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Chapter 874 - Only Two First Clears

As Ye Xiu expected, the small boss with the oil lamp wasn’t hard to deal with. Since he shouldered the responsibility of both MT and healer, the most complicated tasks were done by him. The others could more or less just mindlessly DPS.

The battle was swift, but Wei Chen’s team was faster with their head start, Ye Xiu and co hadn’t even finished their boss off when they vaguely heard those guys sighing over something.

These sounds came from out of the game, and since the sounds of battle were rather intense, Ye Xiu didn’t hear them clearly. Yet, soon enough, Wei Chen yelled at him from where he was sitting next to Ye Xiu, “The bosses of these small dungeons don’t seem to have a First Kill reward!”

Ye Xiu paused for a moment before he realized what had happened.

Wei Chen’s team had already killed off the first boss in their dungeon, but there had been no system announcement. No wonder they seemed so disappointed. The rewards for these records were their true goal. If the individual bosses didn’t have First Kill rewards, then that meant this whole dungeon would only give one First Clear reward each.

However, they were already here, so they wouldn’t just give up halfway. After wallowing in a moment of disappointment, they continued running the dungeon. 

Ye Xiu and co soon finished with Head Miner Zalu as well. The system didn’t respond, just like Wei Chen had said. The items dropped from Zalu were only a few pieces of blue equipment, something they didn’t even need to look at.

“If we had known this earlier, then we would be in a ten-player dungeon by now!” Wei Chen was still ranting, his headphones around his neck, “We don’t really even need to use headphones and mics, really.”

That was rather true actually. Everyone was sitting in the same room after all, so they could just talk directly. They didn’t need the voice chat in game. Since they had split, it would be better for their communication if they didn’t wear headphones. As for the sounds from the game, they didn’t really need it since the small dungeon wasn’t difficult enough for them to require it to make judgements.

Everyone then took off their headphones. Wei Chen’s group was already enroute to the next boss. As for Ye Xiu’s side? As soon as Zalu fell, Mo Fan impatiently clicked open the DPS chart.

This time’s DPS was finally at an acceptable level, compared to how it was in Sealed Mountain Thieves Hideout. However, Mo Fan was still a little dissatisfied with his performance, because he was only second on the chart, not first. The first was still Wu Chen’s Dawn Rifle. During their run of Sealed Mountain Thieves Hideout, Wu Chen’s Dawn Rifle was always first as well.

Deception’s DPS was a little worse than Dawn Rifle’s, but not by much. However, Steamed Bun’s DPS that followed his wasn’t far behind either. Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze, on the other hand, was a larger distance behind them. Mo Fan didn’t bother looking at hers though. In his eyes, Chen Guo didn’t even count as a competitor.

It wasn’t completely satisfactory, but it wasn’t too bad either!

Mo Fan perked up a little at seeing his DPS this, but then he saw that Ye Xiu’s Sullen Kitten was already charging ahead with her massive axe. Did he not have any intentions to discuss this round’s DPS?

Mo Fan’s spirits fell.

This was a premeditated attack on him, wasn’t it?

When he saw that Mo Fan had done well, he didn’t say anything; when he saw that Mo Fan had done badly, he had to bring it up to humiliate Mo Fan? This guy was as vicious as ever!

Mo Fan’s thought spun wildly, but he still urged Deception forth to catch up with the rest of the team.

After that there were mobs, then the second boss, and then the third. The difficulty of a five player dungeon was negligible for these experts. Not long after Wei Chen’s team had finished, they had cleared Snowstorm Mine as well.

Unlike team dungeons, which often only allowed a character’s entry once a day or even once a week, the new level 75 five-player dungeons all let a single character enter up to three times each day. This was why many guilds and players were researching them. If they could get more time to figure out the dungeons, some expert players might actually be able to clear them. Three tries were too few though. Ye Xiu and co might’ve been a bit late to the party, but they managed to clear it on their first try; the First Clears were easily taken by them.

The players on the global chat were all admiring this, and there was no need to discuss how the leaders of the big guilds felt. Wasn’t this just dandy? Three First Clears had been bound to Happy’s name already. These records would be immortalized in the game.

And on Ye Xiu’s side? The two teams were preparing to collect their respective First Clear rewards, Wei Chen bet Ye Xiu a pack of smokes that their rewards would be better than Ye Xiu’s.

“Hahahahaha!” Their reward was revealed amidst Wei Chen’s laughter.

“A weapon!” Wei Chen announced with triumph. This weapon was half a win for their bet, as weapons were far more valuable than other pieces of equipment.

However, Weki Chen’s expression fell a little upon checking the type of weapon.

Blood Chipper Greatsword.

It was Orange, and the stats weren’t bad, but it was, unfortunately, not something Team Happy’s members needed. The only swordsman, Ghostblade One Inch Ash, would never use a Greatsword. Even Sword Demons would never use the completely melee focused Greatsword in the Pro League.

“This effect seems interesting!” Ye Xiu said, looking at the Blood Chip effect that was at the bottom.

Blood Chip: 3% chance to inflict Blood Chip, reducing the target’s max HP by 1%

“Just 1 percent? That’s not much,” Wei Chen said.

“But what about against a boss?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Boss…?” Wei Chen paused for a second, “It would be useless against a boss too, unless it activated immediately. If they took a whole percent of health as damage, that’s pretty terrifying. It’s just that this effect is has too low of a chance to activate. If it doesn’t activate immediately, then after a while, the boss would’ve long since lost more than a percent of its health and the effect would only work to reduce its maximum health, and what use would that have?”

“It might be useful in some special situations,” Ye Xiu suggested.

“It won’t be very useful in PvP, at least,” Wei Chen said.

“There’s a one percent, so who’s to say there’s no five percent, or even ten?” Ye Xiu said.

“Hm, if that’s the case…” Wei Chen wavered a little.

“Let’s just hang onto it for now!” Ye Xiu said. Without these words, the weapon would be deemed useless, just like the blue and purple equipment they had gotten from the other boss drops. Those would be thrown into the guild storage later. As for Orange weapons like this, they would research the stats for their silver equipment development.

“What’s your reward?” Wei Chen asked Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu hadn’t collected it yet. Seeing Wei Chen paying attention to his screen, he clicked it.

It was also a piece of orange equipment. The rewards for the First Clear of a five player dungeon were incomparable to the rewards of a team dungeon, too. Sealed Mountain Thieves Hideout had given them two pieces of orange equipment and four materials for First Clear. On the other hand, their five player dungeons only gave out a single piece of orange equipment each, on par with a First Kill of an individual boss in a team dungeon.

“Hurry up and take a look!” Wei Chen urged.

The orange words: Cloud Bust Moonfall. They didn’t hint at what sort of equipment it was at all.

Ye Xiu’s cursor hovered over it and it’s information popped up. Wei Chen fell silent, because he had lost.

Cloudless Moonfall was a Spear and, in Happy, Tang rou’s Soft Mist was an obvious choice of user. This reward had found itself an owner. Cloud Bust Moonfall.

Weight 3.5 kg, Durability 35, Attack Speed 3;

Physical Attack 911, Magic Attack 632; Strength +55;

Attack Speed +1;

Crit Rate +12;

Light Element attacks; When attacking with Chasers, there was a 5 percent chance that an extra same-element Chaser would be generated and hit the target directly, doing piercing damage. With Ye Xiu, who was so well versed in the Battle Mage class, the others didn’t feel like they had a right to even comment on the weapon. As for Ye Xiu? He very much satisfied with this spear.

With just the basic stat of Attack Speed, this spear had 3 in comparison to the slowest 1 that was common among spears. Then, it even had a bonus to Attack Speed of +1, so that made the overall Attack Speed 4, an incredible improvement. This was something both valuable and hard to come by for spears.

Apart from that, the additional bonuses for Strength and Crit Rate were common on spears. Cloud Bust Moonfall had stats that were deserving of its status as a level 75 orange weapon. As for Light Element attacks, that had to be judged according to the situation. A weapon with an element would mean that resistances also had to be taken into account during damage calculation. If the target had high resistance to Darkness, then Light element attacks would do far more damage; if they had high resistance to Light, then the damage would be greatly reduced. Ice and Fire didn’t affect Light Element attacks directly, but the damage from an elemental attack would be slightly higher than a damage from a non-elemental attack. Overall, a weapon with an element might give you an advantage over your target, but might also give you a disadvantage. It was hard to judge the overall benefits compared to the situational ones.

As for the last effect, it was something new to level 75. Ye Xiu had never seen anything like it either. From the description, this was definitely a great addition to one’s DPS. Five percent was a bit low, but if there was a high chance of an effect like this activating, then that would be too overpowered.

Overall, Cloud Bust Moonfall wasn’t as eye catching as the Tiger Seal that they had obtained earlier, but the stats were a good bonus and even the Light Element wasn’t something that would drag you down. Without a doubt, this was a weapon that should be immediately equipped upon reaching level 75, so it would definitely be given to Soft Mist. 

“Five-player dungeons are boring. How about we find another ten player dungeon instead?” Wei Chen suggested after they exited from their respective dungeons. With just a single reward item waiting for them at the end, five player dungeons weren’t really worth it.

“Sure. There’s two more ten player dungeons, right?” Ye Xiu said.

In the three new level 75 areas announced, only Barrier Mountains had a ten-player dungeon. However, everyone now knew that the other three areas that were revealed with the update would also have two other ten player dungeons.

Everyone prepared to head of to the ten player dungeons. Mo Fan was rather depressed though. The five player dungeon had been cleared and though he hadn’t overtaken Wu Chen, his DPS wasn’t bad. Yet what was the worst was that Ye Xiu didn’t talk about DPS at all for this run. Mo Fan couldn’t take it anymore and, for the first time ever, initiated a conversation, “Aren’t we going to take a look at the DPS?”

“Oh? I forgot to look during that run. We’ll check when we do the ten player dungeon later,” Ye Xiu replied calmly.

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