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Chapter 839 -  To Show the Wolf Into the House

Team Everlasting’s Warlock had learned his lesson from the last fight. He wouldn’t face this fight with extreme caution. With a huge lead, he decided to be braver.

Lord Grim closed in quickly?

Of course. He hadn’t put in all of his efforts to stop him. He intentionally let Lord Grim get near. When his opponent reached a satisfactory distance away, he immediately switched up the tempo to catch him off guard.  

As for Lord Grim, he was closing the distance while attacking. To the Warlock, none of that mattered. Even if you weren’t attacking me to stop me from escaping, I wasn’t going to push you away anyways!

Team Everlasting’s Warlock closely followed Lord Grim. Every step forward was another step towards his ideal scenario.  

That’s about right.

Finally, the distance between Lord Grim and Leopold had reached a value that the Warlock was satisfied with.  

At this distance, he could attack or retreat. When he cast his curses, it wouldn’t be easy for his opponent to dodge.

Let’s start with a Bind!

The Warlock had been waiting for this moment, so he naturally had a plan in mind. His attack sequence rolled out without much more thought. He tapped a key and waited for his Bind to be cast, when he heard a gunshot. 


The Warlock saw Lord Grim’s gun let out a tongue of flame and cursed to himself.

Even though it was just a normal attack, it was timed during his casting, so it would interrupt his Bind.

Warlock control skills were frightening. As soon as you were hit, you would be in their control for a few seconds. If their cast times were instantaneous, they would be too overpowered. As a result, Warlcok curses had cast times or required preparation. At the very least, they wouldn’t come out as quickly as Blade Master or Striker skills.

Bind had a cast time. Even though the cast time wasn’t long, it couldn’t be faster than Lord Grim’s bullet. Helpless, the Warlock had Leopold avoid this shot.

By moving, his casting would naturally be interrupted. Mobile Cast was a special Elementalist skill. Warlocks couldn’t learn it. Being hit by a bullet would have interrupted the casting as well. Moving would too, but at least he would avoid that bit of damage. Anyone would choose to dodge.

After learning his lesson, the Warlock player didn’t choose to cast another curse. Curses that didn’t require cast times had fairly long starting lag, but they could at least be used while moving.

But this time, before he could complete the inputs, a gunshot rang. And this time, it wasn’t just one gunshot, but several in a row. Lord Grim directly let out a Gatling Gun. The bullets flew in a straight line. Dodging wouldn’t be so easy. How could the Warlock have any time to complete his skill?  

Dodge dodge dodge dodge dodge…...

The Warlock player adjusted Leopold’s position, frantically moving his hands to avoid the endless stream of bullets. It put him in a disadvantageous position.

His opponent was controlling him too well. It seemed like not a single bullet of Gatling Gun’s rapid firing was wasted. This level of skill was above even their team captain Wu Chen!

The more surprising part hadn’t even come yet. When the last bullets of Gatling Gun fired, Lord Grim had already switched his umbrella’s form and began using another skill. It was a skill that the Warlock was incomparably familiar with: Curse Arrow.

A ball of dark energy instantly congealed. The Warlock couldn’t tell if it had been charged or not. From what he could tell, as soon as Gatling Gun ended, a Curse Arrow flew straight towards him.

The dark arrow moved slightly slower than the bullets from Gatling Gun. However, the arrow seemed to be linked together with the Gatling Gun bullets. Even if the Warlock player wanted to block it with his own Curse Arrow, because of the distance between the two sides, he didn’t have enough time to cast it.

Not good!

The Warlock player had already realized that the situation wasn’t good.

This feeling of being unable to deal with incoming attacks because of the distance had been what he had planned to give to Lord Grim, not now, it seemed to be the other way around.

First, Gatling Gun. Then, Curse Arrow. Because of the distance, avoiding them became much more difficult. 

Retreat first? Or should I avoid them and hurry to counterattack?

The Warlock player originally had everything planned for, but at this moment, he had to make a choice.

The incoming Curse Arrow wouldn’t wait for him though. As soon as the ball of light burst open, the skill could be considered as complete. As the Curse Arrow flew, Lord Grim didn’t slow down and continued to close the distance, following behind that arrow.

This isn’t good!

The Warlock player didn’t hesitate anymore. He needed to maintain a distance away from Lord Grim. As a result, he dodged, while having his Leopold retreat.


Before the Curse Arrow was completely released, Lord Grim actually fired a bullet to add to the attack.

There was also a bullet alongside the Curse Arrow…...

Besides unspecialized, no other class could accomplish this. The Warlock had been caught off guard and was hit by the bullet. The attack induced a brief hitstun, causing Leopold to also be hit by the Curse Arrow. These were low-leveled skills. And because Lord Grim’s Myriad Manifestations Umbrella had low attack, the damage dealt wasn’t actually much, but it still struck a blow to the Warlock’s confidence.

The first fight had progressed smooth like butter, all according to plan.

In the following fight, he was like fire and beautifully completed a comeback.

In this Warlock’s Glory career, he had played his very best today. His confidence had reached its peak, so even when facing the suspected to be God Ye Qiu, he didn’t waver or play cautiously. He courageously thought of dealing as much damage as possible to help the players behind him.

But now, he was in at a complete disadvantage. He felt as if his hands were tired. His mind was wavering. It was different from his confrontation versus One Inch Ash.

In that match, his Leopold had accidentally gotten close to One Inch Ash. Being on the disadvantage was normal. But in this match, Lord Grim had come from far away and pushed him into a corner in a very direct manner. Moreover, he was in this situation despite his careful planning and preparation. And now? If he said he intentionally let Lord Grim get closer so he could deal some damage to his opponent, who would believe him?

After their distance closed, he was clearly at a disadvantage! His actions were the same as showing a wolf into the house!  

And now the distance between them was still closing…..

“Shadow Clone Technique!”

In the match’s public chat, these words suddenly popped up. Despite Lord Grim’s tight pace, he unexpectedly had time to type out these words.

When these four words came out, the Warlock jumped up in fright. At their current distance, a Shadow Clone Technique would be able to reach him. Shadow Clone Technique was an under Level 20 Ninja skill, so an unspecialized would definitely have it.

The Warlock player frantically turned his viewpoint left and right, but all the spectators could clearly see that the instant Leopold turned around, Lord Grim used Shadow Clone Technique.

Too despicable! 

The spectators were having a hard time keeping still. You actually blurted out the name of the skill to bother your opponent. Do you think you’re Huang Shaotian?  

Even the players in Team Everlasting looked in disapproval! The other side is clearly blurting out the skill name to distract you! You should be paying attention to his movements. You can see when he uses Shadow Clone Technique. What are you looking around for?

That was easier said than done though.

Leopold had been forced back by Lord Grim’s closely linked attacks, so it was hard not to miss something done by Lord Grim. When he suddenly saw Lord Grim suddenly blurt out a skill, he was very worried that the Lord Grim in front of him was a clone.

But naturally, when the Warlock player discovered that there was no one around him, it happened.

Dragon Tooth, Sky Strike, Double Stab, Falling Flower Palm…..

This Battle Mage combo was something that Ye Xiu could perform with just one finger. But after Falling Flower Palm, he utilized the unspecialized’s feature. After being hit flying away, Leopold was struck by a sword into the air. A sword wave revolved around him at the center. Spellblade skil: Wave Wheel Slash.   

After Wave Wheel Slash, the follow ups continued.

24 classes. 120 base skills flowed out from Lord Grim’s hands, shocking everyone. At this instant, the majority of people had forgotten about the outcome of the fight. A single thought popped up in their minds again and again: F*ck, that can be done too?

No player had ever seen such a combo before. Right now, it was being performed by Lord Grim, making them feel fascinated at the novelty of it. At the same time, they hoped to see what more new tricks could be brought out. This lasted up until Leopold’s health bar changed color. Everyone returned to the match.

This was a match. Victory and defeat mattered. Leopold’s health bar was already red. He only had a tenth of his health left. He was going to lose! Ah! You can follow up like that!

Everyone became distracted again.

In comparison, Team Everlasting wasn’t like them. After all, they cared about the outcome of this match. The outcome affected their team and their future. No matter how shocking the scene was, it wouldn’t erase their concerns. 

He’s lost…...

Everyone was already certain.

After Lord Grim closed in, he unleashed the frightening continuity of an unspecialized’s offense. Even though the combo count was sometimes broken according to the system, in the eyes of real players, some of those attacks that weren’t recognized by the system were still combos because they couldn’t be dodged or blocked due to the situation. These types of false combos were even more terrifying than normal combos. Normal combos could be forcefully interrupted. However, false combos relied on the opponent being unable to react in order to connect the attacks.

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