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Chapter 861 - Clear Calculation

Blood splattered out from Brother Wolf. Ye Xiu had already experienced this attack before. Even though it couldn’t be said that he had completely grasped the boss’s attack patterns, he had figured out the most crucial points. As for a few other issues, their team was good enough to deal with them.

The ones who had trouble, such as Chen Guo and Luo Ji, happened to be long-ranged classes who could attack from afar. As long as the situation was under control, as long as the two of them didn’t cause too much trouble, they wouldn’t encounter any problems.

Next, they needed to calculate whether their current team could deal enough damage to finish the boss or not.

According to general knowledge, during this period of time, the DPS would certainly be lacking. The team members needed to slowly accumulate new pieces of equipment and improve the strength of their characters before they could reduce the pressure. Right now, their team faced a five level suppression. In terms of DPS, it wasn’t possible for them not to feel the pressure.

For normal players, attempting to clear a Level 75 ten player dungeon at Level 70 was extremely difficult. Team Happy didn’t consist of normal players though. In the first place, the skill level of their team members far surpassed that of normal players. No matter the game, DPS depended on equipment and player’s skill. Glory was a game that paid particular attention to skill. The importance of a player’s skill didn’t need to be said. Under a skilled player’s hands, the damage output naturally couldn’t compare to a normal player’s. 

Another point was that Team Happy’s class composition could be considered extremely arrogant.  

Take Blue Brook Guild’s dungeon team for example. Their team consisted of two main tanks, three healers, and only five DPS classes. Pioneering required caution, so Blue Brook Guild had brought three healers, but even when the dungeon became figured out, teams rarely brought a solo healer for a ten player dungeon, unless in some extremely rare scenarios where the boss could be handled with just one healer. A vast majority of the time, two or more healers were required.  

But Happy? The main tank was Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim, who relied on damage output to keep the aggro on himself. He was a tank that wasn’t actually a tank. In addition, the only healer was An Wenyi’s Little Cold Hands. To succeed with this recklessness, they had to rely on superior skill. By having the team members defend against the boss’s attacks using their own abilities, the pressure on the healer would lessen significantly. Normal players wouldn’t be able to do this. When they dodged around, let alone if it was even effective, they might crash into each other and mess up their positioning.

But for Happy? Their melee classes left each other plenty of room to attack and dodge. None of them held each other back. The tacit understanding between them gained from practice could be seen. Everyone underwent professional level practice every day. This practice wasn’t just individual technical practice, but also team coordination practice.

The only outlier was Mo Fan. This guy still didn’t consider himself a part of Team Happy. Ye Xiu and the others usually didn’t call for him during their team practices, so at this moment, Mo Fan appeared to be off-beat. Everyone else acted as a whole, but he seemed to be an outsider. The switches between attack and defense were completely done by him. His pacing was his own. It seemed quite dissonant. Fortunately, he skill level was solid. Even though he wasn’t in tune with the others, he wouldn’t go so far as to cause trouble for them.

Ye Xiu had considered these problems earlier. When he formed the team to dungeon, he wasn’t just here to sightsee. However, there was no information on the boss, so he needed to make an evaluation when the moment came.  

After observing their efforts for a while, he felt like there was hope.

“Our DPS is a bit lacking. Everyone pay attention to your pacing and timing.” Ye Xiu said.

At this point, no one here was a noob, so these instructions were clear enough. In the past, Ye Xiu needed to give Tang Rou or Steamed Bun a more detailed explanation by what he meant by pacing or timing. Now, he just needed to communicate the general concept and everyone would know intuitively. In particular, Ye Xiu couldn’t help but sigh emotionally at the eye-catching performance of Tang Rou and Steamed Bun.  

Under Ye Xiu’s guidance and ability to hold aggro, the ensuing battle went without mishap. Everyone understood that the situation had been stabilized. Next, they would need to carefully be on guard for when the boss’s health dropped into the red. After red health, bosses would always undergo a transformation. It was a feature in Glory. The transformation didn’t necessarily make the battle more intense. There were bosses that tried to run away when reaching red blood. For these types of bosses, if you ran farther away in preparation for the boss to go berserk, you would be the one to suffer. The other side’s big move was to run away. If you hid, wouldn’t it be the same as doing all that work for nothing?  

However, it was currently their first time running this dungeon. Keeping their life was the much more important. Even if they had to let Brother Wolf escape, it would still count as passing this checkpoint, allowing them to continue advancing through the dungeon.

As a result, when Brother Wolf’s health was almost at 10%, Ye Xiu decisively ordered for all of the melee classes to temporarily withdraw.

“Pay attention to his health. Have a good understanding of your damage output!” After seeing Soft Mist and the other melee classes retreat, Ye Xiu reminded the long-ranged classes, who were still attacking.

“As long as your eyes don’t go blurry, we’ll be fine.” Wei Chen said.

“Concealed Light, have your summons pull back for now too.” Ye Xiu said.

Luo Ji carried out the order and immediately retracted his four melee summons.

“Get ready to place an Ice Boundary. When the boss reaches red blood, cast it.” Ye Xiu instructed.

“Understood.” Qiao Yifan affirmed.

“Chasing Haze, stop attacking for now.” Ye Xiu calculated Brother Wolf’s health. His Lord Grim needed to maintain his grasp over Brother Wolf’s aggro, so he obviously couldn’t retreat like Soft Mist and the others. As a result, he needed to escape as soon as Brother Wolf’s health fell to 10%. Thus, once Brother Wolf’s health reached a certain point, they needed to calculate the damage so he could grasp the escape timing.

“Old Wei, prepare a Hexagram Prison.

“Dawn Rifle, are your high-level skills off cooldown? Use Satellite Beam as the final hit.” Ye Xiu continued to arrange.  

“Okay.” Wu Chen’s grasp of the rhythm had always been very good. He checked his skill bar. Satellite Beam was already up.  

“Get ready. Everyone run far away and scatter. Don’t group together. Get ready to use your life-saving skills at any moment. Little Hands, take care of yourself before healing anyone else.” Ye Xiu gave his final words of instruction. Brother Wolf’s health had already reached a crucial point.  

“Everyone stop attacking.”

The battlefield instantly became empty. Only Brother Wolf was waving his spear, attacking Lord Grim. This guy had three weapons on him. Everyone initially thought that he was one of those shameless bosses with more than three classes. They had been prepared to guard against a sudden sword strike or a sudden gunshot.

But none of that ever happened. That sword and gun just seemed to be ornaments on the boss.

“Dawn Rifle!” After everyone stopped, Ye Xiu shouted.  

“Understood.” Wu Chen was prepared, but because he had to coordinate with Lord Grim’s escape, he needed to wait for Ye Xiu’s order. As soon as he heard the order, he immediately released the attack. In the sky, a mirror seemed to flash with light. The light grew bigger and bigger until a Satellite Beam descended on the ground precisely on Brother Wolf.

Ice Boundary!

Hexagram Prison!

One Inch Ash’s ice Boundary and Windward Formation’s control curse instantly appeared. 

Ice rose from the ground. Tiny pieces of shattered ice rushed towards Brother Wolf. Because of the level suppression, the damage and the effects were greatly reduced. In addition, boss’s had outstanding resistance, so many skills became ineffective. However, there was still a little bit of leeway. If not, wouldn’t bosses be impossible to kill? 

Vanguard Brother Wolf excelled at close combat. He had powerful attacks and outstanding defense, but his magic resistance was rather weak. Ice magic and control curses were the most effective.

These two skills chained one after the other to give Lord Grim more time to escape.

Ye Xiu wouldn’t be careless. The instant he yelled “Dawn Rifle!” Lord Grim jumped away using the shockwave from an Anti-Tank Missile to fly farther away from Brother Wolf. Then, he turned around and used Shadow Clone Technique. It still wasn’t enough, so he rolled several times, while adjusting his camera so he could see Brother Wolf.  

What was that sound?

Ye Xiu wondered. When he ran, the instant that Satellite Beam descended, he seemed to have heard a clear sound. Was it from Brother Wolf’s transformation? When he looked back, Brother Wolf was still Brother Wolf, but the spear in his hands had broken. The tip of the spear was pierced into the ground. That clear sound was probably when the spear snapped or when the tip fell. Those were the only two possibilities.

“This is…….” Ye Xiu was baffled by this weird move. Brother Wolf finally didn’t disappoint. He grabbed the weapons that everyone had been regarding as ornaments.

With a roar, Brother Wolf tore through the Hexagram Prison and trampled over the ice on the ground. He moved extremely quickly. His sword was pointed in Dawn Rifle’s direction.

When Ye Xiu saw this scene, he had pretty much figured out Brother Wolf’s Enraged mode.

Switching weapons was equivalent to switching classes. After falling to red blood, Brother Wolf’s attack patterns would be completely different.

Moving quickly meant that his stats had been buffed. This type of Enraged mode was very common among bosses, especially small bosses, which liked to have these simple Enrages.

He was pointing as Wu Chen’s Dawn Rifle because his aggro had been reset. The reset was there to give trouble to players, testing their ability to react to sudden changes.

These three changes weren’t anything new. Everyone saw these changes and let out a sigh of relief. How could an aggro reset be a problem for a team at their level? Wu Chen calmly jumped backwards and fired. As he attacked, he had Dawn Rifle head towards Lord Grim, so he could bring the boss back under Lord Grim’s control. 

Who would have thought that, at this moment, a sword would flash and an extremely quick sword slash would fly out.

Dawn Rifle’s artillery shell exploded in midair. Blood splattered wildly from all over his body. Brother Wolf was behind him.

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