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Chapter 846 - Taking Advantage of Someone’s Misfortune

“I’ve seen some amazing things from this match!” Yu Wenzhou commented on Windward Formation’s fight that round. As for Wei Chen’s skill level, Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian had personally experienced it for themselves six years ago. At that time, the two had still been young trainees. Now, the two were famous Gods in the Alliance. Wei Chen was already thirty something years old. In the pro scene, he would absolutely be the oldest player in the league. The two Gods tacitly agreed not to make any comments on their senior’s current skill level.

That fight unsurprisingly ended in Windward Formation’s victory. Everyone’s gossip craving had been satisfied, and were prepared to leave. The match recording had removed the waiting time between matches and the group arena competition soon followed. The first player to come out for Team Happy was Soft Mist.

The eyes of the Team Blue Rain players suddenly lit up. The ESports Weekly had reported that the player controlling Soft Mist was Tang Rou, a very beautiful girl. Even though there was no picture, the ESports Weekly was a reliable news source, unlike tabloids that made things up just to attract attention. If the ESports Weekly dared to make such a claim, this sister must be stunning.

“Hot girl! Hot girl!!!”

The Team Blue Rain players hollered. The ones, who were just about to leave, immediately turned back. Their enthusiasm seemed to explode even more than when they had watched their former captain play. Someone even started ranting how their team’s greatest failure was that they had no girls on their team.

That was certainly a true fact. Of the traditional four powerhouses, Excellent Era, Tyranny, Tiny Herb, Blue Rain, only Team Blue Rain had never had any female players. Tyranny and Tiny Herb might not have any girls as a part of their main roster, but they were still there. Excellent Era was even more mighty. The number one most beautiful female player in the Alliance was on their team. When this was mentioned, who knew how many players were jealous of them!

“I say this is good enough. We have a match to play tonight. Everyone go practice.” Yu Wenzhou saw that their gossip was never going to end and finally couldn’t bear it any longer. He spoke up to stop this from continuing.

As soon as they heard their captain speak, they didn’t dare say anymore rubbish. They clicked their tongues and returned to their seats. Huang Shaotian still had the match playing on his computer. He turned his head and said seriously: “This sister’s skill level is quite good. She might be a formidable enemy in the future.”

“We’ll worry about it when the time comes!” Yu Wenzhou said.

Huang Shaotian also complied to his captain’s orders. He closed the recording of the Challenger League match that they originally wouldn’t have cared about and also started the practice adjusting their mentality before today’s match.

In the pro scene, it was mainly Team Tiny Herb and Team Blue Rain who had the biggest reaction towards the ESports Weekly. Their reason was obviously because two of their former team members were now part of Team Happy. As for the other teams, when they saw the news, they didn’t pay too much attention to it. It was only the second round of the Challenger League. Regarding Team Happy as an imaginary opponent would just be avoiding their important work, no? The Alliance still had nineteen other opponents that they needed research to be done on! Even more so, the Challenger League had Team Excellent Era. If they had to study a team from there, shouldn’t they be placing more importance on Team Excellent Era?

This was the helplessness Cao Guangcheng thought Team Happy would experience. Even though their team’s strength’s was extraordinary and had much to talk about, they would always be treated as a passing traveler because of Team Excellent Era’s monstrous existence. In the pro scene, no one would pay too much attention to them. As for the player base, after some fervent discussion, they would also feel sorry for Happy because of Excellent Era. In reality, even those who stood by Happy because they wanted to see those face slappers fail wouldn’t bet on Happy beating Excellent Era.

But Team Excellent Era themselves didn’t feel as relaxed as those spectators. Team Happy beating Team Everlasting with ease two rounds in a row forced Tao Xuan to ponder things over. Should they be more vigilant towards Team Happy?

Tao Xuan’s thoughts weren’t on his own team. Excellent Era had encountered two player teams as their opponents. There wasn’t really anything to say. However, Happy had been tested by Everlasting. It would be idiotic if Tao Xuan didn’t take notice. More importantly, the two teams were playing in a you die I live battle. If Happy had barely won, Tao Xuan wouldn’t be as concerned, but Happy won their away match 8.5 to 1 and then ended their home match early. Such a dominant win made it seem like they still had energy left to spare. Tao Xuan had trouble sleeping that night, and repeatedly counted how many pieces of Silver equipment his team possessed.

When he saw the section dedicated to Happy on the ESports Weekly, his mood dropped even lower. In this week’s paper, their Excellent Era had only been mentioned in one line, but Happy had an entire section of its own!

Terrible! Really terrible!

Tao Xuan barely glanced at the paper before throwing it in the trash can. He couldn’t stifle his nervousness. Team Happy clearly didn’t have as many resources nor were their players heaven-defying. Why did he feel so uneasy?  

While Tao Xuan was having a bad day, Team Happy was having a good day.

With Happy in the news, Chang Xian grasped this opportunity and paid Happy another visit for more interviews. His eagerness made Cao Guangcheng think of his first few days in City H. At that time, he would head over to Excellent Era whenever there was an opportunity. In the end, he was able to establish himself as the team reporter for Excellent Era. He was like the current Chang Xian and didn’t understand their business relationship, only relying on their passion for work. He had run around frequently before being able to establish such a relationship, but, Little Chang! Is your passion for Team Happy truly worth it?

Cao Guangcheng had the heart to advise him, but when he thought about it again, passion was truly a good thing! This season, their news station at City H would only be concerned with the Challenger League anyways. Chang Xian was willing to follow a Challenger League team. That was a good thing! Why should he stop him?

When Chang Xian arrived at Happy, Chen Guo gladly welcomed him. Even though Chang Xian was young, he still understood basic relationships. Chang Xian naturally asked about how Chen Guo was doing after he had accidentally crashed into her last time. Afterwards, he expressed that he had come here to send them the news. At the same time, he apologized for not being able to use Chen Guo’s picture.

“It’s because there was limited space, butthere will definitely be more chances in the future.” Chang Xian confidently said to Chen Guo. He believed that Team Happy would definitely continue gaining more and more attention.

“That’s good!” Chen Guo didn’t really care too much about her picture being published and welcomed Chang Xian in to have a seat.  

“Uh, where are the others? Where’s Captain Ye?” Chang Xian asked. He obviously didn’t want to come over for no reason. Wouldn’t asking a few more questions to get more information on them be good too?

“They’re each busy doing their own thing? Are you here to interview us again?” Chen Guo asked.

“Oh oh, no no. I was just wondering…..” Chang Xian hastily said. He just hoped to ask some passing questions. He wasn’t here for a formal interview. For one, he wasn’t prepared. Secondly, if he did an interview and then it never appeared on the news, he wouldn’t be able to excuse himself.

“Sit anywhere you’d like. I’ll get some water for you.” Chen Guo welcomed Chang Xian in like a good friend. Chang Xian wanted to maintain this type of atmosphere for his visit, so he didn’t stop her. His eyes would constantly shift towards the second floor. He had asked about how the rooms were arranged in this area, so he guessed that Team Happy lived upstairs and went downstairs for practice and matches. The players might be resting in their rooms right now? Chang Xian didn’t want everyone to come over to say hello. If he could grab one or two and have a one on one chat, how great would that be?

Chang Xian was hoping for someone to come down. Upstairs, in Ye Xiu’s and Wei Chen’s room, Ye Xiu was lying in front of his computer working!

Everyone had a computer in their personal rooms, but they used it less than the ones downstairs in the practice room. These computers were for their own personal use. For example, if they wanted to go online and watch some TV shows or movies, they could lie on their bed and relax while watching instead of needing to run downstairs and put on headphones.

Ye Xiu’s business wasn’t in the game, so he naturally didn’t need that setup. There was only a QQ window on his computer screen. He had two chat windows open, which constantly blinked. He was clearly in a conversation.

On the left window, QQ name Dawn Rifle.

Team Everlasting’s Wu Chen used his character’s name on QQ. It was a habit that many pro players had, especially the older ones. Nowadays though, with the Alliance prospering, player trades were more frequent. Sometimes, their characters might get traded away, putting those who used their character’s name as their ID in an awkward spot. Still, many players liked to do this. It was also a way of showing their loyalty to their team!

Wu Chen’s loyalty to Team Everlasting naturally didn’t need to be questioned. His QQ name had been Dawn Rifle for many years now. Ye Xiu didn’t originally have his contact info, but after being in the scene for so long, he had a lot of contacts. Once he asked around, he was able to get it easily. For Team Everlasting, Ye Xiu was only able to get Wu Chen’s information. The other players had joined after Team Everlasting had been relegated, so they had no relation with anyone in the pro scene! Ye Xiu had a high position in the scene, so he wasn’t able to get anything.

Lord Grim…..  

When Wu Chen saw the friend invite, he was very surprised, but he still accepted it subconsciously.

“How are you guys doing?” After being accepted as friends, the other side messaged him.  

“Not very well.” Wu Chen laughed bitterly. He obviously knew what the other side was asking about. When the winner asked the loser this type of question, was it to console them? Provoke them? Wu Chen didn’t hurry to a conclusion. He had been in the scene for a long time, so he had experienced all sorts of things. A competition would always have a winner or a loser. Even though the results made him sad, he could still accept it.

“What does your team plan on doing next?” Ye Xiu asked.  

Now Wu Chen understood his intent. This guy was trying to take advantage of their misfortune.

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