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Chapter 950 - Blossoms and Blood Reappear

Blossoms and Blood.

Back in the days, Team Hundred Blossom’s two Gods had founded this signature playstyle. Sun Zheping’s injury had forced him into retirement, and the playstyle vanished along with him. Though Team Hundred Blossoms wished to recreate it, they could not find a suitable Berserker, who could partner with Zhang Jiale. In the end, the playstyle became a memory. Ye Xiu and these other older players had experienced Blossoms and Blood for themselves, so their impression of this playstyle was deeper.

Team Hundred Blossoms had invited the current number one Berserker player, Yu Feng, and picked up the former number one Berserker character, Blossoming Chaos. In exchange, they gave up Dazzling Hundred Blossoms and built a new Spitfire character, Bright Blossoms, for Zou Yuan. They wanted to recreate this former splendor. However, Team Hundred Blossom did not perform well at the start of the season. Even though they gradually improved, the synergy between Yu Feng and Zou Yuan was still lacking in maturity, let alone replicating Team Hundred Blossom’s past glory.

But in the game’s Heavenly Domain, God Zhang Jiale, who had left Team Hundred Blossoms for Team Tyranny, had allied together with the new core of Team Hundred Blossoms, Yu Feng, to recreate this scene.

Ye Xiu and the other Gods saw it first. Then, the Blossom Valley players followed.

Blossom Valley’s elite troops didn’t lack older fans. Their accomplishments in Glory couldn’t match those of pro players, so their reaction was a half-beat slower. However, they quickly realized it. That familiar scene before them was the Blossoms and Blood from their memories.

Before Blossom Valley’s old fans could become excited. They saw clearly how this scene had been revived. Their hearts immediately shattered like broken vases, and they experienced the joys and sorrows of life.

"Zhang Jiale! Why did you leave!!!" A heart-wrenching shout suddenly erupted from Blossom Valley. This Blossoms and Blood scene had awakened their deepest memories. In the end, it was because they couldn’t let go of Zhang Jiale that they complained about his choice to join Team Tyranny. If Zhang Jiale had stayed with Team Hundred Blossoms, with Yu Feng, couldn’t the long-awaited Blossoms and Blood return? 

The battlefield instantly fell silent. A weep followed this heart-wrenching shout. No one could tell if the person was a guy or girl, but at this moment, his or her emotions had gone out of control.

Zhang Jiale stood still.

He had just realized that he and Yu Feng had never practiced together before or communicated with each other, yet they were still able to reproduce a Blossoms and Blood. Their experience, awareness, and skill had reached a certain level, allowing for this to happen. However, it wasn’t intentional, so if the two immediately tried to replicate it, it might not happen again.

But while those at a pro level could understand this reasoning, normal players wouldn’t care. When they saw the Blossoms and Blood again, they felt even more anguished at Zhang Jiale’s departure. The bitterness in their heart only deepened because they knew that even if there were people who had lost control of their emotions from their hearts being crushed, it would not change reality. Zhang Jiale was no longer a member of Team Hundred Blossoms. The previous Blossoms and Blood was simply an illusion. It would not appear in Team Hundred Blossoms this season.

Everyone could understand the emotions felt by Team Hundred Blossom’s fans, which was why the battlefield suddenly fell into silence. They were all Glory players. They laughed, cried, and argued over the same things... sympathy came about just that easily.

"Regardless, what’s past is past!"  

Someone suddenly said from beside Dazzling Spring.

Zhang Jiale turned around and saw Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim.

"Yes..." Zhang Jiale suddenly smiled. The feeling of guilt in his heart had truly been incomparably intense. He had even felt the urge to retire again, but even if he did, what would come of it? The past was the past. He could never go back. If he could, Zhang Jiale would have gone back in time to season five. He wouldn’t have allowed Sun Zheping’s injury flare up. Perhaps Team Hundred Blossoms would have become the champions that year. That might even have been the start of Team Hundred Blossom’s reign!

But it was such a pity.

What’s past is past!

His choice had been the result of being careful and being careful again. Why should he regret it? Why should he shrink back again? He had already retired cowardly once. Why did such a thought appear again?

Running away definitely wasn’t the solution.

Zhang Jiale let out a sigh. This time, he had decided.

Dazzling Spring lifted his hand.


Yu Feng’s Berserker was shot in the head at near point blank range.  

"We’re enemies now." Zhang Jiale said calmly.

"Thanks." Yu Feng actually said thanks towards this attack because he knew very well that after this shot, he truly became Team Hundred Blossom’s core. The illusion left in the hearts of Team Hundred Blossom’s fans had finally been shattered by this one shot. They would no longer feel regret or reminiscent of him. Only resentment would remain in their hearts.

"You’re welcome."

Yu Feng didn’t think Zhang Jiale would actually reply to his thanks as if it were the proper thing to do.  

"Good luck! Don’t disappoint them!" Zhang Jiale said.

This guy! Did he intentionally shoot me?

Yu Feng was astonished because he had realized that Zhang Jiale had intentionally been ruthless, breaking off the last bit of feelings that the fans of Team Hundred Blossoms had for him. Seizing this opportunity, he pushed Yu Feng into the light, letting him become the new hope for Team Hundred Blossom’s fans.

Yu Feng didn’t think that in this type of situation, he would receive the trust from Team Hundred Blossom’s true key figure. This was not something a contract would give him.

This method was too cruel though!

Before Yu Feng could say anything, the players from Blossom Valley had exploded. Zhang Jiale’s shot severed all relationships with them. His declaration of "We’re enemies now" made them completely furious. They were no longer weeping. At this moment, they only desired to fight. What wild boss? What uncommon materials? To hell with it! They had once revered the guy in front of him like a God. Now, he had become their greatest enemy. They needed to teach this guy a lesson no matter what.

The players from Blossom Valley threw themselves at him. Their fear towards the Gods? It didn’t exist anymore.

Dazzling Spring lifted up his arm and gripped his gun tightly, facing these Blossom Valley players, but the pro players discovered that even though Dazzling Spring aimed his gun towards them, he couldn’t fire it. Just lifting the gun wasn’t something done to attack.

Yu Feng, who was closest to him, obviously understood this even better. Although he knew that these were all moves benefiting his future, his blood was boiling. He wanted to stop everything from continuing. However, facing the turbulent Blossom Valley group, would they listen to his explanation? 

Crimson Storm!

At this moment, a powerful Berserker skill was unleashed. The storm crashed into Blossom Valley, stopping their momentum.

But these Blossom Valley players weren’t as rational as those Tyrannical Ambition players, who had been cut off by Yu Feng. Those who were hit by the attack fell, but those who didn’t ignored the damage and continued to charge towards Zhang Jiale’s Dazzling Spring.

Then, they heard sounds of a greatsword slashing in unbroken succession. A figure had stepped in front of Dazzling Spring. Wild Blood Strike, Whirlwind Strike, and the new skill, Absolute Storm, cut towards Blossom Valley, instantly clearing them away. That player pointed his greatsword to his side. The blood-soaked sword had completely lost its original luster. He did not turn his head and simply asked: "What are you afraid of?"

Another Summer of Sleep?

Everyone saw this Berserker’s ID.

But who was this?

Everyone immediately identified this player’s guild.  

Heavenly Justice?

Team Heavenly Swords had a Berserker, and that Berserker was Team Heavenly Sword’s owner; his status was extremely high.

To become a pro player meant his own skill level couldn’t be lacking, but placed on this battlefield, Lou Guanning’s status as a pro player wasn’t anything to blink at.

Apart from the players from Team Happy, all of the pro players were All Stars. Sun Xiang and Xiao Shiqin simply weren’t chosen this year due to special circumstances. If they were still in the Alliance, those two would undoubtedly have been chosen as All Stars.

Was this Berserker, who forcefully put himself in the spotlight, Heavenly Sword’s Lou Guanning?

The pro players at the scene didn’t think so.

They weren’t looking down on Lou Guanning. Bullying normal players didn’t require that much skill. However, every player had their own aura. Team Heavenly Swords had been in the Alliance for half a year now. All of the teams had an idea what Lou Guanning’s Berserker was like. Even though Team Heavenly Swords was a new team, their momentum was like a torrential rush. All of the teams took precautions against this new team. They had thoroughly done their research on Team Heavenly Swords. After half a year, all of them had a good grasp of Team Heavenly Sword’s strength. This Another Summer of Sleep’s playstyle was much more wild and violent compared to Lou Guanning’s. It couldn’t be that he suddenly became extremely arrogant as soon as he came to the game, right?

"Who are you!" Zhang Jiale was shocked. No one could be more familiar with such a wild and violent Berserker playstyle than him.

If you’ve already decided to say goodbye to the past, why is there still a thread of weakness remaining in your heart?" Another Summer of Sleep still didn’t turn his head.

"I was just..."

"Get rid of all those distracting thoughts!" Another Summer of Sleep raised his blood-soaked sword again and pointed it at Blossom Valley.

"Oh? With you?" Zhang Jiale said.

"Sure." The newcomer didn’t mind.

"You’re still so crazy!" Zhang Jiale felt moved. He already knew who this newcomer was. He was the other dependable and beloved God of Team Hundred Blossoms. Now, he had pulled out his blade, ready to fight with his former fans. Zhang Jiale couldn’t help but feel a ripple spread in his heart. This was exactly something his former partner would do.

"Right now the person who needs to go crazy isn’t me, but you." Sun Zheping said.

"Okay. I’m here!" Dazzling Spring stepped forward. He didn’t only lift up his gun. This time, he truly attacked.

Gunshots, explosions, sword slashes.

Blossoms and Blood.

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