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Chapter 911 - Very Bold

Now I can be at ease...

After hearing these words, Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack had to admit, these too were much more bold than they had originally thought. They hadn’t run off, and instead risked losing their eight stockings in order to hunt down and wipe out two people without stockings. This wasn’t something that normal players would do.

To be blunt, normal players wouldn’t have this type of confidence in their abilities, and their mistake was viewing these two as normal players. Would people who came in a pair to a team competition lack confidence?

The two were sent to the revival point as they thought about this and the second second countdown for revival began ticking.

"As I expected, you came."

Yet before the two had the time to do anything, a voice rang out. They turned their views, and immediately saw a person they had seen not too long ago: Footsteps in the Wind.

They had been killed in around the same area, so it wasn’t unusual that they would be sent to the same revival point. However, it had been over a minute since Footsteps in the Wind had been killed, but this guy was still waiting here. If it wasn’t that he had died many times and accumulated a longer revival time, then he had to have been waiting here just for them, and his words pointed to the latter.

"No way," Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack were immediately disdainful.

Waiting at the revival point meant that he wasn’t after stockings anymore. Did this guy seem to actually be waiting here just to take revenge for killing him just now? He was a god of Glory in the pro circle, yet still acted so pettily?

"I’m waiting here just to confirm something," Sun Xiang said in delight.

"It seems like you two and the other two really aren’t working together, as expected," Sun Xiang continued.

"You don’t say." Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack rolled their eyes. Some things that others needed to think about were simple and obvious to them, so they weren’t at all impressed by Sun Xiang’s triumphant attitude.

"That’s not a very good attitude to have," Sun Xiang seemed to not have anything better to do. "Because I might just decide at have you two stay here for another 40 seconds."

Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack were really depressed. Their personalities wouldn’t allow them to take this lying down. So what if it prevented them from getting stockings? It was just an event reward, not something they absolutely needed to have. Yet for the two of them, this was something very important, something they had to compete for.

That’s because they were using this event as a staircase to fame. Their records yesterday were very impressive, but if they slipped up a lot on the second day, they would be something good that didn’t last*.

Having been pushed to a double zero by Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion in the last round, they were already fated to be incapable of achieving the same glory they had achieved yesterday. In the current round, they unluckily met a strong opponent again. If they ended up with a nil again, then they would only be able to get a third of yesterday’s score today. This would definitely affect the impression that powerhouses had of them and that was something they didn’t want.

When it came to this, the two were very rational. They didn’t want another blank for this round.

"What do you want?" Lower Your Head asked, while keeping an eye on the time. If their negotiation went badly, they wanted to be able to grab an advantage in taking the initiative. Footsteps in the Wind definitely didn’t have the countdown, so he could only count it down himself. It wasn’t possible for him to get it exactly, so they could grab the upperhand using this detail.

"Good, that sort of tone is much better, hahahaha," Sun Xiang said, having Footsteps in the Wind turn and leave. Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack were both stunned. This idiot was superficial enough just to waste time here because of their tone of voice?

By the time the 20 second countdown was over, Footsteps in the Wind was long gone. Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack ran in the same direction as Footsteps in the Wind, still disdainful towards the god.

They wouldn’t be so bold this time, because it was a fight between three sides. If they struck first, then it would give the third party an opening to take down both them and the second party. However, among these three sides, there was a side that held an absolute advantage over the others. Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack’s duo had fought Sun Xiang to a standstill. If the entirety of Excellent Era gathered together, the two would have to admit that they couldn’t take on such a powerhouse, no matter how confident they were in their abilities.

Being direct wasn’t going to yield any results. They had known this from the start and that was why they had stayed silent and hidden for so long, waiting until Sun Xiang’s Footsteps in the Wind was alone to strike. Now, they needed another similar chance. The best chance they had was to strike at the other pair was right after they had managed to make a narrow escape from Excellent Era.

Don’t die too quickly...

The two rushed forth as they kept an eye out for system announcements, afraid that a string of announcements of stockings being claimed would jump out.

"We haven’t found them here."

"They aren’t here."

"They aren’t here, either."

In Excellent Era’s group, Xiao Shiqin received a string of reports from the others. Their entire team had split up, including the Cleric, to find the two person group as soon as possible. They weren’t afraid of other normal players. Currently, they were only running around, not battling. Even if they were alone, they would still be fine.

"They’re not anywhere there…" Including Xiao Shiqin himself, there were four people searching and spreading out in a spiral. This was the most they could manage with four people. Yet, they still hadn’t found anything. Was it that their targets were just that lucky, or… that they were prepared for a search like this?

It had now been a full minute since Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack had revived. That meant that it had been over a minute since the two had finished their battle and began to run for their lives. The two’s movements should be within the current manageable range of their search. However, if another minute passed, the four of them wouldn’t be able to keep up with the range of movement they had...

Sun Xiang’s Footsteps in the Wind didn’t wait at the revival point just out of idiocy like Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack had thought. The reason he waited there was to get a better grasp of their timing. With a more clear grasp of their timing, they could better calculate the distance in which the two could have travelled. This way, their search would be more effective. Now that they had the exact timing, they had a better grasp of their target’s range of movement as well. It was just that they didn’t have enough time to arrange a search in a more specific area. Now that their spiral formation wasn’t yielding any results either, they would have to increase their range to continue.

An increase in the area searched without a change in manpower meant that there was more room for their targets to run and a higher chance to successfully escape. Should they continue like this or...

Xiao Shiqin fell into deep thought. The everchanging pro league battlefield had long since created a habit of making split-second decisions in him. His contemplation only lasted three seconds before he came to a decision.

Circle back inwards!

This was the message Xiao Shiqin sent to the other three. The three who received this were stunned for a moment. They had already been prepared to expand their search outwards, but now they were going to cut back inwards? Having obtained the exact time that their targets had to run, they could calculate their approximate distance from the center; they just didn’t know the direction, so that’s why they were moving outwards in a spiral.

Based on the amount of time, their targets were already outside of the range of their spiral formation, given that they had run in a straight line. If they shrunk their range instead of pushing outwards, wasn’t that just turning their back on their opponents?

"Let’s take a risk; they might not not moved at all!" Xiao Shiqin then sent such a message.

The three were stunned.

If their targets never moved, then if they continued in their spiral formation, they would only get further and further. However, someone who dared to linger with eight stockings on them had to have guts of steel!

The three were surprised even as they followed Xiao Shiqin’s orders, beginning to shrink their formation inwards. As the perimeter of their spiral shrunk, the area did as well. Even if they couldn’t prevent it, they could still be certain of the direction of any character that escaped this spiral. However, this time, Excellent Era’s team found that they might be able to finish this battle inside their formation. Their circling inwards eventually revealed two figures to them.

Mechanic Listened Promise and Brawler Rain had come. These two really hadn’t left; they really hadn’t moved from their original place at all.

The original place was referring to the center of their formation. Of course, it wasn’t that precise. It ended up that they were closer to Excellent Era’s Striker, Shen Jian.

"I’m going to engage them. You guys hurry," Shen Jian sent into the party chat.

"Have you found them already?" The first one to reply in excitement was Sun Xiang who had yet to arrive.

"Go!" Xiao Shiqin didn’t hesitate. At this point, their opponents would definitely have seen them if they weren’t asleep. There was no point in hiding anymore. Sending the closest person up to stall for time was the optimal solution.

Shen Jian’s Striker moved quickly and jumped forward to block the two escapees.

"I really can’t help but praise you two. You really have guts," Shen Jian said as he sent a thumbs up emoji.

"Being praised by you… feels really weird…" His opponent said with a chuckle.

Shen Jian startled in front of his computer. This voice, this tone, wasn’t this that guy?

Just in this moment of shock, Shen Jian was Bricked.

"Holy crap! How did that hit?" Steamed Bun didn’t seem happy to have managed to hit the other so accurately with a brick, evidently shocked at how easily the brick managed to hit its target. Shen Jian quickly came back to the present, having been bricked, was glad that the brick had hit his face, so he wasn’t dizzied. Seeing the Brawler Rain closing in and attempting to take advantage of the situation, his figure blurred as he sent an Emperor’s Fist right at the attacker.

"Ah! He suddenly got stronger!" Steamed Bun knew that this skill was powerful and yelled as he dodged.


The suddenly stronger Striker was swallowed up by smoke. Ye Xiu had long since used a skill when talking. Shen Jian’s attention had been solely focused on Steamed Bun after his moment of absent-mindedness. He was distracted, and Ye Xiu managed to get in a frontal sneak attack. A Hand Grenade arrived with a bang, and then an Air Compressor was thrown out and with a ping, the poor Striker was blasted into the distance like the uncorking of a champagne bottle.

"Tsk tsk, leaving so soon!" Steamed Bun was rather disappointed.

"Let’s go, too!" Ye Xiu called out, immediately getting the hell out of there.

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