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Chapter 894 - New Opportunity

Happy had snatched two records away from Excellent Era one after the other, turning all of Excellent Era’s hard work into nothing. Fortunately, the system existed. The system took its job seriously. Even though Excellent Era’s efforts didn’t show up on TV, their efforts still left a mark on the record boards. It was just that since they weren’t in first place, the record could only be seen by clicking on the appropriate dungeon record list and looking at in detail.

After completing these two dungeons, Team Happy let loose another sudden strike in order to take down the record previously set by Excellent Era, but in this attempt, they made a few mistakes and ended up failing.

Even though everyone felt that it was a pity, they soon felt relieved. After all, setting records was a race against time. Even a slight mistake could lead to a slower time. These mistakes didn’t need to be thoroughly examined. As long as everyone maintained their calm and concentrated in their next attempt, it would be fine.

“I really want to see the look on the faces of those guys from Excellent Era right now!” When Chen Guo made this remark, her gaze shifted to the window. Her thoughts wandered away. However, the scene outside of the window ruined her imagination. They were currently located in their residential practice base, not Happy Internet Cafe, where Club Excellent Era was right across the street from them.

“Haha.” Ye Xiu gave a laugh at Chen Guo’s comment, but in reality, he wasn’t nearly as excited as Chen Guo was.

It was true that Excellent Era had been stepped on, but in order to take this step, Happy had to give up on many things. If Excellent Era hadn’t interfered, Happy could have gamed the dungeon record rewards, but everything was over now. If Happy went all out, their dungeon times would be better than Excellent Era’s, but the small difference between their times didn’t allow for Happy to continue using their repeat method of farming Orange equipment.

As a result, Excellent Era had taken away quite a bit of potential equipment and material from Happy.

In this competition, Excellent Era had lost in spirit, while Happy had lost in material goods. From the direct results, Happy should be the one crying.

Ye Xiu didn’t become depressed at these losses though. He didn’t have time for that. An opportunity had slipped away, which meant that more opportunities were needed to make up for those losses. These opportunities were about to arrive.

12/25. Christmas was on Wednesday next week. On Monday this week, Glory would officially reveal this year’s Christmas events.

The Christmas events every year never separated from presents. As a result, Christmas events naturally implied rich rewards. However, in order to obtain these rich rewards, there had to be some sort of challenge.

This year’s Christmas event was no exception. It borrowed from the iconic features of the Christmas holiday. The main events for this year involved stealing stockings.

Stockings weren’t presents, but stockings were a medium for Christmas presents. The concept for this year’s Christmas event wasn’t difficult to grasp. The more stockings you obtained, the more presents you would get.

These stockings weren’t just thrown around all over the game world for players to pick up. To get stockings, you had to accept a quest and then move to a certain map.

This map wasn’t a dungeon type map, but rather an Arena-type map. The “stealing” part of the event goes without saying. Each map only had a fixed number of stockings. Who would be able to collect the most? Just relying on being sharp-sighted and dextrous wouldn’t be enough.

The entire event would last for three days, starting from midnight on December 25th. Players didn’t need to treasure every single second and start accepting quests as soon as it hit midnight. The number of quests that could be accepted was limited. Every character could only accept a quest to snatch stockings three times every day. As a three day event, that meant a total of nine attempts. There was plenty of time, so there was no need to rush. 

There were other details about the event. Once the information was revealed, everyone began preparing for it.

“50 players will do battle. 20 stockings will be scattered around randomly. Stockings are not bound to the player and can be dropped. After all twenty stockings have been picked up, the quest ends. I say, this year’s event is clearly trying to have everyone kill and steal from each other!” Wei Chen read the event details and expressed his thoughts on it.

“You’re teleported to a random map. Small parties can accept quests together, but no large teams. Haha, they’re not letting large teams join. It’s probably to prevent those big guilds from forming 50 player teams and entering together. If it’s just small parties, then we’ll have to split into two teams.” Wei Chen continued.

“It doesn’t say that a party must have five players, right?” Ye Xiu said.

“No.” Wei Chen looked around, but didn’t see any rules regarding that. He thought about Ye Xiu’s question and immediately understood: if a small party entered, they would be fighting for 20 stockings. If an individual enters, it’ll be a fight for 20 stockings too. So in theory, if Happy formed two parties, Happy would only be able to get a maximum of 40 stockings per quest. However, if each of them entered alone, that meant a maximum of 200 stockings possible. However, it was hard to say how many of those 200 stockings an individual could collect.

“Rankings! There are also rankings!” Wei Chen continued to read the event details and saw a ranking section. As expected, placing high on these rankings meant rewards and these rewards were, without a doubt, where the greatest rewards lay.

There were several rankings, an guild one, an individual one, and a party one. However, if you wanted to place on an individual or a party ranking, then for these quests, you couldn’t change your status. In other words, an individual couldn’t form a party with anyone. And for a party, whoever you teamed up would had to be the same people for all quests.

“We have to fight for these rankings!” Wei Chen said.

“Of course.”

“Then I’d better hurry and ask for a leave from Samsara. They’ll definitely want me to be there.” Wei Chen said. His position as a spy hadn’t been easily obtained. He didn’t want to give up on it so easily either. It just happened to be time for challenging new dungeons. Wei Chen’s outstanding performance in leading teams was much appreciated by Samsara. However, his spy character in Samsara was a bit embarrassing. It still wasn’t Level 75 yet! Wei Chen didn’t have time to level it and didn’t want to hand it over to someone for powerleveling. He could only squeeze in some time to slowly level it up bit by bit. Even so, that didn’t affect Wei Chen’s ability to lead dungeon teams. He used this currently Level 72 Warlock account for these higher-level dungeons.

“One day, one account means three chances. You can still do both.” Ye Xiu reminded Wei Chen.

“I’ll just tell them in advance. We can see when the time comes!” At Samsara, Wei Chen played the role of a rough but very serious and responsible team leader.

“How are things going to be arranged on our side?” Chen Guo asked.

“Hm, everyone had two accounts on them, so it’s best if we can complete those quests on both accounts!” Ye Xiu said. 

“Then who will be forming a party and who will be participating as an individual?” Chen Guo asked.

“That…… will need careful consideration.” Ye Xiu said.

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