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Chapter 900 - Grand Slam

“How many stockings did you guys get again?” With a cigarette in his mouth, Ye Xiu turned his head and asked Wei Chen amicably.

Wei Chen’s expression was rather twisted. 18 stockings had been their record. When he saw Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun in a predicament earlier, he repeatedly blabbed about his achievement to Ye Xiu. Eighteen stockings was shocking enough to most. The current team in the lead on the rankings only had 31 stockings total, which had been acquired over the course of three events.

But now, Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun had taken all 20 stockings for themselves. Hearing Ye Xiu’s question, Wei Chen was certain that, if he was in that map, he would definitely sell out Lord Grim’s position.

“Don’t be so happy. It’s not over yet.” Wei Chen said.

“You don’t think I’ll be able to last for 120 seconds?” Ye Xiu smirked.

Wei Chen was unable to respond.

With Ye Xiu’s skill level, surviving for 2 minutes wouldn’t be a problem. Even though the other players were searching frantically for Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion, everyone was spread out. It wasn’t two people fighting against fourty all at once. In this situation, so what if they managed to encounter Lord Grim or Steamed Bun Invasion?

“Steamed Bun, position!” Ye Xiu was much more worried about Steamed Bun. For the previous task, Steamed Bun had beautifully completed it, but there was still 120 seconds to go. Hopefully, nothing would happen to him.

After getting Steamed Bun’s current position, Ye Xiu took a look at the distance between them. It would take some time before he could reach him. Lord Grim immediately flung open his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. He utilized Gatling Gun and shot his gun crazily.

There were no players inside Lord Grim’s field of view, but the loud gunshots from his Gatling Gun couldn’t be masked by the snowstorm. At this moment, apart from Lord Grim or Steamed Bun Invasion, who else would be fighting? 

As a result, the noise quickly attracted the attention of all surrounding players. Ye Xiu hoped that normal players wouldn’t be good enough to deduce his position, so after Gatling Gun went on cooldown, he flipped through his skill list and chose skills that produced extremely loud noises. Finally, a player appeared in his field of view. Lord Grim took the initiative to welcome him.

“Over here!” The instant that player saw Lord Grim, besides being excited, he immediately called over his teammates.

But he soon realized that against Lord Grim, would their team of five be an opponent?

Five against one. Under normal circumstances, it was an infallible advantage, but Lord Grim as the opponent definitely couldn’t be considered a normal situation.

The team of five discussed for a moment. In the end, the excitement didn’t go over their heads. They decisively reported Lord Grim’s location in the public chat.

The 120 second timer displayed by the system continued to count down. Unable to find the target, the players were going crazy. When they saw someone suddenly giving out Lord Grim’s location, without thinking too much about it, they hurried over to that location.

“Steamed Bun, make sure you hide well!” Ye Xiu yelled. Even though he had attracted everyone’s attention, he couldn’t guarantee that no one would encounter Steamed Bun Invasion as they made their way over.

Steamed Bun was no longer only staring in a single direction. He was constantly looking around for any signs of movements. After tailing someone for so long, he was quite used to this map and knew how to use it to his advantage. He had grasped the distance needed to see someone’s figure and the distance needed to see someone’s name clearly.

In this kind of situation, when everyone was single mindedly focused on reaching Lord Grim, it was very easy for him to hide. Everyone was in a hurry. When they saw a figure far far away, they might not consider taking a closer look to see who it was.

Staying safe for Steamed Bun was practically ensured. As for Ye Xiu’s side? All of the players were rushing enthusiastically in his direction. They weren’t coordinating with each other, so the encirclement wouldn’t be very precise. He easily found an opening and led the players away from Steamed Bun Invasion’s location.

More and more players appeared behind Lord Grim. The countdown continued to tick. If they only chased, the problem wouldn’t be solved. They needed to intercept him to restrict his movements.

The players predicted Lord Grim’s movements and began cutting across diagonally and circling around to the front.

But could three or five players blocking be much of an obstacle for Ye Xiu? Ye Xiu didn’t even bother fighting them and directly blew past them.


When the countdown hit zero, the characters stopped receiving commands from the players and stood still. The system announced the final results. At the same time, a system announcement appeared in the Heavenly Domain: Congratulations to Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion for achieving a grand slam in the Christmas event.

“We’re on the TV!” Steamed Bun was excited.

Ye Xiu didn’t know that this hidden mechanism existed. After all, ever since the event began, no team had ever managed to acquire all twenty stockings in a round.

A grand slam wasn’t easy. Seeing a customized announcement by the system, Ye Xiu felt like there should be a reward for it. When Ye Xiu clicked on the Christmas envoy next to the map exit, sure enough, a grand slam came with rewards. Unlike how stockings could only be accepted at the end of the event, these rewards could be received now.

Ye Xiu clicked confirm. Following after, a system announcement appeared again: Player Lord Grim has achieved a grand slam in the Christmas event and has been rewarded: Apocalypse Star.

Everyone impatiently checked the reward. A pleasing Orange necklace appeared. Apart from the basic Magic Resistance, this necklace did not increase any of the four main stats. However, it increased stunning Physical Attack and Magic Attack by a stunning 10%.

As a game that paid particular attention to combat, players valued attack extremely highly. An item that increased attack was always welcome. +10% Physical and Magic Attack was absolutely huge. Thus, apart from these two bonuses, there were no other attributes. From this, it could be seen just how incredible these two bonuses were.

Who knew how many people were drooling, seeing this necklace. Ye Xiu also nodded his head in approval: “Mm, this is quite good.” After saying that, he equipped it. The increased stats could be seen at a glance.

Steamed Bun also accepted his reward. Just after Lord Grim appeared on TV, Steamed Bun Invasion’s name followed. Who knew if his reward was a coincidence, but it seemed to be related to Lord Grim’s reward.

Lord Grim’s reward was Apocalypse Star. Steamed Bun Invasion’s reward was called “Sundering Apocalypse”.

Everyone naturally went to take a look at it. It once again brought a storm of envy from a portion of players. Sunder Apocalypse was a Claw, the most popular weapon among Brawlers.

Sundering Apocalypse.

Level 75 Claw.

Weight: 2.2, Durability: 22, Attack Speed: 5

Physical Attack: 771

Magic Attack: 767

Strength +40

Intelligence +31

Weapon Attack +10%

Attack Effects +5%

Attack Speed +3

Street Riot Skill Level +2

Attacks have a 5% chance of inflicting Bleed on the target lasting ten seconds

The weapon stats were also exceptionally powerful. It didn’t specify Physical or Magic Attack, which meant it increased both. However, there was a difference between “ Weapon Attack +10%” and Apocalypse Star’s “Physical Attack +10%”.

Weapon Attack 10% meant that it only increased the equipment’s attack. In other words, it would only increase Sundering Apocalypse’s 771 Physical Attack and 767 Magic Attack by 10%.

On the other hand, Apocalypse Star’s “Physical Attack +10%” meant the character’s overall physical attack stat would be increased. A character’s stat was based on the character’s base stats as well as all other equipment equipped. Thus, from this perspective, Apocalypse Star’s Physical and Magic Attack +10% was much more valuable than Weapon Attack +10%.  

That wasn’t Sundering Apocalypse’s only stat bonus though.

Attack Effects +5% was another very powerful bonus. This description indicated that all effects from attacks would be increased. Brawlers had many skills that inflicted statuses such as Dizzy, Bleed, Poison, etc. The all-around buff by Attack Effects +5% didn’t need to be mentioned.

In addition, Attack Speed +3 was a top-tier bonus stat for classes that didn’t cast spells.

Street Riot was the new Level 75 Brawler skill. The current evaluation of it was that it was a lazy attempt at a skill because all it did was increase the power of low and mid level Brawler skills, but in actual combat, its might was worthy of a Level 75 skill.

And then the 10 second bleed. That might not be considered too powerful,  but it couldn’t be ignored. It was a very annoying effect and was a boon to the player’s DPS.

When these two pieces of equipment appeared, countless players coveted them. Some even asked if they were willing to sell them in the global chat. There were many players who didn’t lack money.

Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun obviously ignored these requests. After Ye Xiu had Lord Grim equip Apocalypse Star, he stood up and walked around in a circle just like when Wei Chen had finished his first round of the event.

Tang Rou, Wu Chen, and Mo Fan’s first round had ended as well.

Among the three, Mo Fan did the best. He obtained 11 stockings alone. Next was Wu Chen, who picked up 9. However, part of that was because Wu Chen had switched strategies a bit too late. If he had followed this clear strategy from the beginning, he might have done better. As for Tang Rou, because of a big death in the middle, she only ended up getting 6 stockings before her map ended.

In this first round for Happy, Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun did the best. Wei Chen’s team nearly got a grand slam. As for the other three, for an individual, Mo Fan and Wu Chen did quite well.

But after this first wave, everyone at least understood something: standing out was no good.

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