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Chapter 949 - Blossoms and Blood

Crimson Storm!

After Yu Feng’s Berserker charged in, he immediately activated a powerful skill. A bloody aura rose, like a raging river, immediately knocking aside the Tyrannical Ambition players that were preparing to support Zhang Jiale. After that, he ignored them, raising his sword and charging at Tiny Herb.

Yu Feng’s playstyle wasn’t as elegant as Zhang Jiale, but the power of a God wasn’t something that normal players could counter easily. Herb Garden had just been thrown into chaos by Zhang Jiale, and now they saw another heading towards them fiercely. Though it was a smurf account, the account was from Hundred Blossoms and it wasn’t hard to guess who would jump out at a time like this.

"Scatter, scatter!" Herb Garden’s guild leader, Arisaema, was quite the player. He knew that having people crowd together to form a wall would only increase the effectiveness of the opponent’s attack. Instead, having everyone scatter and attack from all sides, using numbers to chip away at their opponent’s health, was a better strategy.

Who would’ve thought that before Herb Garden had the chance to take on another God that someone had already charged out and engaged Yu Feng’s Berserker.

Lord Grim.

This was a strange opponent to appear for Yu Feng. The boss was being stolen by Herb Garden, so everyone should be charging at them to take the boss back. Why was this guy suddenly popping up to stop him?

Turning around to have a look, he found that all of Team Happy was like that. They didn’t seem to care that the boss was getting stolen, just grabbing random opponents and fighting them. What on earth was this about?

How would Yu Feng know that Happy was here to kill bosses, but Shaan wasn’t the boss they had set their sights on. Instead, it was them, pro players. If one came, they’d fight one, if two came they’d fight them both.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim came to engage him and prepared to attack without hesitation, when suddenly a voice rung out from behind, "Hey, this won’t do. How come I have no support?"

Then they saw the glorious explosions that signaled the arrival of Zhang Jiale’s Dazzling Spring, who had charged in and then charged right back out again...

Where the boss was being killed in Herb Garden’s formation had Wang Jiexi there, overseeing things, and beside him was Gao Yingjie and a bunch of Herb Garden players. Zhang Jiale wouldn’t be able to do much charging in there on his own. He had originally hoped that the players in Tyrannical Ambition would be able to charge in with him. He had never expected that strike from Yu Feng, which had prevented Tyrannical Ambition’s advance for a moment. In just this small period of time, Zhang Jiale felt threatened and quickly disengaged from the mob.

To him, normal players were nothing. If it weren’t for Wang Jiexi, he would probably have little trouble dealing with all of them alone. The Herb Garden players were all on the verge of crying. Amongst the flashing lights, they could only vaguely tell that Dazzling Springs had flown by. Those a little closer might even get a bullet or grenade as a souvenir.

Zhang Jiale’s retreat sent Lord Grim into his line of sight, and hurriedly called for Ye Xiu to support him, "Hurry, Wang Jiexi’s almost done with the boss! Quick!"

Lord Grim responded by flicking his spear at him.

Zhang Jiale made a sound of surprise, forcing Dazzling Spring to jump to the side in a dodge and fell into a confused state similar to Yu Feng. Soon, he had come to a conclusion, "You’ve gone crazy! Wake up!"

Ye Xiu not only didn’t wake up, but Taunted both Zhang Jiale and Yu Feng.

Zhang Jiale and Yu Feng’s characters exchanged a glance, feeling rather awkward. Yu Feng had stepped out to prove himself to the Hundred Blossom fans, but now it seemed like the situation required him to team up with the most hated traitor of Team Hundred Blossoms, Zhang Jiale. How could he accept this? As for Zhang Jiale, just seeing the two words Blossom Valley on top of another’s head would cause his emotions to swirl with chaos. One day he had gone to the shop with Lin Jingyan, and he had ended up sighing at a stock of Hundred Blossoms branded* royal jelly for five minutes straight.

These two players both hesitated, giving Happy a chance. Concealed Light’s summons swarmed them, Windward Formation had hid who knows where and directly activated a Death’s Door. Dawn Rifle and Chasing Haze also opened fire with powerful skills. Satellite Beams descended from the sky, one each, making sure they wouldn’t get off easily.

Zhang Jiale and Yu Feng both felt very awkward about teaming up, but the situation was forcing their hand. There was no chance of cooperating with Happy even if they wanted to anymore. Their goal of coming here in the first place was to fight pro players for experience. Victory wasn’t a goal, so they didn’t need to plan. They didn’t need any convoluted methods. All they had to do was simple: find an opponent and fight.

Steamed Bun Invasion was still fighting Lin Jingyan’s Brawler.

Soft Mist’s battle with Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage was still raging on as well.

Steamed Bun’s fighting was natural to the point where a veteran like Lin Jingyan couldn’t even figure it out. He was on the verge of wondering where all his years of experience as fighting as a Brawler had gone.

Tang Rou’s fighting was fierce, especially since she knew that the person she was up against was the current number one Battle Mage, One Autumn Leaf’s player, a guy who was arrogant to the point of immaturity. Therefore, she was at the peak of her ability, and her performance was far better than usual when she was dungeoning or PKing in the arena.

Even so, that didn’t mean the two managed to take the upperhand. It was just the way that they had each engaged their opponent’s with their own styles had taken the two off guard. Lin Jingyan and Sun Xiang quickly managed to stabilize the situation. However, Steamed Bun and Tang Rou weren’t normal players that they could defeat with ease. Victory was something they had to earn through care and strong focus.

The battle between Gods raged on and the guilds had no idea what to do.

Tyrannical Ambition had originally wanted to charge in to steal the Boss with Zhang Jiale, but ended up getting stopped by a Crimson Storm from Yu Feng’s Berserker. After that, they saw Dazzling Spring jump out again and start entangling with Happy. Should they go for the Boss, or help fight off Happy?

As for Excellent Dynasty, Chen Yehui wanted to spit blood.

Zhang Jiale, at least, showed that he still had a clear mind and intentions. As for their God Sun Xiang, he had immediately entered combat upon seeing Happy and charged in to fight them without hesitation. Chen Yehui wanted to cry. Excellent Dynasty hadn’t won in the competition for Bosses in a long time. He could clearly feel that Happy had made arrangements specifically to counter them. They were heading towards the state of a life and death struggle.

Today, a god had uncharacteristically decided to help them and Chen Yehui was full of excited anticipation. Yet they met Happy the moment they came and their god didn’t want the Boss, but Happy instead. Chen Yehui wanted to bash his head against his keyboard and die.

"Vice-captain Xiao, look…" Chen Yehui was helpless, but it was a good thing that they had another god overseeing this, Xiao Shiqin.

Xiao Shiqin was rather troubled by this as well. Ask Sun Xiang to come back? He wasn’t confident he could; help Sun Xiang defeat Happy? That would be spoiling him too much; ignore Sun Xiang and go for the Boss? This… Sun Xiang was their captain, their core, their ace. If they just tossed him aside, that didn’t seem very appropriate!

"I’ll go!" Xiao Shiqin didn’t have a better plan of action, he could only go up there personally to try and snap Sun Xiang out of it.

Tang Rou was already having enough trouble dealing with Sun Xiang alone. Her performance was at its peak, but it wasn’t giving Sun Xiang any obvious trouble. Tang Rou knew very well that her skill level wasn’t near enough to defeat this person one on one.

"I think that’s enough from you! Now it’s my turn!" At this moment, Sun Xiang gave a battlecry and grasped an opening left in Tang Rou’s barrage of attacks, about to counterattack.


A sudden explosion struck them. Sun Xiang hurriedly dodged, losing his chance to counterattack, vexed. Turning his view, he saw that it was Zhang Jiale’s Dazzling Spring, fighting with a bunch of Happy’s players with his Hundred Blossom’s style. Explosives flew everywhere and one of them had rolled over, interrupting Sun Xiang’s plans.

Without waiting for Sun Xiang to begin cursing, Soft Mist’s attacks came again, as furious as ever.

Though she knew she wasn’t as good as Sun Xiang, was Tang Rou one to give up? Her fighting spirit was undying.

"Don’t you know when to give up!" Sun Xiang hollered. He had obviously thought that Tang Rou would begin to feel helpless, begin to back down and accept defeat after being suppressed by his cream of the crop skill. Yet she hadn’t, not at all. Soft Mist’s spear was as sharp as ever.

"An ant like you wants to move an elephant?" Sun Xiang mocked, preparing another powerful counterattack.


The shockwaves from the downswing of a blade rolled over and Sun Xiang had to dodge once again, interrupting his counterattack.

"Who the f*ck!" Sun Xiang cursed first and asked questions later this time. Turning his view, he saw that it was a Berserker from Blossom Valley, probably Yu Feng, who had escaped and counterattacked with a Collapsing Mountain and backwards jump, just brushing past Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage. He was standing just in range of the shockwaves from the impact.

Yu Feng and Zhang Jiale’s Dazzling Blossoms stood one in the front and the other to the back, breaking out of Happy’s encirclement together and accidentally messing up Sun Xiang’s pace. He could excuse it once, but if he didn’t strike back the second time, then he wouldn’t be himself. Sun Xiang flicked the mouse in his right hand. His Battle Mage had already turned, his spear raised and a Tyrant’s Destruction was flung over. Yu Feng and Zhang Jiale really hadn’t meant to do it on purpose, so they hadn’t expected Sun Xiang’s attack. Unable to dodge the Tyranny’s Destruction, Yu Feng’s Berserker took a direct hit.

Xiao Shiqin, who was bringing his character over, saw this and could only think one thing: he should just leave this guy and let him die...

Stealing a Boss, they couldn’t even get around to just dealing with their mutual enemies, who would go around making more? People who made such provocations were asked to have everyone focus fire on them!

However, a Tyrant’s Destruction wasn’t enough for Sun Xiang to calm down, or maybe it was a habit of his, as a pro player, because one hit could always lead to a combo of n more. Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage had resolutely turned around, launching a fierce attack at Yu Feng’s Berserker.

Happy was also very confused. Wasn’t this guy their greatest enemy? Was he trying to join them now?

Yu Feng didn’t want to make more trouble, but how could he not strike back when someone attacked him like this? After hurriedly parrying Sun Xiang’s attack, he immediately countered. A Wild Blood Strike sent Sun Xiang backwards, and then several flashes of blade and blood were flung out at the pursuing members of Happy. The aura of the Alliance’s First Berserker was evident in these bloody attacks.

Zhang Jiale’s Dazzling Spring also turned back to return fire. He had finally realized that Happy was just here to cause trouble. If they weren’t defeated, then it would be hard for them to steal the Boss without further interruption. With Yu Feng’s sudden burst of attacks snatching back the upperhand, Zhang Jiale immediately turned to take this opportunity.

Amongst the grand explosions, a blade flashed and a bloody aura struck. Even a top god like Sun Xiang had been beaten back, never mind Happy’s players.

Everyone looked on with shock at the developing scene.

Ye Xiu, Lin Jingyan, Wang Jiexi… a scene from the past surfaced in these experienced veterans’ minds.

Blossoms and Blood...

Wasn’t this a nostalgic scene of the old Team Hundred Blossom’s Blossom Duo of a Spitfire and Berserker...

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