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Chapter 932 - For Victory

"Happy? In the Challenger League?" Sun Zheping still cared greatly about Glory, even knowing the current situation of the Challenger League.

"Yup!" Ye Xiu said joyfully, "It’s the Challenger League, so it’s nowhere near as intensive. You can have a go and try to find your footing. You’ll also get a chance to go against Excellent Era in the Challenger League! Take it as a chance to get your revenge on them for taking your championship all those years ago."

Everyone cast him a sidelong glance.

The Excellent Era that had taken the championship from Hundred Blossoms, wasn’t it this God that had led them? Now he was talking as if he had nothing to do with the event.

Yet before Sun Zheping could say anything, Ye Xiu slapped the desk and shouted, "You’re really a lucky one! There’s only one more round until the offline matches begin. You can still make it. Otherwise, if you were just a bit late, you wouldn’t have the chance with the offline matches starting!"

The rules of the Challenger League were that you could switch and add team members in the online elimination rounds. However, after arriving at the offline matches, it wasn’t so lax. It was almost like actual pro matches.

The way Ye Xiu put it, it was like he was giving Sun Zheping a great opportunity. Everyone stared at the old god, stunned. Would Sun Zheping cherish this "opportunity"?

"Do you want me to help you take revenge on Excellent Era?" Sun Zheping smiled coldly.

"Revenge?" Ye Xiu smiled, "I just want to win."

"Good, it’s the same for me too," Sun Zheping replied.

"Hero, let’s go forth together!" Ye Xiu said.

"Sign me up." Sun Zheping flicked his hand and an account card flew towards Ye Xiu. To register an account card for the Challenger League, you just had to swipe and log in with it.

"Good choice!" Ye Xiu caught the card, and immediately logged into the webpage to update Happy’s team roster. The crowd was staring again. What? With just a few quick exchanges, a seemingly very important decision had been made just like that?

By the time everyone came back to their senses, Chen Guo was the first to become excited! Their team had gained just gained a legendary member; didn’t this mean they had an even greater chance of defeating Excellent Era?

As for Lou Guanning… In theory, Sun Zheping had already agreed to join Team Heavenly Swords, so he was technically already a member of Team Heavenly Swords. Even if he couldn’t play for them this season, shouldn’t he first make sure the team was ok with this before agreeing? Any normal boss would probably be pissed by this development, but Lou Guanning didn’t mind, looking on cheerfully.

"Whatever, be happy, I’m leaving." Lou Guanning’s bad friend stood up and prepared to leave with a casual goodbye.

Sun Zheping, Ye Xiu, they were all renowned figures in the Glory circle, but he didn’t care at all.

"You coming to my party tomorrow?" Seeing his bad friend leave, Lou Guanning yelled after him.

"We’ll see!" His bad friend didn’t even turn around, simply waving his hand and leaving.

Lou Guanning didn’t bother paying him attention anymore, turning around to smile at Ye Xiu and co. "After the events tomorrow, I’m throwing a party. Why don’t you all come?"

Ye Xiu, Chen Guo and the others looked at each other, expressing their agreement. Coming to B City this time was on Lou Guanning’s invitation, so of course they’d have to go with him, as his guests.

"Then should we continue the tour? Senior Sun can come along too," Lou Guanning offered.

"Ok." Everyone nodded and continued their tour of Team Heavenly Sword’s club with Lou Guanning as their guide. After that, they made arrangements for lunch and in the afternoon, Sun Zheping went to talk with Team Heavenly Swords about the details of their contract. Ye Xiu and co went to take a look around and then all ended up in the training room to play Glory.

That night, the All Stars Weekend continued. Tonight’s events were focused on pro player audience interaction. The game content tonight was a mod for glory, but this sort of mod was designed officially. It would be released for players to download afterwards. For example, last year’s All Star hurdle mod was very popular. Rumor had it that the Glory developers were planning on implementing these mods in the arena soon.

What were the contents of tonight’s All Star games event? This was a huge part of the suspense of the second day. Even the pro players that signed up didn’t know the details.

The opening ended and the event began.

The first game’s map was shown through the holographic projector. It was, surprisingly, a swimming pool and high above it was a springboard. There was no need for explanation; everyone could guess what the first game was about: diving.

After the host called the All Star who would pick the audience members, the two of them explained the event together very cooperatively. Then, the All Star began to pick audience members.

The All Star that had come up for the diving event was the captain of Team Void, Li Xuan. As he picked, Chen Guo thought nostalgically of last year, when she and Tang Rou had gone up to participate in the event. Back then, she was just a Su Mucheng fan. Having the chance to interact with her idol at such a close distance had made her practically vibrate in excitement. Now a year had passed and her idol had become a friend that she could easily chat and gossip or go out for food and drink with. Chen Guo was very satisfied.

The Tiny Herb stadium could fit 18,000 people, and the entire place was filled to the brim. Without Su Mucheng manipulating things this time, Ye Xiu and co hadn’t been picked. After the four lucky audience members arrived on the stage, the pro players who were participating in this event had gone on stage as well.

For the games event, it was usually interaction between four lucky audience members, an All Star, and three normal pro players. However, for this diving event, there were four other pros apart from Li Xuan who came down. What caught the attention of most was two ladies who came down together last, hand in hand.

"Next, we’ll be grandly introducing two new faces to you," As the two sisters came down, the host was also yelling out a commentary, "These two are the two rookies that Team Misty Rain managed to discover during the winter transfer window, Shu Keyi, Shu Kexin! By their names, everyone should’ve already noticed that these two rookies are actually sisters. As for the characters they use in game, many of you have probably noticed during the Christmas event: Lower Your Head! None Dare Attack! Two very imposing IDs! If we didn’t know, who would’ve thought it was these two beautiful ladies?"

Since this was a games event, the introductions made by the host wouldn’t be too serious. A close up of the two sisters was also shown on the big screen. They wouldn’t lie about it when they said they were beautiful.

A ruckus immediately spread through the audience. Even when Li Xuan had come down, the audience hadn’t reacted with such vigor. It could be seen that beautiful women gained special treatment wherever they were. It was especially so since girls were relatively less common in online games and even less common in the pro circle. Under these circumstances, two girls had suddenly popped up, and they were beautiful sisters to boot. The audience seemed to have abruptly converted to Misty Rain fans, yelling and shouting. However, among these yells, the cries of support and encouragement were the minority, most of it was just whistling and hooting.

"So it’s them!" Ye Xiu couldn’t help but lament. These two were rookies that had caught his eye and that he had tried to recruit, but ultimately went to Misty Rain. Now it seemed that apart from their skill, these two were quite something. Beautiful sisters, that was a very valuable selling point if played right!

No wonder the two didn’t even bother considering Ye Xiu’s invite before rejecting it. These two probably didn’t only consider their competitive skill. They had thought about other perspectives from the start, wanting to become stars in all aspects.

Thinking of this, Ye Xiu couldn’t help but sigh. As time went on and the alliance developed, the competitive aspect wasn’t as pure and simple as it had previously been. At first, the players were only passively encouraged by their clubs to develop on the commercial side. Yet now, the players had started to think of their own values from different points of view. Because of this, the alliance would become greater, but Ye Xiu hoped that the competitive aspect would at least be kept pure. This was because, looking at other developments in sports, when sponsors and money became a deeper part of it, the competitive aspect would start to become impure. People would start to consider looking good in the sport, or even play scripted matches. When the players all lost their competitive spirit, this competition would become nothing more than an entertainment program. Ye Xiu hoped that a day like that would never arrive for Glory.

By the time Ye Xiu brought himself back to the present, the nine on the stage had all joked around with the host for a bit. The reason for having nine people participate was also revealed. The beautiful sisters Shu Keyi and Shu Kexin wanted to do a synchronized dive.

"They knew the contents beforehand!" Ye Xiu could tell that Misty Rain wanted to use this year’s All Stars to promote the two sisters.

The two sisters had the right to enter the Rookie Challenges, but the thing was, it was far better to promote the two together. In the Rookie Challenges, even if it wasn’t a true fight, there was no two on one. So if the sisters wanted to enter the stage together, they could only do so in other events. So, this diving event could show off the two sisters’ synergy rather well.


As the beautiful sisters’ characters hit the water at the same time, there was thunderous applause.

From the jump to all the movements made by skills in the air, the two characters had little to no deviation. Even the splash from the landing was similar. This had completely overshadowed the elegant movements made by all of the other participants. There was no need to talk about normal players, but just from the poise and timing, they had also outstripped the other pros by miles.

There was a need for scoring with diving and the system couldn’t do something like that, so the job of scoring was given to the audience. Each seat had a scoring instrument, and the characters would be ranked by the total points they each gained.

Each character jumped three times and Shu Keyi and Shu Kexin’s synchronization was practically perfect with every jump. Their scores skyrocketed, leaving the other seven in the dust and eventually winning the event without any doubt. The two had also managed to use this event to make a lasting impression on the audience. Shu Keyi and Shu Kexin had become the hottest topic of this year’s All Stars. Misty Rain’s promotion had exceeded expectations with just the first step alone.

For the games event on the second day, there was a parkour and shooting mod after the diving one. Naturally, it was the pro players that won first with ease. After that came the audience challenges. For the pro sent out, it was as always one of the home team members. Tiny Herb sent Gao Yingjie out, who easily defeated a few audience members, bringing the events of the second day to a close.

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