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Chapter 951 - Chance

The fans of Team Hundred Blossoms often wished they could witness Blossoms and Blood again, but no one had thought that when they did, it would be in such a situation,

This was a Blossoms and Blood with more splendor than any pro match they had seen before. This was because, in the online game, there were many more people to kill. The blood that splattered amongst the bright lights of flashing explosions created a blood-drenched scene. The players of Blossom Valley fell continuously. They were shocked, seething, unaccepting, but also unwilling to back down. That was when another flash of blades joined. Yu Feng had finally struck back, and the two broadswords locked together aggressively.

The Blossom Valley players were panting for breath. They stared dumbly at the Berserker called Another Summer of Sleep. Just who was this? He bore the words Heavenly Justice over his head, so was he that Berserker from Team Heavenly Swords?

Originally, normal players weren’t nearly as perceptive as pro players, who could estimate the player behind a character from their playstyle alone. However, for many of Hundred Blossom’s old fans, Sun Zheping was a name they would never forget, and his wild and crazed playstyle was burnt deep into memories.

As they watched Another Summer of Sleep, this long unthought of name surfaced in their minds.

However, they didn’t get the chance to question it further.

Another Summer of Sleep and Dazzling Spring, a Berserker and Spitfire duo that was once the target of their admiration and love, was mounting a furious offense against them. Yu Feng’s Berserker jumped out to defend, but was quickly consumed by the scene of Blossoms and Blood.

It wasn’t at all difficult to realize who, exactly, was protecting them now. The Team Hundred Blossom fans also suddenly realized, had they been neglecting their new core player?

"All healers, heal Captain Yu!!" Blossom Valley’s guild leader, Blooming Blossom, was the first to react and yelled out a command. He was a Hundred Blossoms fan, but was also a department head in the club. At times like this, he could still keep his cool, and was the only member of their guild that still remembered what they had come here to do.

He didn’t want to see things like this, meeting Zhang Jiale’s Dazzling Spring and getting into such a mess. His wishes also represented Club Hundred Blossom’s wishes.
The club was much more rational than the fans. They didn’t want their fans to cling to Zhang Jiale’s shadow like this when the man refused to look back. Zhang Jiale’s influence in Team Hundred Blossoms had become a handicap they wanted to overcome.

The club had recently been continuously brainstorming a way to negate the effects that Zhang Jiale’s return to the Glory scene as part of Team Tyranny had on Team Hundred Blossoms. Blooming Blossoms had also attended many such meetings.

Team Hundred Blossom’s fans were too stuck on the past, and didn’t seem to care about their new core player, Yu Feng. This was a problem that the club was helpless against and it gave them quite the headache.

Yet now, seeing Yu Feng’s Berserker charge forth like a hero, defending against Zhang Jiale and someone who was possibly Sun Zheping’s offense, Blooming Blossom realized that this was a chance they had to grab.

The new hero of Team Hundred Blossoms would be born on this day. No matter what, he had to make him shine.

So Blooming Blossoms used his yell to make all of Team Hundred Blossoms notice Yu Feng, to make everyone notice who it was that protected them when their once beloved duo had turned against them.

"Captain Yu!!"

As expected, Hundred Blossom’s normal players soon yelled out this encouraging shout that came from their hearts.

"Don’t worry about me. Everyone spread out, pull some distance and use ranged attacks to cover the area with firepower!" Yu Feng’s voice came out from within the Blossoms and Blood. It wasn’t any sort of incredible plan, but it was like a light in the darkness for Team Hundred Blossoms. All the Team Hundred Blossoms players ran to obey.

However, this was nowhere near enough to break Blossoms and Blood, only to lower its effectiveness. Under the cover of Blossoms and Blood, the extremely experienced veterans, Zhang Jiale and Sun Zheping, could still easily move about in this sort of AoE firepower coverage.

The only one who was fighting the two head on was still Yu Feng’s Berserker. Though Blooming Blossoms called for healing, they couldn’t see Yu Feng’s Berserker at all amongst the flashes of light from the Team Hundred Blossoms former playstyle. If they got any closer, they might accidentally step into the Blossoms and Blood. Two healers whose names immediately darkened and were automatically kicked from the team showed everyone the consequences of approaching without careful consideration.

The reason why Yu Feng had wanted everyone to not worry about him, scatter and keep their distance, was obviously because he didn’t want them to get consumed by Blossoms and Blood and get killed.

"Captain Yu...." In that moment, all the Team Hundred Blossom players finally completely accepted their new core players. However, could Yu Feng alone break Blossoms and Blood?

Zhang Jiale and Yu Feng’s Blossoms and Blood had been a coincidence. It was probably impossible for them to repeat it or continue it. The real Blossoms and Blood had been crafted through an entire season of trying to sync up from the extremely talented Zhang Jiale and Sun Zheping.

In the third season of the Alliance, Blossoms and Blood had been refined and had swept through the Alliance. All the powerhouses were shocked by this unseen playstyle and lost, disoriented.

It was that season that Blossoms and Blood reached their peak, and were also stopped at that peak.

Team Hundred Blossom, who had stormed their way to the finals, eventually fell to Team Excellent Era, who didn’t allow them to stop the attainment of their yet unchallenged third consecutive championship. Blossoms and Blood had been struck through by One Autumn Leaf’s Evil Annihilation. God Ye Qiu, having made that mark in history, made a shocking move after gaining the championship and accepted an interview. Though it was only through QQ, he had managed to leave a sentence that would be remembered by all, "A few times is enough for a playstyle, so using it too much, doesn’t that get tiring?"

However, even with this mocking sentence, Blossoms and Blood didn’t become a joke because the only one who had the right to make light of it was God Ye Qiu. If others wanted to say the same, they needed to break Blossoms and Blood first.

No playstyle or tactic was unbreakable, but Blossoms and Blood was something invincible in the hearts of Hundred Blossom fans, yet now they were hoping that Yu Feng would be able to break Blossoms and Blood. This was because this title no longer belonged to Team Hundred Blossoms, but rather their enemies.

Blooming Blossoms was secretly sweating in nervousness for him.

This was a good chance for Yu Feng to take the lead and the club had been hoping that he would be able to truly take the Team Hundred Blossom’s flag sooner than later, bringing Team Hundred Blossom’s fans away from clinging to the memories of someone who was no longer a part their team.

And now, this chance was right in front of them, but it really was a little too difficult.

With Sun Zheping’s injury forcing his retirement, Blossoms and Blood disappeared from the Alliance. In those two and a half seasons, the only one who had managed to break Blossoms and Blood alone was Ye Qiu in the third season.

Yu Feng was a very talented player, but had he reached the level Ye Qiu had back then?

There was probably no one who would believe that.

Speaking of, no matter if it was Zhang Jiale or Sun Zheping, they had both passed their peak. Sun Zheping had even retired for so long due to an injury, but now he was somehow back. It was debatable if it was actually him or not though. These two weren’t at the same level they had once been. On the other hand, Yu Feng was at his peak condition to play, so maybe he could really break this Blossoms and Blood?

Blooming Blossoms was filled with hope. After all, using this to make an impression in the hearts of Hundred Blossom’s players would be far better than using your own pain to do it*. This sort of tactic wouldn’t be able to truly vanquish the lingering emotions Hundred Blossom fans had for the past.

Thoughts flew through Blooming Blossoms’ mind wildly, and he even considered if there was any way they could cheat to help Yu Feng. It was a shame that he couldn’t think of any. This sort of pro-level face off wasn’t something that normal players could get involved in. Watching the party window, Blooming Blossoms noticed the health of Yu Feng’s Berserker dropping lower and lower, and he became more and more anxious. Then, he suddenly realized that because of the flashing light and shadows, they couldn’t see Yu Feng’s struggle at all. In the end, it was probably just be a corpse, tossed out. With that, Yu Feng’s efforts would be no different from that of someone who died as soon as they stepped in. How much acceptance this suffering could gain could be argued.

A chance! A chance!


This thought didn’t exist in Yu Feng’s mind.

Stepping out like a hero was all a thing of the moment.

He had heard Sun Zheping and Zhang Jiale’s conversation; did he want to end things like this? Yu Feng couldn’t accept that; he was even furious about it. Since he was now part of Hundred Blossoms, he understood better than anyone what Zhang Jiale meant to this group of fans. So when Zhang Jiale raised his gun at the Team Hundred Blossoms players, he had charged out to stop it. Not only was this for Zhang Jiale, but also because he didn’t want the players of Hundred Blossoms to be hurt in such a way.

Yet it was Another Summer of Sleep who had popped up.

He wanted to truly, cruelly, use this method to bid farewell to the Team Hundred Blossoms fans.

Yu Feng couldn’t accept that at all.

He stepped out to fight, not thinking of the consequences. He just wanted to do everything he could. He just wanted to battle...

They were hard to deal with, as expected...

Team Hundred Blossoms had wanted to recreate Blossoms and Blood through having Yu Feng join. Yu Feng, of course, had researched this playstyle extensively as well, watching recording after recording of the old Blossom Duo’s matches. So, he was more certain than anyone, that this Berserker in front of him was truly the old First Berserker, Sun Zheping.

And when he was really up against Blossoms and Blood, he found that this playstyle was truly hard to deal with.

I don’t think I can do it...

Watching his health fall to the bottom, Yu Feng took a deep breath. His protection of Hundred Blossoms would have to come to an end here. Let him burn this last slither of health as brightly as possible!

Yu Feng didn’t spare a thought for anything else, directly activating Bloodthirst. This was a powerful status skill that Berserkers gained at level 75. After their status was in Bloodthirst, Berserkers could use their own health to increase their strength.

Yu Feng’s Berserker didn’t have much health left, so Bloodthirst’s effects were limited. However, what was more important was the fight until the end attitude that this decision represented. When his health only had one point left, he struck his final blow and burned the rest of his life.

A crimson flash of energy from his blade streaked out from the Blossoms and Blood, and yet that was when Blossoms and Blood was brought to an abrupt halt by this single slash.

Dazzling Spring’s attacks stopped and the flashes of light and shadows dispersed. Everyone saw that Dazzling Spring was lying there, somehow knocked down by Yu Feng’s Berserker.

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