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Chapter 889 - Cannot Endure

Team Happy’s characters were half-equipped with Orange equipment. Any extra Orange equipment was thrown into the guild storage and was more than enough as motivation for guild members to courageously contribute to the guild. Guild Happy was currently growing at lightning speed along an expressway.

The other guilds could not do anything about their growth. However, Guild Happy sweeping through the dungeon records wasn’t something they could just sit and ignore.

It wasn’t a problem that could be resolved just by relying on the guild’s strength though. This was a battlefield for the elites. Their side didn’t have a God or a pro player watching over. How were they supposed to compete with Happy for dungeon records?

These matters were related to the club, not the team or the pro players.

In the regular meeting convened at each of the clubs, the guild departments reported it as an important problem.

In the tenth server, when Ye Qiu had summoned the winds and rain, the guild departments only relied on their own efforts to resist. But this time, in the Heavenly Domain, Ye Qiu raised an even fiercer storm and swept across the lands. So far, he had only swept through the five-player dungeons, but they were certain that ruling over ten-player, twenty-player, and even greater raids was only a matter of time. Perhaps it was because of their previous experience in the tenth server, this time, the guild departments did not fight back. By raising this issue in the regular meeting, they expressed that this issue required the strength of the entire club to resolve.

But it wasn’t an easy problem to solve for the clubs either. Did they need to send pro players to fight for these records?

A single time wasn’t a big deal, but if they failed and it affected the conditions of their players in a match, not only would they not be taking back a sesame seed, they would be losing a watermelon along the way.

Because as soon as a dungeon record was set, everyone knew that their opponents wouldn’t just be Ye Qiu, but the other clubs as well! If your guild can send out pro players, so can ours. As a result, the pro players would all be competing for dungeon records. At that point, would they still competing in the Pro League?

Maybe they could reach a compromise? Send out their subs to try?

But thinking about it again, their subs winning a wrestle against God Ye Qiu? What a bold and imaginative dream!

The clubs were unable to find a situation. The fifteenth match of the season taking place on the 21st was imminent. No matter the case, the League was their number one priority. For now, this problem would have to be put aside. Once this round was over and they finished analyzing their gains and losses from these matches, by the time they began figuring out how to deal with these dungeon records, everyone realized that it was only a few days until Christmas.

According to the usual Glory schedule, starting from Christmas to New Year’s to the Spring Festival, this period of time would often have seasonal events. In the pro scene, their grand event was the All Star Weekend.

No one knew what the contents of this year’s Christmas event would be, but from past experience, these events were gifts to the players. The rewards would often be bountiful. During this event period, the club guilds would focus their efforts on doing a good job on these events. Dungeons and wild bosses could even be put aside.

Yes, put aside…...

The clubs clearly felt like procrastinating because they didn’t have a good solution at the moment. Seeing that it was almost Christmas, they let out a sigh of relief.

While the clubs relaxed, Happy was still advancing rapidly. After sweeping the ten five-player dungeons, it was now time for the three ten-player dungeons. This time, Happy wasn’t spending close to three hours challenging the dungeon for their first time. Everyone was fully equipped with Level 75 equipment. After hitting the level cap, they received the extra stats and skill points. For these ten-player dungeons, they would be aiming for the dungeon record.

Right now, they only had one opponent for the ten-player dungeon records: the system’s initial minimum record.

This record wasn’t easy to beat either. Normal players needed a good amount of time to familiarize themselves with the dungeon before having a chance at breaking it. In theory, a character only had a single chance everyday to run a ten-player dungeon, so the amount of practice was limited. But rules were dead and people were alive! A character could only try once, but multiple characters meant more tries, no?

Team Happy’s conditions were limited. They didn’t have any special training programs. As a result, this ten-player dungeon had become practice for training their team coordination, so their familiarity with the dungeon didn’t need to be mentioned.

They set all three dungeon records in a single day. Moreover, their record times just barely beat the system’s bottom line.

It was only by a bit. Everyone was still thinking to themselves. But the same day, these three dungeon records were set again. The record holders were still Happy and their current times only surpassed their previous times by a tiny bit.

It was still Team Happy, but the characters were different. Normal players who didn’t understand the situation might be misdirected, but the club guilds knew clear as day what was going on.

Breaking a record by just a little bit seemed very normal, but that was usually in the mid to later stages. In the initial stages, because their research on the dungeons weren’t thorough enough, when a new strategy came out, a big leap would be made. The record time would often jump around between record holders for a period of time.

But right now, Happy had broken the record twice and just by a bit. In their eyes, they could tell at a glance that these guys were holding back and intentionally exercising control! These guys knew for certain that no other team could even attempt to challenge a ten-player dungeon record. No one could compete against them, so they kept on beating their own records a bit at a time in order to acquire those dungeon record rewards.

The club guilds yearned for this type of method in their dreams. Whenever a new level cap came out, the reason that they leveled like crazy, using all sorts of ways to improve as fast as possible, was because they wanted to be ahead of the other guilds by half a step. With just a bit of freedom over their competition, they would have the chance to do what they wanted.

But with the current state of affairs, this type of opportunity was difficult to find. Right now, Team Happy was doing what normal players couldn’t do and living this type of blissful life. The club guilds were envious and jealous of them. If they had enough account cards, how many times could they set a record today?

It was only twice though because Happy didn’t have so many account cards. Apart from their own characters, the extra account cards being used had been power leveled by game studios. Power leveling right now was at its highest price, but they couldn’t care about that right now. Compared to taking care of a club and a team, this kind of expense was nothing.

Were these ten-player dungeons going to be toyed around with by Happy just like this?

Just when the various club guilds were shaking their heads in pain, someone finally acted.

Excellent Dynasty!


Because Team Happy hadn’t been going all out, leaving room to improve for these records, when Excellent Dynasty came out full force with their team, the times improved by an enormous jump. When everyone took a look at the list of characters holding the record, One Autumn Leaf, Life Extinguisher……. all sorts of famous characters. Excellent Era had been relegated this season, so they no longer appeared in the Alliance matches. Numerous fans felt incomparably reminiscent. They could only run over to the Challenger League to see these resplendent characters. Now, they had run to the game.

When the other guilds saw this scene, they knew that it was a confrontation between two direct competitors. Their clubs were afraid of affecting their players and didn’t dare to make any rash movements. However, Excellent Era was slaughtering their way through the Challenger League like a butcher with a meat cleaver. Seeing Happy abusing everyone like a tyrant, how could they bear it?


Excellent Era couldn’t endure it anymore.

After talking with Xiao Shiqin, Cui Li had made it clear that they would be ridding themselves of Ye Qiu’s shadow, but once he heard Chen Yehui reporting Happy’s string of explosive movements in the Heavenly Domain, he was still swayed.

Excellent Era had two advantages over Happy.

Their first advantage was having more experienced pro players. Their second advantage was having stronger pro characters.

For the former, the other side had Ye Qiu and a bunch of unknown guys who seemed unreliable but weren’t as simple as they looked. The other side was constantly improving and the disparity between them was constantly shrinking. 

For the latter, they originally thought that Happy had no way of closing this gap in a short amount of time, but who would have thought that after almost three years, they would finally come out with a new update and raise the level cap.

With the level cap being raised, although leveling to 75 only took eleven days, upgrading their Silver equipment from Level 70 to 75 wasn’t a matter of just eleven days.

Excellent Era had stronger characters because they had stronger equipment. But with the level cap raised, their Silver equipment would require weeks to upgrade. However, Happy could close the gap between themselves and Excellent Era during this time through Level 75 Orange equipment. Their advantage that they had considered as firmly set in place was currently fading away!

Especially with Happy’s current efficiency at gaining Level 75 Orange equipment.

Running dungeons, obtaining First Kills, selling guides, setting records. They had two teams too, using the ten-player dungeon clear speed records as their playthings…...

Cui Li believed that if Excellent Era still sat by and watched indifferently, it would be negligence on their part in terms of tactics. As a result, Cui Li looked for Sun Xiang and Xiao Shiqin, asking for their thoughts.

Attacking Happy from the game.

When Sun Xiang heard this idea, he instantly felt invigorated. His fighting spirit made Cui Li extremely happy. As for Xiao Shiqin, he quietly sighed to himself. Sure enough, Ye Qiu’s influence on this team was rooted deeply. It wasn’t something that could be pulled out with just a few words. Perhaps the only way to completely rid of themselves of Ye Qiu’s mental shackles was to beat Ye Qiu. But how were they going to beat Ye Qiu while carrying this type of pressure on their shoulders?

Xiao Shiqin discovered that he was facing a problem that couldn’t be solved. H also felt worried. But no matter what, beating Ye Qiu had already become his most important task. Cui Li represented the club’s interests. It seemed like he wanted to start fighting Ye Qiu and Happy from the game. However, Xiao Shiqin knew clearly that in-game matters were complicated. It wasn’t as simple as a one versus one or a five versus five battle. On stage, Excellent Era held an absolute advantage. But this type of advantage was crippled when brought into the game.

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