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Chapter 840 - Lord Grim’s Flaw

Leopold fell.

At this moment, the spectators felt like they had woken up from a dream. Afterwards, they felt incomparably disgusted because they had actually been enamored by the combo performed by a player that they had determined to reject. For the face slappers dedicated to watching Team Happy fall, it was too disloyal.

The instant that Team Everlasting’s Warlock player saw his Leopold fall, he wasn’t too shocked. He was more puzzled.

He suddenly felt like that fight seemed unrelated to him, especially once Lord Grim closed in on him. Leopold was like a sandbag whose purpose was to get pummeled unable to put up any resistance. He became support for the performer to show off on.

When his character fell, he hadn’t been able to deal a single bit of damage to Lord Grim with his third of his health. This two and a third or three versus one situation looked as if it had been kicked aside easily.

The other Team Everlasting players consoled the Warlock. Next up, the two who would be fighting next used this brief break between fights to discuss ideas. The group arena was also fought as a whole.

Team Everlasting’s second player in the group arena was their Qi Master. He An and his Spellblade Go Forth would act as Team Everlasting’s anchor and trump card for the third fight.

After the two players strategized briefly, He An saw that their Warlock player was still staring into space blankly. He went over and patted his back with a smile.

“You’ve already done a great job.” He An’s smile was sincere.

The Warlock player was even more at a loss. He was unable to deal any damage to the opponent. How was that a great job?

He An continued to smile: “In our current situation, Lord Grim’s biggest issue can be fully utilized.”

“What is it?” The Warlock player didn’t understand.

“Mana.” He An’s smile began to reveal his confidence.

“Mana?” The Warlock player checked his screen. He had already withdrawn from the group arena. His Leopold could not stand on the competitor spot anymore, which automatically placed him in the spectator view. And here, he could clearly see Lord Grim on Team Happy’s side as well as Lord Grim’s health and mana.

Lord Grim’s health was full, but he had used a quarter of his mana.

The Warlock player suddenly realized something.

Even though Lord Grim’s skills were low-leveled skills with low mana costs, but because the damage was low as well, if you look at his total mana consumption for a complete fight, he doesn’t have it better than any other class.

“From the data retrieved from our first round and other simulations, the attack power of Lord Grim’s Silver weapon should be quite low. Even though he has other stats from his other Silver equipment, from an overall perspective, Lord Grim’s attack power is lower than other equipment at his level by a third.” He An continued.

The Warlock player nodded his head. In their preparation this week, they had included their conclusions on Lord Grim during their strategizing. When He An once again emphasized this point, the Warlock player was even more clear about it. Lord Grim’s mana consumption wouldn’t be any lower than another class’s. In fact, it would be even higher because his low damage output didn’t only stem from his low-level skills, but also his weapon’s low attack.

Low-level skills required less mana. High-level skills required more mana. There was a balance. However, if the weapon had low attack power, more mana would be required to make up for it.

The Challenger League’s tournament rules were more lax than the Pro League’s. Characters could also bring potions, but its usage was limited. Potions could only be used once. Right now, Lord Grim had used a quarter of his mana against a Warlock with only a third of his health left. Even if he drank the best mana potion in the game, it would only restore 20% at most. For the current situation, it probably wouldn’t be of much use. Lord Grim needed to face two more opponents, who would both be at full health!

“Why did I forget this point!” The Warlock player now understood and became annoyed at himself, “If I had noticed earlier, I wouldn’t have tried to deal as much damage to him and instead tried to waste as much of his mana.”

“All of us forgot too, but it isn’t too to realize it now.” He An smiled.

The reason that they hadn’t thought about this point before the group arena was because they didn’t think they’d be able to get such a huge lead. After all, even if Lord Grim consumed more mana than other classes, with the help of a mana potion, he had more than enough mana to last against an opponent with a sliver of health and an opponent at full health. Most group arenas were won by just a hair. Let alone a 1v3, a 2v3 was already very rare in the pro scene.

Team Everlasting had admittedly prepared well for this match, but don’t forget that they had almost been 1v3ed by Team Happy, so they didn’t have the confidence to believe that they would be able to obtain such a huge lead. As a result, not too much importance had been placed on Lord Grim’s mana issues.

It was only until their Warlock player 1v2ed and started fighting against Lord Grim did He An suddenly remember.

The fight had already started though. He obviously wasn’t so lacking in competitive integrity that he would remind the Warlock player. In his eyes, Lord Grim didn’t have enough mana to deal with two full health characters. However much mana Leopold could force him to waste would be fine! In the end, Lord Grim had lost a quarter of his mana. It was equivalent to him using up his potion. It was already quite a good result, which was why He An smiled so confidently.

The Qi Master went onto the stage and walked to the competitor spot. He had already talked with He An before. For this fight, his goal wouldn’t be to win, but to drag this fight with Lord Grim for as long as possible and waste as much of his mana as he could. Of course, if he could deal some damage to Lord Grim, that would be even better.

The group arena’s fourth round began. 

As soon as the match started, the Qi Master Heavenly Rage went on the attack. The reason was because every class would automatically recover health and mana slowly over time. Of course, during the brief respite between group arena rounds, the status effects on characters would be reset and the character’s stats would be locked. No recovery would occur. But as soon as the match started, the automatic recovery would immediately begin to take effect.

He An was a very careful person. When he talked with the Qi Master, he wasn’t willing to neglect even this small matter. In reality, the automatic recovery was extremely slow. Relying on that recovery rate wouldn’t be enough to last a fight. However, He An was afraid that their opponent would be despicable enough and refuse to fight, so he could rely on his automatic recovery for an hour or two to recover his mana back to full.

Heavenly Rage charged forward.

He An immediately checked on Lord Grim through his spectator view. He discovered that Lord Grim was also running forward to face him head on. Lord Grim didn’t seem to have any intentions on using such a despicable strategy. He heaved a sigh of relief. Once the match began, he wouldn’t give the Qi Master any reminders. He could only quietly watch the match.

In terms of range, Qi Masters only had a few mid-ranged attacks. They weren’t like gunners, who thoroughly relied on their long range. As a result, when he and Lord Grim encountered each other, the first person to initiate should be Lord Grim.

If this was in the past, the Qi Master would have felt troubled fighting such an opponent, but at this moment, the Qi Master was happy. Attacks from far away weren’t easy to hit. If Lord Grim really started attacking from as far away as possible, he might as well not advance and pretend like he couldn’t approach, so Lord Grim would waste more mana.

The Qi Master quietly made his decision. Gradually, he saw Lord Grim’s figure. He approached and sure enough, Lord Grim started attacking from far away.

But the Qi Master wasn’t excited at all.

Bang! Bang bang! Bang bang!!

Gunshots continued to fire, but there was never more than two in a row. Lord Grim was just using normal attacks, and normal attacks didn’t consume mana!

The Qi Master pretended to have his Heavenly Rage dodge, but Lord Grim continued to bang bang bang with normal attacks.

F*ck, are you hunting a rabbit?

The Qi Master was somewhat angry. Lord Grim’s gun was clearly a rifle, which could fire two times in a row. Lord Grim was standing there leisurely at a distance. He would constantly lift his rifle and then put it down. From time to time, he would fire twice for fun. It looked like he was out hunting.

Wouldn’t dragging it out like this be the same as letting him recover mana? The Qi Master saw that his plan wasn’t working out. He might need to continue approaching. However, if he did it half-heartedly, as long as Lord Grim mixed in a few skills with his attacks, he could definitely pretend like he was having trouble getting closer.

As a result, Heavenly Rage charged forward half-heartedly. Lord Grim didn’t continue hunting and also rushed forward.

Skills! Use your skills!

The Qi Master repeatedly prayed. At this distance, Lord Grim should have plenty of skills to choose from!  

Under this warped mentality, the distance between the two sides became shorter and shorter all the way until even the spectators were dumbfounded.  

F*ck! Heavenly Rage, are you stupid? You’re at this distance already! Why aren’t you attacking? Are you planning on fighting Lord Grim at such a close range?

Qi Masters had some close-ranged ability, but it wasn’t too outstanding. But for Lord Grim, he had a few long-ranged moves, but when he decimated Leopold from before, everyone could see how terrifying unspecialized characters were at close range. And now, this Heavenly Range could already attack from mid-range, but he was still swaying around like he was waiting to take a beating. This guy…… had Team Happy bribed him?

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