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Chapter 847 - Also Having Much to Offer

With Team Everlasting eliminated from the competition, Wu Chen was feeling down. However, he was a pro player who knew how to act appropriately. He knew that this was a competition and only victory mattered, so he didn’t hate Happy for eliminating them. Yet, now as Team Happy’s members impatiently came knocking, asking about the future of their team without a hint of sincerity, all of Wu Chen’s composure and tolerance couldn’t keep him from getting angry.

How did the future of Team Everlasting look? As a team captain, he understood this better than normal team members. Currently, their disbandment was set in stone. Their boss couldn’t keep their team running for a whole year without it achieving any further gains. After all, they had already struggled to stay afloat for a year after being relegated.

If the team disbanded, then their accounts, equipment, materials and others would have no use anymore. Selling these things would be the last bit of profit they gained from the Glory circle. However, anything sold under these circumstances wouldn’t be worth much. After all, these things weren’t hard currency. They had no value outside of the Glory circle. With their team disbanding, they were in need of quickly getting rid of this stuff. In regards to needs, this was a market where the buyer had the absolute advantage. In addition, Team Everlasting wasn’t anything impressive, so their goods weren’t either. They might not even be able to clear everything out, nevermind getting a high price for it.

Wu Chen understood this. To be honest, Team Happy wasn’t a bad choice of buyer. Since only these kinds of teams would need what a weak team like them were selling. Or, at least, it would be absurd to even imagine the powerhouses of the alliance even looking at their assets.

Although this was how it was, he was still pretty angry that Happy had the audacity to ask just like that.

Yet, then, Ye Xiu continued to talk, “Don’t feel too bad about this. Competitions are competitions, now business is business. You should realize, your number of possible buyers won’t be in excess. If we’re talking about sincerity, Happy is definitely the best choice.”

Seeing these words made Wu Chen feel depressed again. Did he even say how, exactly, his team was doing yet? Then again, this was God Ye Qiu, who was far too experienced in this circle. Being able to guess their position with confidence wasn’t surprising.

Thinking here, the last wisps of displeasure in Wu Chen’s heart dispersed, and he eventually responded, “I’m not in charge of this sort of thing, but I can help you pass your interest on.”

“Alright, thanks. I couldn’t find anyone else on your team, so I had to come to you for help,” Ye Xiu said.

“Right….” Wu Chen wasn’t in the mood to chat, making his replies as brief as possible.

“If we wanted to buy everything, how much do you think it would cost?” Ye Xiu then asked.

“I’m not certain,” Wu Chen said. In reality, having been with Team Everlasting for so long, how could there be anything he didn’t know? But how could he give an outsider such information?

“Alright then, I’ll await your good news,” Ye Xiu said.

“Ok,” Wu Chen replied. Not long after, the other’s profile picture darkened. Wu Chen sat, stunned, in front of his laptop, staring into mid-air for quite a while. It was now that he truly felt that the team he had poured his heart and soul into, Team Everlasting, was not going to survive any longer.

And what about Dawn Rifle? 

Wu Chen’s gaze shifted to Dawn Rifle’s card, which sat quietly on the desk. Would he have to leave the one who had accompanied him throughout his entire pro career?

When he thought of this, Wu Chen suddenly felt a little impulsive, picking up his card, leaving the room he was in and walked towards the meeting room.

Team Everlasting’s countdown had started. After organizing the last of their assets, they would soon announce their disbandment.

The meeting room was currently hosting one of their last meetings. As the team captain, Wu Chen had been asked to go, but he had declined. It was because he knew that it didn’t matter if he went or not. Their prior meetings were always about the future of the team, so they needed the captain’s and player’s suggestions. Yet, now, as the end drew closer, was the captain’s advice really needed anymore? Those responsible for management knew this, too, so they allowed Wu Chen to decline. So, when Wu Chen rushed into the meeting room, everyone was surprised.

The meeting was in motion and the participants were all the heads of different departments. The Captain, the head of the the core department, didn’t have to be here, and that made Wu Chen feel another wave of devastation. He almost lost control of his emotions, but thankfully his boss spoke up, “Little Wu, is something the matter?”

The boss’ question scattered Wu Chen’s thoughts, allowing him to compose himself. “Have we accepted anyone’s offer yet?”

“Not yet.” Though the boss was a little confused as to why Wu Chen would suddenly care about this, he still gave a clear reply to the player that he relied on the most, “We thought we should observe for a little longer. If there’s any way we could find a buyer who actively asked us first, then we would be able to minimize our disadvantage.”

The club didn’t have anything else to work on right now, so they focused on turning in the greatest profit from their Glory assets. If someone actively asked after their assets, it would flip for a far greater profit than if they had to advertise their assets to others.

“Someone just came asking me about it,” Wu Chen said.

“Oh?” Everyone was stunned for a moment, but then became excited. “Who was it?”

“Happy,” Wu Chen said.

The room suddenly quieted as everyone froze. The one who broke the silence was He An. As the Club Manager, he naturally had the right to participate in this meeting. “Happy… They actually had the audacity to come knocking…”

“There’s no audacity about it,” Wu Chen said, “Competition is competition, business is business.”

“Whose side are you on, Wu Chen?” He An seethed immediately.

“I’m merely stating the truth,” Wu Chen replied calmly.

He An opened his mouth to continue, but was stopped by the boss’ raised hand. Everlasting’s boss didn’t explode upon hearing it was Happy, but his expression did twist a little. Even Wu Chen had been angry when Ye Xiu came to speak to him about it.

“What are Happy’s intentions?” Everlasting’s boss wanted a more in-depth explanation.

“They wanted to find out our future plans, and if we are willing, I think they’re sincere in their intentions to buy out our assets,” Wu Chen responded.

“Sincere…” He An wanted to scoff at this, but, being able to become the manager, he wouldn’t look at things so shallowly. However, his dreams and ambitions had been completely destroyed because of Team Happy. Hearing that Team Happy wanted to buy out what was originally Everlasting’s, he had a hard time thinking straight. However, he had realized this himself and swallowed his words, not expressing his opinion, but sitting there quietly.

His strained silence showed one thing. Even someone with a bone to pick like him was unable to deny a certain truth: Happy was a very good choice to sell to.

“Their sincerity… I think it should be trusted, but we aren’t sure of what sort of financial backing they have. The newest issue of the ESports Home weekly said something about their boss being the owner of an internet cafe?

After someone confirmed this, everyone sunk into silence once more.

To sell something, it wasn’t like you could pick any price you liked and not care if the other side wanted to buy it or not. The other’s ability and willingness to pay also had to be considered. If Everlasting really wanted to complete a transaction like this with Happy, then they had to have a clear understanding of other’s ability. This way, they could get an idea of what the price range they were willing to negotiate within. No matter what you did, you had to have an understanding of yourself and the others as well.

So, Everlasting’s boss didn’t immediately get someone to contact this possible buyer, but first had someone start preparations first.

“We should go and figure out what sort of internet cafe Happy is running, how many stores, if they have any partners,” Everlasting’s boss planned.

It was then that He An and Wu Chen exchanged a look, and eventually He An spoke, “Wu Chen and I went to Happy to take a look last time. It was very ordinary, and didn’t seem like a chain...”

Hearing this, Everlasting’s boss was dumbstruck once more. If they were just an ordinary internet cafe, what backing did they have to say that they wanted to buy out everything Everlasting was offering?

Team Everlasting wouldn’t last much longer, but they were still a team that managed to survive the Pro League for three whole years. Glory was thriving, so even if they had to clear out and sell everything, it wasn’t like just anyone on the street could pick up what they were offering. Everyone here knew that the equipment and materials that Team Everlasting had managed to collect was worth no less than thirty million on the market. Even if they were having a clearance sale and their prices weren’t as high, it wasn’t something that an internet cafe owner could afford, right?

It wasn’t like they could assume that Happy didn’t understand anything. Wasn’t God Ye Qiu watching over them there? It seemed like Happy’s internet cafe background was a ruse, and that they had some other powerful supporter behind them! This might be something they couldn’t find out.

“For Happy… Who should we contact? Let’s get into contact with them first…” After some consideration, Everlasting’s boss came out with `that conclusion.

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