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Chapter 862 - First Kill!

Downwind Sword Slash!

It was only after Brother Wolf executed this attack did everyone regain their composure. They recognized this skill. It was the Blade Master’s Downwind Sword Slash. However, it wasn’t possible for it to be this fast in the hands of a player.

Dawn Rifle had used Aerial Fire and his attention had been focused on Brother Wolf in front of him. However, when this attack came, Dawn Rifle wasn’t able to react at all because the attack was just too swift. The sword light rose and fell, leaving only a straight line. As soon as the artillery shell was chopped down, he was also cut.

He was injured, but he didn’t die. An Wenyi immediately had his Little Cold Hands cast a heal. He reacted quickly, but his hands couldn’t keep up. In the end, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was the first to heal Dawn Rifle.

And at the same time, Lord Grim immediately rushed forward. Brother Wolf wasn’t finished with just one attack. He turned again to give Dawn Rifle another cut. Lord Grim didn’t have an aggro skill like Provoke, which made things a lot more difficult at dire moments. He could only use control skills to bring Brother Wolf away, so Dawn Rifle could escape. 

Unexpectedly, before Lord Grim rushed forward, someone else was even faster.

Tang Rou!

With a Dragon Breaks the Ranks, Soft Mist charged at Brother Wolf like lightning. Although her speed couldn’t compare to Brother Wolf’s Downwind Sword Slash, it was very prompt. When Brother Wolf’s sword fell, Soft Mist had already arrived. The fairly intelligent boss made a calculation. He turned around and blocked Soft Mist’s spear with his sword.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks had an extremely high priority, but a boss was still a boss. That simple slash was able to block Soft Mist’s spear.

Grinding sounds could be heard from the collision between the sword and spear. The spear may have been blocked, but the momentum from Dragon Breaks the Ranks hadn’t stopped. Brother Wolf’s feet didn’t move, but he was still pushed back by the assault. His two feet left two deep grooves in the ground.

Clouds of dust billowed. Dragon Breaks the Ranks was finally stopped. Both Soft Mist and Brother Wolf stood still. Suddenly, a person flew out from the clouds of dust directly towards Brother Wolf’s neck with a glint of light.

Underground Tunneling Technique!

This person was Deception, of course. However, NPCs could not feel fear or surprise. A normal player would have certainly had trouble defending against such a sudden attack, but for a boss, it was no different from an attack from his feet. Brother Wolf retracted his sword and blocked Deception’s ninja blade. Then, he pushed outwards and sent Deception flying backwards. 

Mo Fan refused to give up. Deception used a Shadow Clone Technique in the air. His clones continued to fly outwards, while his real body moved to Brother Wolf’s side.

The effects of Shadow Clone Technique towards NPCs were different. Players could deduce the real one depending on the circumstances, but NPCs were different. NPCs that could distinguish between the clones were extremely special. Brother Wolf clearly didn’t have this capability. He was tricked by the Shadow Clone Technique and ignored the the real one behind him, which resulted in him eating Deception’s Bird Fall.

But for a boss, even if he was already at red blood, eating one or two skills didn’t matter too much. After taking damage, Brother Wolf turned around and slashed. Mo Fan reacted quickly. As soon as he saw that the situation wasn’t looking good, he immediately withdrew. Deception didn’t continue attacking and retreated instead.

During this time, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had arrived. The Myriad Manifestations Umbrella transformed into a spear and attacked three times followed by a Circle Swing, throwing Brother Wolf to the ground.

Wu Chen’s Dawn Rifle was finally out of the danger zone. He still felt some lingering fear after recalling what had just happened. That attack had been too fast. Even if he had been on guard against that attack, Wu Chen didn’t have the confidence that he would have been able to dodge it.

Now, who knew if Brother Wolf would use that skill again. Ye Xiu hastily asked Wu Chen how much damage he had taken from that attack and then rearranged their formation. Those with the possibility of being instantly killed were placed outside of this attack’s range. As for those inside range, the Cleric would need to keep their health up.

As expected, after fighting for a bit, Brother Wolf once again used the same move. His sword light flashed in a straight line and blood blossomed from Steamed Bun Invasion.

This time, Steamed Bun Invasion took the attack. Steamed Bun also wasn’t able to dodge it, and from the looks of it, the target for this skill was random. It wasn’t according to who held the aggro.

But now that the team was prepared for it, they didn’t panic. Little Cold Hands cast an Emergency Heal onto Steamed Bun Invasion. The others rushed forward to protect him, blocking Brother Wolf’s attack.


They had now experienced that Vanguard Brother Wolf had to offer. Apart from a bit of trouble from this extraordinary Downwind Sword Slash, this boss battle progressed without any suspense. 10% health was quickly reduced almost to zero.

“He’s almost dead. Everyone pay attention to surviving. Heal everyone to full health. Little Hands, focus.” Ye Xiu said solemnly. There were bosses which liked to explode in their final moments. If they were going to die, they would bring others with them. These bosses were especially disgusting, particularly in a dungeon because it directly affected a player’s progress.

“Understood.” An Wenyi replied. He carefully healed everyone’s health back to full and prepared to use Emergency Heal at any moment.

“Okay, everyone retreat!” Just like when the boss was about to reach red blood, everyone withdrew ahead of time, creating a buffer for when the boss fell. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim faced it on his own, while Wu Chen’s Dawn Rifle prepared to make the last hit.

“Get ready!” Ye Xiu yelled.

Wu Chen wound up his high-level skill.


As soon as the order came, a final Satellite Beam descended. Lord Grim hastily ran back. Everything was the same as before. Brother Wolf’s health fell rapidly from this Satellite Beam, but when his health fell to 1 hitpoint, it stopped.

It was unlikely for Satellite Beam to be a tad bit off. Everyone instantly understood the implications.

“Everyone, find cover! He’s about to make a move!” Ye Xiu shouted.  

Everyone found a rock or a tree to hide behind. They had been on guard, so they were naturally prepared. Everyone instantly found cover. It only seemed dangerous for Lord Grim, who was still the closest among them. However, Ye Xiu was the most experienced and skilled among them.

On the verge of collapse, Brother Wolf dropped his sword to the ground and pulled out the gun on his waist.

Sure enough, everything on Brother Wolf had their uses. Was he going to use this gun for his final attack? What would the attack be like? Because they had no information on it, Ye Xiu chose to use this kind of defensive strategy. If not, he would need to figure out how to shrug off the boss’s final move.

Everyone watched Brother Wolf attentively. He didn’t seem to have intentions of chasing after anyone, letting them relax a bit. Then, they saw Brother Wolf struggle to raise the gun high into the air with his right hand and with a bang, a bright signal flare shot into the sky. The signal flare exploded into fireworks and Brother Wolf fell.

Before anyone could comment on it, a system announcement came: Congratulations to Guild Happy for the First Kill on Sealed Mountain Thief Hideout’s Vanguard Brother Wolf.

The system announcement wasn’t given to just the people in Team Happy. From the astonished expressions that popped up all over the global chat, they could tell that this announcement had been made in the global chat.

For a Level 75 dungeon, announcements wouldn’t only be made for just the First Clear. A system announcement would also be made for every boss, including minibosses. According to Glory’s rules, extra rewards would be given out for this achievement.

But players didn’t even have time to be envious of what these rewards were. It was only 1:21 AM. Only an hour had passed since the update. Because there were so many players, people were having trouble receiving quests and even hitting a new monster yet someone had actually complete a First Kill?

This…… had to be the fastest First Kill in Glory history right? In the past, the entire dungeon needed to be cleared before a system announcement would be made, while this time it was just for killing a boss. Even so, no player thought that this had ever happened before.

Even for the elite club guild teams, they had entered the dungeon, but all of them carried with them a mentality of feeling out the dungeon and cherishing the cooldown for each run. No one actually thought that anyone could get through the dungeon or even kill a boss. 

But now, such a bloody thing had happened in front of their eyes. A team had actually killed the first boss in one of the ten player dungeons already. An achievement that they had never imagined had been completed in front of them.

All of the Club guilds felt their faces drain of color. The First Clears and dungeon records had always been theirs. Normal players would never even think about touching them, but now, they had yet to even get a good grasp of the dungeon, when a First Kill had been achieved.

And it just so happened that Guild Happy had sent out a recruiting notice, which matched the timing of this system announcement, attracting many eyes.

The club guilds were so angry that their noses were askew.

If it was another team, then it was fine, but who didn’t know about Happy’s situation? Happy had Ye Qiu and was currently participating in the Challenger League, daring to face against Excellent Era. They had to be at a pro level, no? Pro-level players running to dungeon? Wasn’t that just bullying them? Their pro players were disciplined and didn’t stay online overnight to play the game! If not, did you think that if these dungeons could be beat by your team, then these dungeons would trouble top teams like Blue Rain, Tiny Herb, Tyranny?

The club guilds were furious! They could do it too, but they had no way of doing so. And these guys did it without knowing their places and were actually using it to advertise themselves! It was just too improper!  

The club guilds cursed silently, but they had no way of stopping players from discussing the matter fervently. The club guilds saw it as an improper First Kill, but the players regarded it as the most stunning First Kill in all of Glory history. The club guilds wanted to write all sorts of slander in order to vent their anger.

God, can you just deal with the Challenger League! Can you not keep running to the game and messing up the balance of things?

Merry Christmas!

The bros Ye Xiu and Ye Qiu



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