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Chapter 871 - First Kill Rewards (1)

Warlocks didn’t have much health and their defense was rather low as well. After taking that hit, Wei Chen wished he could Teleport, too. By then, Sealed Mountain Tiger had already turned around. Was he going to give him one final sword to heart? No, Sealed Mountain Tiger’s sword had been sheathed, and he instead held a gun in his hands. The dark opening of the muzzle was aimed at Windward Formation, and the trigger was pulled with extreme prejudice.

The moment the gun flared, Wei Chen’s view blurred and Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had managed to rush over just in time, deflecting the hit with his open Myriad Manifestation Umbrella.

Tang Rou, who was always eager for a fight, and Mo Fan, who wanted to prove himself, had both charged forward with their characters.

Sealed Mountain Tiger once again switched weapons, entangling with the two melee characters with his fists and feet. Sealed Mountain Tiger’s power was much more formidable than Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. Blademaster Alpha could also use “Downwind Sword Slash,” but it couldn’t compare to Sealed Mountain Tiger’s, which had the same power as number one Boss Brother Wolf when Enraged.

However, no matter how fiercely Sealed Mountain Tiger fought, he only had a tenth of his health left. Everyone had gone wild with their attacks, only demanding speed from themselves without needing to consider endurance or slowing their pace unless they needed to use potions or wait for skill CDs. For many players who wanted to DPS, they loved the last 10 percent the most.

In this team, no one wanted to raise their DPS more than Mo Fan.

Speaking of which, this last Boss Sealed Mountain Tiger really wasn’t the best to use for comparing DPS. This was because for the first 90%, there were never ending summons, and there wasn’t much point in killing them over and over again. Keeping them alive and under control was more helpful.

That’s what Ye Xiu and his party had done, so those who were responsible for keeping a hold of the summons wouldn’t have high DPS, making DPS comparisons for this Boss rather meaningless.

However, Mo Fan’s Deception had already embarrassed himself on the last four consecutive Bosses. Though he knew that this Boss wouldn’t give him much of a chance to win back his face, he still did his best. Yet the others wouldn’t hold back on this last 10 percent of health either. Explosions thundered across the field and blades cut through the air, all sorts of skills erupted on and around Sealed Mountain Tiger.

This wasn’t just the last 10 percent of health for the Boss, but also the last 10 percent of health for the entire dungeon. They could go wild and exert less caution now. At the end of the dungeon, getting the final victory was the only requirement to success. Even if someone was wiped out in the process, it wouldn’t change that fact.

Of course, no one would completely ignore the state of their health, but they would be able to do a few more risky techniques when attacking.

Sealed Mountain Tiger’s health plummeted.

The health of Happy’s members were also jumping around messily. An Wenyi was the busiest one. In a chaotic situation like this, he struggled a little. Reaction time and hand speed were his biggest weaknesses.

It was a good thing they also had Ye Xiu

During their offense on Sealed Mountain Tiger, his Unspecialized would send a few heals when An Wenyi lagged behind.

Though the effects might be limited, An Wenyi’s heals were often just a second too late, allowing Lord Grim’s weaker heals to keep near-death characters alive in that one second before Little Cold Hands landed a heal.

In the end, there were no casualties.

This was in part because the players behind the characters were skilled, but more because the healer had a good grasp of the situation on the battlefield.

An Wenyi’s reaction time and hand speed might not be able to keep up, but his awareness and judgement were very clear. He knew how to keep everyone at a safe level of health. It was just that his skill sometimes wasn’t enough to turn thoughts into reality, but with Ye Xiu’s Unspecialized, they were fine. System Announcement!

Accompanying Sealed Mountain Tiger’s defeat was the eye-catching and timely announcement from the game.

The First Kill announcement for Boss Sealed Mountain Tiger and the entire Sealed Mountain Thieves Hideout jumped out in turn.

It was already 3:13 AM by now and the servers were still as crowded as ever. The players might’ve been expecting these two shocking announcements, but they still went berserk upon actually seeing them. These guys really did it!!!

At level 70, in a ten-person party dungeon, they had managed to clear it on the first try.

This was something impossible for normal players, but Guild Happy had done it. Were these guys really at the pro level already?

With the dungeon cleared, it was time for them to retrieve their First Kill rewards. Compared to these, the drops from the dungeon were pathetic. Sealed Mountain Tiger only dropped two pieces of purple equipment in the end. For normal players, this was enough for them to cry tears of joy. However, for Happy, for a team that wanted to achieve victory in the Challenger’s League, what they wanted was orange equipment.

Relying on dungeons to earn orange equipment was too hard. Yet now, five bosses plus the dungeon itself made six First Kill records. From what they had seen, the rewards from these kinds of records would be at least on par with orange equipment. They just weren’t sure if the total rewards would be decreased after they cleared every single boss.

The current rewards were what Happy truly cared about.

“I’m going to collect them!” Ye Xiu said.

“Go!” Everyone took a deep breath.

“First Boss Vanguard Brother Wolf’s First Kill,” Ye Xiu said as he clicked on the rewards for this First Kill.

In the party chat, the system sent a notice.

“Orange words!!” Chen Guo hadn’t even seen what it was, but was already screaming out seeing the color of the words.

“Stay calm!” Ye Xiu said.

“A Weapon!” Chen Guo took another glance and screamed in joy again. Weapons were the most important out of all the pieces of equipment. In the pro circle, the use of silver equipment was far from a hundred percent, but it infinitely neared that rate. The reason it never reached it, was because there would always be new teams that dragged the overall percentage down every season.

Vanguard Brother Wolf’s First Kill, rewarded equipment: Killing Wolf.

Level 75 Tachi.

Weight 2.4 kg, Endurance 24, Attack Speed 8;

Melee Attack 750, Magic Attack 800;

Strength +42, Intelligence +35; Melee Crit Rate +10%;

Attack Speed +3;

Downwind Sword Slash Skill Level +3;

Upon attack, there is a 5% chance of weakening the target’s Melee defense by 10% for 5 seconds.

Everyone’s cursor and attention were all on Killing Wolf, admiring the stats of the equipment, until Ye Xiu spoke up, “Does anyone of us use swords here?”

“Ah?” Qiao Yifan responded.

“Er, here, you take it?” Ye Xiu asked. His question wasn’t because he didn’t want anyone else to use it, but because Killing Wolf didn’t really suit One Inch Ash’s Phantom Demon.

Tachis were a rather well-rounded kind of sword, used for both melee and magic and an apt choice for any of the four swordsman classes. Which exact sword one should use still depended on the bonuses that the sword gave though. From the bonuses on Killing Wolf, it could be seen that Killing Wolf was more suited for Blademasters. If not, then Berserkers and Sword Demons were a good choice as well. However, Phantom Demons and Spellblades wouldn’t earn much of an advantage from using this tachi.

One Inch Ash was currently using an Orange short sword. Short swords had the strongest magic attack and Intelligence bonuses among the sword types. If you were really to compare Killing Wolf to One Inch Ash’s short sword, then Killing Wolf wouldn’t even provide advantages in the basic stats. One Inch Ash didn’t need to switch weapons at all.

“I don’t think I have any use for this…?” Qiao Yifan was, of course, clear on this as well.

“Just hang onto it for now!” Ye Xiu said.

Though they had gotten a weapon their team didn’t really need, Glory didn’t bind equipment to player accounts, so the weapon still had value to it. If it was another game, they might not be as happy about it.

With the first Boss giving them a piece of orange equipment, everyone was very confident. It seemed that even the individual Boss rewards were very bountiful.

“Second Boss!” Ye Xiu announced as he collected the rewards for the First kill of the second Boss, Head Guard Sand Leopard.

“Ah! So much!!” As soon as the notice popped up in the party chat, Chen Guo expressed her surprise again. This time, there were three rewards. Yet with another look, all the rewards were something something stone, something something wood; they didn’t sound like equipment. Hovering their cursor over the names, they were three materials, as expected.

The materials that came from a dungeon record rewards would be on par with wild Boss drops. However, with what little they knew about level 75 materials, the three materials: Sealed Mountain Stone, Sealed Mountain Wood, Blue Fang Moon… The worth of these materials that sounded like local specialities would have to be researched.

Then it was the third Boss, Tactician Frigid Eagle.

Though, out of the five Bosses, Frigid Eagle was the weakest individual, he still had a First Kill record, so the rewards wouldn’t be bad. Plus, with all the ambushes that Frigid Eagle had planned, and teaming up with the fourth Boss after that, it was a major test of player endurance. If they were less skilled at controlling their own pace, then this round would probably have been even harder than the Final Boss.

Frigid Eagle’s First Kill reward was a pair of leather boots with a very character-specific name called Frigid Eagle’s Boots.

The stats were, of course, orange equipment level. Apart from the basic melee defense, it added a bonus of 30 Intelligence, 12 movement speed, and 10 jump power.

For a pair of shoes like this, the bonus to Intelligence was great for a Witch. However, for Battle Mages, Intelligence was also important. Without a doubt, this pair of shoes went to Soft Mist.

“Next one!” Ye Xiu said as he clicked on the First Kill reward for the fourth Boss, Vice Chief Brown Bear.

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