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Chapter 854 - Two and a Half Months

“Then what are you trying to say?” With such a headache, Cui Li asked for Chen Yehui’s opinion.

 He obviously knew that when they had forced Ye Qiu out, Chen Yehui spared no efforts to be at the front line.

“I don’t think we should let Happy grow freely. We have to suppress them.” Chen Yehui said.

“Are you talking about in the game?” Cui Li said. That wasn’t hard to guess. The players on Happy would undoubtedly keep improving. They couldn’t do anything about that. The only thing that they could do was strike at the competition between guilds. This was also the main point of contention outside of the pro scene. The competition for wild bosses and dungeon records had lasted since the even before the Alliance. In the beginning, it had been especially intense because in those days, the various teams didn’t have anyone in particular responsible for the guild. The pro players directly charged into battle, so the level of competition back then was actually even higher than nowadays.

“Yes….. Happy urgently needs to improve their equipment. If we can make obtaining materials more difficult for them, then that would naturally inhibit their growth.” Chen Yehui said.

“Just tell me the important points!” Cui Li was starting to get impatient at how Chen Yehui was beating around the bush. Chen Yehui didn’t need to look for him. As the person responsible for the guild, Chen Yehui could arrange for all of their guilds to move against Happy. If he had come to look for Cui Li, he must need the club’s support for something.

“The majority of our opponents this season are weak. Our players don’t need to go all out to face them. So what I’m thinking is if we can arrange for some of the pro players to participate in guild affairs, not only would this be an effective way to strike Happy, but it would also help us accumulate materials for our return to the Alliance next season.” Chen Yehui finally revealed his purpose for being here. It was an old habit of his to look forward to others helping him.

“This…… you’ll have to give me some time to make a decision.” Even though Cui Li was the manager, he couldn’t directly make such a big decision. In the current contract, the pro players didn’t need to assume any such responsibilities. Pro players could participate in these matters to help the team, but because it wasn’t required, the most they could do is hope that they would.

As for Excellent Era, it was even embarrassing to ask their players of this request.

As a relegated team, being able to keep the majority of the main roster and even bringing in the All Star Xiao Shiqin and his character Life Extinguisher was mainly because of their 100% confidence in clearing the Challenger League, but now in order to ensure their victory in the Challenger League, they needed to beg their pro players to participate in the in-game competitions. When they asked for players to stay or recruited new players, it would appear like they had no confidence. Making the players not feel confident in the club wasn’t a good thing. Perhaps Chen Yehui hadn’t thought about this, but as the manager in charge of recruiting and maintaining players, he immediately realized this issue.

Chen Yehui also saw Cui Li’s hesitation. Afterwards, he added: “Right now, the reason that Happy and their alliance have such a major advantage in the Heavenly Domain is because Ye Qiu is frequently playing in the game. Our guilds have trouble contesting against them with just our level of strength.”

As soon as he said this, Cui Li couldn’t help but look at Chen Yehui. He was starting to feel doubtful at whether or not this guy was actually worried about Happy expanding or because he was looking for an excuse for the guild’s poor performance.

“I really don’t need that many players. As long as a strategist like vice-captain Xiao can help us out every once in awhile, that would be enough to make things difficult for Ye Qiu.” Chen Yehui said.

Cui Li nodded his head. After being in touch with Xiao Shiqin for awhile, Cui Li felt like Xiao Shiqin was someone who looked at the big picture. If he explained this situation clearly to him, he felt like Xiao Shiqin wouldn’t feel dissatisfied with the team. However, having Xiao Shiqin frequently run to the game definitely wouldn’t work.

“Gather more information. When it becomes necessary, I’ll contact the team to consider it.” Cui Li finally gave Chen Yehui an answer that was neither an approval nor a refusal.

Chen Yehui understood the division of labor in the club. He was satisfied with this response. After nodding his head, he left.

At Team Happy, with Wu Chen’s addition, the guild and team stepped onto a new stage.

Wu Chen’s Launcher, Dawn Rifle, was soon fully equipped. Even though he only wore a set of Orange equipment, with Wu Chen’s skill level, he could easily sweep through a majority of the Challenger League. The addition of such a skilled expert made Happy’s journey through the Challenger League go even more smoothly. The maturation of the guild had to be mentioned. After this type of mechanism was established, everything could be conducted routinely. The manager didn’t need to closely keep an eye on them all day and all night. This would only allow for it to continue operating normally though. For wild boss hunts, the manager often needed to be there. As a result, the current wild boss situation in the normal servers had yet to be opened up by the Everlasting guilds belonging to Happy. In the Heavenly Domain, Ye Xiu’s side of the alliance no longer just consisted of him and his pitifully small group. An elite group was formed according to the classes and equipment of the newly joined players and old players of their guild.

However, Happy’s home guild was still in the tenth server.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had become famous there. Guild Happy had also been created there. From Lord Grim getting hundreds of answers with a single call to Lord Grim leaving to the Heavenly Domain to Chen Guo personally managing it and establishing the guild storage, the tenth server Guild Happy had also walked a healthy path towards development.

Compared to the other club guilds, their strength might be slightly weaker, but they were definitely above normal player guilds. Seven Fields, Sleeping Moon, Thousand Creations…… these players who had become friends with Ye Xiu in the tenth server now made up the core of Guild Happy. Ever since they left the Heavenly Domain to start in the new server, they didn’t plan on returning to the Heavenly Domain. Old players starting over in the new server mostly did it to acquire a certain advantage over the others with their greater experience, but because of how the Heavenly Domain was set up, their advantage in the new server would disappear as soon as they entered the Heavenly Domain…...

And now with the addition of Guild Everlasting in the tenth server, Happy’s strength increased even further. Seven Field’s group had already begun arranging teams. After a bit more preparation, they would actively compete for wild bosses. These few formerly Heavenly Domain players had just been run-of-the mill players in a mid-sized player guild like Full Moon Guild. Now they were rulers in the tenth server, leading other top players around in the tenth server.


Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, two and a half months of season nine passed by. Five and a half rounds of the Challenger League had been finished. Over ten thousand teams had joined the league. After every round, the numbers would be reduced by half. Now only a few hundred teams remained. In the Alliance, eleven rounds had finished. The new season’s ranking advanced one step further.

Those threatening new teams and new players at the beginning of the season all received setbacks to different extents.


For the new players, Team Blue Rain’s Lu Hanwen was the representative. His recent performance was no longer as sharp as it had been before. The various top teams had begun studying him and had come up with strategies in order to deal with him. What was remarkable was that, although Lu Hanwen’s breakout performance had been suppressed, the spirit of this youngest player in the Alliance’s history was the same as ever. He never expressed a crestfallen expression. In the eleventh round of the season, Blue Rain and Tiny Herb fought against each other. Lu Hanwen was the deciding factor. His early death led to Team Blue Rain losing in the team competition.

However, no one blamed Lu Hanwen for this loss because his death had been because he had to face Team Tiny Herb’s God Wang Jiexi, and talented Gao Yingjie alone. This season, Team Tiny Herb’s dual Witches had become the new highlight of the Alliance. Let alone a rooke like Lu Hanwen, even the Gods still hadn’t figured out how to deal with this new dual class playstyle.

In the press conference, reporters who liked Lu Hanwen planned on using this point to console Lu Hanwen, so he wouldn’t feel too bad, but those who harbored evil intentions spoke first and naturally asked about his feelings towards Lu Hanwen leading to the team’s loss in the match.

Lu Hanwen didn’t appear dejected at all. He replied to the question seriously: “I feel like for something like this, it’s because I’m just not good enough, so I wasn’t able to win more time. Also, Senior Shaotian was a bit too far away and wasn’t able to rescue me immediately. Also……”

“F*ck, you little demon, you actually dare to blame me? Don’t you know that at that time, I was carrying out our actual plan? But the other side saw through our intentions and even found a gap in our pathing. You getting killed instantly like that was too ugly too look at. Even if you add up the ages of all of your opponents Wang Jiexi and Gao Yingjie, the sum is only three times your age. You shouldn’t have died so quickly. Next time, remember that at as long as you can give me an opportunity to launch a sneak attack, we’ll turn the situation around.” Before Lu Hanwen could even finish his reply, Huang Shaotian interrupted him and started chattering away.

“Hm? From what senior is saying, could it be that our plan had a problem?” Lu Hanwen said.

“What? When did I say that?” Even though Huang Shaotian said that, the two had already turned their heads to look at their captain, Yu Wenzhou. 

“Ahem.” Yu Wenzhou coughed, “Let’s just leave our answer at that!”

The reporters looked at one another. This….. It sounded like the players were pushing the blame onto each other! But if they wrote this, wouldn’t it be treated as a joke?

All of the reporters had this type of feeling.

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