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Chapter 859 - Aggro Chain

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim led the way forward, but the patrol team had two long-ranged gunners, so they wouldn’t run to the front to attack.

Ye Xiu had just stopped Soft Mist from running too far. Naturally, he did the same too. As a result, the two gunners were difficult to control. At this distance, only a Qi Master’s Cloud Grasping Fist could pull them over. Team Happy didn’t have this class. It was a skill that could only be learned after class advancement. The unspecialized Lord Grim and the brawler Steamed Bun Invasion couldn’t learn it.

In this situation, other skill effects needed to be used in order to get the desired effects. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim jumped high into the air and lobbed a grenade. The grenade arced down behind those two gunners.  


Dust clouds rose from the explosion. The two gunners were thrown forward. At the same time, Lord Grim forced his way back down with a Falling Light Blade. The other three dagger wielding Sealed Mountain thieves ate dirt from the blast too.

Ye Xiu was pleased with the NPC’s courage. A normal player would have easily dodged the grenade thrown out from such a far distance. Only NPCs would so stupidly ignore the attack and facetank the damage. No matter the level gap, NPCs fundamental patterns never changed. Only advanced NPCs, otherwise known as bosses, would pay attention to avoiding damage.

The grenade pushed the two gunners closer, but the power of the skill was still fairly weak. At this moment, a missile descended from the sky and landed behind the two Sealed Mountain thief gunners.


This time, the shockwave’s AOE was far more powerful than the grenade’s. The mushroom cloud shot up into the sky. If that still didn’t push the two gunners in front of Lord Grim, it would be an outrage to the visual effects.  


Amidst the chaos, the MT didn’t forget to give a big thumbs up behind him to whoever did that.  

Chen Guo felt jealous! If only she had that kind of skill! Unfortunately, she didn’t have the ability to guide the Heat Seeking Missile to the desired location in such a short amount of time. It was Team Happy’s newest member, Wu Chen, who had shot the missile. Wu Chen’s skill level couldn’t be considered top tier in the pro scene, but his fundamentals were still solid. What Chen Guo liked was that when this brother came, he didn’t hurry to discuss about wages and what not. He was like the others and just got by with what they had. What a great helper! Chen Guo couldn’t help but think at this moment.

“First look at the target I’m attacking. Don’t aggro enemies randomly.” Ye Xiu shouted. After all, his unspecialized character wasn’t a Knight. He didn’t have the stats to hold too many enemies. His main method of pulling monsters was through damage. As a result, the level of coordination necessary to make this work was fairly high. If the DPS classes only cared about themselves, the aggro would quickly turn into a mess.

Of the people here, he obviously didn’t need to worry about Wei Chen, Qiao Yifan, or Wu Chen. Steamed Bun and Tang Rou had played with Ye Xiu for a long time now, so they were familiar with Lord Grim’s MT style. They wouldn’t make simple mistakes. As for Little Cold Hands, he wouldn’t be healing the monsters. Apart from them was Chen Guo, Luo Ji, and Mo Fan.

Chen Guo had experience and knew her skills well. She knew that with her skill level among this team, let alone helping them, it would be good as long as she wasn’t a burden. In a chaotic situation like this, she might as well not do anything, so she wouldn’t mess anything up. That side had turned into a mess. For a moment, she had no way of having Chasing Haze accurately attack the correct target, so she simply did nothing and acted as a spectator.

As for Luo Ji, if he did his usual summon of everything at once, the team’s killer would certainly be him. Fortunately, Ye Xiu had reminded him, so he only summoned four creatures, which Luo Ji could adequately control.  

As a result, the person who could be a problem would be Mo Fan. This guy actually used a high-level Ninja skill, Shadow Dance. This skill was always used as a group attack. Once this attack came out, wouldn’t he be the one generating the most aggro?

Chen Guo became anxious when she saw this scene. She jumped out and yelled: “What are you doing?”

Outside of the game, Chen Guo was already glaring at Mo Fan. She could endure Mo Fan’s usual behavior because, even though he hadn’t helped them at all, he wasn’t a burden either. Chen Guo wouldn’t mind his trivial matters like eating and living here every day. She knew Ye Xiu’s intentions were to have him slowly get involved in this lifestyle, so Mo Fan would wholeheartedly want to join, but in this crucial moment, Mo Fan actually didn’t listen to orders and acted on his own. It crossed the line for Chen Guo.

“Calm down!” Mo Fan ignored her, but Ye Xiu’s voice came.

“This guy……”

“It’s fine.” Ye Xiu interrupted Chen Guo and told her to take a look at the screen. 

Chen Guo glanced at it and was stunned.

After Mo Fan’s Deception used Shadow Dance, clones were scattered all over the place. The aggro wasn’t messed up though, because his Shadow Dance had been controlled very well. His attack target was still the one that everyone was focusing on. He wasn’t attacking anywhere he wanted to, like Chen Guo had originally thought.

“This guy……” Chen Guo knew she had blamed Mo Fan wrongly, but that guy completely ignored her. Apologizing to him was pointless! But after sitting down again, Chen Guo still mumbled as if she were talking to Ye Xiu: “I blamed him wrongly.”

“That’s not entirely true. He wants to mess things up.” Ye Xiu said.


“He wants to take the aggro away from me!” Ye Xiu said indifferently. Through the in-game voice comms, everyone could hear his words.

“Don’t mess around.” Wei Chen was very displeased.

“Haha, if you want to mess things up, you’d better try harder!” Ye Xiu said. His hands continued to move. Chen Guo stole a glance at Mo Fan. His expression was very serious. This punk probably still harbored resentment against Ye Xiu. If he could steal away the aggro, it would mean that he was superior to Ye Xiu. As for the chaos that followed, he probably didn’t care. Did he have any sense of teamwork in his heart?

In any case, Chen Guo didn’t get involved, so she didn’t make any mistakes. Ye Xiu took Lord Grim and assumed the MT role. It wasn’t an easy task. A 5 level difference meant that his skill effects wouldn’t be completely effective. In addition, he pulled seven monsters at once. There was no way he wouldn’t handle all of damage. In a ten player dungeon, when pulling so many monsters, the main tank and secondary tank usually acted together. Right now, not only was Lord Grim not a tank class, Ye Xiu could only rely himself.

“Don’t just focus on attacking. Pay attention to the patterns of these Sealed Mountain thieves.” Ye Xiu reminded everyone.  

There could only be so many different types of dungeon NPCs, which appeared again and again. As a result, the first wave was considered the most difficult because only this battle would be completely unknown. After his first battle, they would start accumulating knowledge on the new dungeon monsters and their progress through the dungeon would become smoother.

The battle with these seven Sealed Mountain thieves lasted three minutes long. After Ye Xiu took control of the pace, the old veteran Wei Chen didn’t need to strictly follow the arrangements. He started displaying a playstyle that suited him much better, thus decreasing the pressure on the team. In the end, the first wave ended smoothly. They were just minions. There wasn’t much suspense to it at all. After a bit of adjustment, the team followed the path to the stronghold and continued forward.

At the same time, those guild teams, friend groups, or just random passerbyers were having trouble with these seven aggro-linked monsters at the entrance. 

It wasn’t so tragic that all of them wiped out, but getting past this part without any casualties like Team Happy did was truly a bit difficult for these players.

Take Blue Brook Guild. Their guild’s most elite members were personally led by Chen Yehui to start this dungeon.

There was a suppression of five levels. Starting with a ten player dungeon was the limit. Attempting a dungeon that required more people would be underestimating the game too much. Hundred player dungeons didn’t even need to be mentioned. Even now, those top guilds didn’t dare claim that they could get through the Level 70 ones with certainty! A hundred players going in and ninety players coming out was already an impressive achievement.

Facing these seven Level 75 dungeon monsters were the Five Great Experts of Blue Brook Guild. It took the sacrifice of two of their members to eliminate these seven monsters.

“How difficult…….” After the battle ended, Chilling Nightfall had lingering fears.

“We probably won’t be able to clear it will we.” Flying Brushstroke said.

“Clear it? If the rest is like this too, it’s hard to say if we’ll even make it to the boss.” Chilling Nightfall said.

“Let’s just take a look around……” Flying Brushstroke was gloomy. These two Great Experts of Blue Brook Guild had already lost the will to continue fighting. Of course, they couldn’t be blamed. They had already been mentally prepared for this outcome in a ten player dungeon five levers above them. However, they had thought that they would be killed by the boss. They didn’t think these little monsters would be an issue. Who would have thought that two of their guys would die after the opening battle?

“Probably only pro players can pass through this ten player dungeon right now.” Chilling Nightfall said.

“There shouldn’t be any pro players on at this time.” Flying Brushstroke said. Although they could see that in their Blue Brook Guild, whether it was Swoksaar or Troubling Rain or Flowing Cloud or Soul Speaker or any of the other pro characters, all of them were online. However, they knew that these characters weren’t being played by the pro players.The account cards had been handed to the guild department. During this period of time, they were being power leveled 24/7. At this moment, they sought after the fastest leveling speed. Coming to the new areas to level wouldn’t be a smart move. These Team Blue Rain characters were at the known areas, clearing Level 70 dungeons to level instead.

These characters were Level 70. The people leveling these characters had experience with Level 70 dungeons, which was why, in order to pursue the fastest leveling speed, this was the best method. Each and every character on a pro team was leveling in the Level 70 dungeons. During these 11 days, they would utilize the fastest leveling method to level up before doing anything else.

“There probably won’t be a First Clear tonight, right?” Right when Chilling Nightfall finished these words, a guy popped up in Blue River’s mind…… Is he leveling or clearing dungeons right now?

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