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Chapter 88 – Glory League

Between Ye Xiu and Tang Rou, one of them went to sleep after lunch, while the other went to sleep after the three o’clock shift. When dinner arrived, neither of them were there. Chen Guo angrily annihilated her dinner with the other employees. She originally didn’t want to leave either of them food, but after eating midway, she gave into her soft-heartedness and in the end, she left the two of them food.

At 8 o’clock at night, Ye Xiu, with 8 hours of sleep, woke up like a machine. After smoking a cigarette, he went to rinse his mouth and wash his face. He then left the room and headed downstairs.

The Internet Cafe downstairs was pitch black again. It was the same as when Ye Qiu’s retirement was announced. Ye Xiu was startled. Then, he thought of Happy Internet Cafe’s practice of broadcasting the Glory Profession Alliance Championship. He calculated the date. Today was the day of Glory’s 20th match.

He looked at the first floor’s lounge and just as expected, the projection curtain from last time had already been opened. At this moment, the e-sports channel was already being streamed onto it. The match hadn’t yet started, but many people had already scrambled for a good position. While they played on the computer in front of them, they waited for the match to start.

Ye Xiu walked up to the reception desk and asked the little sister there: “Which match?”

Clearly, the little sister at the reception desk didn’t care too much about Glory. As before, she was still watching her K-Dramas. However, as part of an Internet Cafe, she knew what should be known: “Excellent Era’s!”

Ye Xiu nodded his head. He understood very well.

The Glory Professional Alliance had a total of 20 Clubs. The 20 teams fought each other one on one. The ten matches were held at the same time. The TV channel was limited in how much it could show at once, so they usually only broadcasted the most important match. But as an e-sport, the true broadcasts were on the Internet. On the Internet, all 10 matches were streamed at the same time. The spectators could freely choose which match they wanted to see.

Happy Internet Cafe and Club Excellent Era were in the same city, so most of the people here naturally supported their home town’s team. Happy Internet Cafe mainly broadcasted Excellent Era’s matches.

Now that Ye Qiu retired, although the supporters were sad, their support for their Club didn’t change. The newly introduced expert, Sun Xiang, made them feel even more expectant. They hoped that Excellent Era could rise from their slump in the previous season. Currently, as the second to last placed team, they were still quite far from getting a playoff spot. But the season was just a bit over halfway through, so everyone still had hope that some miracle would happen.

The matches all started at 8:30 PM. There were still 10 minutes until they started. After Chen Guo attended to all of the guests, she came over and saw Ye Xiu at the reception desk.

“Boss.” Ye Xiu immediately said hello.

“I left you some food.” Chen Guo said.

“Thanks.” Ye Xiu went to go get food to eat.

“Broadcasting Excellent Era’s match?” Ye Xiu chatted with Chen Guo while eating food.

“Yeah.” Chen Guo nodded her head.

“Who are they against?” Ye Xiu asked.

“301.” Chen Guo said.

“Oh.” Ye Xiu nodded his head. With regards to the pro teams, he obviously knew more about them than Chen Guo. 301 was the short form for Team 301 Degrees, a part of Club 301 Degrees. They were an old team in Glory. They kept their rankings in the middle with a steady performance. Although the team didn’t have a powerful account like the Battle God One Autumn Leaf, the six main accounts had equal strength. Among the six characters that the team captain Yang Cong controlled, the Assassin Scene Killer possessed Silver Dual Swords: Chaotic Winding Shadow Swords. He played shrewdly and ruthlessly, a troublesome opponent.

In the league’s first half, Excellent Era had been bullied around by everyone. But now that a new expert had come, they clearly showed their intent to rise again. It was Sun Xiang’s first match since he joined the team, yet the TV channels all chose to broadcast this.

8:30. The matches began on time. Ye Xiu had already madly annihilated his dinner. The atmosphere in the Internet Cafe began to heat up. Everyone boldly discussed their opinions on the upcoming match and arrogantly commented on their predictions. Ye Xiu looked to Chen Guo, who was also extremely excited. She was worthy of being called one of Glory’s most devoted fans.

The twentieth match of the Season 8 Glory Professional Alliance Championship, 301 Degrees vs Excellent Era!

A title appeared on the broadcast. The commentator spurred the mood by shouting as if he were wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves, while introducing today’s honored guest: Li Yibo.

So it’s Li Yibo….. Ye Xiu didn’t need any introduction. There were very few people he didn’t know among the pros. Li Yibo was a former pro-player, but he retired four years ago. His skill level in the professional circle was also considered top-tier and he was very good at networking. When he was a pro-player, he established a good relationship with the media. After retiring, he immediately became an honored guest among the professional commentators. He had already been doing this for four years.

At this moment, immaculately dressed, Li Yibo was chatting leisurely in front of the camera and commentated on the two teams. The recent change in Excellent Era was obviously the focus point. And talking about Ye Qiu’s commemoration obviously couldn’t be avoided. With a solemn expression, Li Yibo recalled a story between Ye Qiu and himself back in the days. Hearing this, Ye Xiu was dumbstruck: “You f*cker, you and I only said a total of ten words to each other. Make it up! Keep on making it up!”

Calm and composed, Li Yibo made up the entire story. With just a look, it was obviously a script he prepared beforehand. Soon after, he randomly chatted with the commentator for a bit and then the match officially began.

301 Degrees vs Excellent Era. Individual Match: Round 1. Player Introduction.

301 Degrees, Player: Gao Jie. Character: Stellar Sword.

The Internet Cafe was filled with hissing sounds. There were even curses thrown in there. With regards to the loyal fans, any opponent was an enemy. A complete beatdown would be immensely satisfying.

Next up Excellent Era, Player: Su Mucheng. Character: Dancing Rain.


Ye Xiu still hadn’t figured out what had happened when a tsunami of whistles and shouts almost made him fall off his chair. Especially the nearby Chen Guo’s screeching, they carved into his bones and engraved itself into his heart.

“What intense reactions, ha…….” Ye Xiu laughed. He had never doubted Su Mucheng’s popularity, but this scene made him jump in fright.

“Of course!! She’s the number one female expert!” Chen Guo proudly said. This was her number one idol.

“Number one female expert? Who said that?” Ye Xiu said baffled.

“That’s what everyone says.” Chen Guo said.

“That’s just hype!” Ye Xiu said.

“If not her, then who else?” Chen Guo asked.

“If you’re talking about skill level, then the strongest female expert should be Chu Yunxiu.” Ye Xiu said.

“Team Misty Rain’s Chu Yunxiu?” Chen Guo asked.


Chen Guo thought for a moment. In the end, the match started and her thoughts immediately flew there. Another “OH OH OH, SU MUCHENG” was shouted, giving her idol a cheer as if she believed that Su Mucheng could hear her.

This is a fangirl!!!! Ye Xiu exclaimed in surprise. If he called Su Mucheng over to the Internet Cafe to play a round, would this boss be so excited that she’d burn down the Internet Cafe in order to celebrate?

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