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Chapter 872 - First Kill Rewards (2)

The boss Brown Bear could be considered a Berserker, but his unique spiked club definitely wouldn’t drop. In Glory, boss drops wouldn’t be universal. Nearly all boss drops matched the boss’s class. For example, a physical type boss like Brown Bear wouldn’t drop mage-related equipment.

Although Happy wasn’t obtaining these items from the boss’s corpse, from the First Kill rewards of the previous three bosses, the rewards all complied with the boss drop rules.

After clicking on the button to receive the rewards, a message immediately popped up in their team chat.

Sealed Mountain Heavy Armor

This was the Brown Bear’s First Kill reward, a Level 75 Orange heavy armor. +37 Strength, +28 Vitality, -20 Spirit, Physical Defense +10%, Strength +4%, Vitality +4%, Spirit -10%.......

This heavy armor focused on strengthening the basic stats. This type of equipment weren’t specific to a class. If the stats and armor proficiency matched your needs, it was suitable to use, but this Sealed Mountain Heavy Armor had a flaw just like its original owner. While it strengthened strength and vitality, it also weakened spirit.

In the pro scene, where a small detail could decided victory or defeat, this small flaw was extremely detrimental. The spirit stat closely related to the effects of buffs and debuffs. In a high-level confrontation, such things were crucial. No one in the pro scene would be brave enough to use a piece of equipment that lowered spirit.

The value of Silver equipment could be seen here. Even if the stats weren’t too outstanding, it wouldn’t have a troublesome flaw that made it hard to use. For successful Silver equipment, every stat would beneficial.

Sealed Mountain Heavy Armor clearly wouldn’t have any market value in the pro scene. However, utilizing it as research material wouldn’t be bad. Ye Xiu took the piece of equipment and clicked on the First Kill rewards for the final boss Sealed Mountain Tiger.

“Orange equipment!”


Even though it was their fifth time receive First Kill rewards, Chen Guo was still as excited as ever. As soon as she saw the most valuable type of equipment appear again, she cried out in joy.

At this point, some of them hadn’t even checked what it was yet, when Chen Guo leaked it out.

Tiger Seal.

Just from listening to its name, it didn’t seem like anything impressive. It was only after hearing Chen Guo’s cry did everyone hover over it to see the true appearance of this weapon.

It was a magic staff.

Weight: 3.0kg. Durability: 30. Attack Speed: 10.

Physical Attack: 270

Magic Attack: 825

Intelligence +40

Spirit +20

Cast Speed +12%

Restores 3% mana every minute

Whip: Effects +10%

Tiger Seal - Physical summons have their battle strength increase by 20% inside a nine coordinate area with the staff at the center.

No one in Team Happy was a noob now. At worst, Tang Rou, Steamed Bun, and Luo Ji hadn’t been playing for very long and didn’t have an extremely deep understanding of certain concepts.

But after seeing the stats for Tiger Seal, everyone was silent for a good half a minute.

“Top tier!” Ye Xiu was the first to speak up.

“What? It’s the top of the top!” Wei Chen gaven an even higher evaluation of it.

“What’s the best Summoner Silver weapon right now?” Ye Xiu asked.

“That’s not important.” Wei Chen replied.

“Could Tiger Seal be even better than the current best Summoner Silver weapon?” Chen Guo was astonished. The exact stats of Silver weapons were treated as secrets by the various clubs. The stats wouldn’t be publicly announced. They didn’t want their opponents to know. Only the owner would know the precises stats of their Silver weapons. Anyone else could only guesstimate through real combat.

However, as the scene developed, pro players began moving around more frequently. Hoping for the transferred player to protect the secrets of their old club had no way of being monitored, so the stats of Silver equipment was becoming more and more transparent. That was still only limited to the pro scene though. After all, no player would transfer several times in a row just to report information on all the team’s Silver equipment. As a result, although it could be said that the stats weren’t a secret, it was still confined to a limited area. Perhaps after one transfer, the two teams wouldn’t have many secrets left, that’s all.

If the information was still a mystery among pro teams, it would be even more of a mystery to normal players. Apart from those that had been released to the public, the rest were all guesses. Wei Chen had left the pro scene long ago, so he didn’t have any reputable information sources. Of course, with his skill, if he took the time and effort to conduct research, his conclusions would be a lot more accurate than those random guesses by the average player. He didn’t have that sort of leisure time though. If he had to do research, he would research the classes that he was interested in, like Warlocks. Wei Chen didn’t have much of an understanding of Summoner Silver equipment, yet this guy acted like he did, saying “It’s not important.” It was as if Tiger Seal crushed its competitors, exciting Chen Guo.

“Saying which one’s better or worse can’t be clearly determined with just a few words. It depends on the player’s style and needs, but at the very least, this Tiger Seal can contend with any Level 70 Silver Summoner weapon. It’s a weapon that’s enough to dictate a character’s skill tree.” Ye Xiu said.

“Is it because of Tiger Seal’s effects?” Chen Guo could still realize this point.

“Of course.” Ye Xiu said.

According to the description for Tiger Seal’s effects, a nine coordinate area was the equivalent of a 30 by 30 unit square. That was quite a considerable region. And a 20% increase in battle strength…… in Glory, battle strength wasn’t a single stat. It was a comprehensive term equivalent to saying a increase in 20% for every stat.

With these effects, if the Summoner wielding Tiger Seal didn’t use physical summons as his main pets, that would be too wasteful.

“Concealed Light, this staff is for you.” Ye Xiu said.

It was obvious who should be the one to take this valuable weapon. Unfortunately, Luo Ji was clearly the weakest one among the team, yet the first piece of equipment that was a huge improvement than before had to be his class…...

Of course, he couldn’t say these words out loud. Wouldn’t that hurt Luo Ji’s confidence?

Luo Ji understood this very well. Tiger Seal was a mighty weapon, but it ended up with him. He expressed his apologies.

“Don’t be like that.” Ye Xiu said, “Keep working hard, so you can use this weapon to strengthen our team!”  

“I will.” Luo Ji held his head high and made a solemn vow.

“Tiger Seal……. A skill effect that has never appeared before should be studied.” Wei Chen said.

“Let’s do that later. It’s time for the final reward!” Ye Xiu sucked in a deep breath. Next would be the reward for clearing the dungeon for the first time. Compared to the individual bosses, the first clear rewards should be more generous, no?  

“Hurry up and accept it!” Wei Chen was getting impatient.

Afterwards, a string of messages flashed onto his chat window. Sure enough, the rewards for a First Clear were more generous than for a First Kill. It gave their team a total of two pieces of Orange equipment and four material drops.

The uses for the materials were still unknown, so the materials were naturally not mentioned. Of the two pieces of Orange equipment, one was plate armor, Sealed Dusk Belt. Strength +16, Vitality +16, Physical Defense +5%, +3 to Stun, Knockback, and Blow Away resistance. It clearly emphasized physical defense.

The stats of this belt were quite good, but there were only three classes proficient with belts: Knights, Paladins, and Spellblades. Team Happy had none of these classes, so this belt naturally fell into Lord Grim’s hands.

Apart from Sealed Dusk Belt, the other Orange accessory was Smoke Stream Necklace.

Accessories had no weight. The basic stat was Magic Defense. Apart from that, Smoke Heart Necklace added 45 to Intelligence, +5 to Jump, +10 to Broom Flying Speed, 5% chance for Star Ray to have Smoke Stream’s effects.

From its support stats, it was undoubtedly made for Witches. As for Smoke Stream’s effects, it was something new. No one had heard of it before.

“This…… let’s keep it to test for now!” Ye Xiu decided. For non-Witches, it only added +5 to Jump and +45 to Intelligence. The supplementary effects couldn’t be used. Next, they needed to see what exactly this Smoke Stream was. If it was valuable, then from this equipment, they could research how to reproduce these Smoke Stream effects. This type of work was what people, who wanted to create self-equipment, studied all day.  

It was too early for that now. As of now, everyone was still Level 70. No one could use Level 75 equipment yet, so for now, they wouldn’t even be able to see the effects of Smoke Stream.

“Okay, that’s it.” Apart from these rewards was experience points. Compared to quest rewards, the amount of experience was quite substantial. However, hoping to be leading the leveling charts with just this was too optimistic. 

Ye Xiu’s group had cleared Sealed Mountain Thief Hideout in roughly three hours. They took all of the first kills, but setting a dungeon record was still far away.

The dungeon record didn’t start from when the first team cleared the dungeon, but rather a set time determined by the system. The dungeon record would be broken starting from this preset time.

Sealed Mountain Thief Hideout’s initial time was one hour. It had taken Happy three hours. They were still far far away from reaching that mark. It could also be seen from this that clearing Sealed Mountain Thief Hideout in three hours wasn’t efficient. However, obtaining those first kill rewards was a huge convenience. They had a lead over the club guilds by who knew how much.

“Which dungeon should we run next?” Chen Guo was very excited being able to take advantage of this moment. The normal players weren’t even close to beating these Level 75 dungeons. They could freely choose which first kills they wanted to take.

“Hmm…… let’s see. In order to maximize efficiency, we should split into two teams and run two different five man dungeons.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Good idea!” Chen Guo praised.

“Okay then. Let’s split into two groups.” Ye Xiu said.

“If we do that, will the healing be enough?” Wu Chen asked. 

Even though Lord Grim had some healing capabilities, it could only be used in dire situations. Relying on those heals to survive was not possible in these difficult dungeons.  

“No problem.” Ye Xiu laughed, “I’ll just play as a Cleric.”   

“If we do that, then we won’t have enough MTs?” Wu Chen asked.

“Okay then, I’ll just use a Paladin account. That should work too, right?” Ye Xiu said.

Everyone was silent. Being proficient at every class was just too shameless.

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