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Chapter 853 - To Do More Than What’s Required

Dancing Rain…...

Wu Chen was deeply astonished. Let alone a grassroots Internet cafe team, even when Team Everlasting had been doing well in the pro scene, they didn’t even dare to hope to obtain an All Star character of that level. Wu Chen only had one thought in his mind right now: regarding Team Happy as a grassroots Internet cafe team was very wrong. Not only did everyone on the team have extraordinary backgrounds, just daring to think about getting Dancing Rain put them on a higher domain than Team Everlasting.  

Having observed Happy directly, Wu Chen finally relaxed. He soon began organizing the account cards that he had brought with him from Everlasting.

Team Everlasting had already been officially disbanded. For many loyal supporters, the news broke their hearts. There were naturally quite a few of these kinds of players within Everlasting’s guilds. When Wu Chen logged into these accounts one by one, several players had left messages for the guild leader. Wu Chen read these messages and couldn’t help but let loose a regretful sigh. These loyal players still didn’t know that although these guilds still held the name Everlasting, the name would never signify Everlasting anymore.

Wu Chen didn’t stay melancholy for too long. He logged onto these account cards for proper business. Soon, the ten guilds in the the normal servers, as well as the two guilds in the Heavenly Domain, for a total of twelve guilds with the name Everlasting, had a new announcement: Team Everlasting had disbanded. Guild Everlasting will be inherited by a new owner. The name will change, but the guild storage system will not. Everyone can continue playing the game with ease 

Wu Chen was experienced. He didn’t immediately get rid of every single guild member and look for Team Happy supporters.

Because he understood the fundamental significance of a guild’s existence, which was to utilize the strength of the guild members to contribute to the team. During the early stages of the guild, players might have contributed to support the team, but long-term contribution mainly relied on the guild storage system.

As long as a reasonable guild storage existed, even if players in the guild did not support the team, the guild could still actively and effectively operate.

Guild Everlasting had been an important part of the club and had operated for several years. The system was absolutely fair. The current guild members had completely accepted it. Under these circumstances, Wu Chen obviously had no need to forcefully removed players. However, in the end, Wu Chen also announced that the new owner of the guild would be Team Happy.

Team Happy was the main reason for Team Everlasting’s disbandment. In the eyes of Team Everlasting’s loyal fans, this would obviously be extremely reprehensible. The guild was actually going to be handed over to their enemy. Numerous players would certainly have trouble accepting it, but Team Everlasting no longer existed, so it’s not like the attitude of their former fans mattered. Wu Chen released the information because he didn’t want to lie or cheat the loyal fans of Everlasting. Even though he knew that hiding this fact would save him a lot of trouble, the truth would have to be announced someday. When that time came, the players would have contributed a lot to Happy. Helping the enemy unknowingly would certainly hurt the players a lot more than telling them now. Wu Chen couldn’t bear to hurt them like that, so he might as well release the information now. After announcing this reality, he allowed them to freely leave.

As soon as the announcement came out, it played out as Wu Chen had expected. None of the other previous points mattered much, but once they saw that their new owner would be Team Happy, a huge commotion exploded. The loyal fans reminiscing Everlasting’s demise instantly became furious. They could understand the team disbanding and selling off their property, but handing over the guild to the enemy was too heartless. It was an affront to their many years of support. They couldn’t help but feel bitterly disappointed.

At the heart of the struggle, Wu Chen firmly stood out. New information came out with another guild announcement. Wu Chen revealed his identity and admitted that he had joined Team Happy. In the end, he acknowledged that having the guild become a part of Happy was his own decision. It had nothing to do with Team Everlasting.

This was more than what was required. Everlasting had already disbanded. Any slander to Everlasting’s name didn’t matter, but Wu Chen took the blows himself…...

“Is this guy a masochist?” This was Wei Chen’s comment when he heard the news.

Even Team Everlasting’s boss contacted Wu Chen after hearing the news, telling him that this really hadn’t been necessary.

“You still have a future! But Everlasting doesn’t anymore.”

“It’s because Everlasting already has none anymore……” Wu Chen replied.

The boss sighed. Wu Chen’s feelings towards Team Everlasting was even deeper than he had imagined. As the boss, his final actions were all business. His conduct when he decided to disband the team had been extremely callous. How could he not understand the feelings of the fans? But in the end, he didn’t care anymore. To put it more cruelly, since he had decided not to step into the Glory scene again, the fans no longer had any value to him.

He might not care, but some did. Even if Everlasting no longer existed, Wu Chen still wasn’t willing to slander Everlasting’s name.

The boss couldn’t say anything more. At this moment, he felt ashamed to face Wu Chen despite leaving many valuable things for his loyal friend. In terms of materialistic goods, he had done a good job, but in terms of spirit, he had been thrown to the streets by Wu Chen. Wu Chen truly loved Glory and Everlasting. And he had only been a businessman chasing after money.

The rebellion incited by Wu Chen’s announcement didn’t need to be said. That day, numerous players from all of the Everlasting guilds vented their anger and decisively left the guild.

The words said the most were that they had made an error in judgement. They would not be a supporter of the new owner that Wu Chen ran to. Only a few players realized: if Wu Chen truly hadn’t cared about them, wouldn’t not saying a word be better?

Wu Chen had to spend a lot more time and effort to organize these guilds because of this “unnecessary” announcement. The twelve Everlasting guilds had begun recruiting under Happy’s name. 

Even though the amount of attention that Happy received wasn’t low, there were still very few loyal fans. This was because the players attracted to Happy’s name couldn’t compare to the players who were attracted to a max leveled guild and a fair guild storage like Everlasting’s.

Even so, Guild Everlasting belonging to Guild Happy still made many uneasy. This was a huge step from a grassroots team to a professional team. No one understood the significance of a guild’s influence expanding rapidly better than those within the circle. 

After Chen Yehui confirmed the news, he practically ran looking for manager Cui Li.

“Are we just going to allow them keep growing?” After Chen Yehui summarized the report, he began describing his thoughts: “Because of the Challenger League tournament format, we have no way of knowing when we’ll encounter Team Happy, but there’s one indisputable reality, the later we meet them, the more disadvantageous it is for us. They still have a lot of room to improve, but we’re already at our peak, so our room for improvement is fairly small. If we look at it from this perspective, the gap between them and us is constantly closing. When our team finally meets theirs, who know how things will turn out.”

“Are you suspecting that Team Happy is actually a threat to us?” Cui Li said.  

Happy is a threat.

Excellent Era did not deny this point. However, their worries hadn’t been towards Happy, but Ye Qiu. To Excellent Era, Happy was a threat because of Ye Qiu’s existence. It was because they understood Ye Qiu’s capabilities all too well. If not, they wouldn’t have forced Ye Qiu to retire. They were already worried about Ye Qiu in an Internet cafe team, let alone if Ye Qiu had gone to Blue Rain, Tiny Herb, Samsara…...

If they couldn’t use him, they needed to destroy him…..

Ye Qiu’s strength frightened Excellent Era.

But now, Chen Yehui looked to discuss matters with Cui Li, not just for Ye Qiu alone, but the entire Team Happy and the threat that Happy as a whole posed to them.

“From Happy’s development, this isn’t a groundless fear.” Chen Yehui continued, “In the Heavenly Domain, Happy hold the advantage in wild boss hunting. In one night, they now have several guilds under them. They’ll soon have a good amount of low-end materials. Along with Ye Qiu and the old God Wei Chen, how fast will their equipment improve? I dare to bet that the later we encounter Team Happy, the more Silver equipment they will have. Even if they won’t be able to have three All Star level characters, we at least won’t have an overwhelming advantage against them.”

Cui Li fell into silence after listening to his words. For a moment, he didn’t say anything.

“There’s also one more point.” Chen Yehui continued.

“What is it?” Cui Li asked.

“When we fight against Happy, do you dare to let Su Mucheng on stage?” Chen Yehui asked.  

Cui Li was surprised.

It was the responsibility of the team captain to choose which players went on stage, but higher ups like the boss or manager could influence the captain’s decision. Whether or not to let Su Mucheng face Happy was something they could easily reach an agreement on.

Su Mucheng’s professionalism could not be picked at. After Ye Qiu was forced out last season, not only was Su Mucheng not in a bad mood, but she worked even harder on stage and was even more imposing than she had been in the past. However, against Ye Qiu? Would Su Mucheng still act professionally?

Chen Yehui was clearly doubtful. Cui Li also had a big question mark towards this question.  

This was truly concerning!  

If Su Mucheng didn’t go on stage, it would mean losing an All Star player. If they allowed Su Mucheng go on stage, if she didn’t take responsibility, it would mean losing a player, which would be even worse than losing an All Star.  

This was truly a big issue!

Cui Li could feel his head begin to hurt. It seems like ever since Ye Qiu left Excellent Era, he would often have headaches.

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