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Chapter 876 - Problem Found

Having noticed the contrast, Mo Fan began to consider what had been different between small dungeons and team dungeons.

His own technique, his own skill was still the same. As for the others? How would he know?! Mo Fan was frustrated. The arrangement of Happy’s training room was the same after moving into the apartment from the internet cafe. Three computers in a row, four sides, forming a square.

The others craned their necks around, all having a friend beside them whose screen they could look at. Only Mo Fan sat in a row of his own. If he wanted to check on another’s performance, he would have to get up and walk around. Mo Fan couldn’t help but long for Su Mucheng’s presence. When Su Mucheng was around, she had always sat in the same row as him...

The upset Mo Fan considered getting up to take a look at someone else’s progress, as Ye Xiu’s voice flooded his ears. He was now hearing it from outside, instead of within the game. However, he generally filtered out these noises. Ye Xiu’s arrangements rarely mentioned him, too.

Hearing his guy’s annoying voice made his frustration build. As he was bothered by the voice, Mo Fan suddenly realized something. He remembered that this guy’s annoying voice had rarely made an appearance during their five-player dungeon run!

Carefully recalling that process, Mo Fan became certain. When they ran five-player dungeons, apart from the cautious orders of “go”, “stop”, or “heal”, there was none of the endless chatter about what tactics they should use.

Was it because he had been so distracted by that hateful voice that he didn’t do as well in team dungeons as he did in small dungeons?

This was an involuntary thought that popped into mind, but he quickly knew that it wasn’t possible. The DPS of small and team dungeons were something he could easily check. What caused him to lag behind wasn’t because he wasn’t performing as well in team dungeons, but because when the others went into team dungeons, they seemed completely unaffected by the change in difficulty, able to perform to their fullest despite it.

Could it be… that it was because of that guy’s leadership?

Mo Fan spaced out a little. If that was true, then he had to admit that it was a logical reason. After all, in the team dungeons, everyone moved in accordance with Ye Xiu’s arrangements, even performing specific skills that he would name. Only his Deception was completely independent, fighting however he wanted.

He had been very proud about that, feeling like such a rebel, unmoved by Ye Xiu.

Now, it seemed that the very thing he was proud of was actually the perpetrator of his awkward DPS.

Mo Fan refused to believe this. He couldn’t care about it anymore and stood, running over to watch someone else. As he watched, he imagined his own character in their character’s place: if it was Deception, what would he do in this situation?

The contrast was stunning. Mo Fan was watching Tang Rou’s Soft Mist, a melee character, just like Deception. His usual silence was almost broken as he watched, almost unable to stifle the words “How did you do that; this is what you should do” and other such phrases. However, after a few exchanges, Mo Fan realized that these seemingly silly decisions were giving a huge boost to Tang Rou’s DPS. By now, Mo Fan had also found the reason, teamwork!

For example, in the wave of attacks just now, Tang Rou had chained it with Steamed Bun Invasion’s Strangle. As soon as Steamed Bun Invasion landed a Strangle, Soft Mist immediately sent forth a wave of high-damage attacks at the boss, which only ended when the effect of Strangle ended. It wasn’t just Soft Mist, but all the other characters with physical skills seemed to have been waiting for this moment and unleashed their skills without restraint in these few short seconds.

Under the effects of Strangle, the target’s physical defense would be reduced by 50 percent. That meant all damage received from physical attacks would experience an immense increase. In these few seconds, Mo Fan watched Soft Mist’s DPS skyrocket with awe.

He finally understood!

Mo Fan returned to his own seat. He felt like he understood the source of the problem now. So, it had been because of their careful teamwork that the others retained high DPS even in team dungeons. Mo Fan naturally recognized skills like Strangle and he knew how much more damage he could deal if he used this chance to land a blow. As for the others? They seemed to be waiting for a skill like Strangle, holding onto their skills. As soon as Strangle hit, they didn’t just land a single blow and retreat.

He should have paid more attention to coordination.

Mo Fan’s spirits rose, feeling that he found the main source of his problems. He eagerly wanted to charge in and show everyone how well he could coordinate with them.

Wasn’t it just paying attention to these opportunities? Grabbing opportunities was his forte! As a scrap-picker, Mo Fan had confidence in this area. However, he obviously couldn’t squeeze into the current dungeon. Mo Fan found a place to fight monsters by himself, but his mind was full of that refined and opportunistic battle style.

On Ye Xiu’s side, things were smooth sailing even though they were short one man. However, one less person was still one less person, and even a leecher would still contribute to the DPS. They were, admittedly, slower.

The Fourth boss was successfully dealt with, and then after a series of mobs, they finally arrived at the last boss of the Underground Market.

Utilizing the same strategy, they finally cleared the Underground Market in three hours.

By then, it was already eight or so in the morning, and the sun had long since risen. Yet everyone was still full of energy, even those who weren’t used to staying up late like Chen Guo.

It had once again come to the time for them to collect their rewards, and everyone was eager. On the other hand, Mo Fan had already let Deception head off to the next ten player dungeon. He had to win back his face her. Mo Fan was completely uninterested in the chattering over their rewards.




Chen Guo’s unnecessary enthusiasm caused Mo Fan to roll his eyes more than once.

The First Kill rewards for the individual bosses gave out equipment worthy of bosses, and the first boss gave out a level 75 Orange accessory.

The second and third bosses all gave out materials, totalling at six; the boss to material ratio was the same as Sealed Mountain Thieves Hideout. The rewards for the fourth and fifth boss were both Oranges equipment. The fourth was obviously for the Thief class and wasn’t much use to Team Happy. The fifth boss gave out something that was most suited to Elementalists, but it would also give a boost to other magic based fighters. Equipment that could be helpful across multiple classes weren’t rare in Glory either. 

Finally, the time came to collect the First Clear reward for the entire dungeon.

“Weapon! Weapon! Weapon!!” Chen Guo wished aloud. There hadn’t even been a  single weapon among their First Kill rewards for the five bosses.

Ye Xiu was far calmer than Chen Guo. Underground Market’s First Clear reward, collected!

Fire Red BaronThe name of the Orange equipment came into view, but they couldn’t tell what it was. Then came Chen Guo’s excited screaming and everyone immediately knew it was a weapon.

Fire Red Baron, Level 75 Orange Handcannon.

Weight 3.9kg, Durability 39, Attack Speed 1;

Physical Attack 895;

Magic Attack 651; 

Strength +58;

Physical Crit Rate +10;

Fire Element Damage +10%;

Fire Element Damage Crit Rate +15;

Fire Element Crit Damage +20%;

When attacks land, there’s a 4% chance of triggering a Firestorm.

The basic stats were, doubtlessly, at the level of a level 75 Orange weapon, and following that was a heap of boosters for Fire Element attacks, fulling portraying its status as the First Clear reward of a team dungeon. This Fire Red Baron was similar to the Tiger Seal Luo Ji’s Concealed Light had in one aspect, and that was its ability to change one’s skill tree build. With such obvious favoritism for the element of Fire, the gunner holding this would have made a mistake in choosing it if they hadn’t favored skills with an addition of Fire Elemental damage.

Chen Guo herself was a Launcher, so she understood the value of this reward . However, she didn’t have any intention to take the weapon for herself. She was happy because they had an expert Launcher on their team right now, Wu Chen, whose DPS was even better than Tang Rou.

Limited by his natural potential and age, Wu Chen’s skill probably wouldn’t see any more miraculous improvements. However, in the current Team Happy, he was an invaluable veteran. In addition, his character's strength gave a boost to Happy’s chances in taking the Challenger’s League. There was no debate about it; Fire Red Baron went to Wu Chen’s Dawn Rifle. Then, the other piece of Orange equipment, False General, was a cloth armor particularly suited to Ghostblades. There was no arguments as to who that went to. Apart from these two pieces of Orange equipment, there were some materials that they stored away from now.

“There’s one last ten player dungeon; let’s get this all done in one night!” Chen Guo who was usually against these sorts of unhealthy habits didn’t even mention breakfast, encouraging everyone to continue and clear the last of the ten player dungeons as well.

“Sure!” No one had any problems with that. They were all satisfied from the continuous First Kill rewards.

“Then let’s go!” Ye Xiu said, and everyone’s characters left through the teleportation portal in Guizhi City, heading for the last ten player dungeon, The Land of Despairing Spirits in the Forest of Shattered Skies.

Mo Fan’s Deception had long since been waiting for them, fearful that he would be forgotten. It was a good thing that Ye Xiu invited him as soon as they arrived. Mo Fan had never been so eager to enter a party before and Deception ran all the way to where Ye Xiu had told him to go, returning to their party.  

“Do your best to DPS,” Ye Xiu called out their slogan for dungeons.

“Humph!” Mo Fan uncharacteristically responded, surprising everyone. The all looked around to see what expression was on that guy’s face.

The ten entered the dungeon, familiarized themselves with the mobs, and began to progress. Yet at ten minutes past eight, the TV suddenly announced: Congratulations to Guild Tyrannical Ambition for the First Kill on The Land of Despairing Spirit’s Original Wraith.

“Ah! How could it be!” Chen Guo exclaimed. Someone actually managed to take the First Kill for a ten player dungeon before them. Chen Guo was shocked.

Ye Xiu clicked into the First Kill record and understood what had happened upon reading it. He sighed with helplessness, “Seems like the pro players are awake.”

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