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Chapter 877 - 20 Player Dungeon, If You’re In, Press 1

Hearing this, everyone paused, shocked, and all clicked on the record. In the system announcements, if all the members of a party were from the same guild, then the system would announce their guild’s name. You could still view the individual participants if you clicked on it, though. The First Kill namelist of the first boss of the Land of Despairing Spirits, The Original Wraith was a sight to behold.

Desert Dust, Immovable Rock, Dazzling Hundred Blossoms, Dark Thunder...

This line-up you usually only ever saw in pro matches was now placed on this record ever so magnificently. Being able to set a record at such a time meant that the players behind the characters weren’t power levellers who were there just to get the characters to the new level limit, but the true owners: the four Gods that had teamed up in Tyranny this season.

The other six were all characters on Tyranny’s roster as well. Without a doubt, Tyranny’s pro players had just begun a new day of activities. The new update was something the pro players had come to take a look at too, so they would go and run a few dungeons on the way. To say they were aiming for First Clear or Kill rewards was to underestimate these powerhouse teams. Only a poor team like Happy would be aiming for these sorts of rewards. With the foundation that Tyranny had, there was more importance in the taking of the record itself. As for those rewards, they wouldn’t do anything to give them an advantage. So the pro players of the big teams weren’t particularly anxious or impatient because of the new update. Everyone’s daily lives were still the same. Some of the clubs had even emphasized that they should make sure to keep good habits in order to maintain their state for future matches and not to get too involved in the online game...

This emphasis was very much necessary. Pro players were all obsessed with Glory. Asking them to resist the temptations of a new update was an impossible request. Though the clubs may have made such a request, there might still be pro players who stayed up at night, playing on an alt.

However, it was now past eight in the morning, those who had a healthy sleep schedule were due to get up, so these guys could charge into the online game for some action. They might’ve said it was to familiarize themselves with the new mechanics, but in reality, which one of them wasn’t interested in the new update?

When the First Kill for the Land of Despairing Spirit’s first Boss was announced, the normal players were a little numb to it. These guys had stayed up for the release, just like Ye Xiu and co, so they were used to the First Kill announcements popping up again and again throughout the night. They all needed a moment to compose themselves, but that was when they suddenly realized that this time, it wasn’t Happy that had gotten the First Kill this time!

Tyrannical Ambition!

Then, they clicked into the record and were immediately blinded by the eye-catching names.

The chat for higher ups in each club’s guild department also exploded with activity. To them, the new update was the arrival of a very important job. All-nighters were common on days like this. In the past, competing for First Kills and First Clears were a vital part of their job. Now it was a little different. A nightmare like Ye Qiu had darted into the game, bringing with him a team of his own. While the big guilds ran around the dungeons to get a feel for it, they were accumulating First Kills and First Clears like they were going out of style. In one night, the First Clears of four dungeons had been taken.

The guild leaders were going crazy, helpless and wishing for dawn to come soon! They knew, of course, that after the sun had come up, the pro players of each team would come into the game to familiarize themselves with the new updates. Although First Clears and First Kills weren’t a part of a pro player’s job, they could grab a few along the way!

The number of members on each of the big teams was around ten or so, so ten-player team dungeons were the natural choice. There were only three ten-player dungeons released in the new update and two had already been cleared by Guild Happy already. The guilds of the big teams would, of course, make sure to remind the pro players to go for the dungeon without First Kills or Clears as they prepared to log into the game and try out the new updates.

It was Team Tyranny who had gotten the opportunity. 

The current pro player characters that were in the game weren’t equipped with their usual set of Silver equipment. In terms of the strength of characters, they were about the same as Happy’s all orange characters. However, their skill, tactics, and coordination were far beyond what Happy currently possessed.

For Ye Xiu and co, running a ten-player dungeon took about three hours. However, Tyranny’s members had gotten to and dealt with a boss within twenty minutes. When they explored new dungeons, they didn’t need to be as cautious as Ye Xiu’s party, where unfamiliar mobs and bosses needed Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim to go up and figure them out first. They all just went all in for it because they were confident that no matter what happened, they would be able to deal with it. There was little need to emphasize how Tyranny also had the best Cleric in all of Glory...

So, seeing that Tyrannical Ambition had gotten the First Kill for the first Boss, Ye Xiu knew that they had no chance of getting the First Kills and First Clear for this ten-player dungeon.

“Should we continue?” It evidently wasn’t just Ye Xiu who knew. Seeing that Ye Xiu hadn’t said anything for a long while, Chen Guo spoke up. “No need,” Ye Xiu sighed. They weren’t as casual as the powerhouse teams. They weren’t here for anything but the First Kill reward, so there was no need to stay in this dungeon that they couldn’t obtain a First Kill from.

“Should we leave?” Chen Guo asked.

“Let’s leave!” Ye xiu said.

If they weren’t aiming for the First Kill rewards, then a ten-player dungeon that took three hours wasn’t worth their time.

Getting out of The Land of Despairing Spirits, the energetic group had all become a little downtrodden, Mo Fan included. He didn’t really care about First Kill rewards. He was going to use this dungeon to win back some face. Now that they weren’t going to run the dungeon any longer, Mo Fan felt like he had energy that he didn’t know how to spend, becoming extremely gloomy.

“Maybe we can run a few smaller dungeons?” Chen Guo suggested. Five-player small dungeons didn’t have many rewards, but it was better than nothing.

“There will probably we pro players running the small dungeons, too,” Ye Xiu said as he opened up QQ and yelled into the chat, “Who’s here?”


A bunch of people popped up, all greeting him as “god” or “senior”. Ye Xiu made a rough guess that there were about thirty or fourty people who appeared immediately. When had this chat ever been so active? It was obvious that they had all begun their online activities already. As for what they were doing, did it even need to be mentioned? If it was usual training, they wouldn’t be allowed to be messing around on QQ. They were all enjoying the new update!

“Sup?” Troubling Rain asked. It was evident that they were in a dungeons; even Huang Shaotian only had the time to type three letters and a question mark.

“Have you all eaten yet?” Ye Xiu asked.

“F*ck off f*ck off f*ck off!” Though he might’ve been rather busy, Huang Shaotian still typed a whole six words.

“What dungeon are you running?” Ye Xiu asked directly.

“The Land of Despairing Spirits,” Huang Shaotian replied.

“Pathetic! The First Kill has already been taken by Tyranny,” Ye Xiu said.

“Are you trying to provoke me?” Huang Shaotian accused him in a rage.

“Funny isn’t it, like you guys aren’t rivals. What’s there to provoke?” Ye Xiu asked.

“.................” When Huang Shaotian was speechless, he had to use more ellipses as well.

“What dungeon is everyone else running?” Ye Xiu chose to speak to the group at large this time.

All sorts of word filled the screen, the names of all sorts of dungeons. With a glance, Ye Xiu saw what he had expected; plenty of small dungeons had been taken already. A single team could run two five-player dungeons at once! But the majority of them were at The Land of Despairing Spirits. It seemed that many had gotten requests from their guilds to grab some First Kills from their guilds.

“You want to avoid taken dungeons so you can continue to grab First Kills?” Vaccaria popped up; Wang Jiexi had guessed Ye Xiu’s intentions.

“I have far more First Kills than all of you, ok?” Ye Xiu replied.

Everyone was silent; wasn’t this because you shamelessly spent the entire night online?

“Anyone who wants to do a 20 player dungeon, press 1!!!” Ye Xiu began to yell. Blood coughing and sweat dropping emojis came like a flood. This suggestion was just too much.

There were also some who couldn’t help but jump out. They were obviously people who viewed Ye Xiu as an opponent.

One Autumn Leaf: “F*ck, what the hell do you mean by that!”

“...” Ye Xiu replied.

Everyone was dumbstruck. Had such a simple sentence made Ye Qiu incapable of retort? That was so strange, but soon enough they knew it wasn’t the case.

Ye Xiu said, “Sh*t, I really can’t get used to this name speaking to me.”

Everyone burst out with laughter.

Everyone knew who was using One Autumn Leaf’s name; it was Excellent Era’s Sun Xiang! This guy was, indeed, a prodigy. That was something everyone had to admit to, but this guy was too arrogant and looked down on everyone. He might have the skill, but his reputation wasn’t very good. Not many pro players liked him.

Sun Xiang was frustrated as well, but his usually dexterous hands seemed to have frozen, unable to type anything in reply. He could only watch as Ye Xiu’s newly named “Lord Grim” continued: “How come Excellent Era’s people are still in here? Shouldn’t relegated people get kicked out? Wasn’t that a rule here?”

“There’s no rule like that!” Sun Xiang raged, looking through the chat rules. Who would believe that such a harsh rule actually existed?!

It wasn’t only Sun Xiang that went to flip through the rules, the spectators did as well. In the end, wow, there really was a rule like that.

Sun Xiang didn’t know how to respond at first, but he wasn’t that slow. After a moment, everyone realized what had just occurred.

“F*ck, you just added that, didn’t you?!” Sun Xiang yelled. Ye Xiu was a veteran among veterans, and that meant that he had been one of the first members of this chat, holding the position of an admin. The pro players were laughing like crazy by the time Sun Xiang had yelled.

“Yup!” Ye Xiu admitted bluntly.

Sun Xiang’s hands froze again, unsure of what he should type next.

“So, if you keep spewing bullsh*t, I’ll kick you!” Ye Xiu threatened and then turned to yell once more, “Anyone up for a 20-player dungeon? Press 1!!!!!!”

Many of you may not know, but there's a stage play that recently came out for TKA! Jouissance went to a private screening (translator status ftw) and the first public showing. She took some pictures of it, so along with some more professional ones, click here to see a few of them! If you'd like to see more stage play pics and pics of the actors, go to #stageplay-pictures in this discord: 

Brief translation: TKA Stage Play - Glory Season 8 All Stars. Shanghai Daning Theatre from 1/7 - 1/13.

They will be going to different cities I think. I just know that the tour will be going on until May. For more information, this is their Weibo (it's in Chinese though):

If you have any questions about the play, it'd probably be best to go to the discord and ask Jouissance.

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