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Chapter 836 - Still Need to Practice

It had been a long time since Tang Rou was put in such a difficult state. Within her short experience in Glory, she had only felt this powerless when she fought against Ye Xiu in the beginning and when she had gone up against Wang Jiexi, who had once invited her to join Team Tiny Herb.

However, Tang Rou clearly knew that those two people were far more skilled than her. Her skill level had been low at that time too. Fighting against them was like Tang Rou bullying a normal player. 

Until now, as Tang Rou improved and accumulated experience, she thought she wouldn’t be as powerless as before if she fought against the two Gods again. But now, this player from Team Everlasting who she didn’t even know the name of and was toyed around by Wei Chen in the last match, which resulted in Wei Chen laughing at for half an hour, was able to suppress her. 

Completely suppressed.

It was like facing Ye Xiu’s unspecialised, or Wang Jiexi’s Magician in the beginning, Tang Rou felt powerless.

Of course, Tang Rou knew the Warlock class was strong at controlling. But if her opponent’s class was the only reason she was being beaten up so badly, wouldn’t this make the Warlock unrivalled? In the professional circle, there were various classes that could oppose Warlocks, including the Battle Mage she was using. Wouldn’t this mean that everyone would be have no power to retaliate when facing a Warlock?

Of course it wasn’t. She needed to find the reason on herself. The reason was because she didn’t fight well in the beginning, which caused her to fall into the opponent’s pace.

Tang Rou was no longer the rookie from before. She had learned to analyze the problems in her matches, and she was pretty accurate in her analysis.

But even if she felt regretful, she couldn’t return to the moment from before. She needed to face her current situation. But after she was drenched with Chaotic Rain, she could only watch helplessly. Her equipment played as a factor in this. The characters in top pro teams would pay a lot of attention to their resistance against abnormal statuses. If they were going against classes like a Warlock, they would definitely adjust their equipments accordingly. 

Team Happy didn’t have such conditions, so Soft Mist’s resistance was mediocre. When she faced the Warlock, the skills were already enough to affect her greatly. Now that she was under an abnormal status effect, she was unable to resolve the situation for the time being. For example, when one was facing class based on physical damage, then one would need physical defense; when one was facing class based on magical damage, then one would naturally need magical defense; similarly, when one faced a Warlock, an abnormal status resistance, which was affected by Spirit, was important. Soft Mist didn’t take any precise and directed actions, so part of this played as a reason for her difficult situation. This was why Warlocks used to be  thought of as an OP class that broke the balance in the game. But as more people paid attention to their resistance towards abnormal statuses, many players understood that every class simply had their own advantages and could mutually restrain one another. 

Tang Rou wasn’t able to think so much at the moment, so she could only find the reasons from herself. When the confusion status effect finally seemed to come to an end, Leopold had already prepared another control skill in advance.

After Soft Mist was trapped by a Binding Curse, another dark, murky wave arrived. 

The spectator chat became increasingly lively. Between the two characters, one character’s health line dropped at a rapid pace, while the other character’s health didn’t move a fraction. The face slappers no longer held any reservations or restraints. Some people even started to call out for their companions. A satisfying face-slapping circumstance like this was too good to miss. 

The Warlock player from Team Everlasting was also immensely excited. This week’s preparation was timely indeed, the feeling of having everything under his control was great! The more the Warlock player played, the smoother he played, his mind was clear, his technical skill was nimble, and his ability to grasp opportunities was accurate. Among all of this, it felt as if his breathing and heartbeat became one. At that moment, he felt as if he was Leopold, as if he was standing under Red Flower Pavillion while he casted his dark curse.

Under the opponent’s excellent performance, Tang Rou wasn’t able to turn the tables around, Leopold achieved a perfect victory. When Soft Mist fell, what the cheering in the audience’s channel was like goes without saying. The spectators that came to face-slap immediately took over the channel. They were even able to best the fans of Team Everlasting. 

All sorts of in-the-face insults and taunts like “The east wind blows, the battle drum sounds, who should Soft Mist fear?” started to overflow the channel. 

As for Happy, the atmosphere there was quite nervous.

Everyone had experienced Tang Rou’s eagerness to win. Now that the opponents had gotten a perfect victory out of her, how much mental damage did she take? It was obvious that Tang Rou wouldn’t have a smile on her face. It was as if the word ‘gloomy’ was written on her face. The way she pushed the keyboard back and let go of the mouse showed her unwillingness.

Chen Guo walked over in attempt of comforting her. But…… it was true that she lost in an unsightly manner, what good things could Chen Guo think of to say?

At this moment, Ye Xiu opened his mouth to speak. He only spoke five words: “You still need practice!”

So heartless!

Wei Chen nearly failed to restrain himself from reprimanding! The gloomy expression of a beauty losing a match was rather heartbreaking. You b*stard, is that how you comfort people?

Before Wei Chen could ridicule, Tang Rou already made her response. Her reply was very simple, with only one word. “Mm!”

After she spoke, her hands returned to the keyboard and mouse. Chen Guo already turned to her side, preparing to comfort her, but she saw Tang Rou log out of the match. Chen Guo was startled. “What are you planning to do?”


Chen Guo was between laughter and tears. If she didn’t really know Tang Rou, she would have thought Tang Rou was angry at Ye Xiu’s blunt “you still need practice ”, and was peeved to do it. 

“The match isn’t finished yet!” Chen Guo said. 

“We have to win!” Tang Rou rose her hand and called out loud. 

“You don’t say.” Ye Xiu replied concisely. 

The second to enter the match for Team Happy was Qiao Yifan with his One Inch Ash. His character was already standing on the match’s seat. Tang Rou had left behind a full-health opponent for him, so he felt a bit pressured. However, after hearing the blunt and simple conversation between Tang Rou and Ye Xiu, who had yet to play his round, it was as if he gained courage again. 

The second round of the group arena soon began. 

Qiao Yifan, One Inch Ash. 

Since Chang Xian’s interview had yet to appear in the papers, aside from Team Excellent Era, no one knew that One Inch Ash was played by Qiao Yifan, who had been a part of the pro circle. In addition, he barely came out to fight before, so in the first match, Team Everlasting had little to no information about One Inch Ash. They only knew that this character completed Heavenly Challenge and entered Heavenly Domain at Level 55. Judging from this point, this person shouldn’t have started from the new server. 

After the first match of the competition, Team Everlasting only had one conclusion towards Qiao Yifan: Deceitful, very deceitful. 

How should they face deceitful players? They would naturally have to be careful, very careful. 

Through their analysis, Team Everlasting came out with a beneficial point: One Inch Ash was a Phantom Demon. 

Phantom Demon and Sword Demon’s style was completely different, so their basics were something that could be told just by seeing. Phantom Demon would lean towards the team’s support, so their fighting strength in duels was slightly weak. As for this point, it immediately became an important part in dealing with One Inch Ash. 

All these were what they knew that were relevant. The Warlock player from Team Everlasting, who defeated Tang Rou just then, was in a stage where his confidence was surging. When he saw One Inch Ash coming out, he silently revised in his mind about this player’s character and characteristics. He already came up with a plan in mind. They weren’t able to predict every opponent they were up against beforehand, so they needed to prepare in advance for any possibility of every encounter. Whether it was dealing with Soft Mist, One Inch Ash, or even Windward Formation and Lord Grim. Throughout the week, every player in Team Everlasting already analysed and discussed about how they should respond. Their preparation for this round was truly adequate.

Three, two, one…...

After the countdown, the match started. The map was still Red Flower Pavillion. Both players controlled classes of the dark powers, Ghostblade and Warlock.

Although both were closing on towards the map’s centre, Qiao Yifan wasn’t as simple and straightforward like Tang Rou. One Inch Ash already started to use any possible covers on the map to his advantage. In the eyes of Team Everlasting players, this was being deceitful!

Qiao Yifan wasn’t proactive in getting closer to his opponent, so the Warlock player of Team Everlasting also didn’t come up proactively. Were they kidding? The sharpshooter of Team Everlasting in the first round fell into One Inch Ash’s trap because he was too proactive. How could they make the same mistake twice?

In reality, such traps would be ineffective for teams made up of normal players. There were too many normal players who lacked integrity. There were no supervisors online, it was very likely that they would be using the bird’s eye view to warn and call out for one another. However, Team Everlasting was strictly following the rules. Until now, the only exception was when He An was fighting in the group arena, someone wasn’t able to refrain and called out once. As for this incident…… After that round, no one brought it up again. Team Everlasting ended with their loss in that round, so if they really won, that cry of warning would make them win with an unfair advantage. Even if they were happy about their victory, there would be a shadow in their minds. 

Even though the second round of the match was a matter of life and death, from the single matches till now, Team Everlasting didn’t do anything that violated the rules. They only earnestly prepared for a whole week and never thought about using any cheating methods to help them get through that difficult stage. 

One Inch Ash and Leopold haven’t confronted for a long time, even the audience found it difficult to restrain themselves. Those who were nervous at this point, were mostly the spectators. The bird’s eye view was able to let them clearly grasp onto both side’s activity. Both side’s various ways of walking and positioning was twisting and turning, so they never encountered.Finally, Leopold quietly turned to One Inch Ash’s side, One Inch Ash was already exposed within Leopold’s area that could cast spells. 

“Get rid of him!!” Many spammed in the spectator’s chat. 

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