazzling Spring a blow in the passing.

It wasn’t hard to imagine how difficult the situation was for Zhang Jiale. The players from Blossom Valley were easier to deal with, but the group from Happy being led by Ye Xiu was very painful.  

He dodged left and right, but he couldn’t avoid so many attacks. Dazzling Spring’s health continued to fall. In this chaotic battle, Zhang Jiale’s spirit wavered. He couldn’t react in time for the next wave of attacks. Suddenly, a figure came in from the slide, rescuing his Dazzling Spring.

Zhang Jiale turned around absentmindedly and clearly saw who it was.

It was Lin Jingyan’s Brawler.

Zhang Jiale’s spirit shook.

Correct. This was his teammate. A partner who he could rely on. The past was the past!

Zhang Jiale looked around. Sun Zheping’s Another Summer of Sleep was on the other side of the battlefield swinging his greatsword.

Zhang Jiale returned to that summer many years ago. It had been a chaotic battle too. In the end, they were the only two remaining. That youth carried his greatsword on his shoulders and charged into the fray in a Berserk state. Zhang Jiale no longer had the will to keep fighting and thought he was definitely dead, when he heard that person say: "Hey, you’re pretty good. Do you want to be my partner?"

The two joined Team Hundred Blossoms together that year, forming the Dual Blossoms. They studied the tendencies of their opponents and created an unheard of playstyle together. Blossoms and Blood shocked the entire Glory scene the following year....

And today, in the same kind of chaotic battle, the two were on different sides. The blood shadows from his greatsword were as wild as before. The Hundred Blossoms Style was as dazzling as ever. However, Blossoms and Blood would never appear again.


Just like how he raised his gun towards Guild Blossom Valley, Zhang Jiale’s Dazzling Sprint lifted up his right hand and shot accurately at Another Summer of Sleep.  

Blood splattered from the bullet hole in Another Summer of Sleep. He roared and slashed in this direction using Wild Blood Strike. The player in front of him was sent flying away. Zhang Jiale seemed to see a smile on Another Summer of Sleep’s expressionless face. Another Summer of Sleep lifted his greatsword onto his shoulders and then turned around carefreely.

"Leave!" Finally, after saying goodbye, Zhang Jiale regained his composure and quickly realized that participating in this chaotic battle was meaningless. Everyone was here to snatch the boss. Where’s the boss? With Herb Garden! Why were these people even fighting? He immediately told Lin Jingyan to leave.

The two wanted to run, but Happy refused to comply and did not let the two off.

"Have you gone senile from old age? Why aren’t you letting us go?" Zhang Jiale angrily rebuked.

"It’s more like your eyes have gone blurry from old age. Are you the only ones we’re not letting go?" Ye Xiu retorted. 

Zhang Jiale focused and saw that they weren’t the only ones being trapped by Happy. As soon as a pro player on the battlefield passed by, it didn’t matter if he didn’t provoke them, Happy would take the initiative to attack them.  

"How low!" Zhang Jiale exclaimed.

Lin Jingyan was perplexed: "Why do you think he’s acting so lowly?"

Happy’s crude and rough training method wasn’t within the scope of the imagination of these pro players.

"We can’t let them keep doing this!" Zhang Jiale said.

"But I feel like taking the initiative to attack is exactly what they want!" Lin Jingyan said.

"Could he be threatening from the east and striking from the west!" Zhang Jiale reflected on it from a tactical perspective.

"Luring a tiger from its home in the mountains?" Lin Jingyan added. 

The two turned to look at Herb Garden. Happy and the guild alliance had surrounded them.

"Sure enough!" The two slapped their thighs. Happy’s training method was to restrict these pro players, stopping them from attacking the boss.   

The two were incomparably experienced Gods. They saw through Ye Xiu’s scheme and obviously wouldn’t let him go through with it. They had to escape by any means possible and rush over to aid in the boss battle.

The pro players weren’t cooperating, making it difficult for everyone in Happy. Happy encircled, chased, blocked, and intercepted. In any case, they got to fight with these Gods, so it could be considered as accumulating high-level combat experience!

The two from Team Tyranny were nipped at the heels fiercely. Team Hundred Blossom’s Yu Feng had been dragged into the fray. There was also Team Blue Rain’s Huang Shaotian. He had never tried escaping from the very beginning. And ever since Lu Hanwen’s Blade Master was killed, he kept on spouting out word bubbles filled with declarations of revenge.

Sun Xiang, who had entered the battle on his own accord, had finally been urged back by Xiao Shiqin.

In the end, Excellent Era wasn’t able to be dragged in. Those who had been watching for awhile, like Guild Samsara and Guild Misty Castle had an easier time making a move after clearly seeing what the situation was. The pro players from those two teams circled around Happy as if they were stinking piles of dung towards Herb Garden.

The pressure on Herb Garden multiplied. With so many guilds and so many pro players, even with a God watching over them, it was still extremely difficult to hold their advantage. However, if Wang Jiexi wasn’t able to predict such an outcome, then his two championship titles and narrowly recreating Excellent Era’s reign over the scene would be unjustified.

When the guilds and pro players surrounded them, Herb Garden created a path. This path wasn’t a welcoming path, but an exit path. Wang Jiexi’s Witch zoomed through the sky on his broom and moved bizarrely through the crowd. Behind him was the boss, Shadow Commander Shaan.

When the guilds saw this, they wanted to cry. It was clear that Shaan’s number one target was Wang Jiexi’s Witch. Usually, this target should be the first to be killed, making it easy to transfer the aggro to someone else. However, the target was the Alliance’s mysterious Magician! How many could catch up to him?

Team Misty Rain’s newly joined beautiful sisters were new-born calves who didn’t fear tigers. The two Sharpshooters rushed forward to block him. However, Wang Jiexi’s Witch made a few right angle turns and several feints, confusing these two sisters. By the time they recovered, Shadow Commander Shaan reached them and slashed at both of them.

How could a level 75 wild boss’s attack power be a joke? It looked like a plain and simple slash, but it nearly killed the two of them instantly. The two couldn’t help but feel fear. When they went to intercept Wang Jiexi again, they needed to be more careful and shoot from afar, but Wang Jiexi’s was moving around in the crowd. In the end, their bullets only injured the normal players of other guilds.

The pro players on the battlefield sympathized with these beautiful sisters.

In the end, rookies were still green. They were being led around by the nose by Wang Jiexi.

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