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Chapter 890 - Where the Crucial Point Lies

“Uh, if it’s a confrontation in game, I’d recommend not using our pro characters.” Cui Li seemed to have made his decision, so Xiao Shiqin did not refuse and only put forward a small suggestion.

“Annoying. What’s there to be scared of?” Before Cui Li could respond, captain Sun Xiang expressed his displeasure with Xiao Shiqin’s recommendation. Sun Xiang had come to Excellent Era for One Autumn Leaf to begin with, so no matter what he did, he wanted to use this character. Previously, when he followed Liu Hao to the game, he had done so without the club’s knowledge, so he naturally didn’t dare to use the team’s character, but now it was the club’s idea, so Sun Xiang wasn’t willing to use an alternate account.

Cui Li noticed Sun Xiang’s fierce fighting spirit today and didn’t want to lower his morale. In the end, he waved it off: “That’s not a big problem. Just don’t bring any Silver equipment.”

Sun Xiang had actually wanted to go into the game fully equipped with Silver equipment, but since the decision had been made, he could only respect it. Soon afterwards, Excellent Era gathered together a team of ten players and contacted Chen Yehui to swap out their equipment. Then, they tackled a ten-player dungeon full force.

“How unfortunate. If we could bring our Silver equipment, we could guarantee a time that they could only dream of.” The team had broken the record already, yet Sun Xiang was still grumbling about his current character.

Although Guild Excellent Dynasty was who knew how many times larger than Guild Happy, in just this short amount of time, they weren’t able to gather as many pieces of Orange equipment, let alone complete sets of them. For these pro characters, after swapping out their Silver equipment for Level 75 Orange equipment, they were indeed weakened because they didn’t have a full set equipped, which was why Sun Xiang was complaining.

After exiting the dungeon,the ten players headed to the next ten-player dungeon along with a group of Excellent Dynasty elites personally led by Chen Yehui, 

“Excellent Era has come out.”

Chen Guo said, while looking at Ye Xiu. Everyone in Happy had seen the record too. When she checked the record board, One Autumn Leaf’s name was among the list of names. If Ye Xiu saw it, would he be affected? Chen Guo couldn’t help but worry.

“It looks like we can’t relax.” Ye Xiu said, “Let’s go dungeon.”

It turned out that Happy still hadn’t attempted breaking the ten-player dungeon record today.

“Wu Chen, have your guild keep a lookout for Excellent Era’s movements.” Ye Xiu called out to Wu Chen, and sent his own message to Guild Happy. At the same time, he looked for Heavenly Justice, Conquering Clouds, Radiant, and his other alliance partners to also help out.

With so many people scouting, a reply came back not long afterwards. A bunch of people from Excellent Dynasty were marching majestically towards Barrier Mountains.

“Barrier Mountains. Everyone hurry and gather together!” Ye Xiu called out to everyone.

Seeing that Excellent Dynasty was heading towards Barrier Mountain, Excellent Dynasty had at least already teleported to the nearest main city and had reached that map.

The players on Happy headed over there, while gathering together. Afterwards, they rushed towards Barrier Mountain’s ten-player dungeon, Sealed Mountain Thief Hideout. There was never only a single dungeon entrance. Ye Xiu didn’t know which entrance Excellent Dynasty’s people entered from. He only knew that they needed to hurry and beat this dungeon before they did.

“Work hard, everyone. This time, there can’t be any leechers. Concealed Light,five summons. Chasing Haze, be more brave with your attacks!” Before entering the dungeon, Ye Xiu called out and had Lord Grim rush in. Wu Chen’s Dawn Rifle and Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze began attacking in coordination with each other and blasted the Sealed Mountain Thieves on the left and right watchtowers.

Chen Guo began tensing up.

Because she knew that they were truly aiming for the fastest possible time now. For the previous dungeon runs, they usually tried hard in the beginning and then relaxed in the later parts. At first, they would fight quickly. Then, once they had won enough time to beat the record, they didn’t take the dungeon as seriously. However this time, in order to pursue the fastest time possible, they couldn’t make any mistakes. Despite these circumstances, Ye Xiu still wanted her to be braver…...  

“I’ll press my luck!” Chen Guo was thinking too much. She definitely wasn’t someone who flinched from danger. She didn’t want to be their reason for failure. Chasing Haze closely followed Wu Chen’s Dawn Rifle. The two were practically duplicates of each other. Whatever Dawn Rifle did, Chasing Haze copied. Even though she would always be slower by half a step, Chen Guo felt like she wouldn’t make a mistake this way.

After fighting for awhile, Wu Chen noticed it and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Stop copying me! My current play style doesn’t fit with your Launcher.”

Chen Guo was startled. When she thought about her previous playstyle and looked at Dawn Rifle’s weapon, she suddenly came to a realization.

Dawn Rifle’s weapon: Handcannon Scarletfire Baron. Because of the various fire element buff bonuses, Wu Chen had changed his skill tree and emphasized skills that dealt fire damage. This type of skill allocation wasn’t uncommon. Launchers had a playstyle called “Fire Cannon”, which focused on buffing the fire element damage and using other skills to complement it. Wu Chen was a Launcher pro player, so he was familiar with all sorts of playstyles for his class. Playing a “Fire Cannon” playstyle wasn’t anything unfamiliar to him.

Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze was different. Her Launcher belonged to a different school of thought: “Heavy Artillery”. The skill allocation was very different from “Fire Cannon”. Right now, she was drawing a tiger using a cat as a model. Wu Chen was mainly using skills like Flamethrower as damage-dealing skills, but Chasing Haze only put in a skill point into those skills and used them as control skills.

Fortunately, the problem had been discovered early on. Chen Guo hastily corrected herself and stopped copying Wu Chen’s Dawn Rifle, relying on her own skills to fight.

“You can do it!” At this moment, Ye Xiu suddenly came over to give her a word of encouragement. Chen Guo was surprised by it and suddenly felt her heart warm up. Even though she was the worst player among everyone here, she had never been ignored. She was a part of this team!

The spirited Chen Guo didn’t suddenly become a pro, but she performed much better at least. Not only did she not cower away, she didn’t make any mistakes.

The team progressed rapidly. Happy was very familiar with this dungeon. The signal flare shot out, when the first boss Vanguard Brother Wolf fell, could be blocked. When aiming for a dungeon record, it was an extremely crucial segment. If Excellent Era didn’t pay attention to this detail, they would undoubtedly be defeated.

“Pay attention, pay attention. Everyone pay attention. When he falls, everyone stop him with everything you have!” Ye Xiu shouted.

“We know. As if you need to tell us!” Wei Chen said.

The final hit. Brother Wolf was at the brink of death. He pulled out a gun from his waist and was just about to shoot. At this instant, everyone attacked, including Little Cold Hand’s Cleric. They focused their attacks onto the hand that held the gun.

All sorts of sound effects exploded. Brother Wolf couldn’t control his hand and the gun flew out. It landed on the ground. Brother Wolf didn’t have enough strength to pick it back up. His eyes were filled with unwillingness and despair. He reached out towards the gun and then fell…….

The speedrunning team didn’t care about the stupid storyline. After the gun flew out of his grasp, the team pushed forward. Everyone in Happy knew that as soon as the gun dropped, this boss segment was over. They were trying to break a record. There was no time to watch Brother Wolf’s bitter struggle.

They crushed the small monsters and then killed the second boss with their usual strategy. Afterwards, by the time Advisor Frigid Eagle screeched “Why are you guys here?”, Happy had already surrounded him and attacked. This boss wasn’t difficult.

The pertinent plot wasn’t triggered and the following segment had no monsters. The fourth boss, Brown Bear, became a boss that didn’t need to be fought. For a normal dungeon run, the boss drops mattered much more than speed, so an optional boss wouldn’t be skipped, but for a speedrunning team, they would obviously choose not to waste time on an optional boss. Team Happy quickly rushed towards the final boss.

At the same time, in the Sealed Mountain Thief Hideout, One Autumn Leaf brandished his spear. In Sun Xiang’s hands, One Autumn Leaf swept everything in his path. The hidden troops arranged by Frigid Eagle were annihilated by him alone.

“With me! Hurry! We need to set a record that those guys can only dream of!” This guy called out fervently to the team. He was clearly excited. From their current progress, this time’s Sealed Mountain Thief Hideout was going even smoother than the previous dungeon. How could Sun Xiang not loudly cheer?

The team quickly pushed forward. Compared to when Happy first attempted the dungeon, they were who knew how many times faster. Just destroying the hidden troops and crushing Frigid Eagle simultaneously wasn’t something that Team Happy had been able to accomplish on their first run.

Unfortunately, Team Happy would never encounter this situation again. Team Excellent Era hadn’t been like Ye Xiu and the others, using these dungeons to practice technical skill. Towards the first boss, although they noticed that they should stop the signal flare from shooting out, they didn’t know the correct method to do so.

To knock the gun out of the hand, it wasn’t just a matter of attacking. Enough damage had to be dealt at that instant to send the gun flying.

The damage requirement was quite high too. It was only after Happy swapped all of their equipment for Level 75 ones and used their highest damage skills that they could do it.

Team Excellent Era chased the half-health Frigid Eagle into the courtyard and then faced the fourth boss Brown Bear. The fight was as easy as ever. It wasn’t nearly as nerve wracking as when Happy went in and out of the rooms.

“Good, continue forward!” After clearing these two bosses, Sun Xiang shouted and One Autumn Leaf rushed towards the final boss.

While they were eliminating the waves of monsters, a system announcement suddenly popped up. At Sealed Mountain Thief Hideout, Guild Happy had once again set a new record.

“Haha, so they’re struggling to the bitter end?” Sun Xiang laughed. But when he looked at the time, he suddenly froze. 

30 minutes 20.47 seconds.

Are you joking? How could that be?

Sun Xiang was completely dumbfounded so much so that the great Battle God, One Autumn Leaf, was actually sent flying by a small monster.

The new record set by Happy took took less time than it took them to even reach the final boss….. 

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