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Chapter 948 - I Want to be the Core

"Let’s save little Lu first," Changing Spring calmed down quickly after taking in the current situation. It was urgent to save Lu Hanwen first. No one was touching the boss for now, so they didn’t have to rush on that front.

Hearing Changing Spring’s order, Blue Brook’s players immediately swarmed over. Ye Xiu’s group saw this; this was exactly what they hated. Why was it so hard for them to fight pro players in peace?

However, they weren’t alone anymore. Happy, Heavenly Justice, Conquering Clouds, Parade, and Radiant’s guild alliance had arrived. Seeing Team Happy’s members, they came over to help. Seeing Blue Brook Guild charging forth, they didn’t hesitate to clash with them. It was soldiers against soldiers and generals against generals. The operation to save Lu Hanwen was unable to be carried out by the guild for now.

"Hold on, little Lu!" Blue Brook’s Blue River yelled out in desperation. Lu Hanwen had spent the summer playing with these guild members. Though he was an official member of Team Blue Rain now, and even an All-Star, despite being a rookie, he was still like a younger brother that followed them around all summer long. This younger brother was much more courageous than them, always at the front lines of the battlefield. Because of this, Blue River and the others were used to having to rescue him. It felt just like having to clean up after a troublemaker of a younger brother. Yet this time, it seemed that Lu Hanwen had gotten into something that he couldn’t handle...

It was that guy...

Blue River subconsciously sought out one of the figures. From the new server until now, Lord Grim… his equipment was still as mismatched and eye-catching as ever! His opponents were no longer the experts of the guilds like them, but Huang Shaotian, Wang Jiexi, and others who stood at the top of Glory.

Fuck, that’s how it should be! Why do you always have to bully us?!

Blue River was a little irritated upon thinking of this. However, when he looked closely, Huang Shaotian, Wang Jiexi didn’t seem to be having much of a good time against him either.

Little Lu… Where was Little Lu?

Blue River returned to the present and looked over only to find, fuck, Lu Hanwen’s Blade Master had disappeared. The group that had been beating him down had already dispersed...

Then why the hell are we still clashing with Happy, Heavenly Justice, Conquering Clouds and the other guilds?

The strangeness of the situation continued and the two guild powers had already fought to the point of no return. Meanwhile, the boss was still strolling around over there! No one was really clear on why they had come anymore.

"Have you gone to the group chat to call for more people?" Zhang Jiale could deal with Tang Rou easily enough, but the overall situation was different. Team Happy was very coordinated and exhibited great teamwork, and as for their side? They had started with Huang Shaotian stabbing Wang Jiexi in the back. There was no need to describe how coordinated and cooperative their makeshift alliance was.

Seeing how Blue Rain’s Lu Hanwen had been dealt with so resolutely and that their opponents were beginning to close in on him, Zhang Jiale was beginning to lose his cool. He quickly moved, crossing paths with Lin Jingyan’s Brawler, taking the chance to ask this hurriedly.

"I haven’t!" Lin Jingyan said.


"It’s because I suddenly realized, we’re here to steal the boss! If we find a boss, we should kill it quickly without being found out. Why on earth would we go to the chat and inform everyone to get them all to come?" Lin Jingyan said.

Zhang Jiale paused for a moment. Lin Jingyan’s logic was flawless. They were stealing a boss, why would they go and tell others? That was just looking for trouble.

"The boss!" Yet, for Zhang Jiale, Lin Jingyan’s words had reminded him of what they were here for.

Then, when he turned to look, Shaan wasn’t lonely anymore.

"As expected, this guy isn’t anything good!" Zhang Jiale yelled.

The one who had first attacked Shaan was Wang Jiexi’s Witch. It was clear that when they started to lose their cool, having met Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim, Wang Jiexi had never forgotten their initial goal. While they were over here having fun, he had casually rode his broom in a circle and attacked Shaan, who had, till then, been ignored.

As for Herb Garden, they had naturally received their orders already. With Wang Jiexi’s attack, they immediately charged out to help. Gao Yingjie’s Witch didn’t bother to continue getting into their mess either, having long since gone to support the guild in killing the boss.

Zhang Jiale and the others seethed, but were helpless to do anything. They had to find a way to throw Happy off first! With Lu Hanwen down and Wang Jiexi and Gao Yingjie having jumped ship, their situation had suddenly become extremely dangerous.

"Hey hey, the boss is going to be taken, calm down!" Seeing how Happy seemed to be dead set on fighting them, Zhang Jiale felt like he had to warn them about this.

"Yeah?" Tang Rou, who had been wildly pursuing Zhang Jiale gave him a response in acknowledgement. Her head didn’t even turn and Soft Mist continued to swing her spear viciously at the Spitfire.

"Holy f*ck, this woman’s gone crazy. Old Ye, hurry up and drag her away!" Zhang Jiale yelled.

It was then that another character appeared in his periphery, charging over at them. Zhang Jiale reacted quickly. Four successive jumps backwards allowed him to disengage with the help of an opening, and his counterattack launched in the meantime. Four backwards jumps, along with four grenades flew out towards the approaching character.

Boom boom boom boom!

Four consecutive explosions, flashing with colorful lights. Spitfire grenades had different effects, so when they exploded, the explosions would all look different. Having thrown four in rapid succession, Zhang Jiale obviously couldn’t have used the same skill four times in a row. Yet these four successive grenades hadn’t done anything to this attacker. They were obviously an expert.

The expert struck and dodged, dealing with all four of Zhang Jiale’s grenades. He was ignored by the newcomer, who darted straight at Soft Mist.

Zhang Jiale took a closer look. The newcomer was also a Battle Mage, in the guild Excellent Dynasty. He realized who this was immediately.

Was this cooperation, or coming to cause trouble? Zhang Jiale took a moment to consider before decisively deciding to play the bystander. He watched for a moment before leaving.

Boss Shaan!

Zhang Jiale had put his focus back on their original goal. He escaped from the chaos, avoiding engagement with Happy, and darted straight for Tiny Herb to get the boss back.

With a streak of blinding explosions, Zhang Jiale’s Spirfire pressed through. Normal players didn’t have any way to defend against his Hundred Blossom Style. They hadn’t even had the time to orient themselves before Zhang Jiale easily blasted through them. In the blink of an eye, Zhang Jiale’s Spitfire had broken through Herb Garden’s ranks and arrived at boss Shaan.

"Fierce!" Tyrannical Ambition’s members watched this, bursting with joy, charging forwards to help their god. As for the players of Blossom Valley? They saw this scene as well, but their emotions were tumultuous.

Dazzling Spring...

In the summer, this Spitfire had gone out of his way to fight by their side. Back then, everyone had figured out that this must be their captain; their captain had returned!

Who would’ve thought that when the summer was over, their captain did return, but was no longer their captain. Never mind going over to a rival team, he even took Dazzling Hundred Blossoms with him. The Team Hundred Blossom fans felt as if they had been toyed with. Their hatred for Zhang Jiale had reached peak point.

Now, Zhang Jiale was right there in front of them, still using that Spitfire from the summer, Dazzling Spring. However, the guild name above his head was no longer Blossom Valley, but Tyrannical Ambition.

What an eyesore!

Who knew how many of those standing in Hundred Blossom’s formation had such thoughts.

This was a emotional sickness, a scar that wouldn’t fade. Did it hurt, or itch? They couldn’t tell. All they knew was that watching Zhang Jiale fighting with the cheers of Tyrannical Ambition made them feel absolutely terrible.

Someone needed to step forwards on Blossom Valley’s side, too.

Yu Feng, who had come with them, obviously understood this. His Berserker stepped out resolutely, charging into Tiny Herb’s ranks.

His days of being the core player of Team Hundred Blossoms weren’t as blissful as he had expected them to be.

When he was in Team Blue Rain, it didn’t matter how good he was, because he would always be in the shadows of two others, always the third member of Team Blue Rain.

Now, he was in Hundred Blossoms and he was, in title, the core player of their team, the definitive main character. Yet after Zhang Jiale returned, he found himself stuck under yet another shadow.

To be honest, with the rumors of Zhang Jiale’s return, Yu Feng had been anxious. This was because he was very clear on the fact that, if Zhang Jiale returned, he would become the leader of Team Hundred Blossoms, and he would be in second place once more.

Compared to being third, it was a small improvement, but it wasn’t something that Yu Feng would be happy about. He only wanted to be the star of the show.

It was good that, while Zhang Jiale did return, he didn’t go back to Team Hundred Blossoms but to Team Tyranny instead.

Yu Feng had thought he could finally have the limelight to himself, but he realized that he couldn’t.

For each Team Hundred Blossoms fan that yelled "support Yu Feng", there were a hundred, a thousand yelling "hate Zhang Jiale".

The deeper you loved, the deeper your hatred.

It could be seen from how deeply the Team Hundred Blossom fans loathed Zhang Jiale, how much they had once loved their former captain.

This sort of love was what Yu Feng wanted, yet he found out that to become the target of such admiration wasn’t as easy as transferring teams.

The Team Hundred Blossom fans would rather go and rave at Zhang Jiale than give him even a single word of support.

Yu Feng’s spirit plummeted.

Team Hundred Blossom’s opening matches had been terrible. This wasn’t unrelated to Yu Feng’s stricken mood. It was a good thing that he recovered soon enough. As an All-Star level player, he didn’t only know how to wait for pennies from heaven. He had the willpower to fight. He wanted to use his own efforts to change the attitude of Team Hundred Blossom’s fans.

Yu Feng’s performance improved by the day, and so did his team’s teamwork. The battle records of Team Hundred Blossoms had finally been pulled back up, but the shadow within the hearts of their fans, the unforgettable silhouette of that Spitfire, still existed.

It was because of this attitude that Zou Yuan and his new Spitfire could still be pushed into the All Star roster by Team Hundred Blossom fans, despite their strength not having reached the peak.

Yu Feng was still troubled because he had realized that if, someday, Zou Yuan’s strength really reached the peak, then Yu Feng and his Berserker would fall to second place.

Yu Feng didn’t want to be second. He wanted to use his Berserker to defend everything he wished to achieved!

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